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On Astrologers and Priests

On Astrologers and Priests

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Published by: amitpuri20@yahoo.com on Nov 12, 2010
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Namaste, The two mails below on priests doing remedies and astrologers have a common thread.

I will reply to them together. *** Regarding mail 1 below on priests: Doing rituals for one's own upliftment is one thing and doing it for others is another. In the former, one is cleaning up a dirty place that one is forced to live in. In the latter, one is going to someone else's dirty place and cleaning it up. If there is some radioactive waste there and one is not protected, one may be affected. As I keep saying, results of one's previous karmas are like fruits lying in a basket. One takes out one fruit after another and eats them. Some may be tasty and some may be bitter or rotten. When one does rituals and other spiritual sadhana, the deities throw away some bad fruits into a trash can and make one eat good fruits earlier than otherwise. But there may be some spillage as dirty fruits are thrown away. If a priest is conducting the ritual, he may be affected by the spillage. In the old days, priests did intense sadhana and generated enough purity to handle such things. Many priests of today do not do enough penance. They are quite vulnerable as they start messing with other people's karmas. Secondly, many priests of today who conduct poojas are not really brahmanas. Being born to a brahmana father is neither necessary nor sufficient for one to become a brahmana oneself. One's aptitude, attitude and actions have to be brahmana-like. Many brahmanas today think of power and influence over others or of money or of comforts. They are not thinking just of knowledge and liberation. They are not really brahmanas. In fact, there are very very few brahmanas on earth right now. Shastras are clear that rituals can be performed for others only by brahmanas. What it means is that one desirous of power, influence, money and comforts is unfit to perform rituals for others. > is there any remedy for this? Well, stop doing rituals for others. Or, do enough individual penance when you are not doing rituals for others. Moreover, try to follow a brahmana lifestyle described in Srimad Bhagavatam chapter 11.17 and aspire to truly become a brahmana by overcoming the tendencies of chandalas, shudras, kshatriyas and vaisyas. *** Regarding mail 2 below on astrologers: This is not an immature comment and there is an element of truth in it. A lot of what I said above applies here too. Every action performed with ego (a sense of "I am doing this") produces an equal reaction. If an astrologer's action of giving advice to someone resulted in that person doing X instead of Y at kaarmik crossroads and experiencing Z instead of W in coming years, there is clearly an action here. If the

one will become a brahmana if one follows this. Again. The above will become clear.17 and aspire to truly become a brahmana by overcoming tendencies of chandalas. kshatriyas and vaisyas. shudras. try to follow a brahmana lifestyle described in Srimad Bhagavatam chapter 11. Messing with someone else's karmas is always a risky business. to be clear. Only brahmanas are qualified to play with the karmas of others by giving life-altering advice or by conducting rituals. Varahamihira etc on who can be taught Jyotish! . Some blessings can come and some sufferings can come too. then one is bound to experience the fruits of it.astrologer has some sense of "I am doing this". become a true brahmana. Again. if you look at the criteria laid about by Parasara. I am not talking about brahmanas by birth. What is the solution? Well. but about brahmanas by conduct. Irrespective of where one was born and brought up.

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