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Tholurpatti (Po), Thottiam (Tk), Trichy (Dt) – 621 215 Tholurpatti (Po), Thottiam (Tk), Trichy (Dt) – 621 215
Class : II ECE Date: 10.09.09 Class : II Mechanical Date: 05.09.09
Subject: Electrical Engineering Max.Marks:50 Subject: Electrical Drives and Control Max.Marks:50

PART-A (5*2=10 marks) PART-A (5*2=10 marks)

1. Define voltage regulation of a transformer. Give the expression for 1. Write the speed equation of D.C drives.
the same. 2. List out the merits and demerits of Ward-Leonard method of speed
2. A sinusoidal flux 0.02 Wb links with 55 turns of a transformer control.
secondary coil. Calculate the r.m.s value of the induced e.m.f in the 3. Draw the block diagram of single-phase converter fed DC drive.
secondary. The supply frequency is 50 Hz. 4. Define the duty cycle of a chopper.
3. What is the function of a transformer? 5. Define firing angle and write the applications of a D.C chopper.
4. When the load current of a transformer increases, how does the input
current increase to meet with the new condition?
5. What are turns ratio and transformation transformer? PART-B 40 marks

PART-B 40 marks 6. Explain with neat diagram the classical Ward-Leonard system of speed
control of DC motors. State its advantages and drawbacks. (8)
6. Obtain the equivalent circuit of a single phase transformer and also 7. Explain the following control modes of a D.C chopper drive with suitable
draw its approximate equivalent circuit. (8) Circuit diagram. (a) Power and acceleration control (b) combined
7. Draw the equivalent circuit of a single phase 1100/220V transformer regenerative and rheostatic control. (16)
on which 8. Explain the continuous and discontinuous modes of operation of single
the following results are obtained. phase fully controlled rectifier fed D.C motor with necessary
(a)1100V,0.5A,55W on the primary ,secondary being open circuited. waveform. (16)
(b)10V,80A,400W on low voltage side, high voltage being short
Calculate the voltage regulation and the efficiency of a transformer
When the secondary supplies 100 A at 0.8 p.f lagging. (16)
8. Explain the construction details of an transformer and derive its EMF
equation. (16)