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Location: Garden City Elementary School on Thursday, October 14, 2010

Present: Ally Medweth (Chair), Danny Yu (Treasurer), Tammy Ross (Secretary), Louise Walker (Fundraising), Joanna Yee (GC

RAM Liaison), Jeremy Lam (McKinney RAM Liaison), Rosemary Casson (Purchaser), Connie Fung (Manoah RAM

Liaison), Bridget Rebiffe (Member-at-Large), Borg Chan (Member-at-Large), Gillian Burnett (Manoah Steves), Lillian

Tsui (Manoah Steves), Kennith Chan (Garden City)

Principal(s): Maria Medic – Principal (Manoah Steves), Kirsten Wallace - Vice-Principal (Manoah Steves), Carolyn Latu – Principal

(McKinney), Elaine Stapleton – Vice-Principal (McKinney), Wayne McDermott (Garden City)

Welcome: The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:05PM and introductions were made.

Minutes: The AGM minutes from September 30, 2010 meeting was reviewed and changes were made. Alice Lawless

motioned for approval with the changes, seconded by Bridget Rebiffe. Motion was carried by all attending members.

Administrator: Maria Medic thanked RAM for supporting the Montessori teachers for the PSA. The school sent 20 students to Me to


Wayne – family teams and “me to we”. Rethink presentation about composting. Neighbourhood K has 8 kids now and is still

accepting more students

Chair: Ally will be giving out information for the parent night for the PSA. You can purchase tickets online.

Fundraising: Louise presented a chart of fundraising activities for each school. She gave a brief preview of the progressive

fundraising and discussed the cash drive coming up. Wayne advised that GC is on a balanced calendar year and

need to look at the schedule. Ally will connect with Louise about the cash drive information.

Purchasing: Rosemary is waiting from the three teacher groups for their supplier names. RAM will be asking teachers to use the

spreadsheet for ordering. RAM has received contact information for volunteers to help with receiving materials.

Treasurer: Danny processed 99 memberships and is holding 20. The bank balance is up from $14,000 to $18,000. He discussed

with Bridget about incentives for purchasing discounts for the membership. This will help boost the membership. The

budget will be $4,000 per school for a total of $12,000. He reviewed the final budget and discussed if McKinney

needed extra funding. Maria has kindly advised that Manoah Steves is willing help with McKinney with their share of

the allotment. Ally thanked Maria for the kind offer and will look into what McKinney needs and review the database.

Ally discussed two requests for teacher bursaries for Karen Leung (McKinney) and fund three mornings of TOC

mentoring time. Increase in bursary from $1,700 to $2,500. Rosemary has suggested RAM pay 50% for tuition and

other incentives for teachers. The Vancouver School Board Montessori course will be offered again in January 2010.

Kenneth Lam brought up the GST rebate matter and Danny will look into a rebate.

A motion to approve the bursary of $500 to fund three mornings of TOC time for mentoring for Mrs. Titifanua.

Jeremy Lam motioned for approval, seconded by Bridget Rebiffe. Motion was carried by all attending members.

A motion to approve the bursary of $500 for Karen Leung towards her tuition. Bridget motioned for approval,

seconded by Rosemary. Motion was carried by all attending members.

A motion to approve the 2010-2011 budget. Alice motioned for approval, seconded by Louise.

Inventory: Jeremy has exported the data and the database is ongoing. The spreadsheet will be available at the next meeting

RAM Liaison: Garden City – has been quiet last two weeks

McKinney – wrapped up ET book fundraiser and made $2,000. Cookie Dough will be early November.

Manoah Steves – book fair and Saleema Noon will be presenting to parents

Additional Business/Discussions:

Early bird membership draw was drawn and Kennith Chan won two movie tickets.

Adjournment: 8:22pm

Next meeting at James McKinney, November 10, 2010 at 7pm.

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