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Hot Seat Interview

Hot Seat Interview

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Published by: S.k. Shaizad on Nov 11, 2010
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On The Hot Seat
Exclusive Interview With The Author
By Jason Brooks

- Important Notice Before beginning any new exercise, nutrition or dietary supplement program you should consult a physician first. The information presented herein is not meant to treat or prevent any disease or to provide the reader with medical advice. If you are looking for specific medical advice then you should obtain this information from a licensed health-care practitioner. This publication is intended for informational use only. Sean Nalewanyj and www.MuscleGainTruth.com will not assume any liability or be held responsible for any form of injury, personal loss or illness caused by the utilization of this information. The individual results obtained from the use of this program will vary from person to person and we make no guarantee as to the degree of results that you will personally achieve. This publication is fully copyrighted and does not come with giveaway or resale rights. You may not sell or redistribute this report. It is reserved solely for MuscleGainTruth.com members. Copyright and illegal distribution violations will be prosecuted. © 2007 - www.MuscleGainTruth.com - All Rights Reserved

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj - All Rights Reserved Page 3 http://www.MuscleGainTruth.com/

All Rights Reserved Page 4 http://www.The following is a transcript from a phone interview that was conducted by Jason Brooks. In this interview Jason gets inside the mind of Sean Nalewanyj. Get the inside scoop below! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj .MuscleGainTruth.com/ . discussing the details of his program. fitness enthusiast and online promoter. a natural bodybuilder. Later on Jason tackles Sean with some tough questions about his bodybuilding approach and common arguments that may be raised against his principles. the factors of his success as well as some specific training advice.

MuscleGainTruth. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . The last time we spoke you were just in the process of releasing your brand new e-book. SN: Oh.All Rights Reserved Page 5 http://www. it’s fantastic. athletes trying to increase their muscle and strength for specific sports… I’ve even had a reasonable amount of women successfully using the program as well. I’m doing great. guys up in 40+ age category trying to get back in shape. It takes me back to when I first started bodybuilding and it’s really exciting to be a part of their progress and to understand first-hand what they’re going through. and like I said. How are you doing today? SN: My pleasure. I’m training really hard and everything is going well. it’s good to have you here. JB: I’m glad to hear that. Young teenagers fed up with getting picked on.com/ . It’s so rewarding to get emails and before and after pictures everyday from people all over the world eager to share their positive results with me. It’s been online for over year now… tell us how things are going with that. it’s so awesome to be a part of their story and to watch them grow both physically and mentally from month to month. I have several members who I correspond with regularly.Jason Brooks Interviews Sean Nalewanyj JB: Hey Sean. Jason. JB: What kind of success stories have you had? SN: Too many to keep track of really. I’ve had all kinds of people from all corners of the world in all types of unique situations. “The Truth About Building Muscle”.

JB: Surely there are other reasons as well. I think the main reason is to build confidence and to escape from having low self-esteem about the way you look. When they tell their stories it takes me right back to when I was in that very same situation. So to watch them progress is just incredible because I know how amazing it feels to finally start seeing results and to have your attitude changing from week to week. Do you think that has made it even more rewarding to help others? SN: Without a doubt.com/ . and people should make no apology for wanting to become a more confident person. I think we as humans all have our own insecurities. Whatever their reason.All Rights Reserved Page 6 http://www. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . This was the prime reason I started training myself. so to watch them accomplish that is incredibly rewarding. I know exactly what they’re going through. correct? SN: That’s correct. When I receive emails from guys looking for help. There’s nothing wrong with that. and for a huge portion of people that insecurity is in the appearance of their bodies.JB: You were once an average “skinny guy” as well. and others are on the more overweight side and are trying to trim down. Some are just average and want to stand out from the crowd. JB: Not everyone who has used your program is necessarily “skinny”.MuscleGainTruth. the bottom line is that they’re fed up with their bodies and want to make a change. JB: What do you feel is the primary reason that people make the decision to change their bodies? SN: There’s a lot of different reasons.

I think we’re all driven to want to stand out. powerful people. and a ton of guys train with this in mind. JB: What about the people who criticize bodybuilders and those who workout? SN: Interestingly enough I find that these people are the very ones who are the most insecure about it and have the greatest lack of willpower. You have to ignore these people and understand that their comments and criticisms are only a reflection of their own desires to be strong and muscular. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . so they cover it up by criticizing those who do have the willpower. There’s nothing wrong with that either. Everyone wants muscles and strength. almost all of my friends and people that I knew had attempted to workout in the gym at some point.SN: Definitely. Most women are attracted to guys with muscular bodies. The only difference is that most people don’t have the willpower to act on it and to do the things necessary to achieve that. If they can’t succeed. to compete and to be viewed as confident. I can say with certainty that when I was in high school. They know that they’ll never achieve the body they want.MuscleGainTruth.com/ . What does that tell you? It tells you that everyone wants it. they don’t want to see you succeed. Another huge motivator is impressing the opposite sex. there’s a ton of other reasons. even if they don’t admit it.All Rights Reserved Page 7 http://www. to be respected.

All Rights Reserved Page 8 http://www. Tell us more about your beginnings in the gym. the reasoning behind them. I was in my teen years and skinny as a toothpick.MuscleGainTruth. so if someone is going to claim that working out is shallow. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj .com/ . JB: Understandable. It wasn’t until my late teens that I got really serious about it and started training and researching heavily. It had basically bothered me for most of my life. Jason. Why shallow? How is it any different than all of the other things people do to stand out and attract each other? Why do you buy that specific pair of jeans? Why do you save up your money for that new. JB: You stated that you began training mainly in order to build confidence. like 9 or 10 years old if you can believe that. I don’t want to get too in-depth about the specifics of my beginnings in the gym. as I talked about this in reasonable detail in my main e-book and even on my website. and more importantly.I can’t stand when others claim that wanting to build confidence and sexual appeal from working out is “shallow”. tell us more about your specific training beliefs. Instead of talking about your actual beginnings. they really have a warped view on reality in my opinion. even when I was much younger. SN: I think I started out just like most people do. fancy car? Why do you style your hair in the morning? It’s all for the same reasons.

He learned it from Arthur Jones. d) The principles that made the most logical sense.com/ . c) The opinions of other experts in the field. and then made his own modifications. After many years and countless hours in the gym.MuscleGainTruth. infrequent approach. I arrived at these principles through research and trial and error experimentation. I didn’t dream these principles up myself.All Rights Reserved Page 9 http://www. everything you believe in and every thought you have is ultimately taught and is a variation of another idea that you learned. Every expert out there learned their ideas from a previous expert. My approach is exactly the same way. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . Mike Mentzer wasn’t born with the knowledge that HIT training was the most effective way to go. There’s a theory that says that “all ideas are never originally your own”. I came to the understanding of what worked best and what didn’t.SN: Sure. The first thing I’ll mention is that this approach is not my own original idea. you’re a big advocate of training to failure and following a low volume. That’s the way it works. what do you want to know? JB: Well. and maybe put their own twist on it. How did you arrive at this method and why do you believe it’s the most effective? SN: Very good question. b) The results that I saw in others. I based this on: a) The results that I saw in myself. In other words.

JB: What do you mean when you say. and focus on limited training volume per workout. JB: And why do you believe that HIT works so well? SN: Like I said.com/ . around 1-3 times a week. The main idea behind HIT is that the lifter must: a) Overload the muscle with a high level of intensity to trigger an adaptive response from the body. with concrete numbers and specifics. unified theory for building muscle. I personally tried all of the different training methods I could get my hands on… HIT worked the best. “HIT” Training? SN: “HIT” stands for “Highly Intensive Training”. It’s not a method that is set in stone. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . It’s more of a total.All Rights Reserved Page 10 http://www. the 4 factors that I mentioned unanimously supported the HIT theory.These 4 factors unanimously showed me that HIT style training is the most effective means of stimulating muscular growth as quickly as possible. (this usually means training a muscle to all out failure) b) Progress in weight or reps from workout to workout in order for the muscles to continually grow larger and stronger HIT workouts are generally performed infrequently.MuscleGainTruth.

com/ . yet there is also a large school of thought that disagrees with this. only progression is. but I certainly believe that it is the most effective.I watched my training partners and friends train in the gym…HIT worked the best. and progression can certainly be achieved without training to muscular failure.MuscleGainTruth. I read every piece of muscle-building literature I could find…HIT was the most widely supported. I firmly believe that progression is the single most important factor in stimulating muscular growth. JB: Now you say in your book that lifters must train to all out muscular failure on every set. JB: So why train to failure? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . If a lifter can consistently progress from workout to workout in either weight or reps. I don’t claim that HIT is the only way to build muscle. the muscles will respond. I thought for long hours about everything I had implemented and learned…HIT made the most practical sense. Can you shed some light on this? SN: The important thing to realize is that training to muscular failure is not a mandatory requirement for muscle growth to be stimulated.All Rights Reserved Page 11 http://www.

the overall volume of my recommended workouts is fairly low to balance this out. your chance of injury is no higher than with any other type of training. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj .MuscleGainTruth. In addition. Since all sets are to be taken to muscular failure. Intensity and volume are inversely proportional. so as one increases the other must decrease. sets are to be taken to muscular failure and not a moment further. the more dramatically they will respond. it IS mandatory for OPTIMAL growth to occur. The more stress you can safely place on the muscles. As long as you set down the weights the moment that you are unable to continue with proper form. So while training to failure is not mandatory for growth to occur. the next guy who did train to muscular failure could see those same results in half the time because they would progress at a much quicker rate. It is simply the most logical and effective way to promote muscular growth.All Rights Reserved Page 12 http://www. One could NEVER train to muscular failure and over the course of a year see significant muscle-building results. JB: But can’t training to muscular failure all the time lead to overtraining or injuries? SN: Only if you fail to intelligently structure your workouts. However. Muscles grow because of an adaptive response to environmental stress. JB: So you recommend HIT training year round? SN: Yes.SN: It’s because training to muscular failure will cause the body to progress as QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY as possible.com/ .

MuscleGainTruth. Okay. and tell me the first piece of advice that pops into your head when you hear them. cable. The issue is that the muscle is placed under stress. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . I’m going to list all of the major muscle groups. JB: Back.All Rights Reserved Page 13 http://www. it must adapt.JB: Don’t you feel that it’s important to periodically switch up your training routine to shock the muscles and keep your body guessing? SN: No. Muscles respond to stress. it just knows that it is under stress. The bicep responds to flexion of the elbow. The tricep responds to extension of the elbow. SN: Forget about flyes and cable movements. You put the muscles under stress. SN: Sure. and they will respond. and because of this stress. plain and simple. the muscle continues to respond and grow. JB: That seems to make sense. Whether that flexion of the elbow or extension of the elbow occurs with a bar. As you gradually increase the stress. Focus on the basic pressing movements with barbells and dumbbells as well as wide grip dips. JB: Chest. dumbbell or bag of sand is not the issue. Your muscle has no idea WHAT it’s lifting or in what order it’s lifting it. I don’t believe in that.com/ .

If you want a six-pack. JB: Biceps. 95% of that is related to your body fat levels and not your specific ab exercises. JB: Abs. JB: Triceps. except that most of your tricep growth comes from chest and shoulder training.com/ . Side laterals can be thrown in. JB: Thighs. SN: Focus on basic overhead presses.MuscleGainTruth. but overhead pressing is the meat and potatoes. SN: Stop doing so many sets! Lower your training volume significantly and realize that most of your bicep growth comes from your back training. SN: Unless you’re specifically training for a sport and are trying to develop core strength.SN: Make deadlifts your primary movement.All Rights Reserved Page 14 http://www. They’ll pack size onto your entire back complex faster than anything else. JB: Shoulders. Front and rear raises are of little importance. stop with the endless situps and crunches. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . SN: Same as biceps.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . SN: Train them to failure just like you would any other muscle! I know that calf training can be grueling. JB: Calves. so you have to really hit them hard to get a response. JB: Okay. SN: I don’t necessarily have one ultimate favourite for every single muscle. JB: Chest. but this time I want you to list your favourite exercise for each muscle.MuscleGainTruth. JB: Back. JB: Great tips Sean. but most guys stop way short of failure here because the burn is so intense.com/ . as there are a variety that are highly effective. Calves are typically stubborn muscles. SN: Incline Dumbbell Press. I want to do the same thing one more time. Make these your primary movement and you’ll develop thigh mass more rapidly than ever before. but let’s assume you’re only allowed to perform ONE exercise for each specific muscle group for the rest of your life.SN: Squats are the king. which would you pick? SN: Okay.All Rights Reserved Page 15 http://www. I can do that.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . SN: Squats.SN: Deadlifts.MuscleGainTruth. JB: Biceps.All Rights Reserved Page 16 http://www. JB: Thighs. JB: Calves. JB: Triceps. SN: Standing calf raises. SN: Cable pushdowns. SN: Kneeling rope crunches.com/ . JB: Abs. SN: Seated overhead dumbbell press. JB: Shoulders. SN: Barbell Curls.

I promote my principles with confidence and encourage readers to follow them to a T. You see. but I really wanted to talk about it. in terms of bodybuilding credibility. memorized a few diagrams. So what the heck does it mean to be a “Certified Personal Trainer?” It means that any given person off the street. it means almost nothing. because I believe them to be the most effective and widely supported theories. and these ways can vary greatly across the spectrum. There are no set-in-stone. possibly with no previous training experience.MuscleGainTruth. how many subjects in life are set in stone? Every expert has his or her own unique ways of doing things. but what credentials do you have to support your theories? Do you have any personal training certifications or any other relevant credentials? SN: I’m REALLY glad you asked this question because I didn’t have an appropriate spot in my book to really address this issue. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . However. The most important thing you need to realize is that although the term “Certified Personal Trainer” has a real nice ring to it. definite answers.JB: You seem to have an endless amount of muscle-building knowledge backed up in your brain. sat through a few courses in a classroom. and I stand behind them 100% for the reasons I talked about earlier. I have my own confident beliefs when it comes to building muscle.com/ .All Rights Reserved Page 17 http://www. bodybuilding is an incredibly abstract subject. After all. wrote some tests and then was handed a piece of paper with a stamp on it. in the grand scheme of it all.

Many of them don’t even possess muscular builds.com/ . dedicated research from a wide variety of sources. 3) Personal results. 2) Focused. I’ve been researching this subject everyday for almost 7 years.All Rights Reserved Page 18 http://www. dedicated in-the-field experience over the course of many years. where is the credibility in that? JB: So where does “bodybuilding credibility” come from? What makes you a credible source? SN: Credibility in this game comes from: 1) Focused.MuscleGainTruth. Tell me. It comes from discussions and debates with other bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . It’s that simple.That gives them bodybuilding credibility? To sit through a weekend course and take notes from some other expert who is ultimately only preaching his own beliefs and theories? Many of these personal trainers aren’t even bodybuilders themselves and have no previous experience in the gym. the majority of which was not learned on a chalkboard in a classroom. all of whom have their own unique set of beliefs. Bodybuilding credibility comes from the digestion of literature from top experts in the field. 4) Results in others who follow your training advice.

It comes from the fact that the vast majority of those who follow my principles are reporting highly positive results. So tell me… Who are you going to listen to? The guy who has researched and trained for years on end.It comes from taking the information obtained in those readings. It comes from the fact that I’ve been in the trenches.All Rights Reserved Page 19 http://www. It comes from the fact that I’ve achieved significant results in both size and strength in this time. discussions and debates and applying them firsthand in the field.MuscleGainTruth.com/ . I’ve tried every technique and theory available and have put them to the test on my own body. and I receive emails from these people (many of whom are viewing this interview right) every single day. and has a following of thousands of people from all over the world who are achieving impressive results using his system. or any random guy who may or may not have any previous training experience and took a weekend course that taught him what a “dumbbell flye” was. and how to properly configure a treadmill? JB: Surely personal trainers learn more than just these things… ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . going from humble beginnings as an underweight skinny guy to the pictures you see in my book and on my website. pushing my body to its limits in the gym over all these years.

and the single biggest factor in my personal success was my mindset. I’m just speaking general here. You can obtain FAR more bodybuilding knowledge using research methods away from the classroom. and I succeeded because I was able to motivate myself. JB: Well.All Rights Reserved Page 20 http://www. and a personal trainer or even a person with a university degree for that matter.MuscleGainTruth. if I wanted to become a certified personal trainer. All of your decisions and motivations ultimately come from the mind. what was the single biggest factor in your own success? I think you’d agree with me when I say that the majority of people who start a bodybuilding program don’t end up getting anywhere in the long run. Mike Mentzer or Arnold Schwarzenegger in a classroom setting. because I knew that teaching successful bodybuilding methods was in no way dependant on that. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . so I’ll take your word for it! Tell me. You’re never going to learn about Arthur Jones. is someone who sat through classes and was taught one particular way. SN: You’re absolutely right. it seems to be working for you and for others. Hey. I chose not to.com/ . stay motivated and execute the things necessary to get to where I wanted to be. The bottom line is that bodybuilding is an abstract subject with endless viewpoints. I could sit through a few courses and get the piece of paper with the stamp on it.SN: Of course. Period.

If you’re looking for a quick-fix and are seeking instant gratification. you’re doomed. Building muscle isn’t something that you do for a set period of time and then stop.All Rights Reserved Page 21 http://www. The first thing is that you have to want it badly enough. What did you specifically do to separate yourself from the crowd? SN: I think it comes down to 2 main factors.com/ . It’s a continual process that you must keep executing if you want to see results or even maintain what you’ve accomplished. So if you don’t want it bad enough and you don’t truly recognize the long-term commitment involved. and when the statue is complete. really want it. A bodybuilder doesn’t have that luxury. and can sit back and admire it for the rest of his life. He never has to touch it again. I mean you have to really. He has to sculpt his statue and continue working hard everyday just to maintain it. it’s complete.JB: Give me some more specifics. JB: And the second? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . you just can’t succeed in the long run. A sculptor spends his time creating a statue.MuscleGainTruth.

You have to want it badly. If you lack patience or perseverance. It’s that simple. but if you lack willpower. You can want something badly.SN: Willpower. but if you don’t want it badly enough.com/ . If one is lacking.All Rights Reserved Page 22 http://www. and you have to have the willpower to get there. in that they both must be present in order to succeed. failure is inevitable. JB: What kind of things do you do to keep yourself motivated? SN: The main thing is to always keep your eyes on the prize. and that’s why I succeeded and continue to succeed. You have to want it badly enough.MuscleGainTruth. and where you want to be. you’ll fail. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . Don’t go to the gym with the mentality of “I just have to get this over with”. You can have all the willpower in the world. You have to understand the long-term benefits and put in the necessary effort at every given moment to achieve the greater good. you’re also doomed. you’ll fail. Take a few moments each day to remind yourself of why you started in the first place. and then have the mental strength and fortitude to follow through on your desires and do what is necessary to achieve them. I had both of these. These 2 factors operate synergistically.

Embrace it. without question. I got sick. each and every meal and each and every other small thing that you do as part of your program is one small stepping stone toward reaching your goals. Another very helpful tool is to always review your workout logbooks. and it helps to sit down on a frequent basis and review everything you’ve been doing so that you can see how far you’ve come and know that if you quit. I missed workouts and meals. all of that hard work will go to waste. JB: Surely there were times when you slipped up. Like I said before. no? SN: Oh. JB: Tell us about the worst setback you ever faced. In fact. Go the gym and learn to love the battle and thrive on it. they are inevitable. You should be keeping a detailed record of every workout that you perform. I got injured at times. You have to make this realization and understand that there’s never an end point. You can’t expect things to go your way all the time and they certainly didn’t for me. The difference is that the champions dig themselves out of the holes and the wannabe’s stay buried and don’t get back out. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj .com/ .MuscleGainTruth. One final thing that helps is to remember that you’re never done working.All Rights Reserved Page 23 http://www. my motivation rose and fell. There’s nothing wrong with momentary setbacks. This is completely natural. Realize that each and every workout. bodybuilding is a continual process that never truly has a point B.

I saw a few professionals and was told that I needed to take 6 months off of all upper body pressing movements. JB: What kind of things were you doing? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj .com/ . I promote the idea of training to positive muscular failure. and I ended up really doing a number on my left rotator cuff.MuscleGainTruth. JB: What happened? SN: This was in my earlier days. I want to do it right. When I dedicate myself to something. JB: How did you injure it? SN: It wasn’t any specific movement that injured me. it just kind of accumulated over time. That was extremely difficult to deal with. but I DON’T promote the things that I was doing that got me injured.SN: It was probably when I injured by shoulder. I had a lot of sharp pains. and when you have to miss out on training 2 major muscle groups it’s tough to stay motivated. I was going way beyond and pushing myself to points that I shouldn’t have been. and the strength was just drained out of the area. JB: But I thought you said that training to failure was safe? SN: Right. but this injury came in my earlier days when.All Rights Reserved Page 24 http://www. although I was training to failure.

All Rights Reserved Page 25 http://www. So it was not the concept of training to failure that injured me. I would even do this for big exercises like deadlifts and squats. and I became really obsessed with the idea of testing my own limits in the gym like the guys back in those days did. but the beauty of it is that my readers can benefit from it by not having to make those same mistakes.com/ . Once at the bottom. I would push against the weight for another 10-15 seconds until my body completely gave out. this is what a typical set of bench presses would be like… I would train all the way to positive muscular failure until the bar wouldn’t budge an inch (this is where you should normally stop). it was all the crazy stuff I was doing in the gym that I shouldn’t have been doing. JB: Why were you using such intense tactics at that time? SN: I went through a period where I was really immersed in researching the “old school” training tactics.SN: Well for example. Instead of stopping. That’s not saying that I was some kind of sicko who enjoyed pain. I would lower the weight as slowly as I possibly could. JB: Have you ever thrown up from training? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . Looking back on it I can’t believe I ever trained that way.MuscleGainTruth. At the top of the second rep. but I just loved the battle of it and always wanted to see how far I could push myself. I would have a training partner help me crank out an extra 1-2 forced reps.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . I felt so overcome with sickness that I had to leave the gym. There was a lot more than just my shoulder that momentarily threw me off the bodybuilding path.MuscleGainTruth. It really doesn’t mean all that much. The good thing was that after pacing around a bit and gathering myself together. JB: (laughs). But the point is that when things go south. maybe once a year for me. I did my squats. It just happens from time to time. I was doing a leg workout and had just come back from a vacation and hadn’t been eating properly while I was away. you have to accept it and do whatever you can to get around it.SN: Yeah.com/ . Back to the shoulder injury we were originally talking about. though. Throwing up is not indicative of a successful workout. a few times. and I’ve always had kind of a “sensitive stomach” if you will. I’ve done a lot of rehab on my shoulder since and I feel fine now. No big deal. The most recent was about 4 months ago. and I know guys who have never even come close to throwing up in the gym. Don’t get the wrong idea here. It was pretty tough to stick to my diet and focus on just training back and legs. On the way out I proceeded to drop to my knee in the parking lot and spew my pre-workout chocolate protein shake all over the pavement.All Rights Reserved Page 26 http://www. I went back into the gym and finished the workout. stiff-legged deadlifts and leg presses. What did you do during the 6 months that you were out? SN: I was never really “out”. but I got through it. But over the course of 7 years of training I’ve maybe thrown up in the gym 5-6 times.

com/ . Bodybuilding is a continual series of ups and downs. you have to be dedicated to what you’re doing.MuscleGainTruth. and you have to recognize this and be willing to deal with it when the downs do come. SN: What do you want to know? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj .All Rights Reserved Page 27 http://www. even the very best of the best. Everybody gives in at times.As a teenager I was obviously tempted by things like parties and alcohol. JB: Address the steroid issue. I can’t even begin to count the number of people I’ve seen come and go in the gym over the years because they got discouraged and quit when things went badly. JB: That’s when people sometimes turn to things like steroids to get their results. The media attention has been out of control over the last couple years regarding steroid use in schools and in sports. “screw it” and just wanted to have fun with my friends. Sure. It’s a balancing act and you have to learn how to make it all work. And do you want to know the truth? The truth is that I think you SHOULD give in at times and indulge in things that may not be the best for your progress. but you can’t revolve every waking moment around it. Full-blown obsession will break you in the long run. yes. isn’t it? SN: Sometimes. and there were times when I said.

What I do have a problem with. are serious about your results. If you’re a hard training bodybuilder. If you’re going to use steroids you should be researching the hell out of the subject first. I’ll tell you what I AM against.All Rights Reserved Page 28 http://www. for example. view steroids as an overall part of your program and know how to properly use them. and the tradeoffs that you choose to make are your choice and your choice only. I have nothing against responsible. I’m not against steroids. then I can’t judge you or say that what you’re doing is wrong. JB: What about pro bodybuilders? It’s fairly well known that the amounts of steroids and hormones these guys use is incredibly high.com/ . so am I definitely against uneducated steroid use. This is what they BREATHE for. but I’m not FOR them either. The improper use of steroids can be very harmful.JB: Are you against steroid use? SN: No. SN: Who am I to judge them? Most of these guys have dedicated their entire lives to the sport.MuscleGainTruth. and that’s uneducated. quick fix steroid use. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . sensible and controlled steroid use by serious trainers who understand the risks involved. and only using them responsibly. It’s your body. is a 17 year old high school kid with no clue in the world of what he’s doing popping d-bol and sticking needles in his ass to gain some quick muscle and impress his friends.

have you ever used steroids in your life? SN: I can say with 100% honesty.MuscleGainTruth. aside from pictures of course. It really shows that the hard work has paid off. JB: How do you handle those accusations? SN: It’s a double-edged sword. certainty and conviction that I have never put a single steroid in my body at any point in my entire life. JB: Surely you knew this question was coming. why should I tell him to stop or say that what he’s doing is wrong? Who am I to tell him how to live or what to put in his body? He knows what he’s doing. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve honestly never used them. I guess the reason why a lot of people choose not to believe me is because they feel that by admitting to steroid use I’d be taking credibility away from my program. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . They’re right.If Ronnie Coleman is willing to make that sacrifice to be Mr. I’ve never even SEEN a steroid before in real life. and that’s fine. Olympia and understands that what he’s doing to his body could very well kill him in the next 20 years.com/ . On one hand it’s a compliment for someone to accuse you of using steroids and claim that your physique could only have been built with them. but tell us Sean. I’ve been accused of it before as I’m sure many natural bodybuilders have.All Rights Reserved Page 29 http://www. so I’ll let him be. In fact. it probably would take away credibility in the eyes of aspiring natural trainees. he understands the risks.

On the other hand. JB: Why not? SN: Here’s the reason why I don’t think I’ll ever use steroids… You do one cycle. 20. it can be frustrating because they’re basically pointing a finger at you and telling you that your physique is “fake” and that you only look a certain way because you took a shortcut. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . Your body is surging with testosterone. energy and “alpha maleness” deflate? What’s the solution for most people? They do it again.All Rights Reserved Page 30 http://www. you come off the juice. mind-blowing gains? I don’t think I’ll ever use them though.com/ . JB: Would you ever consider using steroids? SN: Hey. I’ve been tempted several times in the past.MuscleGainTruth. After so many years of dedicated effort it can be a slap in the face to hear that. but I don’t let it bother me too much. and your muscle. 30 pounds or more to your frame. who wouldn’t be tempted by the thought of almost instant. your sex drive is through the roof and you feel incredible. so far so good right? But what happens when the cycle ends. I won’t lie to you. strength. Okay. great. You add an instant 10. For someone who trains hard and wants to add as much muscle size as possible.

I only stick to the basics now. Again. JB: Okay. some of which were effective and most of which were not. strong again.But this time they do a little bit more. JB: So it’s kind of like an endless cycle? SN: Literally! I know many guys who were stuck in this “trap” of steroid use. Uh oh. so a little bit more can’t hurt. My goal has always been to keep my bodybuilding approach as simple and efficient as possible. right? They get huge again. and again. energetic again. After all. Then they come off.MuscleGainTruth. so you’re not a steroid user. they already did it once. and I just don’t want to go through that. What about other supplements and products to enhance your gains? I know you recommend certain products in your book. JB: Give us an actual list. it’s very hard to stop. What do you currently use at the time of this interview? SN: Right now? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . If I don’t absolutely have to take a certain pill then I won’t. higher dosage.com/ . and again. It seems that once you start. but do you use them personally? SN: I’ve used a lot of natural supplements over the past few years.All Rights Reserved Page 31 http://www. Now what? More steroids.

what sounds better: grinding out a set of barbell squats to failure or popping a grape flavoured “creatine wafer”? Most people are scared of hard work. not supplements. multivitamins and a joint-care product consisting of glucosamine.I’m using a basic whey protein shake. Secondly. SN: They do a small job for serious trainees who understand their place in a program. I’m going to estimate that the results you achieve are 50% from your diet. I also have meal replacement shakes and bars for when I need them and use a caffeine supplement before my workouts. 45% from your training and 5% from the supplements that you use.com/ . ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj .MuscleGainTruth. JB: If that’s the case then why do people place such importance on supplements? SN: Two reasons. JB: And of course. so they turn to pills and powders hoping this will do the job for them. glutamine. chondroitin and MSM. the pills and powders don’t do the job. essential fatty acids. the billion-dollar supplement companies have done a really great job of convincing the public that they need all of these products through clever advertising online and in magazines. When it all comes down to it. I mean.All Rights Reserved Page 32 http://www. but hard training and proper diet are what build muscular bodies. creatine. First of all. supplements play a fairly small role in the overall process. I think people WANT to believe that these products will deliver incredible results.

JB: I see.All Rights Reserved Page 33 http://www. some people will fall for the hype. but there’s a ton of guys out there in the same field as me telling their website visitors that they can gain ridiculous amounts of weight in unrealistic periods of time. I don’t understand why. It’s not just the supplement industry that’s misleading people. Back to what you said about supplement companies “misleading” people. but the people who fall for the hype are generally the ones who aren’t going to stick to it over the long haul anyway. I’m not saying that other programs aren’t effective. I don’t want to name any specific names. how is that any different? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj .com/ .MuscleGainTruth. For the money? Sure. SN: Absolutely. Serious trainees want honesty. They want the truth. sales associates at your local vitamin store. But why lie to people? Why tell them that they can gain 20-30 pounds of pure muscle in 8 weeks when you know for a fact that this type of gain is physiologically impossible? JB: But even your website says that one can build a muscular physique in just 12 short weeks. and this is quite clear on your website and in the first chapter of your book. it’s exercise equipment sellers. authors of programs both online and offline. That’s what I’m giving. You seem to be quite against all of the hype in the bodybuilding industry. because I’m sure they are. and I’m sure many of these authors have a ton of knowledge in the field as well. JB: Misleading people in what way? SN: Misleading them by giving false promises and exaggerations about their products.

All Rights Reserved Page 34 http://www. 3 months is definitely enough time to see a significant change. Believe it or not. I don’t present the whole process as being easy like other guys do. shape or form. writing articles for websites and participating in discussion forums simply to help others and for my own enjoyment.com/ . I’m not saying you’ll be as big as you’ll ever be in just 3 months or that you’ll look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.SN: Because you CAN build a muscular physique in 12 weeks if you know what you’re doing. I didn’t originally write this book with the goal of selling it. 3 months of focused effort can yield far better results than you think. I started writing this book as my own personal “bible” for building muscle which I would then share with others. and I never claimed that it was. co-workers etc. that’s the truth. I was very immersed in the bodybuilding lifestyle at that time. family. It’s not easy in any way.MuscleGainTruth. I’m not out there talking about “steroid-like gains in 8 weeks” or that someone can gain “30-50 pounds of muscle” or any crap like that. but for someone who is brand new to the bodybuilding scene or who has never really trained properly before. and one that will turn heads and have comments coming your way from friends. JB: Was the “misleading information” on the Internet the prime motivation for you to write your book? SN: Yes. In addition. Now. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . That wasn’t a false claim. With proper training and focused diet.

com/ . JB: Give us a list of reasons why you feel that all of the effort in the gym and dedication to an eating plan is worth it? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . JB: Rewarding in what way? SN: Well like I said before. in so many ways. I don’t want to sound corny. wouldn’t you? SN: Probably. Bodybuilding is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.MuscleGainTruth. what’s even more nice is the rewarding feeling that I get when members email me with their success stories. I know the feeling that most of these newer guys have. but it’s really true. and that’s the reason why I decided to sell it. and then starting to write in the spur of the moment.All Rights Reserved Page 35 http://www. becoming frustrated.The story at the beginning of my book is entirely true. I really did decide to write this book after coming across a misleading website. JB: Surely you would sell more copies if you “hyped” it up a bit more. but while it’s nice to make some extra cash. The feeling that I got from selling my first copy wasn’t nearly as rewarding as the feeling that I got when I received my first email from a happy customer. That makes it all worth it to me. and I know what it feels like to finally get away from that and feel happy with your appearance. After spending countless hours writing the book I realized just how much effort I had put into it.

It literally makes me feel better about myself at every single moment of every single day (except when I’m smack dab in the middle of a set of squats). When you’ve got a muscular build. I feel way more confident. sure. you get recognized everywhere you go. I love the looks that I get from people who are impressed by my build. you carry it with you everywhere that you go.All Rights Reserved Page 36 http://www. It really is an incredible feeling.MuscleGainTruth. This is also why it’s so rewarding to help others. I love the feeling I get at the beach. If I was the best basketball player in my city. SN: I don’t even really know where to start. I’ve been doing this for so long and have had help from a lot of people along the way. Just give it to me in a nutshell. It has also shown me how powerful my own mind is. no one would be able to know it or see it unless they personally knew who I was. It yields awe and respect from others. It gives me the feeling that I can accomplish anything. As a bodybuilder. (laughs) JB: (laughs).SN: If you have another 10 hours for this interview I can make that list. I feel powerful. so it feels good to give back and to help other up and comers who are following the same path. Bodybuilding has taught me what true hard work is.com/ . JB: Do you think you’ll be doing this for the rest of your life? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . and that if I really want something I can get it. and how to rise above adversity. I love the feeling of having my shirt fitting tightly.

I’ll be involved in bodybuilding until I’m dead. I have plans to write more books down the road. promoting my programs and helping other people. JB: Thanks for joining us.SN: Unless a situation arises where I’m unable to train consistently. I don’t plan to compete or anything like that.com/ . I’ve had a ton of people try to get me into it. My up and coming project will be another e-book that focuses on weight loss as opposed to building muscle.MuscleGainTruth. something that I do for myself. If they’re into it then all the power to them. yes. I think it’s great. I’ll continue training hard. I don’t view bodybuilding as a sport. Sean. but it just doesn’t appeal to me.All Rights Reserved Page 37 http://www. it’s just not for me. For the people that do compete. a hobby. Do you have any last words for our readers? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . JB: Do you plan on competing in the future? SN: No. I’m not really interested in getting on stage and comparing my physique point for point with other people. To me it’s just a way of life. JB: What are your future plans then? SN: Nothing too far from what I’m doing right now. JB: “The Truth About Burning Fat” maybe? SN: Yeah! Something along those lines.

shame on you!).SN: Yes! Everyone reading this interview right now is a paying member of my program (unless you obtained this interview from somewhere else. and I really hope to hear from you at some point with your stories and pictures.MuscleGainTruth. I wish you the best of luck with your training efforts.com/ . thanks for tuning in! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj . and I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for believing in my program and putting your trust in my knowledge. Without you guys this program couldn’t exist. When I was an up and coming beginner there were a ton of guys both online and offline who helped answer my questions and teach me the proper way of doing things. and now I have the chance to give back and to be one of those guys to you. Thanks! JB: This is Jason Brooks.All Rights Reserved Page 38 http://www. in which case. and you are the driving force behind my entire website.

MuscleGainTruth.End Of Transcript - ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2007 Sean Nalewanyj ..com/ .All Rights Reserved Page 39 http://www.

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