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Revised Ex-Depot Price list as on 16.5.2010
Applicable for Mumbai Depot
Rate per in Rs.
Price Group Shade Name

148x148mm(45 pcs)covered area 0.98 or 10.60 sq.ft

1. ANTIK 411.00 354.00

200x200mm(25 PCS)COVERED AREA 1.00 SQ.MTR OR 10.76 SQ.FT

1. WHITE, IVORY,PIAZO 284.00 264.00

200x300mm(15 pcs)covered area 0.90 or 9.69 sq.ft

OT4101, OT4102, OT4103, OT4104, OT4105, OT4106, OT4107, OT4108,
OT4109, OT4110, OT4111, OT4112, OT4113, OT4114, OT4115

New : OT 4116,OT 4117,OT 4119,OT 4120,OT 4122,
OT 4123,OT 4125,OT 4126,OT 4128,OT 4129,OT 4131
OT 4132,OT 4134,OT 4135,OT 4137,OT 4139,OT 4144,
OT 4145,OT 4147,OT 4149,OT 4154,OT 4155,OT 4157,

New : OT4201, OT4151, OT4152

200x300mm(20 pcs)-Dekor- Covered area 1.20 or 12.92 sq.ft

1 9000 series 675.00 655.00

75x200mm(60 Pcs)-Listel-Covered area 0.90 or 9.68 sq.ft

1 9000 series 675.00 655.00

200x400mm(10 pcs) Covered area 0.8 or 8.61 sq.ft

1 PLATEAU 392.00 350.00

OT 5207.GALEXY SORRENTO.ft 1 MOON IVORY.OT or 13.OT 5123.EVEREST. GLACIA SANDUNE.BRINA BLUE.ATLANTICO.GLACIA GREY.OT 5208.MEXICAN. 264. Revised Ex-Depot Price list as on 16.OT 5214 .00 266. TEAK New: OT 5201.00 244.RUG. OT 5109.OT 5219 3 ARGAN.OT 5107.LITHOS.OT 5207.ELM BEIGE.FOGILA.00 2 ANDORA IVORY.00 CASINA CHERRY.ROBLE.CEDAR.NICHE DROP IVORY.MAJESTY. NICHE DROP.GLACIA SANDDUNE.CRESCENT CHERRY. PLATINUM GREY) 235.GALEXY GREEN.OT 5212.OT 5104.PINE.OT 5216.OT 5211.PULSOR New : OT 5101.FOGILA.00 GLACIA GREY.78 sq.OT 5212.NIAGRA.OT 5217. CLASSIC RED.OT 5102.ARMOR. 245.00 2 BIANCA DEW .ARMOR.BRINA GREEN.ATLANTICO.OT 5108. 286.MOON or 11.CRESCENT IVORY.OT 5120.OT 5113.OT 5216.OT 5112. 286.OT 5219 3 ALPS COTTO. HAVANA.00 288.CANTER CHERRY.OT 5127 4 CANARY.2010 Applicable for Mumbai Depot Rate per sq.CANTER CHERRY.00 215.NOBLE 293.MOON IVORY.00 266.DUNA.TERRAIN New: OT 5204. GLACIER WHITE. EBONY.00 BRINA TAN. DEWDROP.08 sq.GALEXY CREAMA.62 sq. GALAXY.GALEXY BROWN.25 sq. PANAMA.OT 5114.KANSAS SANDUNE. GALEXY PINK. ROSE WOOD.PANAMA. KANSAS BROWN.00 New : OT 5116.OT 5202.44 sq.OT 5211 3 ARAGON.00 244.OT 5125.5.EARTH.00 New :OT in or 13.TEAK New: OT 5201.OT 5208.NIAGRA New: OT 5204.OT 5121 400x400mm(8 pcs)covered area 1.BRINA ROSSO. 242.OT 5117.ft 1 PLAIN (GLACIER WHITE. 308.OT 5105.28 sq.EBONY.BRINA COPPER BRN.OT 5205.OT 5202.ARRAWALI.00 2 ANDORA IVORY. GALAXY.BRINA GREY. REGAL BEIGE.ROSEWOOD.ARGAN. 264.00 HAVANA.OT 5217. Price Shade Name Group PREM COM 300 x 300mm(12 pcs)covered area 1.OT5211 395x395mm(8 pcs)covered area 1.WEMBLEY 261.00 225.00 CASINA CHERRY.00 241.OT 5214.CRESCENT CHERRY.00 273.ft 1 GLACIER WHITE.00 222.

OT4571. OT4533. OT4575. OT4356.OT 1433.OT4535. OT1446.63 sq. OT1441. OT4574. OT4504. OT1427. OT4324. OT 1449. OT4537. OT4308.13 sq.00 615.ft) 1 OT4302. OT4636. OT4354. OT1423. OT4542.00 OT4318. Revised Ex-Depot Price list as on 16. OT1421. OT 1428. Price Group Shade Name PREM COM Size 250x375mm(12 Pcs : Covered area per carton 1. OT1422. OT4306. in Rs. OT4353. OT4621. OT4357. OT4587. OT4405. OT1454 635. OT4541. OT4312. OT4502.OT 1454.00 470. OT4371. OT4612. OT4583 2 OT4516. OT or 12. OT1451. or 11. OT4316. OT4372. OT4641. OT4623.00 295. OT 1438. OT1433.OT 1402. OT1419. OT 1403. OT4531. OT 1453 300X450mm (8 pcs: Covered area per carton 1. OT4332. OT4317. OT4353.11 sq. OT4319. OT1420. OT4661. OT4534. OT4662 3 OT4605.OT1447. OT4578.00 395. OT1417. OT4342. OT4604. 335. OT4524.5. OT4526. OT4376 2 OT1401. OT1418. OT4403.00 OT4611. OT4577. OT1416. OT4314. OT4361. OT4532. OT4325. OT 1437.OT4539. OT 4342. OT4550. OT4651.00 OT4522.00 OT1426.08 sq. OT4536. OT4326. OT4324.OT4405. 357. OT4625.OT4336. OT4519. OT4523. OT4525. OT4303. OT1428. OT4325 425.00 4 OT1404. OT4503.00 337. 315.00 Recommended Stiler SKUs: OT4302.00 . OT1437. OT4642. OT4606. 415.00 405. OT4616. OT1453. OT4363. OT4664 490.OT 1432. OT4572. OT4518. OT1439. OT4323. OT4573. OT4404.OT4352. OT4344.ft) 1 OT4501. OT4617. OT4515. OT 1427.2010 Applicable for Mumbai Depot Rate per sq.OT 1419.00 315. OT 1404. OT1449. OT1432. OT4513. OT1431. OT4322. OT4404.OT 1418. OT1438. OT4406 3 OT1402. OT1403.OT 1417. OT4520.

BIANCO OE2077. 442. MIJAS OE2059. TOZAR OE2066 412.ANKARA OE2028.22 sq.PORTO OE2047.00 499.00 CHAMONIX OE2104.00 3 AMSTERDAM OE2024.TRAVERTINO OE2111 New :SEVILLE OE2013.SALZBURG OE2011. MADEIRA OE2043. of Pcs 12. SWISS OE 2049. Covered Area per Carton 1. AMARANTO OE2058.DUBLIN OE2093.5. 519. Covered Area per Carton 1. 533.00 326. 362.19 sq.00 266.SWISS OE 2048 546. of Pcs 6.NAVONA OE2096.VENICE OE2001 2 AMSTERDAM OE2004.08 sq.SIENA OE2073.00 495x495mm(5 Pcs: Covered area per carton 1. MOSCOW or 11.LINA OE2085.ROME OE2008.TUSCANY OE2050. BOHEMIA OE2022.00 MOSCOW OE2006. Price Shade Name Group PRE COM 300x600mm(6 Pcs: Covered area per carton 1. NEW CASTLE OE2017.00 387.LINA OE2082.DUBLIN OE2092. TRAVERTINO OE2055.ANDORA OE 2062.00 VENICE OE2019. DUBLIN OE2035. Revised Ex-Depot Price list as on 16. NEW CASTLE OE2002 3 ANTIC OE 2069.2010 Applicable for Mumbai Depot Rate per sq.00 SALZBURG OE2012.ft) 1 ALTEA OE2078.ft) 1 ANTIC in Rs.SIENA OE2074. 469.VENICE OE2000.00 458. ZURICH OE2016.00 295x295mm (Packing No. 318.05 or 11.04 or 11.ANKARA OE 2029.00 449.ZURICH OE2016 3 AMSTERDAM OE2005.CHAMONIX OE2106.62 sq.NEW CASTLE OE2046 338. ALTEA OE2079.00 TUSCANY OE2018. SEVILLE OE 2014. VENICE OE2020 2 AMSTERDAM OE2023.MOSCOW OE2007.ZURICH OE2015.00 IMPERIAL OE2089. MIJAS OE2060.00 526.00 362.LINA OE2086. MOSCOW OE2006L.BIANCO OE2076. MOSCOW OE2026 378.00 392.MOSCOW OE2025.ESMERALD OE2072 New: AMSTERDAM OE2004. TRAVERTINO OE2056 2 ANTIC OE2052 .00 286.IMPERIAL OE2090. 462. LAGUNA OE2098.LAGUNA OE2097. ROCIO OE2108.NAVONA OE2094.CARRARA or 13.LAGUNA OE2099.LISTONE OE2087. LINA OE2084.CHAMONIX OE2105.ROCIO OE2110.ESMERALD OE2071. CHAMONIX OE2107.ANTIC OE2068.SEVILLE OE2013. AMSTERDAM OE2005.00 342. ZURICH OE2015.SEVILLE OE2014 .IMPERIAL OE2091.ALTEA OE2081. AMARANTO OE2057.NEW CASTLE OE2002 NEW CASTLE OE2017.LINA OE2083. NEVADA OE2122 2 ALTEA OE2080. TOZAR OE2065.24 Sq ft) 1 ROME OE2027.ANKARA OE2010.33 sq ft 1 BOHEMIA OE2003.00 BIANCOCARRARA OE2061. DUBLIN OE2034.00 295x595mm (Packing No.ANKARA OE2009. BOHEMIA OE2021.

RAPOLANO OEV6035.ZEBRANO OEV6017 ZEBRANO OEV6018.SENA OEV6006.ZEBRANO OEV6019.72 sq. 778. 4 Prices are subject to alteration without prior notice.MATARO OEV6001. TAMESIS OEV 6010 Size 197x600mm(10Pcs : Covered area per carton 1.MATARO OEV6004.00 713.METZ OEV6033.TAMESIS or 15.18 sq.00 728. MERIDIAN OEV6044. MERIDIAN(L) OEV6041.89 sq.92 sq.CEMENT OEV6050.00 EBANO OEV 6021.CANNES OEV6026.CANNES OEV6025.TAMESIS OEV6008.ZERBINO OEV6028.00 763.20 sq.ft) 1 New: AISTRAL OEV 6059 L. VOLENDAM(L) OEV6045.00 * CARCOMA & EBANO is available in Size 150x600mm Size 400x600mm(5 Pcs : Covered area per carton 1.00 CANNES or 12. MATARO OEV6002.00 TERMS & CONDITIONS 1 All prices are on the basis of Ex-factory (including excise). CARCOMA OEV 6022 L 783.ZERBINO OEV6028L.TAMESIS or 12. ORLEANS OEV6014.TAMESIS OEV6010 3* EBANO OEV 6021. RAPOLANO OEV6035.Sales & Marketing .CANNES OEV6024.00 TAMESIS OEV 6009.VOLENDAM(L) OEV6046. 6 All orders are acceptable subject to availability of stocks.ZEBRANO OEV6018.BALSOMA OEV 6058. Any increase in Excise Duty or any new levies of any nature what so ever will be to buyer account.CANNES OEV6027.00 633.VOLENDAM(L) OEV6048.ft) 1 New :AISTRAL OEV 6059 L.TAMESIS OEV6008.ft) 1 New: AISTRAL OEV 6059 L.ZERBINO OEV6030L 2 ANDORRA OEV 6011.00 708.00 658.00 JATOBA OEV 6060.MERIDIAN OEV6042.ANDORRA OEV6013.00 683.2010 Applicable for Mumbai Depot Rate per sq. ZERBINO OEV6030. BALSOMA OEV 6057.ZERBINO OEV6030L 2 ANDORRA OEV6011.50 sq.00 678. 708.ZERBINO OEV6029. 5 Prices include Excise Duty at the current rate.ZEBRANO OEV6018.ZERBINO OEV6028L.ORLEANS OEV6015. ORLEANS OEV6014. it is understood that the price ruling at the time of delivery of the goods will apply and the price at which the order has been placed will be null & void.TAMESIS OEV6010 Size 148x600mm(10Pcs : Covered area per carton 0.ZEBRANO OEV6017. 3 Sale Tax – state / VAT and central and any other Government levies statutory changes will be charged extra as applicable. Revised Ex-Depot Price list as on 16.BALSOMA OEV 6057.ZERBINO OEV6029.MATARO OEV6001.ORLEANS OEV6016.ZEBRANO OEV6017. MATARO OEV6000. CANNES OEV6024.RAPOLANO OEV6034.ZEBRANO OEV6019.LOIRA OEV6036.MATARO OEV6002.LOIRA OEV6037.MERIDIAN OEV6043.CEMENT OEV6049.LOIRA OEV6036.CEMENT OEV6049.00 733. ORLEANS OEV6014.BALSOMA OEV 6058.CARCOMA OEV 6023 L.CEMENT OEV6050. 758. 2 In the event of preparation in prices.ORLEANS OEV6015.MATARO OEV6002.00 813.MERIDIAN OEV6041L.ANDORRA OEV6013 733.MATARO OEV6001.MERIDIAN OEV6042.ft) 1 New: AISTRAL OEV 6059 L.5.56 sq. ZERBINO OEV6030.ZERBINO OEV6029L.ANDORRA or in Rs.LOIRA OEV6036.CANNES OEV6026. ZERBINO OEV6028.RAPOLANO OEV6034. JATOBA OEV 6060 2 ANDORRA OEV 6011.CANNES OEV6024. ANDORRA OEV 6013.ZERBINO OEV6029L.00 3 EBANO OEV 6020 863. 683.METZ OEV6032. HARMIGON OEV6038L. 763. TAMESIS OEV 6008.CEMENT OEV6049.00 MERIDIAN OEV6041.MATARO OEV6004.ZEBRANO OEV6019.LOIRA OEV6037. MATARO OEV6000. EBANO OEV 6020. ANDORRA OEV 6013 813.00 HORMIGON(L) OEV6039.MATARO OEV6000. ULTRA VITRIFIED TILES Price Group Shade Name PRE COM 600x600mm(4 Pcs: Covered area per carton 1. ZERBINO OEV6028. ANDORRA OEV 6012.44 sq.MERIDIAN OEV6044. ANDORRA OEV 6012.00 CANNES OEV6027.ZERBINO OEV6030 2 ANDORRA OEV6011.ORLEANS OEV6016. SANJAY MONGA Vice President .ORLEANS OEV6016. 728.CANNES OEV6025.SENA OEV6005.ANDORRA OEV6012.LOIRA OEV6037.RAPOLANO OEV6035.MATARO OEV6004.