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Suggested Answers to Bar Examination in Political Law

Suggested Answers to Bar Examination in Political Law

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No. 1: In 1964. Ruffa, a Filipina domestic helper
working in Hongkong, went to Taipei for a
vacation, where she met Cheng Sio Pao. whom
she married. Under Chinese Law, Ruffa
automatically became a Chinese citizen. The
couple resided in Hongkong, where on May 9,
1965, Ruffa gave birth to a boy named Ernest.
Upon reaching the age of majority, Ernest
elected Philippine citizenship. After the EDSA

BAR Q&A (as arranged by Topics) – POLITICAL LAW (1987-2006)


Revolution, Ernest decided to live permanently
in the Philippines, where he prospered as a
businessman. During the May 11, 1993
election, Ernest ran and won as a
congressman. His opponent, noting Ernest's
Chinese ancestry, filed a petition to disqualify
the latter on the following grounds; (1) Ernest
Cheng is not a natural bom Filipino; and (2) he
is underaged. Decide.


1) Ernest cannot be disqualified.....

2) Ernest is not under-aged. Having been born
on May 9, 1965, he was over twenty-five years
old on the date of the May 11, 1993 election.
(Election was held on May 11, 1992). Section 6,
Article VI of the Constitution, requires
congressmen to be at least twenty-five years of
age on the day of the election.

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