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Graduate Course Outline and Schedule

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
National Cheng Kung University

Instructor: Hwu, Chyanbin Semester: □Spring, ▓Fall
Course name:
(Chinese) 板殼理論 Credits: 3 Course type: Lecture 3 hrs, Practice hrs
(English) Plates and Shells
Graduate: ▓Master, ▓Ph.D. □Required, ▓Elective
Course No: Prerequisites:
Course Objectives: Relation between Program Outcomes/Assessment and
Introduce classical plate theory and discuss its related AC2004+ of IEET
problems such as plate shape, material type, loading Total lecture hrs: 54 , Total practice hrs:
type, etc. Introduce theory of thin elastic shells and Lecture Practice
discuss membrane stresses and bending stresses in IEET Accreditation Criteria 2004+
hrs hrs
shells. 51 1. Professional knowledge in a specific
Course Outline & Schedule:
3 2. Ability to organize and implement a
research project.
1. Classical Plate Theory (week 1-2)
2. Rectangular Plates (week 3-4) 0 3. Ability to conduct professional journal
3. Circular Plates (week 5-6) writing.
4. Plates of Various Geometrical Forms (week 7) 0 4. Ability for innovative thinking and
5. Plate Bending by Numerical Methods (week 7) independent problem solving.
6. Orthotropic Plates (week 7) 0 5. Ability to collaborate with people in an
7. Plates under Combined Loads (week 8) interdisciplinary setting.
8. Refined Plate Theory (week 9-10)
9. Thermal Stresses in Plates (week 11) 0 6. Sound international scope of view.
10. Dynamic Analysis of Plates (week 11-13) 0 7. Ability to lead, manage, and plan.
11. Differential Geometry (week 14) 0 8. Ability for life-long learning.
12. Thin Elastic Shells (week 15-16)
13. Membrane Stresses in Shells (week 17)
14. Bending Stresses in Shells (week 18)

Course Mathematics and Engineering Design and Innovative General
Component Basic Science Expertise Practice Development Education
Proportion (%) 20% 80% % % %
Text Book(s) (Authors, Title, Publisher and Date) Grading Policy
1. A.C. Ugural, Stresses in Plates and Shells, 1999. 30%: Homework
2. H. Kraus, Thin Elastic Shells, 1972. 35%: Mid-Term Exam
35%: Final Exam or Final Report
Reference(s) (Authors, Title, Publisher and Date)
1. S. Timoshenko and S. Woinowsky-Krieger,
Theory of Plates and Shells, 1950.
3. R. Szilard, Theory and Analysis of Plates, 1974.