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It's All Up to You

It's All Up to You

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Published by Yssa Rosalia

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Published by: Yssa Rosalia on Nov 11, 2010
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´It·s All Up To Youµ

(Clarissa Rosalia)

We are born with different faces and different traits Most people say we·re all equal yet everyone·s unique This I understand though I am not perfect And no one can ever have all he wants to take. Lucky are those who were born happy and rich They have less sufferings, less agonies and grief Abilities can lead anyone to gain many gifts Yet good character to keep you there is what it must take. An angelic face with silent devilous heart inside Is much dangerous to anyone that falls behind Be careful not to stumble with people of such kind You·ll be in big trouble... I·ve been there and I have tried. Avoid loud, dishonest and aggressive persons With them are marvellous and great temptations The gates of hell will open wide with glad invitations Be careful not to fall in the cage of hungry lions. Watch your step in all the way in every life·s road Those pretty mouth that said the appealing, dirty words Inviting you to make mistakes with unseen deadly sword Look out!!! Before it·s too late...call our Heavenly Lord. Listen to what I say, I want you to know Life isn·t easy, there·s a lot of highs and lows But with God·s promises and if you·ll just follow Nothing is impossible...with it, you will learn and grow. Always remember that there are two ways to go The good and the bad one...the good times and the blue Just don·t forget that we only have one life to live through And whichever you choose, it·s all up to you.

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