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FilHacks.com • View topic - SMART_TNT Sim_ Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems)

FilHacks.com • View topic - SMART_TNT Sim_ Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems)

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Published by: Rufino G. Palacol Jr. on Nov 12, 2010
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com • View topic - SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems)

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SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems)
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SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems)
by Wizmar » Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:08 pm

1. Using regular SmartBro Sim 2. Using Smart/Talk N Text Simcards I'm going to post the settins for Smart/TNT Trick (No. 2) See my tuts below.. ~~~ For trick No. 1 (Regular SmartBro sim), walang kaproble-problema. Just chose a trick enumerated sa baba nito. Then welcome fbt! (Reminder: Have atleast 2Php pasaload)


TIP:Buy SmartLoad Retailer Sim, Forever Connected na kasi yun,
kung makakakuha ka ng FREE 1 Peso Maintaining Balance. Pinapadala po yun ng Smatload, Kung wala ka pa, just wait for it, or itawag mo sa CSR. In case na ma-COS yun, Pasaload ka lang sa number na yun. Hassle free! No need to load and load and load. Yun ang gamit ko ngayong sim. Everyday may load ako.


3/20/2010 6:16:31 PM

1-4 peso(s) load (para hindi makain load mo) 2. Pwede din Alltxt (Smart) or Gaantxt (TNT) 3... Sunod-sunod nyo na lang tingnan.. tapos CLICK nyo yung Smart >> Set As Default >> SELECT NETWORK >> Select Network: Automatic >> Mode Preference: GPRS/EDGE preferred >> Then click APPLY. OPEN nyo SmartBro. Ganito po. tru text.. (ZTE MF622) http://www.FilHacks.. credits to darkluza: working din ang TNT (Huawei Modem) Credit goes to him. Smart Prepaid Sims (Smart and also Talk N' Text) working po sa SmartBro Prepaid Kit. at may nakapagpagana na din na ibang ka-SB.com • View topic . Go To: >> SETTINGS >> NETWORK SETTINGS >> CONFIG FILE >> ADD >> Tapos lagay nyo. b. nasa taas kung pano yung gagawin. Activated GPRS/3G sim.com/viewtopic. OK. 2. Instructions first: 1. SCREENIES Nilagyan ko lang po ng number para sa sequence nya. a.filhacks. For ZTE and Huawei modem Don't know po kung gagana sa ibang model. How it looks like. Sana madali nyo na makuha.(eto lang yung lalagyan nyong field) >> Config Filename: Smart >> Dial Number: *99# >> Use the following APN: internet (i-type mo to as APN) >> Tapos. Strong GPRS/3G signal (para sa mas magandang connection) ******** HOW TO: ******** Gawa kayo ng Settings sa Smart Bro para mapagana nyo.SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) Page 2 ============================================== Tried and Tested po. pero sa ZTE at Huawei tried and tested.. Sana mapagana nyo din sa inyo.php?f=30&t=11117&start=0 3/20/2010 6:16:31 PM ..

FilHacks.SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) Page 3 Eto na po yung view ng upgraded MF622 ko.filhacks.com/viewtopic. http://www.com • View topic . nakuha from smartbro site.php?f=30&t=11117&start=0 3/20/2010 6:16:31 PM .

com/viewtopic.FilHacks.php?f=30&t=11117&start=0 3/20/2010 6:16:31 PM .com • View topic .filhacks.SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) Page 4 http://www.

php?f=30&t=11117&start=0 3/20/2010 6:16:31 PM . http://www. Pwede nyo din piliin yung 3G preferred.com • View topic .filhacks.FilHacks.SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) Page 5 #8.com/viewtopic. kung malakas ang signal ng 3g sa place nyo.

SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) Page 6 Finally! Surf na kayo (Use tricks to Free Browse) Tricks are listed Below.php?f=30&t=11117&start=0 3/20/2010 6:16:31 PM ..FilHacks.com/viewtopic.com • View topic .filhacks.. ============================================== http://www.

php?f=30&t=11117&start=0 3/20/2010 6:16:31 PM . UNLOCKED and OPENLINED modems ONLY. Cproxy (Refer to Cproxy thread) CREDITS to juliankreuz 4. YourFreedom (Refer to YourFreedom thread) CREDITS to irom092001 6. Hope successful ang pag-install nyo like mine.FilHacks. DOWNLOAD ka dito. Kung same model tayo.filhacks.http://smart.htm NOTE: Do not upgrade kung hindi makita yung model sa site na to. But. Punta kayo sa thread ni sir JulianKreuz (Cproxy/Toonel) At madami pa po tayong choices na pwede gamitin sa fbt natin dito sa smartbro. Baka kasi 5php per minute na ang pricing ng browse natin. Yun lang po. Toonel (Refer to Toonel thread) CREDITS to juliankreuz 5. na dapat may load yun. First of all.ph/bro/corner/Downloads. Pinili ko yung compatible for my model. 5Php and below para sure na hindi tayo makainan ng load. Dot trick (Notes are posted below) [NOTE] Dun sa gusto gumana ang flash. UPDATED version ito. Proxy/IP trick(alternative) . facebook. --- TRICKS na pwede gamitin: 1. then install mo yang upgraded. Hehehe! Sharing tayo dito. Basta po may load atleast 2Php. Enjoy the free browse! ============================================== DOT TRICK FOR CPROXY USERS. Note lang. Ang kaibahan lang po nitong trick ko (using Smart/TNT Sim) is mapapagana natin ang UZZAP PC Application natin when using Regular Smart/Talk N Text Simcards. youtube etc. ============================================== NOTE: Tricks enumerated below are also working on SMARTBRO regular sims.com • View topic ..com. Slash Trick (cgi emulator + ip trick) .SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) Page 7 SOFTWARE UPGRADER I'm using ZTE Model MF622. magagamit nyo din po ang tricks 1-5 sa smartbro simcard (ordinary sim inserted in your modem-color white) natin.DEAD! 3.DEAD! 2. http://www.com/viewtopic. i-unstall mo muna yung old software mo. pwede mo din i-upgrade/update yung software mo.

SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) Using Smart (For Cproxy Users). DOWNLOAD MANAGER Here's the link. Eto naman working for UNLOCKED modems.flyproxy.1h1. CPROXY USERS Use simple dot trick. Im not sure.m.. NO ADDITIONAL PROXY AND PORT SETTING. After ma-expire ng load mo sa account mo sa cproxy.com **NOTE: Nauubos na po kasi freesites natin.com. i think pwede ng walang dot tricks.FilHacks. DOT TRICK Examples: http://ph.net http://ph.filhacks.com/viewtopic.m. http://cproxy.com Page 8 Credits to Sir JulianKreuz! === UNLOCKED/OPENLINED MODEMS Open ka ng FireFox Explorer or Internet Explorer (use FireFox para mas mabilis).com • View topic .com.kproxy.net http://cproxy.internetdownloadmanager.1h1.exe SCREENIES http://www.mycroc.com http://ph. Direct Url na lang. Hehehe. Syempre kasi Globe or Sun Gamit. Globe.php?f=30&t=11117&start=0 3/20/2010 6:16:31 PM . as of now..com/idman517. and Sun Networks.yahoo. Kung socket ang Globe/Sun.m.yahoo. Put this sa web browser address. Kung naubusan napo kayo ng email accounts or tamad pa kayo mag register.com. http://www.com http://ph.m.com.yahoo.yahoo. pwede gamitin ang trick na ito.mycroc. chat-central ay is dead for SMART.

You can also monitor the speed and the percentage. At madali pa syang gamitin. like if you are using cproxy. http://www. After installing this. Try it using Internet explorer para walang interruptions.com/viewtopic. pang-accelerate ng downloads nyo.SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) Page 9 Photos courtesy of http://www. PS: Change your Proxy and Port na gamit nyo.FilHacks. you can also use other browsers.com Here's another one. reboot your pc then download anything you want.com • View topic . Pakitry.filhacks.php?f=30&t=11117&start=0 3/20/2010 6:16:31 PM .photobucket.

and at your choice.com/viewtopic.SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) just use the appropriate proxy and port. hekhekhek. shinare ko lang po. para sa ating lahat.. 2009 9:36 am tnx! natry mo na to? pigslayer Posts: 33 Joined: Fri Dec 26.FilHacks. ============================================== GOOD: 1.com/download BAD: 1. Thanks to eyfreel Wizmar Posts: 219 Joined: Wed Jan 28. mahirap magread nung sim nya mismo dun sa smartbro software. to download UZZAP app click here: http://uzzap.at kung saan po kayo masaya.) 2.... Try nyo nalang po kung Working pa. Papalit-palit ng sim.com • View topic .kayo na po bahala. Napulot ko lang. Pwede ka pang mag-Yahoo Messenger using Uzzap Application. Minsan. 2009 10:30 pm Top Re: SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) by pigslayer » Tue Oct 13. 2008 9:02 pm Location: slaughter house YIM Top http://www. Page 10 ============================================== Gamitin nyo lang po 'to kung tinatamad kayo magpasaload sa SmartBro nyo. hindi sya gumagana.sa pasaload 2Pesos sa SmartBro Sim..php?f=30&t=11117&start=0 3/20/2010 6:16:31 PM . Working ang UZZAP application mo (kasi minsan..filhacks.

.FilHacks. system_error1001 Posts: 7 Joined: Fri Dec 04.php?f=30&t=11117&start=0 3/20/2010 6:16:31 PM .SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) Page 11 Re: SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) by rafasmb » Wed Oct 14. 2002. 2009 11:41 pm Top Re: SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) by system_error1001 » Fri Dec 04. 2009 5:25 pm ang haba try mmyang gabi.. 2010 9:28 am Top Display posts from previous: All posts Sort by Post time Ascending Go Post a reply 5 posts • Page 1 of 1 Return to Mobile USB 3G Hacks Jump to: Mobile USB 3G Hacks Go Who is online Users browsing this forum: margrethreign and 2 guests Board index The team • Delete all board cookies • All times are UTC + 8 hours Powered by phpBB © 2000. 2007 phpBB Group http://www. 2010 10:48 am any success on this??? janbalz Posts: 1 Joined: Sun Jan 24.com • View topic . 2009 3:41 pm Top Re: SMART/TNT Sim: Working on SMARTBRO (Selected Modems) by janbalz » Sun Jan 24.com/viewtopic. rafasmb Posts: 9 Joined: Tue Oct 13. 2009 12:04 am nice post. 2005.filhacks.

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