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Published by: Babar Abbasi on Nov 12, 2010
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[Since 2005]
Postal Address: Hello# Cell# E-mail WEBSITE : : : : Old Power House Road, Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan. (92+726) 602378 0301-3406577 sartiyoon.welfare@gmail.com www.sswas.webs.com

“Bring socio-economical change among the life of rural communities”
A message from the President SDO:
It has been my wish since long to work for the rights and empowerment of our local women. Whenever I went through the daily newspapers, I observed women violence ever day. Women were burnt alive and were soled like animals. The imbalanced gender threat found everywhere. It was very panic for me. In this crucial situation I decided to heal up the local women work for their betterment and laid the foundation of SDO. I do not claim that our organization is more enough for resolve all the issues but it is an attempt and a fist step towards the change of the behaviors of masses as to snatch back the forgotten rights of women and to bring them shoulder by shoulder with men. In this regard we came in to contact with various such organization who were our like minded like Shirkatgah, Aurat Foundation etc. SDO provoked the dumped voice of women. Now SDO has become the voice of women of our district. We work with the slogan of “LIVE FOR HUMANITY” I believe that to serve humanity is the noblest way to seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty. This is all that SDO wishes to see the society, but if you also see eye to eye with us then, come forward to strengthen our hands in this change making process.







To give a vision of a gender-balanced society, free from womenMISSIONS OUR Violence, provide them the legal advocacy. To enrich the society with educated mother as future of a developed society. To struggle for the community, Basic Health care, Girls education & Literacy. Rise as sense of Advocacy, Awareness, Educated society, To make SDO a strong and Independent Institute, with ever sustention of its of Culture & Heritage among the peoples, and focus Girls projects.

Protect Environment, Mobilize Youth. Protection and Promotion Education as a tool to end violence against Women.

To make environment healthy to live. To establish women literacy and skill development centers. To take part in the relief activities in the state of emergency and disasters. To provide basic health facilities to the un approached and marginalized part OUR of society.





Ghulam Mustafa Soomro (GENERAL SECRETRY)


SDO Flash back
Shikarpur is the Tehsil head quarter of Shikarpur district situated at main National highway; there are various NGOs present along with

various slogans, the lack of an organization yet prevailed. Thus the people from the people like women, the intellectuals, the educators, the dedicated and devoted peoples stepped forward and laid the foundations of a humanitarian organization, named SARTIYOON DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (SDO) SHIKARPUR on 28th April-2005. That was very tough time, nobody was ready to guide them, funds were unavailable, and they started on self-help bases. The days remained very difficult, people’s discouraging behavior shocked them, and they treat them like stranger creature out of the earth. They blamed them and did not allow their daughters and sister to mingle with the SDO member ladies. From then up to this they are working on self-help bases. They faced many issuebased problems, like Karo-Kari, Child Hood-Marriages, thick walls in front of girls’ education and working in the fields without any wages.

1. Capacity building of Community Under this program, we organize the communities in village communities and organizations and build their capacity to work for own social development through different trainings. Women Education Under this program we mobilize communities to send their daughters to school and provide them religious and general education. Skill enterprise women development Under this program handicrafts and income generation training have been organized. Solidarity & Women Rights Under this program, we prepare case studies, launch advocacy campaigns and arrange seminars on women rights. Health and Agro Forestry Under this program, we organize health awareness seminars on safe motherhood and basic health care, and organic farming.





1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Violations of women rights No concept of health & hygiene Very low literacy rate No concept of local resource management Unsafe drinking water

6. 7. 8. 9.

Sexual harassment against women & children No organic farming & kitchen gardening No social harmony among different sects. No concept of nature conservation

Policy Statement

"A ray & hope of confidence among women" is an officially approved testimony describing the sprit evolving around the structure of SDO. . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. A woman support to a woman Action to fight poverty and hunger A think tank for community uplift An army of hope & peace Mutual respect Solidarity Gender Sensitive Unbiased

 Women.  Children.  Low Income Groups.  Youth.  Farmers & Labor

SDO believes in sovereignty of and equity with its partners with any discrimination of religion or race.

SDO believes ownership of its mission which is based on mutual trust, honesty, professionalism and transparency.


SDO believe in the process is based on an understanding of roles and responsibilities, which include accountability, ethnic impartiality and effective participation.

SDO believes in creativity and innovation as the hallmark of all its efforts.

SDO believes that as a citizen of this country everyone should access their fundamental rights and discharge their obligation with same zeal and zest.

Sector Focus:
Agriculture. Poverty Alleviation. Advocacy/ Research. Education. Environment / Natural Resource Management. Reproductive Health. Rural Development. Vocational Training. Water Supply & Sanitation. Gender Equality. Social Mobilization. Economic Empowerment. Women Empowerment. Organization Strengthening.

SDO Destinations
SDO's wishes that its area of activities may expand across the Sindh province, mainly covering 23 districts of the province. SDO would have its liaison offices all over the Sindh province where SDO mat have its District Coordinators and Deputy District coordinator having well furnished and well equipped offices in the respective districts.

Major Past Activities:
 Free Medical Camps  Awareness’ Programs

 Theater Programs  Education Sessions.  Research Studies.  Case Studies  Mobilizations  Advocacy and Legal Aids  Workshops  Seminars  Trainings  Rallies  Publications  Capacity Building of CBOs  Formation of Village Development Councils (VDCs)  Formation of Environment Friends' Forum.

On-going Programs/Activities
Sr #
01. 02. 03.

Free Tuition Center for Orphan Children Women Skill Development Center. Gender Resource Center, GRC.

Funding Agency
Self help Basis. Self help Basis. Self help Basis.

Progressive Efficiency of SDO (YEAR-2005) (YEAR-2005
Celebration of “Women Day” on the 08th March 2005. .

Progressive Efficiency of SDO (YEAR-2006) (YEAR-2006
• Arranged a seminar on 28-02-2006 on "The Importance of women he

organizations and other and Child Health"
• Arranged a seminar on "Importance of Computer" on 21-09-2006

Progressive Efficiency of SDO (YEAR-2007) (YEAR-2007
• A theater program on "KARO-KARI" was arranged in Shikarpur on

01-05-2007. • SDO become partner of DCHD, which facilitated a course to the SDO members. The course was focusing human rights education.

Progressive Efficiency of SDO (YEAR-2008) (YEAR-2008
• • On dated 16/12/2008, protest against “Women Violence” in Sukkur , was held Adult literacy program was started with assistance of SEF (Sindh Education Foundation) which was then supported by UNICEF.

Progressive Efficiency of SDO (YEAR-2009) (YEAR-2009
[[ [[

• •

On 8TH of March, the “World Women Day” was observed. ” observed A House hold survey was conducted with the assistance of DTW, which was focusing the budget preparation of the local government which was conducted by the most of SDO member. member Another milestone achievement of SDO was that it became the partner of me SPO (Strengthening Participatory Organization). The Activities that were carried out under this partnership were as under: 1. Lecture and dialogue Programs on Gender. 2. Quiz Competitions. Competitions 3. A seminar on Human Rights. 4. A Campaign on “Importance Education” 5. A seminar as to control the dropout rate of students from the school with the collaboration of parents and teachers. 6. Publication of Booklet on a research study on the reasons behind the dropout rate of students from schools. 7. A seminar for inauguration of the booklet.

Progressive Efficiency of SDO (YEAR-2010) (YEAR-2010
The year 2010 wrote its importance as the year of disaster all over the country. The monsoon Flood of August 2010, effected the most of the districts of our province

Sindh. District Shikarpur is also counted among such districts which were badly affected by the flood. It hited 27 UCs of the district. SDO, in such a panic situation was never unaware of its responsibilities to help out the peoples in the trouble. It was ready to heal up the wounds of the peoples who had nothing to eat, nothing live, nothing to wear and nothing to go else where.

The Relief Activities of the SDO
1. SDO independently adopted three Flood Relief Camps: 01. Railway Station Relief Camp 02. Labor Colony Relief Camp 03. Haji Khan Kalhoro Relief Camp. Camp In these three camps there were approximately 835 peoples including males, females and children. 2. SDO adopted 02 Flood Relief Camps with the collaboration of MLC: amps : 01. Khanpur Tent city, near 15 police. 01 02. Madirsa Camp near Khanpur Stand. In these two camps there were approximately 1045 peoples including males, females and children. 3. SDO Started two Tent School for the children living in the Flood Relief Camps. Camps

a. S.P.O. Sindh b. SAP-PK (South Asia Partnership Pakistan) c. SHIRKATGAH

d. ACTION-AID e. TVO (Trust for Voluntary Organizations) f. OPP (Orangi Pilot Project) g. AURAT FOUNDATION h. OXFAM i. HRCP (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan) j. GLOBAL FUND k. NCHD (National Council for Human Development) l. PDI (Participatory Development Initiative)

Organization Record
i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. Meeting Register Membership Form Receipts Cash Book Letter pad Visit Book Yearly Audit File Bank Account File NGO Profile

Awareness Programs (Year 2005-2010) 2005-2010




Number of Participants 100


Shikarpur City

Role of women in politics


Shikarpur City

Importance of Women organization in society


2006 2007 200

Shikarpur City Shikarpur City

Importance of Computer and usage Karo-Kari Theater

70 50

2008 200

Shikarpur City

International Women Day


Human Rights, Mehran Colony, Latif Colony, Allahabad Colony, Shaheed Colony, Zahoor Colony, Village Noor Mhd Shujrah of Shikarpur 12 Union Councils of Taluka Shikarpur Childhood Marriage Nikah-Nama Khulla Importance of vote 1400 150


2009 200


Village Haji Khan Kalhoro.

Female Farmer in village field



In keeping with its vision & Mission the SDO has promise new opportunities for the civil society in the general & the poor masses in the particular. There is a need to respect our environment on which our vary lives are dependent, to protect our bio diverse cultures & traditions & values the SDO is making plans to promote & heritage which is diverse in nature & also to struggle will have to reduce there poverty & promote the culture values. Further in future plan the SDO struggle for women issues such as discriminatory practices against women, domestic violence, and sexual harassment of women by local influential, promotion of human rights & girl’s education & also planning to educate the school children on civil & political rights as guaranteed in constitutions of Pakistan. The objective of this intervention is to make the future generation of the nation of their civil & political rights, peace full, and tolerance, which will have a respect full place on the global scenario. More over the following future plans are as under: • • • • • • • • To increase strengthening of partner CBOs. To do advocacy on local issues of area. To create income generating, opportunities to elevate un-employment. To prepare a research document on KaroKari. To Establish community schools, Literacy Centers and Adult Education Centers Income generating opportunity for local women by kill development centers. To address human rights issues such as gender social discriminations, child labor & drug addiction by launching advocacy & lobbing campaigns by means of partner CBOs, VOs & NGOs. To address women’s Health issues and provide them community Health Centers.

What we need…….?
We need moral and financial support from all such organizations and individuals who may really want to support the genuine cause like: 1. Ending women violence through trainings and awareness sessions. 2. Ensure women rights, child rights, gender equality and human rights. 3. Protect healthy environment. 4. Provide basic health facility, particularly mother and child health care.

5. Provide education for all, focusing girls’ education.

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