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Million Dollar Habits

Million Dollar Habits

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Published by: Wealth2010 on Nov 11, 2010
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Living in truth means that you live consistent with the highest values that you

know. This requires that you develop the habit of thinking through who you are

and what you believe in. You continually clarify what you stand for, and what you

will not stand for. Once you have decided that you are going to build your life

around certain values, you refuse to compromise those values for anything.

A client of mine once explained integrity with these profound words, “Integrity is

not so much a value as it is the value that guarantees all the other values.”

This is a wonderful insight. When you set integrity as your highest value, it

becomes much easier for you to make decisions in each area of your life. You

simply ask yourself, “Is this consistent with the very best that I know?”

If it is not, you refuse to do it. General Norman Schwarzkopf, commander during

the 1991 Gulf War, once said that the most important leadership principle he

learned, from a senior officer, was simply, “Do the right thing.”

Whenever you are in doubt about a course of action, simply ask yourself, “Is this

the right thing to do?” And then behave accordingly.

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