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Teaching is imparting the knowledge to the students by way of suitable methodology.

Methodology differs as per the level of understanding of students.

Following guideline can make teaching very effective.

There are two types of Teaching principles, first general & second is Specific principle

General principle of Teaching-

1.Principle of Motivation :-

Motivation is the inspiration given by teacher to the student. As we know,

Performance of the student = Ability x Motivation,

One can create motivation at beginning by asking a interesting question or explaining a event or

Humorous situation and then, use of charts, graphs, narration of some great personalities, or audio
visuals etc. can be used.

Thus any student can be ignited providing there is frequent interaction between teacher and him.

And Praising is key to motivation. A good teacher is he who teaches less but inspires more.

2 Principle of ACTIVITY or Learning by doing:-

Activities like role playing, case studies, event
execution, paper presentation etc. gives Students ‘chance to develop skills and explore the
hidden talent in them. This activates both hemispheres of brain.

By traditional method of education we kill the creativity; hence this principle helps to innovate.

3. Connecting Principle to life:-

This principle creates interest & imparts practical knowledge.
And its direct effect will be seen in “modified behavior”, i.e. learning.

Here teacher shares his experience with students to enrich their knowledge.

Here students learn the importance of education, and necessity of the subject that they are



Proceed psychologically:-. in a sequential order to teach. The teacher must proceed accordingly to cope up with such a situation. Comparisons or similarities. Students in a class come from very diverse backgrounds and they differ in their intellectual abilities. 4. This lay a base for further understanding to students. concentration etc. The level of understanding may not be the same. while “abstract” means the conclusive part of concrete. It is like giving similar example first and then showing. concepts and then proceeds to unknown concept. Proceed inductively:- This means to proceed logically.teacher can proceed. Proceed from known to unknown :- Teacher first explains known things. SEMINAR PRESENTATION 2 . If subject is very tough and new to students this maxim is very useful. Without all these principles teaching is miscommunication. 5. Proceed from particular to general:- The specific points are discussed first and then generalized things to be taught later on.Proceed from concrete to Abstract:- It means concrete is taught first and then abstract is to be discussed. And could be very boring to the students.1. Whole session is to be planed and then with full preparation . Reading and Driving have similarities like requirement of speed.Proceed from Simple to Complex:- Teaching the very simple thing first to build confidence and create interest and then introducing the tough concept. For Example. 3. Concrete is broader than abstract. 2. ”CONTRETE” means comprehensive concept. It is like smoothening effect. 6.

E. U.R BY Mr. Phil Of Shivaji University At S. Sameer V.B.Deshmukh Sir Year 2010-11 3 . Deshpande ( Roll No.I. 24) Under the guidance of Prof.AS PARTIAL FULLFILMENT OF AWARD OF DEGREE OF M.

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