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(b) (6) We’d have a better chance of getting this information from our STATS guys. The primary fence began in 1990 and progressed over several years. The PAS system would probably be the only place we could get apprehension and assaults (though highly inaccurate for assaults) data before that time. If you’re referring to secondary fence, that began in the late 1990’s and is still being constructed (smugglers gulch, border field state park, etc). There is no way to get the before secondary fence numbers for the particular areas that were completed over a span of several years without reading every 213 in ENFORCE, which will never get done by the time you need it.
As a side note, apps will have gone down, assaults will probably go up based on better reporting, more agents, more activity, etc. Maybe coming up with an average for the 1985-1989 (or simply 1989) compared to what we have for 2007 would work. I can ask stats for this data if you’d like.

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; Self, Jeffrey D

(b) (6) NEED the before and after fence stats for drugs and violence. Be very specific and anecdotal if neccesary! We This is immediate! Commissioner and Secretary request for these stats. Email any questions! (b) (6)

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