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Common Trends in Marriage and Family Relationships

Common Trends in Marriage and Family Relationships

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Published by: annette_mcdonald_2 on Nov 12, 2010
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FCHD 2400

C. Beckert, PhD

COMMON TRENDS IN MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS 1. Fewer marriages 2. Later marriages 3. Fewer children 4. Increased divorce rate 5. More single-parent and blended families 6. Increase in dual career marriages 7. Greater need of day care for children 8. Increase in domestic violence and abuse 9. Less connection to kin networks 10. More children being raised without a father in the home 11. Children having less access to parents 12. Children having more free time, more money, and less accountability 13. Greater imbalance in the “production/consumption” ratio. 14. Media playing a more dominant role in the recreation, socialization, education, indoctrination, and stimulation of family members 15. A greater number of couples in the “sandwich generation.” 16. Male image being devalued and maligned in the media 17. Females and their sexuality being exploited to a greater degree 18. Magnified focus on sexual issues 19. Ease of debt accumulation 20. Increasing financial pressures 21. Too much on our plates and priorities not maintained 22. Too many choices in everything 23. Confusion about general morality and determining “right” from “wrong.” 24. Media displaying violence, immorality, and disrespect 25. Population getting “older” 26. _______________________________________________________ 27. _______________________________________________________ 28. _______________________________________________________ 29. _______________________________________________________ 30. _______________________________________________________

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