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C. Beckert, PhD

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HOW DO I RATE AS A COMMUNICATOR? Directions: Read each statement and mark how often you do the following 20 things. Then give the list to at least one other person who knows you well and have them rate you on these same items. Compare your rating with theirs and write some comments about your experience, what you learned, etc. Use the following scale: 1 = Almost never 2 = Rarely 3 = Occasionally 4 = Frequently 5 = Almost all the time


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Communication Element I choose an appropriate time and place for important communication. I listen with patience to what others have to say without interrupting. I speak in short, clear, concise sentences, sending one major thought at a time. I listen with full attention when someone is speaking to me. I seek clarification by asking questions and restating the message if I am not sure of what I heard I match my words, voice tone, and actions when I send a message. When providing feedback to others, I focus on the behavior, issue or problem rather than on the individual. I am careful not to interrupt, over talk, or monopolize the conversation. I listen for feelings as well as words when others are talking with me. I think and plan before I send an important message. In a usual discussion I am more concerned about understanding others than convincing them of my point of view. I seek to maintain appropriate eye contact when talking with someone. As a rule, people enjoy talking with me. I would say I am genuinely interested in other people. I am open to new ideas. It is as important to me to understand others as it is to be understood by them. ) I believe I can listen attentively and do something else at the same time. ) I sometimes change the subject when someone is in the middle of saying something. ) I usually tend to prepare my next response while listening to what someone is saying to me. I generally share specific rather than general comments and feedback with another person.

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