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This is not your average glossy political mailing. It was not expensive — | printed it at| home on top of my dining room table. It may not be fancy or colorful, but it is honest and| thrifty, and those are the same values that | will take with me to the Olympia City Council. Dear SE Olympia Voter: We have traffic problems in Southeast Olympia, and | have some ideas that will help solve them. Please work with me to fix these problems. | need your vote this November to make this vision a reality. Southeast Olympia Traffic Woes Over 1,000 new homes are planned for subdivisforis betweép Boulevard Road and Wiggins Road. Ever since Home Depot opened, we've had congestion along Fones Road.» | live in this neighborhood too, and | experience these problems. As your next City Councilmember, | want to help make improvements that will let us get where we need to go, while also making our roads safer for pedestrians and for bicyclists. This letter is to talk about some of the problems, some of the solutions, and what we can do together. History of SE Olympia Traffic Projects Fones Road, between Pacific Avenue and 18°, and the intersection of 18" and Hoffman, have been targeted for improvements since the City's 1996 capital projects budget. The work has not been done. Not even a simple traffic light, at Hoffman and 18", originally planned for installation in 1998, has been installed. Boulevard Road, from 18" to Yelm Highway, has similarly been planned for improvements since the 1996 budget, but litle has happened. As your next City Councilmember, | will work aggressively to get these projects completed. Money Is The Big Problem Boulevard Road and Fones Road are expensive projects. They were expected to be built with developer impact fees (charged when new homes add traffic), and from state grants. The development fees have not risen as fast as project costs, and the grants have not been actively pursued. We're falling further and further behind Ihave several ideas for solving this: © First, we need to make sure that development fees keep up with project costs. © Existing residents should not have to subsidize the cost of growth! © Second, we need a more aggressive approach to seeking grants, using professional grant writers, and a full scale campaign by the City to win these state grants. © Finally, we need to find new funding sources. One obvious funding option is what's called the Real Estate Excise Tax, or REET. When homes are sold, the City gets a percentage of the purchase price as REET. In addition to the impact fees, | want to dedicate the REET from new home sales to help pay for traffic and other impacts of growth. This would not raise taxes! It just targets existing taxes toward road improvements. Let’s Work Together! With this strategy, we can fund the needed improvements. It will not happen overnight, but we can make progress. It takes a leader on the City Council who is willing to stay focused on the problems and the solutions. With your vote this November, | will be in a position to start fixing our local traffic problems. Sincerely, hu Qe Rhenda Iris Strub — Candidate for Olympia City Council, Position 3. Paid Olympia, WA Permit #228 Bad tec bynnends cunnende Uslustushalitatlinoatfoaltsaltaltendblbsssad toatl 3332 30" Ave SE, Olympia, WA, 98501 coos Let’s Fix Southeast = Olympia Traffic! \. Qe . ee ] Rhenda 0 Tris hs \UTOMs-DIGT 98504 Olympia Action Plan: « Olympia deserves a safe and beautiful downtown. e Work with responsible developers to make downtown Olympia a great place to live, work, shop and play. « Protect our neighborhoods from poorly-planned growth. « Maintain and expand our excellent city parks system. e Work with Tumwater, Lacey and the County to solve regional issues like homelessness and water quality. « Improve safety and access for Pedestrians and Bicycles. « Build a fourth Fire Station. e Build a new Police Headquarters and City Hall. Community Leaders Endorsing Rhenda: Olympia Firefighters (IAFF Local 468) Jeff Kingsbury Olympia City Council Thurston County Democrats Joe Hyer Olympia City Council Thurston Conservation Voters Keron eee Olympia City Council are am Hunt State Representative Thurston Association of Realtors Brendan Williams State Representative Freedom Vote (Strongest Endorsement) Sandra Romero Former State Rep. Bob Macleod Thurston Co. Commissioner Robin Hunt Thurston County Treasurer Join me: Neil McClanahan Tumwater City Council Phone: 943-1913 Karen Valenzuela Tumwater City Council Email: John Halvorson Former Lacey Mayor Nancy Peterson Lacey Deputy Mayor