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FCHD 2400 C.

Beckert, PhD

Re: Understanding Gender Terminology

1. Sex = what we are, male or female, our biologically defined

2. Gender = who we are, sum of our experiences, culturally defined
3. XX sex chromosome = female
4. XY sex chromosome = male
5. Mother furnishes the X, father furnishes either the X or the Y
6. A female results from the absence of testosterone, NOT the presence of estrogen,
7. Intersexed = Hermaphrodite, both male and female parts
8. XO chromosome = Turner’s Syndrome, only females, not a fully developed female
9. XXY chromosome = Klinefelter’s Syndrome, only males, some female, not enough male
10. Gender roles = behaviors, attitudes, and feelings expected from the male or the female
11. Gender Stereotypes = how society and culture expect us to behave
12. Gender Schemas = images and ideas of gender expectations
13. Gender identity = how we see ourselves, generally matches our biological sex
14. Instrumental Schema = masculine, task oriented
15. Expressive Schema = feminine, interpersonal and relational orientation
16. Androgyny = possessing both masculine and feminine attitudes and traits which could be
physiological, behavioral, or psychological
17. Sexual orientation = focus of romantic and erotic desires, also called “sexual preference”
18. Heterosexuality = sexual desires toward members of the opposite sex
19. Homosexuality = sexual desires toward members of one’s own sex
20. Bisexual = sexual desires can be toward either or both sexes
21. Transgender or transsexual = someone who lives as a gender opposite to his or her
biological sex, could lead to gender reassignment
22. Transvestite = cross dresser, one who dresses and acts in a manner of the opposite sex
23. Nature and Nurture = Huge debate continues as to the role of each in these possesses.