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:'t- The Seeds '9~P1e F~.mre ~. b38ascha SCaJtier . ~"'6--TheWor~d"B~, Turned Up'~dde Down (Digger's Song) 1-11-mtro.duc~lolll, (ft-om 50 Ye'ars is Enough,- The Case --

~. AgaInst . ,

tbe- Warild Bankand th.eiMF) ~. By Kevin Damih.em-

\ 'L~ !V0rld.Ban~ lMF'~ and AgdculbH-e: .~ Chris;ijna Cobb ,.

;-\i.~ Tb~~N'e;'_Ec~nomY;:~eory ...•.. '.3i.'-.lfld. : .. :.R ...• esult ~

~~ - Asn(:ulwret Food, and Public Health _~

Primer _by the IfIJtenuitionaJPorum on Giobalization

.. !O- C~'tHa:ag Willi the Nt0noc~l~~. by Sascha ,Sc~tter 3,~T~~s. L~d Should B,e' OU1 Land ~- by Andretd,el Moral a*""'W.I.~he Says (song) ~ by Dana Lyons


WUlie Says by DallalLyons

Willie says........ - _. .: _" s a sklry that y(llumay~ot o~'m,plrehE!nd -.

bu] ~hepulclng~ots willI ,cra!ck and. b~oom a_ga.,~~ _

There' saworld beneath. the plilVil1!'ment tha.t wdl neve r ,en:d~ se,ed;sar,e~ying dormant and wiU never end,

Willie says.... ..... . .

If you listen you can here the sound. ofb~ds . .. h~wrf.h.eir~ongabovethe ~ha~s hear Uu~[r, won is. listen to tht\dJr~o've :songs: JI. t will never end ..

II you listen you. canhear,

And ~h~ c,~d oae sits with me above the ci~ w.hile we eatch the madness. o,f the wodd be'low .. And she' laughs and. tall s me that it's temporary, und~ernealh the wUd. garden waits to gmiw.

WUUe s;ays........ .".

If you Listh~n~othi stree you' Il hear ~ts song

itJs the story that my peopl@ p~ssm~ong._ _ _ __

'Uls ,~ drceam~ha.t ~E!~pS retuIm_n~_ and 'WI n never end, SfHlds aFft. 1 y~ng' dQinnal1l.~ (hey wiU never-end,

WiUie says .

If yo u say yo,y' are afraid I unders~an d. _ . I In a place where 'one can taI'elysm,eU the land, but f:he OOtl'iim bre'eZle still blows~ere"

~:t wiH never end ..


t rlH'le o,,.!~ ~~a-F the 't~~, inti a nib! un.form n.Mel :Ecke), s, we are, weeds, But they ~ imply C8]l1 it see Ute b enefits OF w!o.rk~~g . fog~IEh!e.r. bei ng crea(.h,e. <lnd '~Ie!!!rni~g fl~m: ,[h~ p],anrs.· 'who ~each as m,an}!, things when we pay a;u,e:nt~o'n,

Guerr.w 11011. (iardeIJiIS,: O~U .Idod of warfar~

We W~f,e born iQto'a Wiilr ·illiOcj~(.y. W~" ·;~r~ raised to perpetuate lhe. ~01Jr:~gahlJst ?!~tselves" ,and the peop1!e" we ~ove,. "I. ,was.ralse.d m .. 01. spcJety .of h!erardly. dom~Hatioll, ~nd oppre:ss.!on. In whIch Illy OWn habi.ts continu{!: •• lit tunes. t1ooppressm,:y'se I [The way to e~dlhis waf b Ito refuse eo p<lrl'~ijc~p'au:: ,. They way to eeas e war ~.s. Ito, Gl'eale the dements of a IWl1!swarr:ing,IMy wh~:r'eland" f,ood air' ,'1 water, gender, :IH~IX ,. CoO ~ or. cannot b~ 11 sed to' de ' harm. '.For " this . reas on, . we are. gu errijla ?'lard ors w,ho do IUl t. earry

gan s, W,eare g IJ erril ~ as-W.lIfHors-.of ' vision,

So here's sorn e VI,S i G n: what if land could not be owned. not prl vately nor p~blk]y? Land was simply there, 10 be used ~Ol .tMngs We need ro live, and beyond" that, on~y if it d~dn't

J n fn wge . on s omeone el se" ill at,te:I11!IH.~ I'.li~ sur.".] vaJ? Wha1t. jf" < '.< land ~e"re, ·'o.wnoo·· onJ~ by. th~ act of Ilsing it, and sHpped ':., back mso universal jlv:;u]abmty aSSQon as it f'e~l outef . " active ~O'l,e? Th is j s the conc,e;p[ of U sl!iffil!!llc t, Nev~r "heard ;'~f ~l\ Even l~hei,dea"$o,~~d8P~UY peeullar, in these d,aJYs· o.f pnvate ,property. I.m:Elg~ne now :if this idea of usufruct' :

app i.i ed t,o aU ~hl~gs: water, air. food.fbiesis. plant s . , '" b.i.cycks. books:, rh~ idea can exread eo . nearly any~her~~;~".·

Usufruer js HOC )US[ ,anoth~r way to OWn thin,g:!:; it is a h:m::lamernaUy diJfe,renl[. w.ay . of v].ew~ng the world. It dHlJJ,enges uS to look ~JOurul us . ~fl a revohuJona:ry w~y. W,e, calli OQk;;'!t the lawn of any IH)mpOllS btl 1.I.ding in D.C and

s.ay. Hrui-$ lawn IS no[ IQnl.y iIIlIs'e~ess. ~t is (his env~mnme~,~ of the diverslrv of survi¥iD;11)t is:

peop~e .. food .. medicine. <'lluia hea]lhy surraunding .. It" H:

stealing waser that [he wOliM needs for lnfb,he. other purpo ses, an d! S oal<.h!lg a 5d eli;: I y am O'~nl of ehe IT! icals do,wIiJ: in t ~ Ule e <ln~ . By tran sfo:r~~ ng t h is man [festali 0'1} of[h e w~rrh:lig s~)ti.ety.. by rem(lVwllg it and rep~a~,ing H with .. " holiui c. ,I i beralory re~a~j?ns,~ips, between p,tople, plants, and (be land. We aJTe nUM.rlg 0';1. for ~he free world, .I~ ]s. smaJ1l." .bUi~ it is fien]le. S'~eds. crad .concrele amd bust1i1]? til ro u gh ~3. W n s, We roo ares,eecls, all d W~· re bu s:ttng OIIlJ~. scaneriug to spmu~ in the wOf~.d.


hi this, day and,age, g:row~ ng )NlUr ow nfoQd and

.li a vi ng yOilll.r ow~ !;.LM,:,d s. has bee om e a Fe vo lut ion<lry ae r, Crea~jng ,and m~i,nu! h;l'CiEl~ aUlO~I01T!y free from [he:, eletebes of gloll)BI~ nnanda] instiurtlonsand a.g:rl~cJi:lern~ca] "Life S.i.:~e~,ee"· (;,orporaUQ~s ~s ·the only aHernathie WB

have . if we are going h) save .the p laaet ~ndol'! rsel ves from exrlnctton. We ]le.]y on hlr.S'e corp,ora.tion.s for !W much of the Dasl.cs ofQiur UveHbo,od .and Iti $ U mlJe. IOsh.ow l h 31

there are a ~liemrui ves~o j nd 11 sui al ;'lJgri bus i nli!:·s,s, and rhar, g iv~~ ihe oppc rU"lnity and rh e res cure es, we ;'lre re ad y to put~l!aeg into plate.

We flr~'11 groupo" urlba.n c[)ilmmtrJil"miry gard.eners HII solidarhy with I~he m.~ lU oas 0 f po or farm ers in ~be wo rid who aee bei ng driven fro m ~hei rl snd and farced to grow cash crops by the policies · .. of the Worl.d BaJ:ilk. and Inremancnal Mone[ary .FIl~d.We are visioua,ries who See a fl'ltur·e free fromlM.scQ'rpora~e slavery that· defines our gl ob~I~~o:lli om)' OlLin,d iliife wC'ifki i:iLg dr.d ~ y i nO In C,C1l!r1 mu n ~ t ies

It 0 t:ak.e back. ]oc~d control of OI!lJr' ll yes begi ran.i ng w hh ,

the fo·Qd we eet,

~' ~I Th,u Land is;" Fo.r Those Who Work. J,t

LI.berty is For 'Those Who, n.

Asagri'c:ull~gl!"i.stSJ we relCogni.ze that 't,he

. re3SQnS we don't Will lilt rr:liofll@,eo,ltuns of ,.:oe .• i,cal incl.u~tr~al agrh:ultuf1t: on our lan.d are the 89me reasons WI!l ~do~,'t wan! a m(!lnocultun:! of C<H:a~ Cola, Staif'buckst Q.lild .McD!ilI~!ldd$ inQl1r ,cii,ties.

OJ ob ill com moditi es cl!ln n ota.ffQrd [0 be diffe;r,enli!l.l·U~ loc al ~c:mlfllJlunillies ,!!,IDd bI!iIS~mllesse~ are una.Me to' survive in a

ViI' 0 r! d of c hai ~ stores" s We O1tsho'p~, :SJ nd plan tari O:QS. Diversity gets j ~ [he way of pron tSilInd eo n too I, The will ~o do m i m1Jat,eand c em l re I 111 :1Itll re sele.~ . diversity as a disease mind

de fl ciency . But d.~ v ers I,ly ~n mol r ~1:aJ ~ds and i 111:1 ou r e u] tmes

i s what keeps us alive ,~.~~. 'makes @~ii Hves rich. As we .

stand our ground we mus,[- re,m,erni:ler UUI:l we are fIghHng 10 keep the bankers from turni ng the p,lal1et il£HO a big slr:ip man.

~t ] S 'IllP to 'Ill~ to takethe f~o;m~i n to ou rO'W!1i h an cis.

If we !eave. the fesponsibiH~y of healing til Gswlorld up to instjtistiens ]~ke the W,o·rkl Bfi[l:k aad the ~.I'I~erna,ti,ol1al,

M enet ary Fu n d, we are doomi n g 'o~r5el"'es to a future of co rpe rate fel!lJda~ II s rn am dec @'~@'gi cal cal aSl'l"o:pllle. F'~ r rn ore Ithan fi fity yea rs t~e reeo rd i 8(1 k.lll ~ and s j mp le: the p.eopl e who dtl';s~ign the pollicies ~lnslhulio~ls are ~ot interested h'l! alleviating' pow::rtyal1d creating an

equi tab le di s tri bet i ~~ "f We alt h ~ th,e<i .J.~e '0!1]y ] nte re s~ed.

in ~ntegl!"8th'!g pe,o'P]~f~-o~ all o,ver the ~r]dintQ th,e;

m arket ec onomy \V~th QU~ regard. 'to .~ IS bnpa.c l oa peop~e~ Ii V~S. 'fhel.r sk~we.d dev'ehllpmefll.t p,oHch~'s km

p e 0 p h! e vCFyd ay day. The kand. the:· lMf' ha ve c reared a s ),Me m 0 f mode rn day co I oni alis m. that:

m ake the p eo'p i e .1 III [he deve i op i.l'lg wQr]d poorer and I~he ;m~Jltifli;l!ltrnonal corporat ions ricl'neral'iG take~:he power I!.w~y from ~U OfilS'. It is time Ir,O' take :II stand and say "no mo,r-e! .. This w,eek. aJS _Guerr± 111'1. Garden:~r:5. weare~ reati ng

. ou r v I S i,o[!j of the f'lllIUlie ,as we W3iil1l,t: U) see H, and we

we l.colill'Jie y'o'u t~) j (llrun us.

, I" , 1

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This ,ain " your land. this land ain ·,r InY J:and~ Could be. ,(I rilcihland. bm ir's a poo,r .land

Cuz it is private. _pt()'P~rI'J lor profit Btli,,:_

. k weap,o,n a.ffrhe Bank to cause g real paIR

_{~~ I ",

r _. ~ II • _. - • :.: • - ," -, "!>"'. _ .,~ .. oi:~

What is a. weed? . r ~'

b~ the' 112 ,. acre perrnQc II ltu Fe orchard in the .biltsof . '., .

V ermen t. gl'!oiund cherri,es are inte~Uofl!!a~. T.fa.ey p.r'Qv~de' - _,e ali1ld grQu rid ClQi'iller~ and fi(m-a fOIi f~oplt. bkds. and :SlUall amtimals. Traasuational corporations. do not own

. ground cherry seed s, T~ ey· re not <II ~:~od market, becau S~

p eQP1rue dl~l:Il' ( ear [hemin ] j'JJrge qu a~hMes, l'h~r,e . are, ~'hou:s.and!i Q f - p] SFlilsoutthere mi::e fb is. .F o,oo.sand wll Ii ..

pl a~~s thet We could be gmwi[l,g and. ,eating" . and 'aU we ha.n ~O'", do,i s ·lo.ok a:roluilld ,a~ the nature hfllibi(ats wfuer,e we live (9' 'get a. cll1~as to Wh~L we should be nu:rt1lir~:ng. Yfhe",



$fePs£ kb(R*o~

All creation is sacred. Seeds, plants, animals and micn.::rorganisms are bur

t;ommon heritage and not pn~vate .property. Alny claim to' own orpatent life is a ,theft from and a cultural assault On'indigenouspeopJe~

.' ' Indigenous peoples, mrme!S and women~~keepers have the right tO'save" share and exchange seeds

, and.medicJnalpliJnts~

Seeds are the SOUtal of.,. "._,._. PiNJple~ movements are" the SOurce of resistance.

t t ~ fj ••

Adapted1from tbe I'ooigeno us PeoPles' statement

- on: the Trade-Related ~pects·of IntetfootuaJ' .

,Property Rig,hb ,oF thewro agreement.


I nthe year200Q

Washlng~(ln D.C. .

A 'ragged band o,.f Gre,en Gu~rinas Carneto se~ the lawn spac~ free They defied the WorldB,an"k

Tney defied. the' cops .

They were the dispo:!:lsessed Reclaiming g:ardenpl,Ms."

.~ ~kilt.r ~~\{/lJt

In It)49

To S~ George's HUl

A ragged band they called the Diggers

Came to shewthe people'" S wm They' defied f.he·~a.nd]o.rds

They defied the ~aws

Th,ey werethe dispossessed.

Redaiming wharf was theirs

We come ~npea'ce, th.ey said

To dig and sow .

We-come to workthe land. in common And to mrij;,e~h.e 'was:te land grow

This eartn divided .

We will make whom,e

So it can be

A com mon tre.lsury' fur ail.

The sin of property We do disdain

No one has any righf to buy and seU The ,earth f-or pri va.le gain .

.Bytheft and. murder

They took ~he land

Now everywheJle the walls Rise 'UI.p at their" command.

WWOOF Wi.ruru~J!$--WQrkm UliilOtgami.c__b:i.Ins ~s a!Iil. i"tenilil'uonal , 11I1'lw,orl of :fUMS thl1lt rely on "l"\olunteerstlO hemp au t in Ithc fb~J ds. hi! ,e:xci1ange :for <I. h..lld. dalYs work YC:!!l set .3 mea~s and accommooation and asmuch practiC!l~ ex:perienoea'S},oo woml learni n:g about fartlniil'i!.g. USlJ)aHy h;(!!IW it works is tllil.t if you're over 16 you. com pay like $20 f-.Q.ra lis.ting of hUlljdreds: of filI1'lill$ ffiiiiIId ,Il![IIj ID~UJ!mm:u~r, Th~ yOtll (all up or ':wri~ to specific plaees to find out more I knOW;) 5J!~W of p~()iPl~ who'v'e wod"ed th~~r way ,armmd the COW1ltry acquitin,g :sldnsj g:eHing strong, l1I[1)d [i'virng well. 1I1io:m, hooking lom till.e VY"ViIOOFing: ne:~W'ork It" s om ht<:redible fe50U1"C'e and wOIkll'lg Of! a. f3Jml! iSUJ:'e b~a!$ hang~fi!g: outen the stre~t dil'l "king with you~ smeny friends and. bill!dp.g abeu t how

much it SiiJcb in ~h€' city.' .

Ib.e,_fler:mi!iO.dw're Ad~yj$:t PO Box 1209 B~ack Mountain, NC .28711 USA

. Published 3 Urnes a. Y'eat" mdaJ[wo1IYs fuJ] of good arlJId~!lnd contacts.

T~e das~fieds ;always nave mteresUfI.g offers far w©r'k,,1!lld. !t-radie. TIle la:lest issUJeis' about pittkms in IlIabJlft andha8 b~en keq.?mg me u.p at n.ight ,spellibQwuui.

]ptgm I A~pren:ljoosilltJlimdoq

No:rtheast~m. ~anj.(; Pamng ,A..:ssodaJtiWil. (NOPA)~Mass4t ~Sheldol1l Rd.B~ MiA USA O1,~m - :foUnd U1i5ad. m. the bacik. of fhe

Pe!:'n1l!aodhalfe' Adim " .

WriiW to me l'onsm~1: ~11I:d ask :fo~ tffi'l.eiir. Oltedo.ry (lif Orgm'li c Fa.mdng Apprefl!tiooShip prograw $Ot f!lil'mS a]J ever Ncrlh AnilI~rica and i~te.mati.onany.

AII1M\J~pria$tI:@dmQtogy_T[,wftr for RuXf'lil Amas\

".hils .' _ .' . - . o~t of P,~~u~ville:r ,~!'lIS3.tld they pu:t 0'Ui~ <iln

pa~ -!!isg: i~shipi5l!i~d. applre(ll!Uceshjps fOf 'organh: ~nd 5ust~le farms aQl)GS Ute U'truU'ecl Slate::;, Y Q1i.'I can QOOE!lr a' free (!Opy by

c011~ng lIA!f.I~J46..9]40.. .

Th~t si1l@uld get you. s~d, pumt. Get 'Oll~ Uruero omd grow SlO·m.e $ood,

;1fYOU'l(! mmte9ted ~n this SYstMrn'llb.~e agricull!.l1'eprogram [ keep

. t~~bo~t~dd.ress yO~l q~eries ~(!! Da:vid Buan«t at the sa.1l:i!:e ad~ The 'filit;ll1ila::epm :5 to 10 studhlts. ~ve:ry ye~r and ,they need hoUd. WlOdd:ngr dedicamd.poop,lre. ~ h~d:ou.t 't~:ere.

~~lCm,atlon !IJ'ld .l_01gliMli on Books~o Ch.eck Out

T h~ thing about all this shIff is ~ha~ ii l'l> a lot mC>t~ imOlmOlHmlL ,1UId

lagin<ll~ioil1 inleool;ve t~<WI, capHa~ orMergymt~fls~ve - We rely O'n eaeh othert Out Ob$tillVaUO:l1S, iilind. the tTh'lOUS<l!£lid.s of yea.rn of 'l,ccurnrl!.dattldi kJ1:QW ledge from poopL~ e)(periencef id.eas, Mid experime!J!!ltaJltioi'll.

Thi?r·e are re,a~~y g'Ood. books out there that eover <I kd of th.€' basics of ,food wltivaUon and sustainablea,!.re. Here ~ a cClup~e goodo:nes. I!v@ ~W!dudJed .t1w lSBN l1I .... bem beGliUSflC m :t!!~~ to wmk .)lit a &oobh:ui'(!and! l.bO'W ho'w Milich, easier .~~. ~5 ~o' .~ook shit ujp tifull!l W<1J if you, have acompuser,

iQltrMu(tjQ!JI~Q PePJIll!Curnture bySlU Molli!lon wiUl Re«y Mia, ::itary ]9'91 'r ag:ad .P'u bJ k<l!UoflS ~!9'm!22:,8-08-2

Ev~.l'J'~hing rv~ just been rambli~ on ®o you about ,is~1l ~O"'E!red in detail ~n thls book. It's chaJ:l(goomy life. Nuff smdi,. Cheek it out.

Start Wi~b~he san by Craee Gershuny 1993 Rodaille Books 0-875%- 567~9

Very eloquently lays au t the basics of bu]]diflg SQil~ hureus and compoo:t

. OIIfII!d mcisture md nrulri~n:ll:l and b;i;lsic m~mis1ry.. Bea:l1,tifui taJbI'ElS and dia_g~sofmdicator l'i/IMd:s,. Qptver Ic;mlO~r or:ganc ameoomem:lts, acid and. atkalline to~eil'a-n:t plants,. etc. Really good chap'leron deiling with

fucked~p dty soil. -

D~si~nmG an.d MOI!ilj!bin~IDi )'ouwLMe lru:ldsca~'!(t Nat%JrruJ.~ by Robert Kwnk 1986 Met,am.o.rp'h.iJcPF~ss ,(k96]584S-0-7

]11tqed~bLy Hiliorough manu aJ: -on,crea~lrng:;; and QKh~s 5~!!P 'by ~tlelP ned ~OYOUf house. IGrea~ chaptemoJ'!. tree CJi([lpS and red.arumimg too suburh8 wifh, vegctabWeg~de~. fu;~~ O.fU8efl!.'l~ photos.. drawings, ~d charts.

HQw £0 G row Move V~eteit.<!!bhl'§U~J.lL('v,er thQuBh~pCN!§~ble OWl ]%$ !.and lh. you '1W ]magin.e~lby John leavo~: 1 mol! 1995 'Ten Speed Press AU you need to gel started Ie~ng how t,o feed YOtU'$eH ~d Y'o~ ,community. 'Ims hook has: b~n t'r..lim.]aied in~oa bunch o'ff djff~rerrt I,iiirll,guages Md ,is uood .iI~ 07er t~wo~Jd" iU6UCt'lessru] :sustai(il.ab.lrr? ~'Tioulhtre proiects.ReaUy goodiSowllng eharts andinum[a~iotrul.

St[!e9 To 5«d ,by Susan Ashwodh 19911 Seed Savers Exdla:ng>e {J .. 9613g'i7~7~2

The d~f~rlliJti Ve gwde ~~'r anyone who wools to learn seed saving te'hRiqu~s.lfll.,chj)des 130 vlege~llb las, Describes botantcal classificaUortS, poUi["l~tio.11!!,. isclat:io.n,.~arging. seed harvest" d!.j'mg~ deamnt;, and

storage, ReMly ,i,miPodan~ sblff. .. .

And please dOill't mmplainaibQt!t books being .expensive ~ get a liJr,rOl!l}'" card fOir rudks.s.ake. And it then!' S b\'riQe as many cops in your tuwn as thilllWie used. 1.0 be buJ they"ve Cil:I:t the ]lb~ary funding in half ~. make some noise a bOlut :i~ - educate and artkuJa le y()~r had se]t


.... ". I


....... :

~:r-'~:~ ~ .. i.

I .


:-;~t~!.">', : ~:'

They make the '~ws '10 chain us well

The: clergy daz::de us withhreaven Dr they damn us. _t~) hen

We wHl net worrshi.p

The God. they serve .'. ..,

The God. of greed w.ho .feeds ~he rich

While poor'm.en starve

. \v,e' work, we-'eat We need no swords

We win .FII!otbow to masters Or p'ay rentto the lord 8

We are .fIlEH! men

Though we are pOQr' ,

)',OU Diggers all stand up for g,~.o,ry

Stamdnp now

Fro;m the men a,€ property The erders ca,roe

They sent the hlred men and~roopef'S

To wipe outthe Diggers' claim

Tear down ~heir roUag:@s

Destroy their ICQ·m .

They were dfuspened -

only ~he vi;si.on lingers on

You poor take courage You rich taks care

The earth was made a common tIe,asury

For eVM)l0ne to share

All trungs in common An peop~e"One

W,(1! come, in peace

The order came te rent them down


As WorM. Wac n raged across Europe and AsJ~, the leaders of E:11.g1md and ~he :Uni~ed Sta;l~sreaii~e,d rhat,.in oroe.t ~o ensure _a liberal, cap'.ltaJ!]!U world eco:nom:y after me war; mey wlJuld Deed mll]tiLatt;rallnsU[:u:~LQns WaiL could e~fOlroe rules fs:v()rin\g. the free mo""~L'!m:t of cam>ital i:I'Jremationa]]y, In July 19M rthe twogQVemme'DIt;:> C(1Il1vl:med a ecnferenee at Btem:m, WOQds.l,,)'~:w Hampshif(;, There !hey de'VdQ.~d Wi!! p]:~m:5 for two ~[IstitiUtioinlsiliOlt would! s&l:~pe the world ecouomy for m~ I:!~xt 50 jlital"S.

'The rn~ematioIDliffi MQnetaq fU!i!;(I (IMF) was ~tabUshed to s,rm:HJ~~ wor]d eemraeree bjredu.d[lg foreign eJ;;c;fui'llJlge restrietleas, R~@ ereOli~ed a reserve of funds 00 bel:l!Jpped by !C()1i.mtries expene~dmg 'tmtpO~ liUY baf8,fi(l~ ofpaym.ents iPmb~emssolh.ey c(luld cQ!1Itiooeti1l.di~g wiili.~ outmterrupl:i:o]il.nis.pumiP~iPrimi~~g ,of rhe: world m~i!l would beneEitall trading eeuntriea, especially me; b.igg~l traders, the United Sta~es

. .!md Bl'Hrun.

. Also fO~fl.dW ~t T' .dton Wooo~ was the Il1~efila:tionalBa:nk [:Of<ms<wC'tionand D:eve1o:pment (\Voi~d! 'Brak). TheWodd BMk. WOiS gi"~ll. Ule task ©f' malting Pos[.:wa:r d~'IIe]opme.lJit klMiS fo.r lmsttuc·· hl:I!e projects (roads. utilities)!, wl1ich,. beeasse th~y w«¢ Y.!11p:wfilaiM.e, W~ 'Il!ct !.lkdy 00, be ;wliat«iby pnvat:t cOlpiimal. TheBmk was also mmdated to promote pri vate inv~slme;IH by meallls of gu'8i[an~ tees Qrpartidpaticn 1[1 lcaasaed othe,:ranvest;me:n.1:!l made by -priva![e mve:,stO:r5 •

The fQlIi!1:de:r1;i (lf~e8e ][JsU!WUO[JS: h.opecllhat by est.ahlbhi[lg gIQIlOO· rules befom t1i~ ~[!d of the war, they cm.dd girdL.hcms.e.lvu ,a.~nSJtlle

. twin t'h:r~:ats (If ~:tatll7mu3ge;d: eceaornles under :0. soO,:;:isilli5t. mooel. omd i:n~ro.atiol1ial :ul;!'IrChy brought on by cuuhmOlit vOO:eties ofnauo:nruistic capiWism.The:y s,aw· that if the maj01i' POWeF.S did .n;o~ ~I'IS I!I~ SOme access to big: caplt.:I1Il for theelltes Qf less pro.s~t:row; CQ!1I.!url~! tnose eUte:s couldad.opt polic~es w~m t!h~ pot:e'ntial for Ill1lra.v.em]l:g me; w(}.jlm capitalist ~Oin,Qroy.

The unwri!tto.gOillil of t[)e Woild Bank WJid!~e !1MiF·~ One that h~

~_~ .~"':-~'l..i~~~~~j, of:'. _!~. - I

_ •• ":" •••• , • J

. growing ~ea~w~e ntdY'Il' Ilhemaoos to ~he wh.~re 'lht!oum Wil6 gwwm\P;. t h~· )ll,liOlJt bl;l'fottl! ood ~~tebuUdmg the f'mili~. ]U!i~ Uke'm the f~t,. W~'~ in the prl'lCes9 of uea.tmg ,along 'term seI!(~sustai~ cyclE! fiUe-d. ~vUh difft.'ft.'~t

~t~edJ!!d 1;!~~m:eRb. .'


. . B:y gmw'ing, tens of d~t kim:l:s (If fM:n.8~i_ w,!i fill' ~lo11Ia!E!ih.·~ to btl

~Jting w~l·y!;\!_ m·und. W~n amon Yll'asoN 1'8 Q'V,!!i', l~ik ~oon i~ j~t,inn]'[It;- Wh~ tn ko],~ is· ,tdarimgto, <lU gu to !'I!'ed~ ·U"lt f:inlt h~adt! uf MWJOI'! ~rere.ady t~, ~,~st [[II (JUT' ,m:rnard. there aire· ~ady, mi.d.. ~d ~:a t~ !i~son app~e8 t~i1J1 right nt'.:d to ~O'tdil other. Wi'th aill our canninG o1I;nd ~g and .~ t~~'8 ne probl~m ,eatlng jam m1idp~to MiU(ill' ~ll!loris ()if ulht'tg~et: nO y~ ru;und. No lUiI;e ~'II'111" (;1;leS hufI8lY m'\oond h~. If Uus w<ts an indt!llmal. Monoaupi raml!. w1e.'dj h~v1l!l1!o ship In hm!j; o}f r~ood elr Uiili~g~ ~ould!;et Ranybming.Oiy~ty hiliH ,3~OU~ 5t.abimy <n!I;d: Hy~n8 Jarg.,,- - th~· ~n1IrOltm.t ,s:wH.

Urban GueniUoI. Gud~m.8 - Growing' Food! iii! H •. Cl City ,

W~ n.'e'~ h:J' stat! growmgfo-od wilel1'e we liv~ :and. recLa:iming. aU ~hi!j km)l""J~dglil' for W~l\l"~ and futuw g~D~.1itil;m!l. Weci'iln'tk~imputling:=:IJnd tnJioon,g .aU .: o:f. our mod ru1 tlVW" the S~ubt! u.d. ~~t bjg wfJ'Ol'i!iHmI~ 'wn~tro~ Ut~ f.!litJ$;t biWt' "'sp~ 'uf~ur U¥es for tI'5. There ~s so mut::hpotenliai iorgro"lIii ng food in Uw dti~ mdmrb~. abMdo:n.ed. rubble lots and l'UOf tups MId la'tllll18 and st.-mirlg: oornmu:mty gl~.eQ. B'l.dh~ing ()tJ:ITI~t wirth all 't~c organk: WllSt~ from ppem1~ and~altf';ln~!'l a!!lld uUirldtd!iUID/i{. CalclJiTqlj w:ater I:h!f~ it 1'!I off~nb" 1M Sftvm:; - ~nd;ng, :ponrllsn:nd. B.t:t[~.ding bri:rd~ and j~d~. Cr:ootiq; ~ woodi.~ ~f ~ and ttmbet" w~~n .iI!rot1nd D;l!;i!~stri;d. ~oo can Ililler pohlillm fl~ th:e.w:. p1'oo'U~ oxy,~I;m .• G'l!'at~ habiJta:, f<rr biRl!~ _d smaIJI aNimals, andnnt m;:'l.~~ m~illr.e buHdiiflg~ so damn lIlfl'Pl\estiiv!:1!. ~,p~. OO1iIMi bl' full of ~t. tref;!l8 and b~"tri~;. WIJ C01i!II'd ~ft!lcicm wood of good ~t· ms tu crab ."ppJes in. n1h!yw.a)'1i cwRtm~fruil;j"g. ,rnenie'8 ilmlIdpeaJc.hesu.d,~;k ~aJt~ 'o:r Ihe har\i'l~1. We ~ dumpsk!r roms' of btlthhtba andtiR!; U:!d ~i li:.. cr.d~ ~f;!dre&i~erah)$ and (lth~fl'ood ';;hJf! f·1} gt'OlIo'Y thing!luuJ of. Thenf!!l :Inn",,' edgE'.<md vmlic.dgrowilllj. ~a~l! ~h;;tny(JU m shili O!.l5tid;.lIJt. i~~h~ city. the p!J69bi1Hif:~ ~u'e rich. W~ ,aiIJ hb Kttfptu:re and art ~ dealing mlh b'fll'Inf; !:Jyr;:tt;!';m$ th:at c~;. ovet:' time. It'5 :s()~tnporla,nt b;) 'brimg '~hi8 s·tuff iliiW the dtyt birildlJll!' curmt!OOIJil1~

betw~ F«1p~e O'f dUoolfl':'IlIt ~:ne:r:atiui1l~ and cui tu~ teadh t~f! k.i,d~ that

ijw'nt!ill m~ ~,life th.<m OO~g:ehlJ ~d ha;temd feaar. . . ,

. EfttylJn.earound h~ kmlw:s m~ d th~ ~oro dt)' kid~ the un~ :w 1'10 ~

8Q:1li!'!;'t! toe :imp:a:l:i:en! MId. h:md ad bdb b.~lN-~han eVI!!:ryofie ~hl!l!<!!!1Id • gQe5 ou:t~, upoon~te~J. lvHh .iltil~~mmet" and bWJd~ r.ti~~d v~s:!!lilb~e beds ,!.rut vi st~~ks and b~ad;I;H~lri~jtl~t t~ pWiVe W~ 'wn !:o";[Uw food

~ ~\!,11tl1 wnre.dy cuppy _. ~ .l·n Hv~ on thi! focrn tm: aimust an l:!iilltre gmml\g ~e.aOO~ l'~;e [earned ,!Ii little bitofpaU!..'iflrn;! ,and 'calm .and a w hol~ ~ch of s!kiUi!!. that l~JJ)I .. ~ookmK fuw~ 'h). hu~~. t

I .r";

b .. ~nf~fC~, wlltih ~ ... ~ng~al'IOC ~~ has been to ~ntegn.te c('.nmw,es ~mw ~ c:api~t ~fld ~~OI~(I:m.y.Desp~te aU h m~1Writ ,~bout d~:'III'~l~p- , m.~IiI!U :andthe aUevj:a;tiO!II, ,ofpoveny" tbe ,ce:~] m!!l!ctiol'l ofth~rnuI- . tila:b::!am I~.!i!ig i~tittu:ioil'!s bas ~L'iI'l~O draw tt!cntl!ern Il!!l!d g,QV~ me~Jts.of w~~ swes mOf'~ :n:ighitly iDlO ,!Ii. wQrl~!lID_Y d@~j_QaJt~d by .i,a:rg!!;, u:asnano.n,al ctorpomtilo.ns"

OYer the :piS:~ five dCC-BlJ, ~e '\¥o.rld! Bmk:3!IlIG tib.e IrMIf have ~~ll)lly8aiDed powe:r and infl~mC'e" becoming !:he. by aJID.ilefS de.Uer .... ~ini~gwmch oo!l!~tm:e:l wilill ~oei ve: i[l~~tiO'.I1:OO~Q3,'Ils •. 1"ms sbliTiYS . gIDy,es ~e BRno:n, WOo!Jo!Jls ]nstitl.nklllls,(I:i;e, powe.rlo, emorec C<!O.uomic po]~c~e!i vninc!.n in Wa:s~ingl@[I. where bom die, Bam:: an.dlhc::" F'~ are based a . f'Uii muy 111L the Third Wo:rJd, ~ru.s l:latkelfi:S ooc"" ~o ool.omal times.,

The p(liicies imposed by the World BaRk ~nd the JliF am ~csig[led ro fa:cilli:tl!c the .repayme]lt @f debl:u:a,ali.'l. tlI.c s~ea.d'y Q'ruIsf~ of ~al~ GUll of 'ThiHi World ~OWil mesro .~ b~~m of the hldustri,aJ oountries. This; U'am;(u at weai!h has ha(;l dev~~Ii[Jg ocu'J.scquern::e;f; f-ow me: POOl' m;ajorilY. Mo.n.eY[ha[ CQ'lllld ha "'~ bee;l\i!1!v,~~d!in bt.a![th~ed'Uc~tio!l and ho~.slng b:a:s ins~r::",.d been U'al1sf-elJ:¢c1w weal:!hy b~" Accord·· ililgly. Thi:W Wo.rM COliHl.uieslim.der IlY~FIWbfldl II ank: rute:lage, ha vc seen inf;'lm mO:f1:a]ity rates iJLC[1e3£le, seheols and hous;i~g d!eterioraN:e,. 11ln.e:mplo~ment .skyfQek¢t and the :ge]l~ health of m~p¢opl¢ dedine.

Thisis wby a1!lilior Sli!s!W Ge-or"g~ uses IDil: .~. "financial lowintensity cOHfli,cf' 'to dep.ict l:iiie war being waged. 'i:!e!tWee:m rich. I.UJJd! poor; H is !lOr simp~y ill war betwee;n"Nortb ;md S:oudl," as H, is so often pOl&lliyodl.ifl ]:be luaiinsttemn. p.ressand academic ilemrure:" Ralher; i,t is a c-oUaoora:~i\l'e ,effio.fIt, be"l.w;e;e[l sl(Ju,tbem eJ:iltes aad m.eir northern. '~QIJi!1Ll¢I:pUitS,. The Third, World nden ge.~' newillfujons: o.f clI!lb and l!emrunulI,llitectedi by tlil.e .!!II sten.ty, lmp@Sled b~ 't;h;e~eclmoor~ts from thelMF and th~ WQdd II ~k. NQ!I9Iihe;m!:H~~$ g;c;t loan pa:ymen~ flLrU] can sl:eep wen <lit Iliigh~ u~)wi]lg U..:u tbelli ~U~es inthe Sou& wU] .keep 3. tight g ripon. the workers ii!fld ke;ep the maney fl:ow:ing.

No:tice t:hal, despl~e an their pressure to cut back the size ·oef Third!

Wor.ldg.ovemlIlents:. ~:h,e Et\ff and Worid Bw ,do no~ pressilre Third World lel.u;k~rs to reduce mJlhary speJ:uii.rn g. Wi thout II. s(fOl:l,g repressl ve apparatus. It would be l mpos~ihi,e [0 f',Mo1'te the hacsh policies dicta.~ed from WaJ~hin.gto!l.



Tih.e Rcc(rrc:l Sp~3Jks for Its'e:l(

There is e parableabour sv m<\.g~r who. goes toa local wise man and asks ~o OOrroiw the wise. man's dOnl~ey. The wise mao lies, saying ~he dQ~ey is .not ,. JUS1 then" lhe donkey brays. Th~ wiseman

... .

, 'J.

.,- .. ,.

pa:ti:re$,. then slIys;"Weill, wlh.o are you: gojngto b~icWl, ackmJrey or a '.

wise man?" .

Despite tbeS'teady ded~lDe of 11lire! Wo.r.ld eCOiri.omJe.s" liI1l!der the: a.Uelag:eof·e(lonomists from. the WO.fldBank and th.e InterruuUon;al. Mo.r:l~ etarj Ftlfid (ThfF). tht:$e insthutions kecpi~si$tiflg that th~lf wise ruM. 1m? '!:hell' ~free ~t" policies win eV~llroany fosler developmenl, Thi:rdWO.rM.le:aders art: lo.M !bait, in order t(), ge'l:m.ore loans to payoff the oM loaos. they rnest imp~e."ffl.e:llil '·:stnwtlJif.a.lad:jw:tme:nt" refomls. The&e ~fIl::ll!tJe: .

~. selling state eneerprises to the private se:ct.(!t ][1 Qrder lo make gov~ e:mm~ts more effic:i~n.t

"raising producer prices fDr ~cl]ltum gooos :SQ fMtlers wiI[ have the incentive to grow Mid mlllk.e,t more food

~ d:e.vaJ:uing local curreneies (in line with :their worldm.a:;kel value) to make expertsmere ooropefitive .in foreign 'markllts

~ red.ucing i;1lJ!r;iget deficits by cuUingcQll!lumersl,lbs~~ dies .8ilI.d ch:ar:gio:g user fees 10.r :soci:a:l services such <'18· health care, .and educatiQn

• ,e41couraging free trade, by dropping proreC1tio[l]st measures and by roWucingreg!ll.lation of the pnvate seceer

~ creatiJilg incentives to ,.umtCl farergnca:pitll~

Ye,t the centra~ questi.on that hi oonsiste.rrH]y a:v()ided by tfl.e eilifou:;..

ers of lh~ poJicie.s Is. do theY work? '

Look at the case of Afrlc'a. !bUry of the 47 g.o'ven1meill!S!n s-u"iF Sah:arnnAftka uve been .. presSll:re.dinlQ imp.Lemer,Ulog ad. j11JJstmenlrefom\S. The effeCts have been ~\"as:taling to the poor. lu eailyas 1988. we United NatkU:1I8 co:nu.c[uded: "The most vul:!"lerable popu1ation groups. in .paruclJ.I]m wQ.ine;n, youth, the dlsa:bl~d and .~~ a~d., have been severely <lind]y affected." I

Though. western. eeDnQm]s1S c]aimm that. these policies WQuid redu.ce debt bu~. by 19'92.·s e{(temal OOIC.t had reached $290 bi1lion. about 2.5 ti~ greiiller!1la~ It was in ] 98iO. Th~reoo.rd of tht::

ThW/W'QridBanlC; gl1~ is also Latin A:me.ri'ca. and Asian d:ebtor

counrdes ,8]j·c:h as the Ph!il1ppjnes, '

ASW1n coulltrieli such as. Japal1i, China. and Sou.tIl. K..orea.lhat lla ve experienced high growth. ra.tes have dene so not tirrQugh a dogmal:ic "free market" strategy as es,pollsed by tfloe Bru:.dt and tf1le fund, but through Mghly stale .. d.iftoCred, ....

Usually, we :ueexpo~ed to a;~alysesJmrn people in the top 2 peroont of the world's im::ome In con.ttast. 'the book Y'Oli. are ho~d~ ing.!]:tatioll of Third World ·voioe.sexplaiuin,g


. ~eqWfd:E!S!leMjaJ: crop pH.d is the ·tradUional: Na.uve Am.-er:it.m pt.tlng of ~.b.MnS, md .• _ .As therw1m:~iIr ixlaml treUis t'heit w,ay up the· 'l'iOm ~ .they n)l the- n:il:rog.e.n thatJs OO:ing ~~ ~o lh.e MIn from. th~ com ~ 1101 m nult:i.ents to pw. As the ~uaslhpmat provides an uDd_~whi!m. ,keep!! ,away-weedS .[Ibld h!!lps flO keep the ~II mohrt, their big ~.leDeI.alW keepl diQaimalsfwm Itrytng tudimb .up' and toteail Uw a:Pm!ellfll5 they ripm.

~ . .



lld"'l '; . ~.,

. A:t: lheedge bf!'~D ~he fote;~and. th~lake t:hewe"1:; aJ:waysl!i mb:. of both -fusiH !ll\dwhule other set of speae8 that. d(l!@1ln"telliist ~R. dther ·of

·the twa..· Em~_11 ' ...... ..".. •. , -',v,',tv -'"" 11' - ~ - - - ,t. ·t~ I."" .. ,..,d"'...... biilrnr-. ,

-- ... ~~ r~"""" .... cn .J~} il J!!I · .. .a!jl@Sa .. W1II! ~!Ih •. ""'J ... ~.,

twi(l,ecoI.·~ the ~ fro:tn'bo(h ~le:fmil can'be ~,'Thi6 .Uitru.~

. fot'laAd/wdft"1 £~tlgruda.nd.. estuarylDmUl,. s~d~wailklstfiOOil. 'whe:reYU~ ~eI! and 1:l'Iiatm:al6. alwftY6 IKl:U.ItMi[!!l~ a~ the ediFies:·~ S(tn,utd deb.riJ ani btown. by·the wind ~ .fl!lKe!!! _ walls. ~ased ~II!' m~ fOr I. ~. p:tOObttive lmdWca:pe- aeatll!S mOI'emnlta! H1!a, ~p;tt~ of ~ima' .People; llwayj; wanttu JI'Veun 1M li!dges.

WhmI.we builduuprdm beds Of~~ W1!" lab- edgemto aa;;mml ~ dQnttj~tttab.\I,;lp mW ~ ~~e9 m' OKles. We built an hetb ~~t to our hcm8eoutm ~ up ooill!:fere f:oom. an utd blliJdmg foufl;lh'b.'rhe ral~ 1lip:im1.8 ~ ffpace~ all!ab!'S a bunch of mittIe mi~tn· fw »hade lind i!RlnhlfHant imh!J, ip:('fe~ th"!' _naco are,ilI .• and Joob mdIy.~ •. Edg"dd.e:tine::~ .ad ~ak 'tl\i~lnh) h.1.anageabte ~mu ~loo.k ~ .! 1Ind. P,;lt'e what fm taIkmg. ~~t,


.Pb:nt St,iddng pel Time SIt.dQq ",dSWa1e!1 . . ,..... ..

In ttw futll'St thlllQut! • :series (If ,ml:uoonntded .1,tiI\'elQ .. m,,:m. tbe

ude:m~~ uf ferm:lUld hum. loth» uppercaopy ..H·El~ ,ume ~ .blwtuad of ,pJ~ A &t .fMd~. Ufle -cwr~hid!. ~ ·Iu~ ul ~tten:t~nn .ouW W!!!t~:r. thlil i dlla B to inlet:a'op tde,1l' Md. 4'Ofh1r ~.I dbnbllillJ pl:.a:pi:fl! .ad lw,tb8·i:nd dliifliftnl km& of ~ ~ IllWtYthing p1a(ed ~ ttl ~heir

', . ... .Ii...-= .. 1I.i... - -~..I' , ...... n· _.; ."..t..

. ~~, ~ul~ce.. fIWlr'~: ,IILI."'!' w • ....,r ~ .. '1.-._." 1 ....... ,

: In (mtt ofUwre~ttuelllln'~ hiJ.seq~~~of5Wdes ~

to a,!mW~-d~.J~lpond wrucn ~ :qmmta· downbJ,l:!W"twm, of Ule1lklF. ,M fue, boumn..mlheiIQpe lhml~ A bmldlol.~'_ (Jl

mudwh1l~ an the ~,.tdh::i~ phmh!d. Swdtls IR jtlslt~ .~Mg 1(!'1;!e'1 .

HQV.UOIllS tlMt.~ d'~ ~p &t~ Wdef in the'~,~ &0. or ~im.MiW. Thy"ridiff~~t than dUd,,!!!! ~'.~ .. of jQiI diV;tl~ ~.k[ ~w it ~ ,dajn ~wbeEle ehlt< iw01!li:CiWm W iM~ept Ow wat~ftowj hmd .. , lD.r a few hQUtel Qf d~¥~ .iUl.d let ~l .-dOwly ~,tmfe' I:he gM1lUl.d wat~ •• re~

. ~. ~ ~ropt: ~\litll.Q,'liS. The siJie wua hiS I!Iwampfull of al~er t~,~ ·-~uplt- yearioago,~ ! the p~n .. e aew has booa.~ting .th~ \'J'Otterto, .~, Uw, Wtll at:eali; mm and. !!he [!ill.QTUd.~ ,iUel19 mtml' f~rti!l~ (!Of

- pmng grou:~d ~ .. ~'dy~ .. 1\8. repll~ them wHh (mit ,and nut tree8. Trees anl· mtalW, lmpod!mt pam. of IIwml' plali'lUng BJ'siRA5., o.fea.du:t Bnnt lj.~ us how .u eu:wthl! ..wd~ ~. ~o hanlftd Iheir wood. 'but doos itiif(~I:f~.' w~JI' that fh.e y~et t~ an. bb

~ -;., - - .,

-_--". .... .",..-,....--_ ....... -

.dvan,tag;.e- oftb uld mot ~yll1vMl_lIX~ -~ht ~1Iil nm'\Qlvifts (he' ~opi~.J~f nl~eY~rythmg~!foe ~jbeat ·~,id~I"i8 to Htup ~ ,!i~ :m thaI it ~''t Ilt!ed. any :b1putu:iuD [the ou:b:ild!e and gm ~If ~ong a ~U-alnh!W,tld, ~~te.a


~ rlrtftle8 in,th.i;'f~!iil Mve like 26 dUlt!H.nllyp. of lung;i, u.d ~h, and klsil~t; !thal' ~ml!bowp.y a. r,o!e ,lin tihel!r ,life. In U'll~ iu~t~ th~ ~. bup, b1~~ 1~ .~. and h~~tfY hw.t.lioW aU work tOS!ldiu!1' to 'I:~tean i..nh~d web. Sum.eMm,e~ rather ~ ·thiintJng

~t Q ·!>It'IlIimdi''!l'idUl!1lUy,. ir8~, to.~, O:f~tbm. in du~ (II'

,groups. the' i:nd~\ .. idqdl U'e ~.gtetedarotnwa[elemw:ttkN! cad1

tht!.8euNUps guil!cht m the-ful\Utwe eaR talk aut tM tir tree :guild

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aplpfe Wild P~lHn ~-t~are~ ... ~ he.ud Q[ __ , which ~ .tfuJ

,l,S"rau dJownWi. theu~!;l by S~, llu!y .Jw t!'OI~ up any fm i;t w~d:!. !a:I~ :and .m~ ·lm. :th.e .po1Ul..d.~pr1l:Yv~g d~a8eflI m .the ~ti. Eve.r:y 'WiIo!tJ'k.Ut 100 ItM ~~p .aftI·.fI1IO~ troJD ~ll.o~. :k) .u.utJ!t«.!iU ~utthl;!¥ donll ~e' the ~ too kl'W. l'ok~ the ~ heWlIhy and Mt· ,~om:~wit:trt Ulivamw ,g~ W ~ . W YllfK)w .. arn:t don.rmd.borqe·lRdnettfes: md.camby IWU_ the tlhcm.·· ~. --ap .msoe~t tlil£'ml and ltkv ithe$ tl'.lQ. We an [!!.Ity 113J~ the ~ !rih~t, i.IIlU he.~ 'W~ Imw in Ule' o~Hd .. d~hfo! klmIi· ,11m a.U c{U1~&uwt .

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the many d~agin,(~ff!!cts:of we neoli beraJ eccaemlc ,strategy irnJ· iios~ Cl'n th~m by "~x.peru" from, W~mngtoirl. As ,Marti!1l Khio:r, Di[~c.· Ulf of'~. TWrd Wm1dNetWlOtkin ~ays~a. S~ H up:

"Str!Jl'Cru:r,ili~ adjustment: is' a.policy ~o OOllitiOIliC eolonial trade and. eC{)[I0imic piilHe:m.s de'Ve~oped during th~ oo]oni:e.i pe:ri.od. but wbicb the No~em [powers w~t It.~ om:r[;jnue l[] period. EcanJO.micaUy speak~ irlg. We! r cotlntli~ . ln ~('l. SOlltilllj M6 m.ore depend!er)( on the e;l(·colo'nia] cO'lLlntrie.s 'thaI! w~ ever were, The Wodd Blimk and IMF are playing the rote tillar!: our' eX·(.l@lorua] masters used to p]ay,," .

A c!emrnlprob~e,m. whh the ,stroclu]'aiadj'~stmeIU poUdes is that the,y are developed and .imposed in an undemocratic mru:lIl!er. Unelected ll~~t~s fm.rn tih~ N@rW and South g,et ~o,~~af' and d'ev~s:e WeSiC po]~ciell' whhQ~U ... ny inp'lJ.t frQ.m. the poo.rniHljority who wll!] be end, .~~ ~~: h<U'dly S't!J1PriS:llJlg mat th~ poor eM Yip being R1!lR by policies th~y hav~ :~Q :say in df!vis:ing or im.plementiog. Leo:n.orBrion~s of me FI~edom froe. Debt (;oMi:~~ol'l (Ili ~ Pl'n.i1ippineSexplaiRiS that:

"The very logica.ndfra_mework ofstrucrum'l .adjust· m~n:t poUd~s. require 'Il~~p[,~s;sion of democratic: rlgbitll. lIDs 1.5 because the-!iJc p@rnkcies demand dmstic:flSlCa'I. mO!l!~ ~taryand ,~c()in:omfcmea:sllr~ m3!t Camlot help but [ very sWl1(g reactkms from the public:. And s'uGh reacriens have to be rep'~s~d. It ]soot ~Il!:prl:sili!):g: tib..a:t tIlany struc· woo adj'llstID~a;U pl"O'gams .3ff! $Il'O~srnJly jmp~emeillted in CQUfilrle.s like rnyowD. undcra d.icta~orship."

"The Bank :staff. liv~ng lInd working comfortably'!:]] the. Washing;llOrl ru!ea and ve:Ulill.linng fQI1.ii1. ifJ, l!lIXlJry. W"im fmt..class fHg,hts. and hmei.s, are out of tnuch with both tl1,e lle'Biitilities, om.d!h~ eeuses of ,PQv:ertYln Jt!h~ Thkc:l WC)rld, WliJrld B<!.nk staff', who deal! a!:m.ost exdllis;ive[y with mill" ]S~ers and senior ci'viJ se.rv~'IlS on m~~r ·m~.5:srolilS.' <lire slmp]y blll.r~a~cralS t.ll!lkfl'lgco~fld!l!lldaJly with Ol.I,Uoc:rats, getting oOlllyinJior:m.uio:n thia~ the bo.rrow~rg(lve'rnmg')ntll Wa!I]t m.e· BiFlnk: to' have,"



I ,












Thl;' ~~. t~n_g happli!M ill. ~b.ando~n~d. mbb~etGti!i, and pJlI!i~:U:n.'ti, ml!d anyw~ d~ wkerelhe land has b~n di"n..Ifb~. A..11~ wHI b~ oolo~ by a .fIDeW \vtitld and ~ tilly·.::r whid! lJilipl.h.oJ.d Uw: !:iOil again!'!" ~Uft, hril'q; \vatltttv, lli~ lopooili1willlht'ir .roo.t6:, b"_ak up wmp&Ctiul\ ~x mt~n, mduce !iailb,. (II" bring, up :I1:u.Lrimbo &om ttw _b~ wNch wil·tmd tip mtihe lop~!On u th~y die bKkand~l!cump!.)ge. _Bm~tty 'b~fllwit~ b~g ul:d ..

lth<.il11'!S wil~ m'V~d~ .IIlifi an!1Ii and h~ everything. a-wi:ywhl]!e the lu.d 1~a18 iLHU. E:v!#.nluaillly, just Hke with lhe..JId!tlr~_tref;lt; wil~ ,t;wwup thwu:z:;h

thit Mad<b~ftY Vint\6imd!ih~.~ 4)~~. .

WI!! .~ du lli«l. ~I;i t~ by bu:ildi~ up Ule sWlad !iUNt.~i:liling(l" uwn herb, p.~OJ:'li~!iI.r, mfld, >cl~m_ '~l'ecieli!i. Dep~d~guPQ:n fhe Iype uf d .~!I)~ .~tan w Un (wkich mi,ght b~ I!'rvded~ !l~;te4, ,!:!wampy:,. worn {lli:l.t edt ,idkiliLine,. d:~}Nly~ .or~andJ)r~~:f.iiI ~~.i!b.~(;l~o intnuiLl!cI;I pi:alilt~ that wn~ euily WlVivol;I ~~d rrngnt by .~ .USltf!l,d lhwl Uw tI,xJsUng 'Vt!.IJ;!t:atitm. We can. srow OOYft

! crUPJ:i t'f c1olv~lC or aIIf~~. tJ:t 'p~aY Gr be'~ which fu;. mtrogen kl~h~ loon EUld l'twnt~'lhl!m ~D. ~b~~M up Ute ~ertliJty.We,c:a;n gWl\V bli!lcl::w1wal w~ch ~9 a ,~ p~l,ipihonu;itcwmuJatu:r Q['lvintl!lI)le whicbftlpfl'~efI w~:.1?~~ We~_

~ptwdpc~ w~!O jr!!tp, a !i]fti,temalnd rutve Ulie:~ do our wurkfw ~ whil~l~ lli'lip~p~ly licv~ l'@lir HVli1til. U we play (Jiur camy Ii1lgh~. in 2U Y""~ Wtt C!ln e~d up 0.:.; w.~ th. Io;rttsi~ W ~~~liiJt;!il!Y1d p u -a~e-8 and bJll$ Thit~!!I the pJa - a

p~.rf:lilan.£l:nt ~lVkuHutte. '

Sh,ed MUltchins' .

, TR~re:'~ aU t~.6ub,t:Ja 1itU~ ~ieet mu.J,chmgpmj.·.alI '(.IoVif' the f~i:m·~ Jt .• ~ "'really ballf,l~ ~~tdea. l'h~.~ UifulJ. of n.utrienho ~UiG:e irs &('I. good at ptdnng' D'IIiJ:wrca1~ up ifr.uHl d!mvfi .in ~heN~]. Ie: OOoom.:efl1ob~Oui!i. plr,I,lUy quick lthal it'!ill a W4lli'~~ uf tjaw ami R!sa~to try.-.d. pul! ,l,JIil.d of tibe g,mund amuj clear bfthl.f'Ul!' gmwJnu:~tW'f. It'!! mrudt ~I.:rit"r w jiwd.thn':!w albiiCk ~.~yjl!r ofw~t ·C!'!rdb~ (l!f - 1001d ~d OVef Ul.:m'l ~ wtdt· .. ye~~and when It!~ top .I.>ty,er"l'l~ W,e.udll IS deljid] and roi:ttld bilCk. into ~h,eiwil fNm. an t~ hilal and ~~c,k of air, Uwn it'!i hnw tQIPOW thtl yt!s:di.libJ,il~. Pt::n.ud:ttilly I 5tumhi.e up.Ufl! one oJ Blil;!nfs m~;dd]!l'ipots ~ ~t~ uf b ... ~po~e't1l or ~~ b.r~e& w~th njl~lo1.n Hl(~'1S be~ ltreili!!::ing up :fru~. tbe cm:1boaN..SleUlng fhi!! .r;;o.H Riilidy

fur nll'xl yHar. .

Pigs s.1ud IU1JNlj' .

Thl!' piS'\! :~ leedeve.ryday Oife£\lJilGed uft in .an ,il1'~ fuU oi th~11l ~:h.ick W!.fe,dca~.~~d ~unkutj,tbl'!j l!CSJtbJjl!,d thrt~ugh()llt u.~ past~ larullt~t! cwll1ly halfld h) ~el .rut UJwdh farmlnad~UU!I}', but ptgs !ovt! ~o' .diS wdh t.h.ei:rmuu.t!i

land root IE,.! p whi.t,!)Ivtlr they ~MI.. The h,mge.1:' t~y hang out there, thi! de~f; thartt:iojJ g)!!t! eVI:1.~tuaUJlbe {.ann. Q'i;lW i~ gwng to p~_i ~otht!l" fruit and nut ~;.um~~A. W !!·!;<~t tu~e~d tht:'Ql (Jw; ,g~b.ilG)!l, ilhil)' girt -lo play· iirQynd all day <U'!d b~ r~ny (:Iii~~~ ~d ~ bunch oip!!Dp1~ (not l'n!!:) 0!Il'.~ guin.g tu b~ l,."ailil1,G!I. .~~~. of ]']'Wtd ~n ~hl!' Wmlertuw'l't!.

C D:W~ lm,d )la:n:r.iloo _

. 'Jhecuw bamtl:! d~ the-.lilke. T'hen!~a h~tl!'f;l ~ump thar~

b~en pl_~ed ~ ~h@' ~dge ,u~ :I:h~ barn ~!.hidtab~rb!illt~ t.lX'O!!.~ mt~l.\l:refl ue. the cDw~uruwhkhwould (JU~~l!til.~.~ downjnh)·lhelake. The clump

g~:ifi plittllod~COI~~y h~~:!I!i!df;j):r pdJl:~. Ilvt!tytru:ng W!UdU:il out. . \31-

..,17' _)


WoridBm, ~]l4Ft aad AgncUlmre~ .c,h.m·h.,~ C.obb'F~e ~ ..... ~,...It:..,:!,

First it wa!S.t~e chemical-depeedens miracleofthe .so..c~Ued Hgr.een 'revo~u~ion~; rnow lilile claim ~8 biot£lCnlElolo'gy wm feed ~b.e wOirldL

. The World BW p];ayeda 1,eadiDg role in con ve:rtiug global

agdcul turai prnctices: ~oac.bemi.ca1 dependeJ1ll, Dutri.en:t depleli n,g.

: and poll utiing system of foodproduc1uon.

It has t.Onsisknt:J!y ~n\l'eskd iD .mGliISmal agricu.~w;ml projects that driv·e :small farmem Gffth.eir Iud and fo.roelargtHscaJe srng:le cr:ops

te be groW.D for :the ex.~ort .Rl:adel Mu__y nations that used I~O be self~ smficieJ'itl .are'.no:w obHg;ated to import btiicfood sople.s because the majerity of fertile land is dedicated {(J gr-owing a few cash crops for expert,



t\, t:

1<. ' M€!an while, chemical fe:rt.i1i Ze\r51 Ee·stic.iGes amd herbieides are

t,,- J wreaking en.vimDme~tal havoc. The emy real beleflciarie.s in tllis ';~'~ . ~ scenan 0 aile:!be companies w no' sell the chemica! inputs and h.y brid ~ ..... \:..:1 seeds, ~ 'ti.eU invleistQrl,j. Now tha~ these SMlif: compani es are

":~inves:tiDig: massive doUM'S to develop b~QtechD.ology prodrurefs., they

. ~r~ ]ookln.g to market genetieall y ·e.ngi neered « GE) seeds MJid ,chemicms.designed to trfea;!t tile C[Ops. NQ~. only do GE crops continue the unsustainable trends of ind ustri aJ agrieulrure, .they also pose a w hole Flew set of hazards to bled i versi ty; the,, sad hlil!mq. health.

GEcrops are being commercialized that have pesticides built [nto ..

them thatase SiC)' strong. the plants are :1IJCtI1IaUy registered as pes~icid~s with th.e .EP A.. OE traits (ian Q.d. have spread tD other p~ ants ercss-pellinaticn .. Beneflclal insects such as lacewings and lady bugs, . have beeo harmed byexposere to these t(ll/(i c pi;anlts. On tile human. : n.e;alth. froA~. the concemls. that there may be unforeseen aHei!'gy-

causi ng Qf toxic effects fro·rntbe nove] proteins p-:roduced by t'be of DNA from differe_ij~ species. GE foods aren't

to be tested befor-e ' commeseialized, so weare all essentially

partici pa [Its in. a mass ex periment,

The Wndd Ba~l:k. is investing in the "gene revel ulicn," Srl.U promolcin.g short-term g"'~ns f(]fCQrpofati.o:ns and .anagricu.huilf!j syswrn that dissernpowe:rs developing ",_odd faanersinstead of 5lJstaln:a.bieagricultural practices~ Ul.'Je orgamc bmtin.gof ] lil~egmted pesr managem:e:nL A ma.jor " .a.mju$[ment" of :the WOrild Bank ilcse:if is needed if it is eyer to meet :the rea.! food selCU r.i ty needs

of the developin.g wor!.d. .

-_. ~



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~"'. I .~.



Cv4 ~

The new flood! Pyra:mid Stop :fooo monopoly.



_ 11I'~ ilUR'!)Jt 'w~,I~r f<d18' fNm Ut~ !:tky, ooa.k~~nllo the b"()i~, m,OVL'<t> lhw"li~h th~ ~i .d aC1't)S" th~ lafl~. ri~~ up in the Il!tl!ms uf 'If(;'t'ti, and ret,UfiI.s til,) '[he Ilitm~'Ph:tm!'. Ttw Mml:! way lhli k~ lnHu1' lu,,~i hold tmt~ WO!il~. 'U!:>~ it" Ilhtln ~~t it Ibad. uu.t ~ w~ hy b.J 'm:m IOUWS 'IJ~ U'U.hi:l!fl~1!: ,illDd eIU:l!~y (SUI'i"

'iiYalw. wind, tn:g:mi(; w~t~) .~ utlt .farm ~nto cyli~.

_ We mtvt!.!II plJ?l! wrum mIW (i:UJlII o~rw<li~[ ~!)'iil1)W (a spring} ! th~

hiU!i arm ~~h~'l'!:~~;!i thllf~uw b~l'i:!' ~t nfls do",., th ~cn!ek ~nd w,to Our jake., Our pip'~ ,~miIIP..r~cl;!'JI! down 1:0 a b~S ftottuOi!mmt lo,;nk at l~~ lop gf a bluff whim rurmmi!!i, til) a num~r uf ,()lh~ pipes which. carry wa:i:l'!r dm-vn to ,our hutl~t'Silnd fWJd~ The ld~!1I. iis bJ caJkh., ,!llG.r~ and 1i:Ii!joI! ,1l_U uf~~..w ~~u'u[O;!',tI ,bdon.' tn!;!y ru n off 'Hit'!! prop!!rt,),. Rt1CYdmgki~chWfl W·Qh! m~iU' wm!F"u~t, d1~I!!Jjn~' hOIllJ!!I~~Ul~cl ,~waler iintu thE! 8i1fdlli~,rak~n.g ~t!'ElIV~ u:p awund ~Ii!!i .;]~ :mu::dch ~ l aU dUl~t w~yt! 1)1 I!tl~rgy cyoding. RiI!ith~.r' than u!i!ing I;'XiP~t::Rij vt", CUlRlfJ,t':o!, nwdulli:l'l}' wW~h n~t!di P'l'lruleum andraru:iiom, pM!tl from ti:!(;!' ,uthf!r !ifnI<' of t he wW'Jtt wee!;! &Md 'too~ ~kil! ~th'eti,) whe!:!'Jblll'tt)W,!I, fu.rk.r!l,,3f!d ~.pfldes. The

en we '!!xp!'4nd u>U!t In thl! fil1~d!l gOO'!:! ~nmiIJ eur food ,"uHf v aJRun t~1il w,~ ,~at

lu:! . ~,Q:nd ~ht! crde !:it~r:ts w~ uv~,t as"',

The- idea ,w 't,u O'iio'a:te a do!lCOO circle wben!w~ .feed. oU!rw~ve!iJ ... m dU!n't hay~ kli bt! drllJlWildell!l un ~h~ gluhll mi!rll-'!t fur Utili" !l!1iJnriv.3JI, Th~ ~dWl !.:I,r WcaiJil2led ~~tlmf is bUt!cl {In ~be ~~,f,! prindpl'~ ~ 81.1 pporiins your friend.!! and ~j~ oobi\:mw:dty :Iifid .. k~,lng. the· trade f'.hj,wing in a! .owe'. B~yi,[ilig frOM

the w:i:~bQrhQQd fa:rnily mail«!'~ [<l.the.£' th.a:n Utft !ll(,1§;iI.fiiaU ~ !!lupporrlin& b,lI~.bUtdn!l!S6ee' talihet Uta givinl il ~,OI people who lJt1/1ad:y .1:U1VE! pli!n!ty I)~ Dlmtllt)" ~ :UVfi! femty fu ~way (rom y'uu ~n bfli.~y ho_!I!'S· ~~wh.e-ra.

A.~I.'!d. ~g~. pi~lnd. dbniUt tpId~,.

t:)_, ]'--;'IIJ. .. ~" ......... , . -'. ~ ., .... I' .. iOOII ,-d" . .L,.~ ... --_,,,, •• ,-~:""A ,_I',,+,,,,V,s'" 1I"i, ..... ,,, .... ..;.,~. I~"''''

- U ... ~v~,."., "'~ T .. t~'r~ !!l'! _ y.l.AIlI'-J§8 .., ~ E!!F. __ ~!l<'. iiiI,!,.,. .... - ,0" ~ •• ''O ~ '""""" '''' ..

nrt:!w ~~oo ·of· dif~t sped,~!!., Eacl1l $tai@'jt;' O'IE:'",h!!!Ithe right OJ!I1di.tions for' tM' next i!lt8JgJe. men. thl:ttwilg. SiEit~t down o.n. thiJs 1~. th.e first l:hing that hap,peN ~ 'the amdE1'!:l G'fU'~"'. 'th~ ~ pab:hrl!!! ufllhiJ.~t an ,uiV~r U!1::il! ~n~t from whil3(e Utlll<i)ld t~ Mv.". be'!!" ele~:t. Alder i:!ii ;1 piUnWf'5peaes. Thlri.r roo" Ih flii'trowm in tbe .~d 4.rt'I.d 'build u.p th~"'f.Oil ~ur' lh~ 0re;d ~~Uun b..:. mnlE! at_AlB Ut!!'rest of l~Aij"ra. and fnu.flct ~eveh,1p !UOlt.!I'I.d U!.~m h1i ]af~~ ,of vi:n& md.·~Jmlb6;wd ~d_t'tI~~f ~he cedai ud.AIl: 9.~o,dy bt1in growmg ~m Eve:n:tu.a:lly the alder faI:l .ll.nod break had dow n into solJ,tohiElde>d QU~ by

1I!e'dimMtspedesredM ,1IJ'ld £k. ~


ftecbiming; ' i(nowl@dp

What'!> 1nr:Fediblv b; tlul't pi!DPW arim'tleaminu ~th~tle !.dWli$ anym~ • luod olltiv~un and land, ~t~wardsbip are raphUy b~~mg l~t ,ads. Nut,

. " ;:.""'" ~flJ1em!tiun$ 'back mrn-1 oI, Um" famiJi" •• etI W~, ',prowd,ms. lb" m,' r uwn,', , ,foo, d ,~'IJ m~ ... ,[)-- - " ~_ .... ,t. ,L_.l ,-,a'~ . thJ' baCk rd' in unewa.y ~ anuthe.r. Our g.ranl;lBl,",u,,~",.liOI.U ~4""~ ,~~ m ' I eJ;( -' . ya ,~

UU[' grrunpas would cukh their own £itih, yeop.l~ wuu~d !H:'w'lh~ uwn l>~ and grow tm tIa1l\(;! tlJ,matues thdc gr,amP~tlil h:td~wn. We bved, in li.ght~ GomnuutitmiViith mor~ ~.~ ,1!Wli.~ iUld had a d*,~[ cOnnedWn tu Ule bwd we U vecd en and trur peop~e around u!il..

NUi~ 011 cou_ple mulUnal.Umal dtemiolJl 'C~eIiI.own mti!;t of ~~ crop ~~#dl,!l in the ",odd and gen.eUcaUyallu uut (fX:itf W, be dependent o.n their ,f~riilUt!n;M:Id habh::ideli, We grow out fO!Jdon h~ ka£b; of mu,~ped land and trmu;pod it all Olli' elF the pl!JG! In fIW11bier tnu:iu,; and, b_uy it 'w~p:t!d

. up'in pla~ hom nightmui:ili ·wpeltihnw., Wfi.; Vi! !:ii,l:awl.ed. out. 0{ u~ ci.U~~ in r.;t:r.mgie}wJ,dti of hiuhway ,a,nd '~l'W u.p u~. b~st at:!fJ'cultural_IWil, W_lt~ cancwvlAiS gwwlhJ.uf ,sub\UVan devWupmmt 'and ~1:ii~Pac:ks._ Our OOJPOfnY hi based on an infhlliteSWi¥\-th model that duusn:'l &doi' in i.'Iu£ismil~ nat~~

I ~n;e!i ll( P'OOf~"'s' H velihlwd:t> and ba,pinl;?Sij. Tb~rin.nI aI~ £WI uf t:wuc", '~v iUjt~ and thenfll a la\'\i' agiILinl:it fru,jll :~ in. my humM 'tuwn bol;!cau.tilil ;llilil' ~fruLt might fall onpeoplej' carY. Kid!:! like me grow up.n big aparlnumt buildingti totally aLietUlted and du.eJ.w;s and nf,W'el' knuwing wh~~ uu:r food, .rt',dy _,oom.etJ.

flOm or how .wy~ l'lNlIIy worlui., , .

W~n lliste:n to the MWIi! un Ihl:' 'Ndio (uD of war and ~talltrophe m,d st,oc;:k Im!!£-W buUtdut, I take comfud .bl t_ fad U1at Ute9ldUs I'm ' ~ns will n;!!'VH b~e o'u,tdated. Nu' ma.~ ntd. up d\lint;; I wm, never be cWw~ized od 1'vp~aoed, by iii ~. I'm u,tdngt.u tlp.m4 Uwrmit q

Iny !.if"" help~ng *10 cleanup ike m.etil!i' IN wrpurati.(lfIS hay!]! creattd in aU }\'

!heir Grwd-;md tdwri~ight~etO!l. ,Md jru~ , !ike Ute ~ of the peup~1J I wurk wiith everyday, I'm, jWit-going to pt b~U~~!It all ot 'thD ~liu.ff all UiW y~'WiI,go

on; Anyune can ['NIH huwlo gruwf,ood, omd mkllomr, of t~~Jv~ andtn-e world around them. What foHoWli are oome.rough n.otd about .some ut tbe ff) !lb,.:.ff w~/ -. ~ b~~ le.ami1ls O'i.! i he're.

._~ __ ... __ L". - ---- - ----'""....- ...•


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The I!r.ob;!U~[liQn pr~cu h.u rom!!: ~~y d}i!il'J;t:t·~r· iSI1Ql,1m "",Ie, ,k~~1~H" arne Jnifloilli":<lll(h'l of u M~ch ~DQjj!iii: ~[y"'i5 posoibr~, and the ~~:~g!'!m.iiIlll' of~vcl)' r~mainins ,an;~! or li'f:~, ThC:51:: induck' the

f~ ... ' r,m,;ainilng pruli,n~ ~'~m,=nti of 'fh~ mmmflM: d~I11~lI'u of Iif,~, '!hiJl Mv~ w Jar ~ QUI$l~ ~hc !i'lId· i n~' ~ym:m, ruh'lBr~, ~,ri1 W,l.!e<, k'!:d~, ~nd l'h~ gen~t· "~ 'Irut!!.lR'!" of Ilk AI'I are brillS' priVOltjl!:~di and ~m·

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LhE ~~ill1; .... ti,;;;~ "E m"';m~' f"Ciyl,nloni: !~ .... s, 0' I~I"'I ff~ [~~I slw down c()rpol"iltiaon~ ~nd their' in·v@Slm~nt5..a£ tbq mo'~~ ~~= mtio;nal borders. ThE goal i$ 8lob~1 il:lt~l!r~!;O"!lI in, ~~a~1 I!() Jl'\':hi>:v~ gr<:'ik r ~nd dl~~~I' ~C(W '"0 ~n::~ r'!:Sg~r~,=~, n~"'" muk~'!s. and chea p bbor, .... n~roe"l~r!:h!::i' ~n:, Marl:' 'rcc~n'I'l'}", lree [rad~ ha~ .~ bc~lm!~ ~pp:l~ !~ ~f:'ii~1 ~~~df U'~ .• ru~ncy, sroeks; '«=tc.1, which is now Ir.cled 31, ,a l'II!!i'lef vOJu..,~ lh~1I global lTad~ in g'oo4i a,nd I'<"""~.,. MC!d~m i"form;iI~on [~lnWlbgy 1m rna,de [I pt)uibl~ 10 ~hi ft unimal!li nlibly I~rg.e SYm~ ~r irL~"~Y ImiLi nti n<:ouslv a£1<l,U bofrd,~f~ ~n;W~~ in 1M ... o~M. at ~J,<: ~Lnk~ ~'r ,~ c~~~!~r ~<:~. Thi~ h~1 ~Jf"'='dy h",d i".·liui d~[aO"'~I'I'1~ dfc~r~ On '",me ~g~ rn~l;C'i' C~O~Qn"C5 •• 00 "'H a p~'ofC'r'l ~iI."'~ ~~u~.~ of ~i~~ 1997· t998 8l1.Jh.i1 Imancla,1 (m I~. ,: C"tr~n~ Jj~t 1~T'l!d~ rn"J.ddi, ddy u.d.t,(li'I~. f.,~ ~ [r~Q~ 11;QI,!O'l~ .,~ C$pous~d by influ~mj,i~i C';;Qnomk ~rus Adam" S"",ln and D'~"'idJ r;:,eafdti, iwRO~~ n;,me~ ar'~ oflol!n I~~d by froec r~~g .,h"CI':;~[~~, .",i'o:id,~. ~m II h. nor Ric~td(l b~II"",,;:I ~I;~! ;;Qr or~tjom ~hO!l.d ~~ mol:>iI, •. 0, rhol (~~it~j ~"O'.I!id ~I:' [1-:'1fl1l (m~d ~(J 1e'!:I'\t~ ns owon "L-J.!!. !'UII Ul'1lrl'y_J

fR,Qt1 A ~Il! M Ii, " P'ffp,..,rd h)'

7lt bll!!M!Jli~iQr f",rJjHI !I.!I GJ.I"'rlr"-'l~Wo!I (Ifq

Tht on&)" ~~£~ti:on to .;~ p;rc~Cjnt Inillid [Q·'IIo!'iira

. t~ eiI!mln~tio.1II o:f ~I)Mmit :bo:rdcn *ppliH'to IIOor. which is S!m rnolu\!y no~ I~.g'lily ~ to 'mOft ~[ Will. ' A, l1i.obik l!ibor :f,~, wQYl11CI ~!'iOO51y ,com,1)llall: II!1!lt. ters fo.r co.rpo.!';U~Q!lll :~kins ~ ]l;!lWll:sr ~"bh:Io.I1~ ~~d W-Ite' C'OlITijJI:litiun ~1'I101l1f C'OU!ilImi~. ,Ali It 's. mii~lo' . OOUi'lltin of tlrt~ I!f(]rld, .hlt, Unitcd King.@i!'!l i~fll!i& . liKm, h~ ~fI ~o ad¥m;RtRn !Ill';" !;tn-cine IO_iiI W;jjS~' jn .1helrr-.:g@rl.

A."m!:,,,r k,.,t ;"g.-.:g;~m.oi !h~ l.,..,~ t~d:~' mo~J is cxporl"Q!I'I~"'red ~Oli!t'!r9n. based ("''I !h~ th.ecrle!i of !~~I~1i~tJ"Qift. ~I htlndrd }'~;U50' coloni,d ruJe ha.rl ~~l1I!<lIdy qu~d d~~~~c~ on a ~""~eXllort '~omrnodilR:~ [n IDIIny, t;QI.!in~~i. SoU, YJI"!!I!I !h~ 1980,.; • m~ny sm.1I ,e~l)meS ,oi' fn~ world ,f,oll'ow'~d pcJici~~ !I-;~[ ~i.l.8h! ilrc\1ll!:rn~tioniJ ~OO t~8:iO<n~1 iel r':l'dlll!1O~, ~~p~iilily iii} QrlJcia~ aH>l5 like f'Y!:id proouEi:ion. Som~ ~chii!'o'.~d rnMI;::I~bt~, ~eecs~ ,Ma ions·,!e-nn uilbitUt-i by Cli'i'iJ~",Ui:imoa a .!liyCIJ'-c" 1,oc~1 ~eoMmy with ~ hro=-J i~~n~!~fld ~11Ii~ItUNII base, Th~: WillS p:miruta~:r irnpor~~n~ ;fo!l" fuod pmdu.l;J!~n, '~1iII1. ~aLirity" Trade acti>lity rernaill~d liYely, bu~ mi.i:niy in' =nomi~ aJt".~ rna,! GaLIM J1iol: c'lIs'ly 'be Q'Iil5fuiCIloe~my,

.Loe~.I or t'l:8!i)~j ~M·rdi,a nee, how;:-.oet, is §ruIbv~r'· ~iW; Ii) f~' tr~d~ ~ndi econom le ~k~b~ li~iI;tion, which depend upon hyp~f·,ul:'d, ,rnonomb!: Bli;~i,"i~ i~ evtry d'lI'lcnSliOi'I. I[ i~ f~t IC'~~ ~,o.nom~3,ny f<::""ar,cmnll Illt, globa I cgr:pOi'!:fions .... I;c<fl Joc~l~cc!n<mi~~ care {or or feed [nomill;J~~s dlln it is to h~",~ ~~n. ctRiIliI!ry sMp· pi~~ " rn"55'~~ '~!J[um~ of COIll1l~(i'=i i.;;;~5 OC~8'1'I5. (~xpori' ind "N',eivlng o.-hen; (i:mpon')"on ihO~ d,~t ~acl'l other i;1! (~ n.i~!. So, durinS' th~ 19aOs ~t:ld 'I~, "r~m<:n.d1Jl.l'5 pR~5Urcs ~ ~pp~icd to all OOUlfIl"l'lts, pankululy by d'iI~ World ai",k 'Ind ~Irt~ 1,,,t~m~!iQr:.~1 M';InEt~!"Y Fum!.. 1,0;, ~b~,n.don [n~ i~ OJi scl,f·["",e;i 1 ~"",,~, ~Q b~ syl1onylJ1l0US ",,'1 till 'j~(lj~tronpsl'ri' ~fl.d ·proL~tiong~m·:~nAiI 00 ir1lO~' 'P«JiaH-u: in 'pKldudr18 a mucn smaller f'lull'lb~r 01 eomm6di[[~ IOf ,=,~~r!t,

Thr~.~t~ of OO\l"~Olt ~nd. ~xo=:l .. ~~ From tM Llrltltr, n~I'Qn.'1 ~omQWP~ry ~rc i'ln~I,ly d{~t1i~, :mdi many 'rm"iI ,oo!mlri'l!:! dropp<:d .. h¢'r blrri~r§ to .f1JJ"t!i,en l!,!vI!5(" m;:n'l am! e,m),. COrPQr,~llOn5 ""ere c~~ .. ir.l:'~ 10

~n't'l:IiIns 'with the MonocuU - Le:woml in the F'UllU!t l<.iJckJn it un, lh~ 'f;;lirm p MOIl'lh Sl!ven

l' m !:IiUin,1i! und~r a hug,e eedar tn"\! ,un ;:I thick .cu!;hion of m!)i!;S and '

nt:~dl~~ and d~lnpu ... :ing W eod, if t; f;!,arly Saturday afieV1OOn,. and' I'm in the mi:ddll:I!' !..II the ful'lls l itct'OSS In!;! lake from. t.hi;!' fann. ~'VI! b~n, \'IIuikiing ,dl!larill'l~ tr,dJs in '.he park here tu. the pOil>i1. bunch o.E h:u-un., cutIUJi'lJ!l; ba-ck sollal roots a.nd pul~mg up' .fe~ now I'm wa.~,ching Ute ,'"']WEl"e~!> run a(1"OSl:; the UPPIl1[ tiiury uf ~ hI:! trl!~ and ~~ln:g, my ~c['U a:rlIU:iin the ~~d.e .• fl~e~~ng, !liwea~ b~t'ldilng duwn OIly neck. w.~l:ning, ~u,lhe sound of my b~a'th and the birds dlHpinu and the wind blowing <IC[Io~t.h.l;llake. I.'m. about at ('ern level, Wl)oking ~I'aish:l up iRlU lhe ~g ;ne~wurk of ~iro'i!b IIl11d w!ru~Js of t.~ branch~ light, thro'ughlhe pa;tt~ ui neoo]es, and S'w'irls. T- wH· UllJdel" the' n:.d0l![ ncedl,~ 1.' m res,Ung: en Wlil thick and blai~ held 1Lu8l!iliel" w.u h . dewmprniing urgWc matter- cu:ml~anUy in nux and .fun oJ .IUt!'. It'!:> all m,ulcli!!;!d ij,fldef a 'CMp't!t vi Ull'e b;iee',t,; enl,lrgy - br~u.i.l.1lS do"'vn and hu.i1dJ-ng up

. ii!l'id bre~~ba.dt d.UW'R ;!!,gain - b11(low~y g~mng taller and d~p'er - !widing

J 'lbj!' le.neq;;y in. and ~il!t:lh,g jltgu JjUJ.e by llme over tim~. liife in Ithis 'oresl is

an endJ.~!iS now 'w pwdudng. IOOiU,;i!jJmU:!g.. amid. demmposmg. 'The ~ I'm siUing . undt!<t sh'L.-ds it"s, w~j.ght and bWi[d~, the ooil ilt ,stands in. The (lid growth f~ t.r~es j:ftumps 1W@I)tW here ~ha.t W~J:'f! hand-fo8S~ in the' 1910' to .M vu

giant new her.nt~ g;row:irns ,out crf Iht1nl- fhe De'.\! tret!8 taktng ad¥,;mt~g,e of U.~ ,uldroot $Jlilb~'.!lIi!iI u.rved! ttnwugh the ~tllrnid n:;d,.

H~lE! ~n. lh;1l' forest;. Iil"ll~ tmng'!.s wfl]ltld.-!d up ad down and undElq,rround- from tht! ~1e6t mkrobtl ioonG nilrogen in Uw soil to, the WIlI,gar 'caldting ,El dt}e,r for Us dinner on the ed.g.~ .of Ithe blU!ff. Th~1l' an: ,iI. lo't .of imporlOlint ~m: to ~e~ uu~ht!Iit! ..

The B:ackd,mp:

So while-wool uf my £rie.n~ ,iU'Ie ~n :I.he city odUVillt.i:r!g the.irr st~ and bal.anci~ ~d:i vi!!m aFId wlDfii1b!, temp j~iI' or tlcammins: lheir'wayaJuRg the trainline8· and. sup~rmad;et dumpd~ of Amt1ric.a, thi:~ U'ma.n kfd'hW:; bel!fl lewmng'how to gli:O'w fiUOd ,ou...d living at a. farm .n~M Ute ~g.~ ~-l ~h~ tlu'l\l!l!>l on a,tinj island in BritJit;h ColUDIbiiIJ fur UllO'

past half ill. year. .

H~'fe's .my wl.IUnlr. I wOlkI'# up in ~'he morning with the SU11 lind writ!;! duwn Iny ~y dr"-anl!l. ~Jp' ou,t o.f ~hft lwuw aRd 6~ the pigti~wab;!'r the .W!!l:!1lhu~~ fu:U o£ 'll)mat~, omd P~:P'~ hlJild ill:} my J~.U.t~ bwcmli ilrarurphtnts: whim are jU5t biading tu ;mak,e, he~ wt FaJIJ; maybe jump' in Ute Jak~' if irs not tu dUn,. Ub"Will.y aHer beeakfast, lZ'W and th~ Rilit uf the Q'lUW head. uu.t h,ll :[h.ep~~cttoo garrdblJl andlw':vetil ,oom Utd ~ and 'tiqltml.h ~ 'c:aD'Utt. and, ~,,~mL!! .and I~ and bHhi ad I~tt~ ·and tOma!toos .~ zw:drinitmd.

blO1Si~. WI.' WIIlIk tin. bllilldin:g wmp06l orbuiM'ing k~ o:r sluw~g down ... rosion in.fue aeek that.~ Intu I~h.elak'e! by uUl"ho~. A, lim!!ti a week we'U ha Vi!! a ilis~Uill group k1nd,·o.£ cl!3$O en I:iOlldw-mlil!lb:)' cr Olm:p_~g; tuitiltilr Or ,md. trUytmg. A (il}Uple of us iIre bulld~g"a seed 'bank ,and nel;worki1lg l\lith il .

. b~nclt.of local filfUilei!.'l:l and !feed wmpanil..". arrd ~~,KIi.'6.


?~I"" oj! pW,!dkiU izl S .. b>f'&, 8_ TIn n97 }i.n ,1l$1 tI~IJ..ti 5o~rhl'l'ili! ,Ail" il.1 ,II dilwl '" 1 .. ll'kt ""'If rjJ{ Iltf {lJ lilt U_S_ "'fIT lIi<lilll, ca,,~fd' b,. ;'!A"tll!io!! ~"'Plll'i!ilS. IIIbie& illc,;lrl,)! !iilf Jilt !D' rtMI Jctl~sil: 10 m~h Illi:!Y Je~ Mr,,,. ~il pJ'lI~rl!~

'i/o"" ~~'70 d!1l"ifNlI"r<!1 prwlsJollf, bAI'C brH#ltd lilf.l!l' p.,jj'l ~lllxp.ol'lrr~ , ... ~ !'1I'!,ij'~1'rJ ftj\ifc~JicJl!l oj ~1m.1;itiO'jl~' 5J.1!_!!11 (OII!!ll11 ill IIiJollnilt !;,Oill!lllf. L,It'" bttld ,i(>(I_'I'{Q ~)' wrO ;>oiirirs ll!al giw ,,,,,II,,,,, ~J!'I'fttlil!m iIJ!D'If ~ruu kJ rht S!!!~IIJ,

lta'lt'S_ Th~ aVOClla!l!r pl!li~' ollo!>.:! thill Am~,ri(;.n5 now ~;,t Ins IraI"dc:d 5lO1I!I~ 1,500 m,ilcs {r,Dm soon:~.O' I!~b!~, !o(!'ldr Ib;rCit\il~~ 1'1 Dtii'!cil!s Ih~ (iO'!plJ(ra':I:' ~UOtS .... ho ~j, a 1 Ih@ hub oj 'he PfQC~S~, Th~ ili'll;;rli,aj:ig 1l~1 trs m~,porl: r~q"'-I~;;J by ~ ~Icb-~iliud a8fkuhujl~ ~'Y'l't.m dr~m~'lea,ny In,"~Ji~~~ Ih~ n(~d for !1i~"'" 'i'!fu~!iiIM:!II!rc:=mor,~ ~ads. prpclin~. ~Ind ~"IP~rl~_l'Iidl Iii u,mall~ E~Ifi.J~I'iyc

~u th~ ~11i~ITOnllfl.~"I. ,U, _II as :r'~5IwirLn ~ ~ ~I-~a,~~j ~!~~ <JJ 1 rn£!Il h,,'I~, T"~ tremendous gtO'Wln Ir. ecean sh Ip' ijUI~ i'i~f'(!a;~~ oc~a~ j)oIIY~i~1I and b'inl!~ "".~ a{ler "~:wc oj 'iIV3~'ivt, sJiiN:i~s- tracl~Jiil, pilr"~,lre-"" VI~u~r~, !iili5CC':§. i!ilfild, ,2Ini,nn~ls~N.. Mltrek ride-.s: en lru,ckri,

II~nEIio o. ~hip~ Illl,;aded fot ne .... I~al~s,

Allmh-~r ~n~,romTIc:nti i com~~qIJllffiOl:' I)f !"~ n~ .... ilf!l'l~'" liS' ~n: iliiCrHiedi ,clcp>eiiiicle'ntc On l:>io~~chliio~Oj:~ h,~, l~n~tinm:y mod~e~dl Orlanl1m5), This not "nly nink.5 t~ croj) g~,,,Jt poi>! furt~ but [I\,,'re I~ erDWing ~id~FlCe lkill H~neli(;a.I!y rnooLfi!:d crop~ "mcl~ a, ,new ',lnd, of ·1!!~Il>C'tile !'oll'Jlion· Q5 '[n~ gen~lj.;.Hy modltled

• ~ II'!, ~I'''c"d I!J "'~i'l!nootH'IS ~i'e;p$ ~nd .... ~ :01)1 Idl'II"~' \J'ltolillt:h Cro~5 poJl1i!1ll'I!Oil, I n Inc: tli5C of 'pIa nt5 ~.It~Fcd I," bot p~5'-rui5i~ni ~hl~ n~ ..... kind! '01' iWllu jj'DG h~~ lll~.~.dy b~~n Ilm .. m ILfI UI YI1'"lirli~'C'd jnm:-t5_ Th,~ IIlny I~id ijo ~ror~tM Ibl~ ch~~,les i n ~!~n'l a no ~ni 1!11~ I r~ii~ti~' ~mJ.Cm~ ~ .. fI I ii '"ClOloeie~I' b~la nc~s




Irtr 1,,~'Jt' .iiw.rn'~~~, d~'imrJ'I lbor • riling liil unl1111 aU .00tI1S, ~ PJWid,i'W

~nv~~. 00y OI!l:L, ~1!MiI 'QI,llitcrw~ ~(f.omil1;!.!ie 'Malll!!" m:tO~ or ilhc I'QQilI Or _J'li,doftaJ ~1iD1!11!i'. ,

, in~rum!~ BDoild pl1JdllC'!ioo,. ,1,111' • ~8Jicull!llrl:', d~t'ir;' oj' lood

. ~~ ~f.odLlcti:on ,IodIn crniPrrt~s~"

1 i' on 51aple ~,,"?dlliIO' l«d 101:'.11 . " pe>Opl~ were\«d fcr!inlri~

!;I'Op rnDlllOCUlllllm j)roduc:IJI1~:

~ rwcuf)!' !::1'Qp:!: fOf ,C'le'pOli' m.,.oo~ts", U51in8 ~l~Sii~ lj1jiWl'~ F·ol '.61'1100 ll!ild\iirnc'!;" III fht ~oo. :~lf'l'1:~iamt

, ~c~mi~~ ,Iild ~ornl!l1!11nhi~ 5rnil~1 btlisill;ri~$. Ind

~ :m,,,,11 f.lli1J11 "..~~ y.ilikrminlCd ~ ,~. S)'1!1i:1J!, th~1 sCl1IIh

: m;l5l.5cp;fQ;du~~d ma'iII~b-ctu~~ ~md a;gI1iClidlll Fill Gooch , ,"5:tcIljJ]Jng ilFOii~d th~ ~nIl'~ *1 :s:tilnmii& ~nvl!'OliI'RCm(iI.I , C051i im tlr1c: kilm 01' ooean ~l1d ~it poIl~I~, 0:1'1(:18)' COn' :: 'wmj)!iM, ~lIi:1:d~v~llililillllllii!JnSIrue;!\.irc devc;lopm~l!'Ilj .. '{new_ r,J:!,!JdI:, PQ.rls. pip~1Ifie1~ d3.!'M, .nd ,.ir;j:!Qm,l.

d'~ilrl;,' "no ..... ~ I,hiillt II I if,t~ ollly Y~ChI5"

All m;~~ ~~reh ~Mi;S thii. opt';' ~ sm.1I numbc:r Dr':: ~i'I;: ~t thl! ~'i:Jp 'Df '!lin: 81« ,I ClC!tpor>1l~l7Yiw!'!'! !d-cro~ aI' glob~1. ,tatpor~':i!),ns '~!'iji3 il ,sm~I,1

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