Our Family - Poetic Message - George Kavassilas

My Family Although we dance in the dark, our song is bright lighting the path as it mysteriously unfolds and reveals

our new found experiences. Sometimes exhilarating, sometimes frustrating and even heartbreaking, as each moment feeds another portion of wisdom into our Souls. You came into my life and we exchanged virtues, only to find our egos wanting to be Kings and Queens. Little did we truly know and understand this through all those years of trials and tribulations, but the tide is now turning. As our egos melt in sojourn with the Poles a new found awareness resonates within, opening up new possibilities of harmonious interludes with kindred souls. A family beckons, in a time and place whose structure has never existed before anywhere in all of creation. A family of true Love, that never squabbles, that will never judge, persecute or condemn. This I know, for I know my heart, and my heart tells me that this family is in the process of becoming, for our Divine Earth Mother is ascending. You see, my Song is strong and my Light shines bright, enabling me to see a little further down the path, and I see my Family there, all my brothers and sisters in the Light, with open arms and warm hearts. But only now do I begin to recognise my Family, and behold who do I see? I see You.