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Battle Arena Toshinden

New Japanese animation movie based all the-smash-hit video game. At last, the ultimate battle between the greatest fighters ill the world will be decided. A mysterious warrior is hunting down the champions of the previous tourna

r,:;:. .... """W_ ment. Eiji & Kayin struggle to unravel the mystery before they, too, join the ranks of the defeated. But if Eiji loses, his friend Ellis may die. 60 min. VHS. English language dialogue.

11136 Battle Arena Tnshlnden $19.98

NEW! Star Wars Fighters

Complete Model Kits Include Glue, Parnt & Brush

.'0 need to buy any other supplies. Plastic model kits include everything you need to assemble very accurate replicas of the classic fighter crafts. With non-toxic glue, 6 colors of non-toxic paint & brush. X·Wing Fighter is lO"W x 12"L Tie-Fighter is 7"W x 6-'1,"1.

11161 X-Wing Kit $16.98

11162 Tie-Fighter Kit $16.98

2 or more, only $16.50 ea.

NEW! The Battery Rack Includes Built-In Battery Tester

The perfect all-in-one solution! No more rummaging through the mess for the battery that isn't there. Organizes, stores & tests all common sizes including AA, AAA, C, D & svolr. Holds up to 40 balteries. Fits easily in drawers, cupboards & on shelves. Also hangs (mounting screws included) on walls &

other surfaces. With built-in microprocessor controlled LED battery tester (button batteries included). Even rechargeable batteries can be tested. Includes labels for separating "charged" & "discharged" rechargeable batteries. Made of

high-Impact polystyrene. 12" x 7-'/,' X 2." 11142 Battery Organizer $14.98

NEW! Authentic Chicago Bulls" Legend Basketballs

Miniature Wilson" full-grain leather basketballs COIllmemorate the outstanding talents of these two legends! Each learures a dazzling, full-color portrait of the player, along with his simulated autograph, plus stats & career achievements. Choose the rebound king, Dennis Rodman, or 10·time All-Star, Michael Jordan (also imprinted with the Bulls record-setting 1996 season stat). 5'1,' dia Gift box; certificate of authenticity.

16210 Michael Jordan Ball $34.98

16209 Dermis Rodman Ball $34.98

NEW! 3-D Pharoah Lamp

Startling and mysterious 3-D effect. He's been-dead for over 2500 years, but he's watching YOU! A pharoah's head & face

have been sculpted into an illuminated "pyramid" light. When the light is turned on the pharoah's head appears to follow your ever)' movement as his eyes stare you down. Don't even try to escape-i-tt's impossible. Even two people standing on opposite sides will see the pharoah looking straight at them. How does he do it? We won't tell if vou . won't! Baffles and mystifies even )'Our brainiest friends, Made in USA of high quality chip-proof hydrocal plaster. Wid] on-off SWitch, 'I watt bulb. About 8 x 6-'/, x 4-'/'."

11146 Pharoah Lamp $59.98

NEW! Star Wars Lightsaber

Lights lip & expands to 36 inches for your galactic battles. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd. Requires 2 C batteries. 11149 Star Wars Lightsaber $5.98

NEW! Military T-Shirts

Wear the same ash gray t-shirt as our men & women in uniform. Manufactured in the USA by rop military suppliers: 100% cotton. Machine washable. tate adult sizes: L, XL

96534 Army Shirt (5ize?) $16.98 96536 Marine Shirt (size?) $16.9B

NEW! Fantasy Spray Smoke

Create special lighting & mood effect with Fantasy FX Smoke. Produces dreamy odorless, non-toxic haze effects, Portable merpensive alternative to fog machines. Jusr spray 15-30 seconds in a still. dim!} lit room. Then place mood lights behind the haze, ;: 5 that simple. One can fill a normal 'IU room about If times. Non-irritatina. Ozone ate. No CFCs. Meets EPA standard

11139 Spray smoke S16.98

2 or more, $15.9B ea.

Deluxe Star Wars Masks

Star Wars Collector's Cards

Hurry, limited quantities available. Star Wars

Gala 'Y Card S8 ts feature full color image, illustrations. cartoons, how scenes on one side & interesting inforrnauon on the other sid .

GaJaxv Set I has 140 cards: Galaxv Se 2 ha 135 cards & Galaxv et 3 has 10 cards {wWeh includes a dozen luca ._m:l:::::J art cards].

16264 Galaxy 1 $24.9B 16265 Galaxy 2 $24.98 16266 Galaxy 3 $24.98 16267 Set of all 3, $69.96

NEW! Authentic Star Warss Replicas

Now you can own a piece of film history. Introducing an exc] _. ~ - LIMITED EDlTION licensed Star Wars replicas. EXACT one-ro-eae ductions of the actual props used in the blockbuster movies, E~keepsakes to be passed on to the next generation Manufactured - United States from the highest quality materials under the upervrs professional prop makers, designers, special effects pros & master ~ .. - Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Luke Lightsaber

Now you can feel the power of the Force. Replica Iight saber u Ed bv Lu F in the first installment of the Star Wars Trilogy. "An elegant weapon f('- = more civilized age." Painstakingly crafted in brushed spun steel. then nickel plated exactly as the original. Components are precision inject, ~ molded in high quality resin & archival composite materials, With muse ~ quality plexiglass display case, complete with a custom numbered plaque

& a certificate of authenticity endorsed by Lucasfilrn, Ltd. About 13· ,- 10._; 111127 Skywalker Lightsaber $349.95

Darth Vader Lightsaber

Feel the power of the Dark Side, but be warned. It may COnsume YOLl, as i did Obi-Wan's apprentice. Accurately reproduced from the original use d in SmrW({rs: A New Hope. Computer controlled milled & lathed pans 01 chrome plated steel tubing with die stamped metal parts & injection mo ~ed plastic. Hand-assembled in the USA under tbe supervision of film industry professionats. With a registered Certificate of Authenrlcirv from Lucasftlm Ltd. Includes a museum quality display case & numbered plaque for exhibition. About 11-'/, long.

T11151 Vader lightsaber $349,95

NEW! Star Wars

Movie Poster Gold Card

Commemorate rnost popular movie of all time with this exquisite 23 Karat Gold sculptured reproduction of the first Star Wars movie poster. Reverse side bas the major credits for the marie. Complete with clear protecrive holder & stamped with individual serial number. Includes certificate of authenticity.

11134 Star Wars Gold Card $29.98

As Star Wars celebrates Its 29th anniversary & George Lucas prepares his next tdlngy ot films, our deluxe mask series offers new ways to explore the thrills of ~he galaxy. Each is carefully made of the finest materials to the rigid specifications of Lucasfilm Ltd. Sure to become collectibles for the ages. Yoda has be en Immortailzed as a larex-maskwith realistic hair. All the others are made of finest quality rigid plastic with trtited eyepieces. Supplies are limited. We luge you to buy early to avoid dlsappolntmertt as Halloween approaches. 4616 DaFth Vader $59.98

7982 Boba Felt $89.98

11153 Storrntrooper $89.98

11156 Emperor's Royal Guard $69.98 11154 Yocfa $39,98

Copyright 1997 JohnsQn S'mith Company

NEW! Guitar Party Lights

Electrify your next musical gathering! Our 14-1't. string of mini guitars looks awesome strung around a doorway, window or patio! You can string multi sets together, too! Ten 5'/,' guitars on a UL· listed cord,

16183 Guitar Party Lights $12,98

2 or more sets, $12.35 set

SALE! Sound Activated Light Doodler Thousands of combinations of

MULTI-COLOR light beams respond to your command, Animate them, spin them, freeze them.let your imagination run wild. Use the knobs to create amazing effects such as star burst. floating circles, & more, Light Doodler even responds to voices or keeps the heat to music so it's a fantastic party accessory. The next lime you want to d oodleCIJ turn on with the I.ight Doodler. Witb built-in sound pick-up, sound activation switch, sensitivity control, pattern controls, rotation/freeze switch, protective dust cover, AC adapter. lID volt, UL listed. 6" x 6'/4',

8064 Light Doodler, Was $59,98; Now $39.97

11105 Multi-Color Rope Light 11106 Clear Rope Light $24. 11107 Red Rope Light $24.98 11108 Blue Rope Lig ht $24.98 11109 Green Rope Light $24.98 11110 Rope Light Controller Any 2 or more, $23.98 each. Controller

Xenon Strobe


your vehicle. Powerful

strobe lasts over 1 million flashes at a rate of 2 flashes per second. AJI self-contained electronies for 12 volt use. Simple 2-wire hook-up. Dual

mounting option with quickrelease velcro or permanentscrew-mount. 100% weatherproof. Uses: dramatic undercar lighting effects (off road & show cars only); with security system as highly visible alert signal; snowmobiles, boats, all-terrain vehicles; safety warning light for disabled vehicle. One year manufacturcrs warrantv. About 2]//

8998 Clear Auto Strobe $19.98

SALE! Spinning Action

Party Light

Increase the "heat" at any party with this multi-axis spinning "Iight-o-rama." Sends a multitude of colors spinning around the roo

ally spins & rotates on 2 different

The ball spins On its central axis while rotating 011 the base. Ideal for holidays, celebrations, disc jockeys, dances or just for fun,

to r un-v-jusr plug into wall outlet.

on table or hang from ceiling. 71//' x 5" Party Light, Was $49.98; Now $39,97

Screw-In Black Light

True UV Blackliqht Anywhere Change ANY standard light socket into an ultraviolet fluorescent black light. Smallest true blacklight fixture on the market. Glows much better than standard blaeklight party bulbs. 9 watt fluorescent bulb with fixture adapter SCrews into any household socker. Turns on/off with any light switch. Lasts l5 times longer than a standard blacklight bulb. For parties, posters, effects, Halloween, events, etc, Full 60

Approx. 9'1,' overall Screw-In Black Light $24.98


The Original

Lava Lite@

"The primordial ooze that once ruled our world has been captured in perpetual motion, Lava is the moment. Its ever changing patterns are hypnotizing, yet invigorating. Lava is an art form. Classic & at the same

time .. progressive. Lava is pre-historic & pest-modern. Lava is here

to stay." Blue liquid white lava. 16 'I," tall. 4'1," base.

4100 Lava Lite

Was $59.98; Now $49,97

Hand-held, portable for true ULTRAVlO-

LET (UV) fluorescent light anywhere you go. Handy light has 2 options: a bright, penetrating flash beam & blackliglrt tluorescent bulb for on-the-

·01 effects, Easy te hold triangular shape. with mini fluorescent bulb & wrist strap. 4 "AA" batteries. 7 J 14"L xl 1I2"W

UV Flashlight $16.98


Professional Effects Lighting

HALOGEN lighting fixtures pump up the excitement or enhance the mood. For OJ" parties. dance floors, nightclubs. window displays, banquet hails, special occasions, ere. lust insert [he halogen bulbs we've included an d you're ready to party. Prop up on shelf or table or lise c-clamps to hang from ceiling, trusses or stand (not included). For longest life don't handle halogen bulbs with bare fingers. CAUTION: Never touch any halogen b nib or light UII til cooled.

Produces an explosion of colors that move 1.0 the beat of the music. With 20 lenses & 40

beams. Makes excellent centerpiece for parties, clubs Or mobile Df s. Requires 2 C·clamps if you hang it. Includes two 120-volt 300 watt bulbs. Approx, 75-100 hour variable use bulb life. With 5·-foOI cord & grounded plug. 16 x 9 x 17." Weighs 21 Ibs. Suggested retail, $275.00. FedEx delivery not available.

Constant spinning mulncolor effects

Orbitron Ught

Bright beams of multicolored light spin around the ceiling, walls and floor of the room. Cosmic effect that is sure to launch any dance tloor into hyperspace. Outstanding centerpiece effect. Can be used upright on table or shelf or suspended from ceiling. Features two 24-volt 150-wattbulbs and 24 multi-colored lenses. 75-100 hour variable use bulb life. Wjth 5- fnor cord & grounded plug. J 9-1/2 x 7-314 x 14."

Weighs 17 Ibs. FedEx delivery not available.


Rotating Dome Party Light

Hotatlnq Light

White or colored rotating light effect is triggered by the 'beat ot the music. We include red. blue & green filters to add excitement. With 12-vDlt, 50- watt halogen bulb. Approx. 75-100 hour variable use bulb life. With 5-foot cord & grounded plug. 10-112 x 7 x 5- 112." Weighs 7lbs.

8922 Sound Ught, Was $109.00; Now $99.00 110.52 Extra Bulb $6.98 111 DO C-Clamp $5.98



Featurestwo lamps that rotate at 45 degrees, firing out narrow shafts of light in dazzling colors, throughout the room. 'With two s-volt, 20-watt halogen bulbs. Approx. 75 hour intermittent use bulb life With 5 foot cord & grounded plug. 8-1/2 x 7" Weighs 61bs.

8923 Micro-Blaster, Was $119.00; Now $109.00

11090 Extra Bulb $7.98

11100 C-Clamp $5.98


Soothing Visual Wonder Electromagnetic technology creates a whirling vortex of colorful beads & sparkling crystals. Mesmenzing motion relaxes the mind as vou watch the beads & crystals swirling hypnotically through the water. Never-ending tornado action constantly creates different: patterns. 3 watt bulb in the base gives it a special look in darkness. Plugs in:o 110 volt outlet. Silver or black base. our choice. please. 16" x 4" 2993 Tornado Lamp $49,98

rty ulsatlng Pumps up at any get

'. Long-life lamp deliv- 100 million flashes. For or wall. WHh high-

20-watt bulb, vatiahle control, metal hanging racket, 6-ft. AC cord. UL

5" x3.25" x 2". Only 12


Party Light

Random flashing "stoplight" is greal for parties, college dorms, any "high traffic" area. Give to someone you feel should "slow down". Durable black plastic outer casing. Plugs in, operates On ordinary house current. 17'1/'}-I x 6"W x 3'/,"D. Includes 2 replacement bulbs.

1 052 Traffic Light $29.98

Spotlight Blacklight Bulb

Tum almost any light fixture into a party light or fluorescent artwork enhancer. Spotlight blacklight bulb is 75 warts & capable of screwmg Into any standard base. 4' I,,' long.

3609 Blacklight Spot $4.98

Mini Strobe $24.98

Pollee-Style Electronic

Lights & Siren

Easily fits on bike handlebars or any vehicle. Loud & bright, attenuon getter. 8' I,' long. Can't be used to impersonate real police lights, but it's a lot of fun. With talk-back microphone. 3 siren soun ds, red" blue flashing lights. 2 ~IAAI' batteries

3256 Lights & Siren $24.98

bble Machine

Blow away with ubbles! Our new high out-

put Bu bble Machine creates an effect that will add excitement to any show or party. Compact & lightweight, it features a hanging bracket & convenient front fluid tank. Can also be placed on floor or table. Just add the bubble fluid, plug into any standard outlet & you're ready to party. For special effects of 10-15 minutes. Not intended for continuous use With 5 foot cord & grounded plug. 7 x 7-112 x 12-1/2" Wei.ghs about 10 lbs Suggested retail, $169.00.

11059 Bubble Machine. Was $149.00;

Now :!>~29.9J 11081 Bubble Fluid (quart) $9.98

11100 C-Cfamp $5.98

Bud Party Lights

Light up your fluorescenr posters, shirt designs, etc. "Black Light" bulb makes any fluorescent article glow in the dark 75-watt. Fits standard lamp or socket. 6316 Black Light Bulb Was $3.98; Now $2.97


Black Light Bulb

Light up your patio, porch, doorway AND more with

1.0 mini (4',.,")

Budweiser bottles on a

13' I, ft. stnng. You can connect sets, 100. for even more fun' Includes two replacement bulbs. UL listed.

2411 Bud Party Lights $16.98


SALE! Fiber Optic Lamp

Creates a rainbow of changing colors to COmplement your every mood. The delicate movement & vibrant colors of the high quality fiber optic glass is so oth ing & relaxing. Sturdy metal base with reflective holographic designs enhances the effect. Plugs into standard outlet. UL Iisted. 5"W x lO"H.

4068 Fiber Lamp, Was $44.96; Now $39.97


Rainbow Light One-of-a-kind light bulb. Colorful rainbow glow changes any ordinary lamp shade. Creates soothing mood. Fits anv standard fixture. Produces manv different effects . depending ou the type of fixture used. Bulb is colored blue, amber & rose. 40 watts.

4116 Rainbow Lightbulb $6.96

Responds to Your Favorite Music!

Place your Iingers on the Lightning Ball & dazzling electrically charged beams surge to your touch. Create infinite patterns of light & energy. Produce soothing, hypnotic electronic art. Switch to sound activation control to make Lightning Balls pulse to the rhythm of your favorite music or translate your voice into dynamic patterns of visible energy. Lightning Balls were tormerly used for scientific displays & are now available at a fraction of original cost. No batteries needed. JUSt plug into any outlet. Choose from 3 models: Large Lightning Ball (8" globe) ; Medium Lightning Ball (5" globe); Claw Lightning Ball (4" globe). Eacb is about 8-10" tall.

8927 Large Lightning Ball $79.98 8751 Medium Lightning Ball $59.98

3647 Claw Lightning Ball $69.98

Professional Quality Scanning Spotlight

Popular "helicopter" spots produce sweeping lighting effects & make your parties hard-to-forget! Excellent choice for mobile Drs, dance clubs & attention-getting window displays. The economical 110 volt 6 head model comes with 2 fixtures & colored lenses. Rugged spinner motor provides reliable, long-life operation. Base is made of durable plastic. With built-in carrying handle for easy portability, Bulbs must be bougbt separately, One per head. About 8"W x J J"H x 1S"L.

3697 Helicopter $159.00

3699 Scanner Bulb (5 volt, 30 watt) $7.50 each

Party Fog Machine

The ultimate in special effects. Does such a good job that yo u'I! want to avoid using it too close to a smoke detector. (Just ask the guys who tested it in our low ceiling office.) Magnetic remote switch with enough wire is included so you can control the fog from lip to 25-fl. away. lust plug into standard socket, add fog fluid & you'll be in the mood in minutes.

13 '/, x 6 'I, x 9." Fog fluid sold separately. (l quart bottle is enough for many serious partiesl)

8930 Fog Machine, Was $229.00; Now $199.00 8953 Fog Fluid $11.98

Rotating "Police" Beacon

Party Lights

SALE! Giant Fluorescent Black Light

Black light (ultra-violet rays) creates a variety of glowing colors. Used in light shows, mood lighting, art, magic, haunted ho qses. special effects as well as hundreds of scientific & practical uses includ ing medicine, crime detection & industry. Completely assembled, wall mountable black light fixture with 18" bulb, Features onloffswitch, metal reflector, 15 watt lamp & 6-ft. cord. Operates on standard llO volt house current. Over 5000 hours normal usage.

6943 Black Light, Was $29.98; Now S24.97

nightto really things ::"'-_~-,...~ _ _Jouing. Jewel-

color of heavy-duty dome adds a stylish accent anywhere.

Choice of blue or red, OJ get both to make your event truly memorable. Includes 25 watt bulb. Plugs into ordinary house current. Cannot be used in car. 7" high.

4015 Blue Beacon $29.98 4107 Red Beacon $29.98


99445 University of Roswell (Navy Blue) L, XL sizes ~$12.97

On the back

96506 Adult Supervision (While)

L, XL sizes $16.98


All 100% Cotton. All U.S. Made .. (Unless otherwise noted)

AU J-snirts are neatly folded and sealed inside a bag!

Use these unisex chest measurement guidelines for help when ordering:

Small (34-36)., Medium (38-4'0), Large (42-44), Extra-Larg:e (46-48).

(If you forget to indicate size, we will ship you a Large..)

96627 Roadrunner (Purple) L, ~L sizes $17.98

NEW! 96074 Too Equipped (White) L, XL sizes $17.98

NEWI 96132 Elmo (Navy) S, M, L, XL sizes $16.98



Dennis Rodman r-snm (white)

L, XL sizes $1 B.9B

NEW! 98450 Dog Years (White) L, XL sizes $16.96


98719 Tick T"shirt (Wflite) L, XL sizes $1 B.98


T-_hitt Shop

(Unless othervvise noted) All T-shirts are neatly folded and sealed i~side a 1j'il9!

Use these unisex chest measurement guidelrOes

for help when ordering:

Small (34·36), Medium (38- ' Large (42-44), Extra"Large (46-48). (If you forget to indicate size, we will ship you a Large.)

98934 Gu'

(Wh' Itar Gil .

L X Ite) 1fT) Olces

s L size Ported

s $17.98

NEW! 96520 Taz Bad To The Bone (Black) L, XL sizes $18.98

98591 Psychotic Slate (Ash Grey) L, XL sizes $17.98

99400 Jesus Saves (White) L, XL sizes $15.98

NEW! 9652,1 Top Dawg Rottweiler (White) L, XL sizes $17.96

On the back



3-D Midnight Madness

Includes 3-D Glasses!

Psychological thriller, hosted by the "Mistress of the Dark" herself, literally "pops" out at you from your TV screen. Special glasses put you into the action when the 3-D scenes Jump out at you' Elvira follows an ancient mask with supposed hallucinogenic powers that drives everyone who wears it mad! You have to see it to experience its power. 85 min. VHS Video Policy on order form.

1798 Elvira 3-D Video $16.98

Elvira Collector's Edition Videa

The wacky world of Elvira combined with high-tech special effects in the sultry siren's movie debut [PG-13). ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK is busting at the seams with morbid and monstrous misadventure. Our hero goes on the road & discovers her past, screaming gremlins, campy schtick, witchy graveyard warfare & Las Vegas stardom. Also includes several behind-rhe-scenes features & Elvira interview. Unpleasant dreams, my pretty' 108 min. VI-lS. See video policy on order blank. 8741 Elvira Movie $16.98

All 6 episodes of acclaimed British sci-fi comedy masterpiece. Uproariously clever, unforgettably exciting, undeniably brilliant. Wildly comic adventures of an u nassuming Englishman & his outwardly average neighbor, who is actually an alien from the planet Betelgeuse. Don't leave earth without it. 194 minlcolorlVHS. See Video Policy on order form.

6967 Hitchhiker's Guide $24.98

a on location & behind the scenes Sports Illuatrate d's annual swimissue photo shoot. Travel with photographers & famous modto the exotic Canary Islands & suncoast of Spain. See the fun behind one of the most

about magazines of the year. 57 min.

Swimsuit Issue Video $8.98

Complete First Issues of MAD

Limited Edition


Once upon a time Mad was just a thin 10¢ comic book struggling to gain space on the racks along with 500 or more comics that were being published in the early fifties. For most of the first year (1952), Mad lost money. But then word of mouth took over, & Mad quickly became a phenomenon. By 1955 Mad had become a magazine. Much of the original comic book has never been available until now, This large format limited edition. reprint of the first six issues also contains interviews with publisher Bill Gaines & edi.tor Harvey Kurtzman.

8765 MAn Reprint $20.00

X-Files™ Changing Mug

Always be in hot water (like Mulder and Scully) with this mysterious mug. "The truth is out there" message changes to "trust no one" when hot liquid is poured in. Watch out though--you never know who is watching) Microwave safe.

Hand wash. 1202. .

2110 X-Files Mug $15.98


X-Files Cap

Covert looking ash grey cap with embroidered logo on front and "The Truth Is Out There" on back. Adjustable one size fits all strap.

9505 X-Files Cap $15.98

You've heard about the lucky-folks who've had <.pedal "visitors." Now yon canattract alien . attention with om glow-in-the-dark welcome mat.. When they come, be sure to introduce us to your out-of-this-world guests! RUbberized viavlmat resists wear, fading, tracking. \511 i 25." 11158 Alien Mat $15.98


Alien Incense Burner "They" may be attracted by aromatic incense, don't you thinks Be prepared to show "visitors" that you were expecting them. Sturdy 12" silvery incense holder.

4049 Alien Incense Holder, Was $14.98;

Now $9.97

Alien Necklace Show THEM you believe & they may spare YOII when they come. 2'1/ alien pendant on 20" black cord.

3321 Alien Necklace $4.98

size: L, XL. 98927 Alien Advice (size?) $15.98

NEW! Alien's Hockey T-shirt

Back of shirt has player's name "E, Terrestrial" and his Iarnuus number 99! Wear the same jersey as the best player in the rest of the universe! U.S. made for the Intergalactic Hockey League. 100% heavyweight cotton. State adult size: L, XL_

96532. AI.ien Hockey Shirt (size?) $19.98

Alien Hat

Show THEM you believe; Alien face on front

& "Believer" on back. Adjustable. .

3687 AI len Cap $14.,98

Alien Statue

Large-eyed "visitor" with mysterious glare. Unusual piece to add to any collection. Made of durable steel-gray plastic resin Includes sturdy base for shelf or desk Apprcx. 5'1." high.

4056 Alien Bust $14.98

We're not even sure if these creatures CAN see, hear or speak, but they're giving you some advice straight from outer spacel The 100% black cotton shirt has the n io on the back and an "alienated" logo on the front. U.S. made. Stale adult


Preserved Alien

Roswell crash victim, Tiny "alien" body, perfectly "preserved" in a wide-mouth plastic jar. (We suggest you add colored water to enhance the effect) Large staring eyes &, misshapen form looks like larger "visitors" so many have reported. Great addition to your "otherworld" collection. "Alien" body 5" x 2'/;"

3335 Preserved Alien $29.98


Alien Head

You never know who's watching! Mysterious "visitor" with grey skin & wend black eyes. Appi ox. 2' 1 /. tall.

11050 Alien Head Magnet 11092 Alien Head Pin

Was $4.98; Now $3.98

SALE! Colleetor'sl

. . Puzzle Box

Highly detailed replica of Pinhead'sChmese puzzle box. .Get physical with a Cenobite's play thing. The sliding panel is easy to find. However, might I suggest gluing it shut for a little devious pLeasure of your own? After all, there never was any real solution. Minor assembly required. 4" plastic cube.

6660 Puzzle Box Was $18.98; Now $1

Chupacabra The Island Terror Join in the search for the elusive "Chupacabra, " Spanish for "goat Slicker," that is said to Slick the blood and internal organs from its victims. Chupacabra has been reported in Mexico (where panic resulted), Italy, Spain, Honduras.

.ortl. Africa, United States & Puerto fuca. Video takes you to Puerto

Rico, an island paradise, that has been terrorized for several years by the ous & elusive creature. Is it a hideous iment on the loose or an unwanted visitor from somewhere in Investigative report provides eyewitness accounts, startling nations of dead animals revealing strange incisions & dangerous ration where something was Lurking. Will you be a believer after . this graphic, never-before-seen footage? 60 min. WIS. Chupacabra has the creature on the back. 100% white cotton. State adult size: LG, 11054 Chupacabra Video $19.98

96509 Chupacabra r-shtrt (size?) $14.98

NEW! Courage Of A Thousand Warriors

1962 Topps

set worth over S2000! Official min I of long out-of-print Topps Attacks" set Set tells story from the Martian of the earth to the destruction of Mars by

earth men. Th is set .

a book value of 0.00. Fully licensed by pps. 56 full color, 2'/," x '/," cards. 1113 Mars Attacks


Reprint Cards

This amazing set of cassette tapes we call "The Heart of the Warrior" will change your life. The secrets they contain have been sought by the toughest men in the world. Until this recent scienrific breakthrough the ONLY way to get these secrets was to face death in a kill-or-be-killed

l test of courage. However, you do not want to

. still be "wondering" if you are ever faced with a life-or-death situation. You want to KNOW. You want to POSSESS this amazing inner courage! With the secrets revealed in these tapes, you will own the confidence of a man who has won this lest of courage, yet you will not have to go through deadly danger to get it. This is more important to your survival than all the spectal fighting skills you could ever learn. And you don't even need to study these tapes. Just experiencing what's 011 them is all you need. It's that Simple. Once these amazing tapes are in your possession, you will change, almost immediately, deep, deep inside. People will notice & respect the kind of confidence you will glow with. And even the most basic fighting skills you possess will suddenly take on a thousand times more power if you have to use them. Set includes two audio cassette tapes.

11097 Hearl of the Warrior $29.98

Freaks "Powerful Horror

Masterpiece" "Most grotesque & controversial horror film ever." Has achieved cult status as THE masterpiece of the macabre. With a cast of actual sideshow freaks, human beings of every conceiva ble aberration. Fascinating drama of prejudice & injustice with a timeless moral. Rarely seen since release in 1932. Banned in England for 30 years. 65 min. I3&W VHS

2160 Freaks $24.98

NEW! Blacklig Lava Glow Necklace

Mini" Lava Vial" necklace glows in the dark & in hlacklight. Made in the U. S. from a luminous material that is better than fimo and glows for 15-25 mill. The "lava" liquid also glows in blacklight. 20" cord with 1",' pendant. 11131 Glow Necklace $10.98

SALE! Reprints of Banned Comics

Now, more than 30 years the apparent "death of the mid-fifties, EC come back from the . Published from 1950 1955, they wererhe oesr-wrutcn & Illustrated comics ever done. Ee Comic$ introduced a new trend tn magazines: "Illustrated Suspense Stories We Dare You To Read!' However, they were ercd tonoftensive & the Cornie issued rules that banned EC horror. In memory of publisher Bill Gaines (19,22-1992), who later introduced "Mad }.'1agazine~·l we brtng you issues

. and 6-10 fir the three.mest popular Be

t.tles beautifully reprinted in rheiroriginal-forru, Qttal'ltities are limited

MYST Official

Strategy Guide

Over half million sold.ltl bestselling, ultImate source for answers & information about Myst Island & the Ages of Myst. The only authorized & complete strategy guide. Revised & expanded text. With fold-out full color map revealing all of Myst Island & the four Ages. Includes: complete fictionalized walkth rough of Myst: detailed examinations of the puzzles & reasoning behind them; quick solutions If you're in a hurry; speclal renderings of objects from the world of Myst; revealing interview with Myst designers Rand & Robyn Miller; much, much more. 172 pages. Paperback.

9929 Myst Guide $19.95


Magie: The Gathering

. Boled Set

The game sensation of the year combines the fascination (If trading cards with the ~},'dtement of fantasy games, Because vou are drawn into a universe of Infimtc possibilities, you'lIn&ver play the same game twice; You hecomea powerfut wizard battling for tcrrtrorlulcontrbl. DraWling from your deckqf Illustrated cards, you cQJhbat . other wizards by sunnncnlrig creatures. &:Casthig spells. By trading cards withOt4:t~l: play·

ers, hope:tocxeatea .

declcto dele~r yOur And-the 1l10re you the m,ore·the everwill

Magic The Gathering

Cards T-Shirt

Proudly display these unusual cards so crucial to the hottest custornizable card game around. 100% cotton,

US. Made. State adult size: L,XL,

99423 Magic Cards shirt (size?), Was $18,98; Now$t2.'97

Magic--The Gathering T-shirt

Be the first onthe block to wear official shirt licensed by the makers of Magic-The Gathering Design shows the powerful symbols that drive the popular game! .100')'0. black cotton with a,lvlaglc--The Gathering logo on the front and the big design on the back, U.S. made. Slate adult size, L, XL

98930 ic I-Shirt (size?), Was $16,98; Now $12.97


Yin/Yang Watch

Wear the striking Chinese symbol

on your wrist.

Sweep second hand. Stainless steel back. Silver tone metal bezel. Leather band. 8926 Yin/Yang Watch Was $19.98; Now $14,97

Unable to find peace until the wrongs done to his loved ones are righted, a restless spirit is reborn as the Crow, Carry the symbol of this intense, compelling story. Lighter is finest quality Zippo.

4057 Crow Lighter $26.98


Grotesque, but lovable, creature hides a tiny pewter cathedral inside his scented wax. Legend has It that a small boy fell down the roof of a world famous cathe-

dral & was saved by the llttlest gargoyle perched on the edge. 2'1," x3".

3374 Gargoyle Candle $11,98


him preside over your ga thering. Made of polystone resin. 5'/,,'

table centerpiece.

075 Winged Gargoyle $19,98

Crystal Gazing Ball

It is said that by gazing into these crystal balls, visions 01 the future & the other worlds appear. Used by mediums & in seances for spirit communication. We sell very good quality imported balls made of pure glass. Neatly

I flawless. Highly polished. With stabilized bottom. About 2" diameter.

3352 Cryslal Sal I $19.98