What is society? Most businesses start as a small business is by a person or company.

The most co mmon type of activity, where more than one contractor. By law, the company is a real person, alive. As an adult, is a corporation treated as a separate and inde pendent, the rights and obligations. "Birth certificate", the legal form to buil d a corporation at the Secretary or create an account. Be a good name as a man. The company is independent from the owners. E 'responsibility for their debts. T he bank can not come to the shareholders if the company fails. The issuer of the property, invest money in the economy. These measures are dete rmined by the units, including the name of the owner and the number of shares he ld. The Company shall keep a register, or a list of how many shares we all have. The owners of the company, its shareholders because they spent their shares in the company. Part of memory with a piece of real estate, like a picture is worth depends on the total number of shares of the company's problems. The more a com pany issues shares, the higher the share of total represented by each share of c apital. Shares of different classes of shares. Preferred shareholders dividends promised a certain amount each year. common areas of greatest risk. If you are a company in financial difficulties to pay off your debt first. If money remains, then the money goes first to the preferred shareholders. If an ything remains after, if the money distributed to shareholders.

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