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V9 Menu

V9 Function
Analyze Analyze-Angle Analyze-Between points Analyze-Chain Analyze-Contour Analyze-Dynamic Analyze-Number Analyze-Only

MCAMX Function
Entity Properties Angle Distance Chain Contour Dynamic Number Analyze with Masking from General selection ribbon bar Position 2D Area Surface Area, Solid properties


Analyze-Point Analyze-Area/volume

Analyze-Surfaces-Base Surfs Analyze-Surfaces-Check Model

Removed Test Surfaces


Analyze-Surfaces-Check Solid Analyze-SurfacesCurvature Analyze-Surfaces-Set Normals Analyze-Surfaces-Small Surfs Analyze-Surfaces-Test Normals Attributes

Check Solid Removed Edit, Set normal Change normal Test Surfaces Test Surfaces

Status bar, Attributes

AutoCursor (Toggle)

AutoCursor settings dialog box, or hold [Ctrl] when picking an AutoCursor position

Automatic Centerlines – Screen, Configure, CAD Settings, Centerlines (arcs)

Settings, Configuration, CAD settings


Cplane Cplane-3D Cplane-Back Cplane-Bottom

Status Bar, Planes Replaced with 2D / 3D mode Status Bar, Planes Status Bar, Planes

Cplane-DZ(-) Cplane-DZ(+) Cplane-Entity Cplane-Equals Gview Cplane-Equals Tplane Cplane-Front Cplane-Last Cplane-Left Cplane-Mouse Cplane-Named Cplane-Normal Cplane-Number Cplane-Origin Cplane-Rotate Cplane-Side

Status Bar, Status Bar, Status Bar, Geometry Status Bar, Status Bar, Status Bar, Status Bar, Status Bar, Removed Status Bar, Status Bar, Removed Status Bar, Status Bar, Status Bar,

Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes


Planes Arc 3 points Arc endpoints Arc polar Arc polar endpoints Arc polar Arc polar endpoints Arc tangent Arc Circle Edge Point / Tangent Arc Circle Edge Point / Tangent Arc tangent Arc tangent Arc tangent Bounding Box Create. Planes Status Bar. Planes Status Bar.Cplane-Top Cplane-XZ(-) Cplane-XZ(+) Create-Arc-3 points Create-Arc-Endpoints Create-Arc-Polar-Center Point Create-Arc-Polar-End Point Create-Arc-Polar-Sketch Create-Arc-Polar-Start Point Create-Arc-Tangent-1 Entity Create-Arc-Tangent-2 Entities Create-Arc-Tangent-3 Entities Create-Arc-TangentCenter Line Create-Arc-TangentDynamic Create-Arc-Tangent-Point Create-Bounding Box Create-Chamfer Status Bar. Chamfer Chain 4 . Chamfer Entities and Create.

Use Edge Curves Create-Curve-Project Create-Curve-Slice Removed . Circle edge point Circle center point Create-Circle-Point/Edge Create-CirclePoint/Radius Create-Curve-All Edges Create-Curve-Const Parameter Create-Curve-Dynamic Circle center point Circle center point Curve on Edges Constant Parameter Curve Dynamic Curve Create-Curve-Flowline Create-Curve-Intersect Create-Curve-One Edge Create-Curve-Parting Line Create-Curve-Patch Boundaries Flowline Curve Intersection Curve on Edges Parting Line Removed . Circle edge point Create.Use Xform Project Curve Slice 5 . Arc.Create-Circle-2 Points Create-Circle-3 Points Create-CirclePoint/Diameter Create. Arc.

Drafting. Dimension. Baseline Create. Dimension. Point Create. Drafting. Circular Create Drafting. Dimension. Drafting. Drafting. Create Note Drafting. Dimension. Dimension. Create Leader Drafting. Chained Create-DimensionCircular Create-DimensionHorizontal Create-DimensionOrdinate Create-Dimension-Parallel Create-Dimension-Point Create-Dimension-Vertical Create. Dimension.Create-DimensionAngular Create-DimensionBaseline Create-DimensionChained Create. Dimension Multi edit Drafting. Drafting. Drafting. Dimension. Angular Create. Dimension. Create Note Drafting. Parallel Create. Drafting. Dimension. X-Hatch Drafting. Vertical Drafting. Create Witness Line Create-Drafting-Hatch Create-Drafting-Label Create-Drafting-Leader Create-Drafting-Multi edit Create-Drafting-Note Create-Drafting-Witness Line 6 . Ordinate Create Drafting. Horizontal Create.

Create-Ellipse Create-Fillet-2 Entities Create-Fillet-Chain Ellipse Fillet Fillet Create-Letters Create. Create Letters Line Line Line Line Bisect Closest Endpoint Endpoint Create-Line-Bisect Create-Line-Closest Create-Line-Endpoints Create-Line-Horizontal Create-Line-Multi Create-Line-Parallel-Arc Create-Line-ParallelDist/Side Create-Line-Parallel-Point Line Endpoint Line Parallel Line Parallel Line Parallel 7 .

Tangent Line Endpoints Line Tangent Line Endpoints Line Tangent Create-Line-Vertical Line Endpoints.Create-Line-Perpendicular Create-LinePerpendicular-Arc Create-LinePerpendicular-Pt Line Line Line Line Line Line Endpoints Perpendicular Endpoints Perpendicular Endpoints Perpendicular Create-Line-Polar Create-Line-Tangent Create-Line-Tangent-2 Arcs Create-Line-TangentAngle Create-Line-TangentPoint Line Endpoints Line Endpoints. Vertical 8 . Tangent Line Endpoints.

Use BoltCircle.Use Curve Slice Point Small Circles Xform.Create-Pattern File Merge or Pattern (Name may change) Create-Point-Along Entity Create-Point-Bolt Circle Create-Point-Cpts NURBS Create-Point-Dynamic Create-Point-Grid Point Segment Removed .DLL NET-Hook Point Node Points Point Dynamic Removed . Project Create.Use Xform Array Create-Point-Length Create-Point-Node Points Create-PointPerpendicular Create-Point-Position Create-Point-Slice Create-Point-Small Circles Create-Point-Surface Project Create-Polygon Point Segment Point Node Points Point Dynamic Point Position Removed . Polygon 9 .

Surface. 3 Surface Blend Create-Surface-2 Surface Blend Create-Surface-3 Surface Blend 10 . Surface.Create-Rectangle Create-Rectangle-1 Point Create-Rectangle-2 Points Simple Rectangle Rectangular Shapes Rectangular Shapes Create-Spiral/Helix Create Spiral and Create Helix functions Create. 2 Surface Blend Create.

Surfaces to surfaces Fillet.dll can be used to create V9 style coons surfaces. Surfaces to a Plane From Solid Ruled/Lofted surfaces are one function Offset Surfaces Create-Surface-From Solid Create-Surface-Loft Create-Surface-Offset 11 . NetSurface Note: The C-Hook CoonsSurf. Surfaces to curves Fillet.Create-Surface-Coons Removed – Create. Create-Surface-Draft Create-Surface-Fillet Blend Create-Surface-Fillet Draft 3 Fillet Blend Fillet. Surface.

Create-Surface-Primitive Create-Surface-Revolved Create-Surface-Ruled Create-Surface-Swept Create-Surface-Trim Create. Primitives (same command for surface or solid primitives) Revolved Ruled / Lofted .One function Swept Trim Surfaces Cursor Tracking (Toggle) Removed – Cursor tracking is always on 12 .

Delete Delete. Delete. then use the All mask in General Selection Edit.Delete Delete-All Delete-Chain Delete-Duplicate Edit. Undelete General Select w/ Delete 13 . then use the Only mask in General Selection. Chain in General Selection Delete Duplicates and Delete Duplicates Advanced Delete-Group Delete-Only Delete-Result Delete-Undelete Delete-Undelete-Single Delete-Window Delete. Delete. then use the All mask in General Selection Delete. then use the All mask in General Selection Delete.

Run User Application or [Alt+C] Execute C-Hook File-AutoSave File-Browse Settings. Drafting. Select dimension for Regen Create. Validate dimension regen Status Bar. Drafting. Drafting. Attributes. Attributes Status Bar. Regen all dimensions Create. Files tab Removed 14 . Regen. Regen. Options Create.Draft-Globals Draft-Regenerate-All Draft-Regenerate-Auto (Toggle) Draft-RegenerateSelected Draft-Regenerate-Validate Entity Attributes (Apply) Entity Attributes Manager Create. Drafting. EA Manager Settings. Regen. Configuration. Regen. Drafting. Automatic dimension regen Create.

Page Setup New functionality to replace Plot Edit. Print File. Open File. Edit/Open External File. Open File. Open Removed File. Paste 15 . Open File. Post selected operations. Communications File-Convert File-Convert-ASCII File-Convert-AutoDesk File-Convert-CADL File-Convert-DXF (pre-V9) File-Convert-IGES File-Convert-VDA File-DOS Shell File-Edit File-Get File-Hardcopy File-Merge File. Open File.File-Communications Toolpath Manager. Open File. Open File. select Send to Machine. Open File.

Screen. Shade settings 16 . Ramsaver Currently not in a menu.File-New File-RAMsaver File-Renumber File-Save File. Save Fulltime Shading (Toggle) Wireframe and Shaded options on toolbar. only a Toolbar Function` File. New Tools.

G-View Gview-Entity Gview-Equals Cplane Gview-Equals Tplane Gview-Front Gview-Isometric Gview-Last Gview-Left Gview-Mouse Gview-Named Gview-Normal Status Status Status Status Status Status Status Status Status Status Bar. G-View Bar. G-View Status Bar. G-View Bar. G-View Bar. G-View bar. G-View Bar. G-View Status Bar. G-View Gview-Dynamic Pan Gview-Dynamic Zoom Gview-Dynamic Status Bar. G-View Bar. G-View Bar. G-View Bar. G-View Bar. G-View 17 . Groups Gview Gview-Back Gview-Bottom Status Bar. G-View Status Bar.Groups Status Bar. G-View Status Bar.

Hide Screen. G-View Help Hide Hide-Unhide Some Hide-Hide More Screen. Hide More 18 . Unhide Some Screen Toolbar. G-View Status Bar.Gview-Number Gview-Rotate Gview-Side Gview-Top Help Removed Status Bar. G-View Status Bar.

Macro Manager Status Bar Removed 19 . Customize. Tools category. Macro Manager Settings. Show allocated memory – icon only Settings.Level-Level Manager Levels-Main Levels-Mask Levels-Report Levels-Visible Status Bar. Manager Level Level Level Level List Files List Memory Macro-Pause (Toggle) Macro-Playback (Toggle) Macro-Record (Toggle) Main Color Menu Font Removed Settings. Level Status Bar. Macro Manager Settings. Status Bar. Manager Status Bar. Manager Status Bar.

Trim / Break. Extend Edit. Simplify Edit. Break Drafting into Lines Modify-Break-Many Pieces Modify-Convert to Arcs Modify-Cpts NBS Modify-Drag Modify-Drag-Note Modify-Extend Modify-Join Edit-Trim/BreakBreak many pieces Edit. Join 20 . Break Drafting into Lines Edit. Trim / Break Edit. Drag Edit. Modify NURBS Xform. Break Circles Edit. Drag Moved to Xform. Trim / Break Removed Edit.Modify-Break-2 Pieces Modify-Break-Arcs Modify-Break-At Length Modify-Break-Cdata/Line Modify-Break-Draft/Line Modify-Break-Hatch/Line Edit.

Change Normal Edit. Trim 21 . Surface. Set Normal Modify-Surface-Extend Modify-Surface-Remove Bndy Modify-Surface-Split Modify-Surface-Trim-Flat Bndy Modify-Surface-Trim-To Curves Modify-Surface-Trim-To Plane Surface. Split Create. Trim Surface. Extend Surface. Trim surfaces to Curves Create. Trim surfaces to Plane Modify-Surface-Trim-To Surfs Surface. Create Flat Boundary surface Create. Trim Surface.Modify-Normal Edit. Remove Boundary Surface.

Untrim Modify-Trim-1 Entity Modify-Trim-2 Entities Modify-Trim-3 Entities Modify-Trim-Close Arc Modify-Trim-Divide Modify-Trim-Many Modify-Trim-To Point Edit. Trim / Break Edit. Trim / Break Edit. Trim / Break Modify-X to NURBS NC Utils-Backplot NC Utils-Post Edit. Trim Many Edit. Trim / Break Edit. Convert NURBS Toolpath Manager Toolpath Manager. Close Arc (Not in menu yet) Edit.Modify-Surface-Untrim Surface. Trim / Break Edit. Post Selected Operations 22 .

Machine Definitionchanges the active post. Control Definition – assigns the post to the control. right-click Toolpath Manager. Removed Toolpaths.NC Utils-Post-Change NC Utils-Post-Reverse NC Utils-Define Tools NC Utils-Filter NC Utils-Post-Run NC Utils-Setup Sheet NC Utils-Verify Prompt Visible (Toggle) Screen menu Machine Type. Verify Removed Screen menu Screen . Clear Colors 23 .Clear colors Screen. Tool Manager Removed Removed Toolpath Manager. Machine type.

Blank Screen-Center Removed – Use mouse wheel 24 .Screen-Blank Screen-Unblank Screen.

Point. Combine Views Settings. Customize. or right-click in the Status Bar Analyze entity Analyze entity Screen-Combine Views Screen-Configure Screen. Display WCS T/Cplane axis – icon only Removed Create.Screen-Change Attributes Screen-Change Colors Screen-Change Levels Analyze entity. Screen category. Endpoints 25 . Customize. Screen category – icon only Settings. Configuration Screen-Display info Screen-Draw axes Screen-Draw Toolpath Screen-Endpoints Settings.

Unzoom View. Regenerate Screen. Shading settings Screen. Customize. Repaint Screen. Screen category – icon only Removed – Use mouse wheel View. Statistics Screen. Shading settings Screen. Viewports 26 . Zoom Target Screen-Viewports View.8 Screen-Unzoom Screen-Zoom Screen. Zoom Window. Shading settings Settings. Fit Screen-Grid Screen-Plot Screen-Regenerate Screen-Repaint Screen-Statistics Screen-Surf Disp Screen-Surf Disp-Shading Screen-Surf Disp-Studio Screen-To Clipboard Screen-Unzoom by 0.Screen-Fit View. Grid File. Print Screen.

Extrude Solid Fillet Solid. Remove Faces Revolve Shell Sweep Thicken Trim Solids-Primitive Create. Loft Solid. Draft face Solid. Remove. Solid. Layout Solid. Primitives Solids or Surfaces Settings. Find Features Solid. Customize Right-click Toolbar Visible (Toggle) 27 . Length and angle Solid . Solid.Add. Chamfer .1 and 2 Distances. Solid.Solids-Boolean Solids-Chamfer Solids-Draft face Solids-Extrude Solids-Fillet Solids-Find features Solids-Layout Solids-Loft Solids-Remove faces Solids-Revolve Solids-Shell Solids-Sweep Solids-Thicken Solids-Trim Solid . Solid. Common Solid. Solid.

Toolpaths-New Toolpath Manager. Delete all 28 . Machine Group Properties.Toolpaths-Operations Manager Main Interface Toolpaths-Job Setup Toolpath Manager.

paths Toolpaths Toolpaths. Toolpaths Toolpaths.Mill toolpaths Toolpaths-Circle tlpths Toolpaths-Contour Toolpaths-Curve 5 Axis Toolpaths-Drill 5 Axis Toolpaths-Drill Toolpaths-Flow 5 Axis Toolpaths-Import NCI Toolpaths-Manual Entry Toolpaths-Pocket Toolpaths-Point Toolpaths-Project Toolpaths-Surface Toolpaths. Finish Toolpaths. Toolpaths Toolpaths. Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths. Toolpaths. Toolpaths. Toolpaths. Rough Toolpaths. Wireframe Circle Multiaxis Multiaxis Multiaxis Surface Surface Multiaxis Solids Multiaxis Trim Toolpaths-Rotary 4 Axis Toolpaths-Solid Drill Toolpaths-Swarf 5 Axis Toolpaths-Transform Toolpaths-Trim Toolpaths-Wireframe 29 . Toolpaths.

Ops Toolpaths-Point Toolpaths-Quick Toolpaths-Rough Toolpaths-Thread Toolpaths-Transform Toolpaths. Lathe Misc Ops Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths 30 .Lathe toolpaths Toolpaths-Canned Toolpaths-C-axis Toolpaths-Cutoff Toolpaths-Drill Toolpaths-Face Toolpaths-Finish Toolpaths-Groove Toolpaths-Manual Ent Toolpaths-Mill Toolpaths-Misc. C-axis Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths. Lathe Canned Toolpaths.

Router Toolpaths Toolpaths-Block Drill Toolpaths-Circ tlpths Toolpaths-Contour Toolpaths-Drill Toolpaths-Engraving Toolpaths-Face Toolpaths-Import NCI Toolpaths-Manual ent Toolpaths-Multiaxis Toolpaths-Point Toolpaths-Pocket Toolpaths-Project Toolpaths-Surface Toolpaths Toolpaths. Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths. Toolpaths. Circle Paths Engrave Multiaxis Surface Surface Toolpaths-Transform Toolpaths-Trim Toolpaths-Wireframe Trim Wireframe 31 . Finish Toolpaths Toolpaths. Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths. Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths Toolpaths. Rough Toolpaths.

Status Bar. Removed Removed Status Bar. Status Bar. Status Bar. Status Bar. Status Bar.Tplane Tplane -Entity Tplane -Equals Gview Tplane -Equals Cplane Tplane -Front Tplane -Last Tplane -Named Tplane -Normal Tplane -Number Tplane-Off Tplane -Rotate Tplane-Side Tplane-Top Status Bar. Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes 32 . Status Bar. Geometry Status Bar. Status Bar. Status Bar.

Undo Help. About X Status Bar Xform Xform Xform Xform Xform Xform Xform. Project Xform.Translucent Shading (toggle) Undo Alt + V Version WCS / View Manager Xform-Mirror Xform-Offset Contour Xform-Offset Xform-Roll Xform-Rotate Xform-Scale Xform-Squash Xform-Stretch Xform-Translate Shade Settings Edit. Drag Xform 33 .

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