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Lesson 2 Attachment B

Lesson 2 Attachment B

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Published by: Nicole Oldham on Nov 11, 2010
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Dart Manipulation:
Principle One: Introduction to Design Patterns
Definition: _________________________________________________________________
● The dart excess (space between the dart legs) can be used as gathers, pleats, tuck-darts,
stlelines (those that cross o!er the bust point or within " inch of the bust), cowls, flare
(unstitched dart legs), or ease in the ar#hole for casual gar#ents$ The creati!e use of the dart
excess is called a dart e%ui!alent$
● The dart or its e%ui!alent will alwas be so#ewhere within the pattern and gar#ent$ Dart(s) or
dart e%ui!alents are directed toward the pi!otal point$ & dart ends before reaching the pi!otal
point and should not go beond it, especiall the pi!otal point of the bust$

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