1. Install the plug-in and DCPFLICS. Make sure DCPFlics is running and properly configured. 2.

To authorize the plug-in, open it's interface and the registration window will appears. 3. On the registration window click on Authorize, then select Register Manually. 4. Copy the request code and paste it into the keygen. Select the product you want to authorize. 5. Make sure the DCPFLICS settings are correct and click on generate. 5. Paste the serial numbers that have been copied to the clipboard into the serial number field and copy the authorization code in the lower field. 6. Click Authorize. 7. Repeat for each plug-in. 9. Enjoy it! NOTE1 for Power NURBS & Power Translator Pro: --------------------------------------------On first launch you must select Power NURBS Pro and Power Translators Pro when the plug-in ask you which products you purchased. NOTE2 for AfterFLICS (Enlight & ScatterVL Pro): ----------------------------------------------Those plugins use a different license server (AfterFLICS) so make sure you set the connection settings used by it in the keygen (ie: change port number to 5002). When you register those plugins enter 90 as license number in the registration window.

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