Opinion The budget is the backbone of the full financial report.

In fact, a financial re port is not complete, do not understand the three most important qualifications. but the relationship is much more than financial statements. Requires disclosur e of the budget. This means that the information in the financial report. Theref ore, a detailed report on the ethical and financial, is not only the primary fin ancial statements, but the information is. CEO of the company (usually the CEO of a listed company) has the primary respons ibility for compliance to provide the financial statements of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and financial reports provide sufficient informati on. He works with the CFO or controller of the company to ensure that the financ ial report is consistent with the level of information. Some common methods of information are: - Noting that information on key tasks. Almost all the Notes to Financial Statem ents required to provide additional information for multi-balances in the budget . - Additional data and financial data for more detailed information, including th e financial statements of the organization. - Other tasks may be required where the activity will be regulated by federal la w for financial reporting of a corporation to its shareholders. More information is optional and not required by law or GAAP. Some of the information from various bodies and authorities. They are: - The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), called in many samples. It re quires the elimination of the effect of stock options to this standard. - The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires disclosure of comprehens ive information on listed companies. - Companies must comply with the standards of the International Accounting Stand ards Board adopted the latest.

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