TABLE OF CONTENTS Topics 1.Introduction To Askari Bank 2.Mission Statement 3.Core values 4.Corporate Philosophy 5.Objectives 6.

Motivation of Askari Bank 7.Human Resource division of Askari Bank 8.Importance of human Resource division 9.Employee Relationship 10.Job Description 11.Job Specification 12.Recruitment and Selection 13.Interview Assessment Form 14.Orientation and Placement 15.Training and Development 16.Job Evaluation 17.Health and Safety 18.Collective Bargaining 19.Handling Conflict Situations 20.Role Of HRD in solving Problems 21.Discipline 22.Career Development in Asker Bank 23.Human Resource Planning 24.Salaries,Insentives and Benefits to the employees 25.HR audit 26.Coclusion

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INTRODUCTION TO ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK The banking sector has witnessed a dramatic change during the last ten years with the development of Askari Bank , which is not only the redefining priorities and focus of the banks, but also threatening the domination of traditional players. Asker Bank was incorporated on October 09, 1991 as a Public Limited Company and is listed on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchange. It started its operations from April 01, 1992. The bank was declared as “Best Bank in Pakistan” in 2001 in Global Finance. The bank’s registered office/Head Office is situated in AWT Plaza, The Mall, P.O.Box No. 1084, Rawalpindi, (Pakistan). Askari Bank Limited has expanded into a nation wide presence of over a 100 branches, comprising commercial and Islamic banking branches, connected online and supported by a network of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). It also enjoys an offshore banking unit in Bahrain. Over the years, Askari Bank Limited has proven its strength as a leading banking sector entity with ever increasing commitment to its clients, through a strategic investment in electronic technology. It has A1+, the highest possible credit rating, for short-term obligation, and AA+ for long-term rating. Beside day-by-day banking solutions, Askari Bank Limited has a wide range of Corporate, Consumer, and Islamic Banking products. Askari Commercial Bank Limited was the first bank in Pakistan to offer Internet banking Services and B2B e-commerce (Business to Business electronic Commerce) solutions for merchants looking to purchase on credit. They believe that balanced growth is the key to survive in the today’s global banking environment.


Mission Statement: The mission statement of the bank is “To be the leading private sector bank in Pakistan with an international presence, delivering innovative progressive professional quality services and through effective of technology organization standards,

resource management in a modern and culture meritocracy, maintaining high ethical and while providing enhanced value to all their stakeholders, and contributing to society”


Core Values: We understand that our commitment to satisfy customers’ needs must be fulfilled within a professional and ethical framework. We subscribe to a culture of high ethical standards, based on the development of right attitudes. We believe in our 'core values' as the essential and enduring tenets of our organization - the very small set of guiding principles that have a profound impact on how everyone in the organization thinks and acts. They have an intrinsic value for us and bear significant importance to all our employees. They are the few extremely powerful guiding principles; the soul of the organization - the values that guide all our actions. The intrinsic values, which are the corner stones of our corporate behavior, are:
• • • • •

Commitment Integrity Fairness Team-work Service


“To be the Bank of first choice”


These provide them the moment to make the best use of available resources. from utilizing modern technology to making responsible social contributions. Askari commercial bank is the only private sector bank that has been approved by the World Bank as a participating financial institution for the US 200 Million line of credit 5 . The opportunities and threats are eliminates by greater deregulation and increased customer expectations. Build and manage the Banks’ portfolio of business to achieve strong and sustainable shareholder return. Ζ Create and leverage strategic assets and capabilities for competitive advantage. Ζ To accelerate commercial activities and capture large market share.. Motivation of Askari Commercial Bank While successfully penetrating the key domestic markets through strategic expansion and business diversification they remain alive to the challenge from the development in the global finance markets. We are continuously and consistently striving to address newer challenges with a single motivation: “the power to inspire and be inspired” OBJECTIVES: Ζ Ζ Ζ Ζ Deliver solutions that meet customer’ financial needs. Build trusted relationships with all stakeholders.CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY: I n s p i r i n g R e l a t i o n s h i p s From knowing our customers requirements to understanding employee needs. Ζ To facilitate the bank with modern banking technique... from enhancing stake-holders value to practising corporate ethics. Build and sustain a high performance culture.

each one of us can make a difference. Askari emphasis further broadening its core foreign trade business translated into handling a higher volume of export and import business of RS. opportunity and compensation that attracts and retains outstanding individuals. which will help them in achieving short term as well as long-term objectives. People truly feel that no matter how large we grow. job satisfaction. 6 . culture. People treat each other with mutual respect and dignity. The Bank believes in transforming its human capital into a key source of competitive advantage. which will help them in strengthening the business’s long-term competitive position in the market place.authorized to the Government of Pakistan for the financial sector deepening and intermediation project. The Bank believes that investment in human capital is critical for achieving and sustaining growth. The Bank is using Human Resource as a strategic weapon. Fifty two in house courses were organized during 2001 in Askari Bank for training the employees. The HR manager says that we are committed to provide a healthy environment. Importance of Human Resource Division of Askari Bank: “Our staff is our most valuable asset” That’s why Staff is given on the job as well as site training in diverse areas of banking and management. Askari Bank value a work place where: • • • People are promoted on their merit rather than on their tenure.36 billion registering a growth of 42% over the previous year that enhanced the foreign trade business. Askari Bank is trying to achieve Business Level Competitive Strategy. Human Resource division of askari bank Askari Bank has a progressive and a dynamic human resource (HR) philosophy.

Job Description. Medical Leave of Absence Facility. skills and personalities . Employee productivity enhancement is organized through extensive in house and external training programs. Service manager according to the skills capabilities personality communication skill confidence level has designed Job description. Human Resource Division of Askari Bank was successful in implementing: 1. thus ensuring greater self-fullfilment and progression in the organization . training and meritocracy based reward system. Performance Appraisal System.• No discrimination among the male and female employees. 5. 7 . a cohesive team work . Staff Transport Finance Scheme. Rationalization of Pay Scales. 3. Increment in Salaries Up to 15%. Job Specification. Employee Relationships “Unusual efforts on part of the employees who are apparently ordinary workers is one of the key indications of a superior enterprise” Askari bank focuses on multi talent hiring . 4. 6. Staff Hospitalization Plan.Askari lays great emphasis on the development and nurturing of “Askari Culture” . 2. Insurance of House Finance. Enhancement in Staff House Finance Limit. 8. 7. where each relies on the strength of the other and together they achieve common objectives. 9.Professional grooming . House Rent Facility. HR Head’s Responsibilities.Askari continue to offer oppurtuinities for people to develop there knowledge . 10. Privilege Leave of Absence Encashment.

fresh graduates are hired normally in officer cadre of the bank ranging from OG–III to OG–I. certification. • Entry level fresh Induction: At this level. high caliber and qualified young with good academic records is also hired as Management Trainee Officers (MTOs) on annual 8 . • Management Trainee Officers: A special batch of qualified. Askari Bank mainly focuses on the communication and confidence level of the candidate as skill can be updated. insight. Recruitment and selection Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. Objective: Askari Bank believes that by bringing together there collective expertise. and professionalism. we will grow individually and succeed collectively. experience. skills. education. there process will ensure that all candidates are provided with equal opportunities to secure a position. RECRUITMENT CRITERIA: If anyone wants to work with Asker Bank. and have the right capabilities and experience. and abilities need to do the job effectively. energetic. In which includes the knowledge.Statements indicating the minimal acceptable qualifications incumbents must possess to successfully perform the essential elements of their jobs.

• • • • Advertising: Employment Agencies: Casual Applications: Leasing: 9 . experienced and skilled professionals are hired normally for Senior Slots. or promotion and increasing the general level of morale. RECRUITMENT SOURCES: Recruitment of employees. • Hiring of experienced professionals: At this level. ii) External Job Posting: Askari Bank also goes to external sources for positions whose specification cannot beam by present personnel. i) Internal Job Posting: Filling a job opening from within the firm has the advantages of stimulating preparation for possible transfer.basis with an aim to nurture high-talented lot of future executives/managers for the Bank. Askari Bank uses following outside sources. in general the sources of recruitment can be classified into two types.

THE HIRING PROCEDURE FOR NEW/FRESH EMPLOYEES. skills. 10 . and are designed to effectively match an individual’s knowledge. and experiences to those needed for a particular position. interests. RECRUITMENT PROCESS (FRESH/ BATCH PROGRAMS): SELECTION Askari selection processes differ from position-to-position.

THE HIRING PROCESS: In the hiring procedure. 1) Call for application 2) Preliminary interview 3) Applications blank 4) Check of References 5) Psychological test 6) Employment interview 7) Approval by the supervisor 8) Physical examinations 9) orientation ASKARI BANK INTERVIEW ASSESSMENT FORM Job Title: ___________ Trade: _____________ Department: ___________ Name: ___________ ___________ Place of Domicile: ___________ Available to joining No: _____________________ Expected Salary Rs: ____________________________ Age/DOB ______________ App. Askari Bank is following steps to discover significant information about an applicant. Source: 11 .

AppearanceABC a) Health Education ABC c) Skill ABC (2) Assignment Knowledge Professionalism ABC a) ABC c) Potential Observation ABC ABC ABC ABC b) Experience Rating ABC b) Behaviour Experience ABC d) Verbal/Written Expression ABC Confidence ABC IntelligenceABC Final Rating: Merit Rating: ________________ ________________ ________________ Excellent: Good: Average: Rating ABC 12 .Name of the Interview: 1. 3. Supporting Executive) (1) a) b) c) d) e) f) g) 1. 2. (Concerned Executive) 3. (HRD Executive) 2.

practices and benefits is an orientation program. OBJECTIVES: The following are the objectives of orientation program of Askari Bank: 1) To make the employees comfortable 2) To get along with the workers 3) To learn them new culture of the organization ORIENTATION OF NEW EMPLOYEES After the selection of successful employees the first step in their introduction to bank policies. probationary 13 . employee benefits. FIRST PHASE: The first phase is usually conducted by the staff personnel unit. salary schedules. safety.4. Below Average: ________________ General Remarks: _____________ HRD Executive _____________ Concerned Executive _____________ Supporting Executive ORIENTATION AND PLACEMENT Once employees are "on board" their personal growth and development overtime become a major concern. Change is a fact of an organizational life and to cope it effectively. Subjects covered include products of the bank. The Orientation program in Askari Bank is completed in three phases.

hours of work overtime. given a tour of the department. timed recording and absence. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT After the employee has been received. The inductee is introduced to fellow employees. packing and the grievance procedure. conducted by either the supervisor or a personnel specialist is concerned with 1) 2) Employee satisfaction with the job and organization. The management considers the training as an "Investment in their Asset". and informed about such details as locker and rest rooms. OBJECTIVE: 14 . PLACEMENT: In Askari Bank Placement means “Right person for a right job” A lot of applicants’ abilities are matched with a specific job requirement and then that person is placed on that position. supply procedures. THIRD PHASE: The complete in action program will provide for phase three follow up some week later. selected and inducted. holidays equal employment opportunity programs. call in procedures. and lunching facilities. INVESTMENT IN THEIR ASSETS: Askari Bank is a multinational organization in which importance has been given to training.period. he or she must next be developed to better fit the job and the organization. Supervisor satisfaction with the employees. The interview. SECOND PHASE: The second phase of most organized induction program is performed by the immediate supervisor. rest and lunch periods.

AREAS OF TRAINNING: The Training Academies of the Bank are equipped with modern state of the art facilities and are responsible for imparting multi-functional high quality trainings to all staff members in the following areas: s • Business » » » » » » » Development Customer Service Liabilities Management Asset Development Consumer Finance Banking General Banking Foreign Trade Credit Management • Commercial • Credit Administration • Risk Management • Consumer Banking • Soft Skills » » » » » Effective Communication Skills Negotiation Skills Team Building Selling Skill Customer Care etc.The objectives of training and development programs are to enhance and improve the capabilities. We have askari bank own specialized in-house training facilities in the shape of Training Academies at Rawalpindi and Lahore. and productivity of an employee up to the desired standards for current and future assignments and responsibilities. 15 . The employees of Askari Bank are also sent to attend specialized courses by various banking /non-banking training institutes. efficiency.

16 . Organization analysis: Focuses on identifying where within the organization training is needed. this method is most widely used. 3. In Askari Bank there is primarily two basic methods in use. training needs may be defined in terms of a simple equation. This type of training is given to the new inductees and usually two years long. Operation analysis: Attempts to identify the content of training .Actual Performance = Training need.TRAINING NEEDS ASSESSMENTS: In Askari Bank there are three level of analysis for determining the needs training can fulfill. 2) i) ii) iii) iv) Off the Job Training: Staff Training Program: Special Courses: Selling and Technical skills training program: Opportunities For Improvement Of Educational And Technical Qualification: There are following methods used in Askari Bank for Off the Job training. 1. Desired performance . At this level. OPERATIVE TRAINING: The development of operative calls for specific increased in skills and knowledge to perform a particular job. The type of on the job training implemented in Askari Bank is: Apprenticeship program which include both classroom instructions as well as on the job training. 2.what an employee must do to perform competently. 1) On The Job Training: Since most jobs in Askari Bank can be learned in a relatively short period of time. Individual Analysis: Determines how well each employee is performing the tasks that make up his or her job.

DEVELOPMENT: We also focus on providing opportunities and facilitating askari bank executives and officers for developing their managerial and leadership skills through management development programs for present and future responsibilities.EVALUATING TRAINING PROGRAMS: To assess the utility or value of training. 2. 4. turn over or accident reduction (productivity) resulted from the training. measures of change fall into four categories. Reaction: How do participants feel about the training program? Learning: To what extent have trainees learned what was taught? Behavior: What on the job changes in behavior occur because of attendance at the training program? Results: Is what extent have cost related behavior outcomes or quality improvement. PERFORMANCE APPRAISEL Definition: 17 . in Askari Bank management seek ensures to four questions. Did change occur? Is the change due to training? Is the change positively related to the achievement of organizational goals? Will similar change occur with new participants in the same training programs? MEASURES OF CHANGE: In evaluating training programs. 1. 3.

Importance of performance appraisal in Askari Bank: • • • • • • • • • It identifies employees current job i.e. It helps in documenting the HR policies. 18 . It helps in decision making of retention and termination.It is a formal process and structured process through which management measures. which is known as GDD (grade development document) Following are the main things. Method used in Askari Bank for performance appraisal: A special document is used for performance appraisal in Askari Bank. transfer and termination. It motivates the individual to face constructive criticism when there is negative performance appraisal. what is he doing? It will help in identifying in weak and strength points. evaluates and assesses job related attitudes behavior and out comes. It will help an employee to improve his or her performance. which are included in document. It is important for promotion. Organization compensation and rewards are all based on performance appraisal. It also helps in assessing in training and development needs.

It checks the out the amount of employee’s pay or salary to the contribution made by this job. Some other methods of performance appraisal normally used in Askari Bank: • Written essay: Here you write the employee weak and strong points. or they will not see the 19 . future potential and past achievement and area for improvement. employees will be dissatisfied and quite. Performance appraisal is done on annually basis. The job is evaluated according to its importance. • Critical incident method: Here the appraisal based on those factors which are very effective and the events where your performance was efficient Problems with the appraisal: There is no specific problem is faced in performance appraisal JOB EVALUTON Definition: It is a process by which the relative worth of various jobs is determined for pay purpose. JOB EVALUATION: The process of job evaluation involves assessing the relative dollar-worth of each job to the organization to set up internally equitable pay structures. If pay structures are not equitable.• • • • • Assignments Job duties Achievements Audit objectives Complaints These things are discussed in document with regard to performance of employee.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: 20 .benefits of striving for promotions. SAFETY & WELFARE SAFETY AWARENESS: The employees are given a physical environment that is comfortable and healthy. In summer there is adequate air-conditioning and in winter there is central heating. Since Askari Bank is handling with services and there is no potential danger in the nature of its business. To put dollar values on jobs. it is necessary to get information about different jobs to determine which jobs deserve higher pay than others. Askari Bank do job evaluations with the help of • • • • • • • • • Manager Analysis Mystery shopping Quizzes/Snaps Exit interviews Curiously calls Training Attitude Relations with Customer and Employee Targets Specifies the relative value of each job in the organization. hence the only thing that the HR management needs to ensure a healthy environment. HEALTH. Job Evaluation.

Information and education services for the personal health of employees Advice and supervision.A monthly health and safety meeting held at Askari Bank. Working hours Sick leave Casual leave * * * Fixed salary Overtime is paid according to Government rules and regulations i. to maintain proper company sanitation. 8 days 10 days FEATURES OF COMPENSATION SYSTEM AND SOCIAL SERVICES: Employees old age benefit scheme. Group Insurance scheme is practiced for the compensation of two objectives: i) ii) * * * * * Accidents Injuries = = = 48 hours per week.e. double on holidays. where necessary. Gratuity scheme. Bonus is awarded (Minimum one bonus in a year) Monthly Medical Allowance Social Security services are obtained for employees. HEALTH SERVICES: Following are included in the health services of Askari Bank: • • • • • Adequate facilities for emergency Pre-employment medical examinations Reasonable first aid to employees for non-occupational illness while on the job. COLLECTIVE BARGAINING 21 . Measures in future to avoid these types of accidents. Chief Manager presides this meeting and discuss any accident if happen in preceding month.

the employee signs a contract with personnel manager. Contractual Terms: There are three major considerations. which are after the final selection employed for a regular period.It is a process to determine the terms and conditions of employment and regulating employment relationship. 1. 4. Terms of Employment: The following are four categories of employment in Askari Bank Limited. However for the management cadre. which utilizes the process of negotiation between representative of management and employees intending to result in an agreement. 22 . When the probation period is completed. 5.    Employment is temporary in nature. Duration of employment contract is one year and renewable. The person should be of age 60 or above. Retirement benefit and after the retirement. 3. Usually managers and supervisors fall in this category. These employees enjoy all the benefits such as annual gratuity fund. Regular Employment: These are the employees. Regular Employment. and Casual Employment. which may be applied across the group of employees. Probationer Employment: When an employee is selected for some post. Probationer Employment. it can be less than 6 months. he or she undergo for the probation period of 6 months normally. pension etc. 2. Contractual Employment. Temporary Employment.

Casual Workers: It is concerned with the daily wages workers. they employ the casual worker to fill the vacancies. Conflict can be covert and take the form of resentment or irritation. staff energies are directed to work rather than emotions An organization or staff that presents a positive name to the outside world Improved team work 23 . Apprenticeship Training: According to government regulation. Employee form the top to bottom can be included in this type of employment terms. Banks have to hire the apprentices against the regular scheme. Such conflict is much harder to detect and easier to ignore. When the company requires the workers urgently. to poor communication or non-compliance with organization norms or values.When the bank management feels that the person retiring from the job have enough capabilities and potential to work more in the benefit of the organization. ADVANTAGES OF MANAGING CONFLICTS: Advantages of managing conflict situations for the Askari Bank management are: • • • Better motivated staff. Temporary Workers: Employees of cadre of workers and supervisors are hired for a period of 6-9 months according to government rules on temporary terms of employment. problematic working conditions or unrealistic work expectations through discriminatory behavior. then sign this type of agreement with the retired employee. Askari Bank is not bound to give regular jobs to the apprentice trainees. HANDLING CONFLICT SITUATION: Obvious sources of conflict range from a difference of opinion.

And other conflicts such as poor training. management take action which are very right and then all the employees are happy ad are more committed to their work. ROLE OF HRD IN SOLVING PROBLEMS: HRD performs following chief roles.• Better personal development of individuals DIFFERENT TYPES OF DISPUTES IN ORGANIZATION: There are some signs of disaffection with organization such as strikes. DISCIPLINE DEFINATION: Discipline is condition where employees know that what is expected from them and what will be the consequences of violation. turnover. and absenteeism. confrontation leading to lockouts and various forms of withdrawal of cooperation by staff in furthermore of their claims. • • • • Supportive behavior on manager's part. To design job techniques in such a way that gives satisfaction for individual and opportunity for improving performance. Letting everyone to have his or her say. To ensure efficiency of workers. Purpose of discipline in Askari Bank: Following are the main purposes of discipline in Askari Bank: • • • To enforce rules and regulations Smooth running of organization. A work group problem solving. To solve all disputes Askari Bank. 24 .

The system allows for mid-year reviews and is 100% open to appraises. which envisions opening a large number of branches throughout the country. Askari Bank is pursuing an ambitious expansion strategy. Askari Bank. This allows them to guide individuals into jobs in which they will succeed and be satisfied. Currently. is also the choice of many career-focused individuals since it offers some of the following benefits: • • • • • • Stability of Career Tremendous Growth Opportunities Extensive Training & Development Program Motivating Work Environment Attractive Salary Packages Nurturing Culture 25 . We have introduced an objective system of performance evaluation based on Management by Objectives and Behavioral Competencies. CAREER DEVELOPMENT Askari Bank values performances. besides being the most rapidly expanding Bank in the market.• To improve work relations. CAREER DEVELOPMENT IN ASKARI BANK: Askari Bank Limited is one of the most progressive institutions in the country today. CAREER PLANNING: It entails matching an individual’s skills and aspirations with opportunities that are or may become available in the organization. This matching process requires that those in charge of career planning know the skill requirements of the various jobs.

2. wastage. A system of HRP in Askari Bank: A system of HRP in Askari Bank has some specific points on which Banking Act. The Bank believes in transforming its human capital into a key source of competitive advantage for that they believe in human resource planning. blockages in promotion flow and needless redundancies. Determining training needs: HRD plans fundamental training programmes for which it is necessary to assess not only quantity but also quality in terms of the skills required by Askari Bank. 26 . Management Development: HRD provides succession of trained and experienced manager that is essential to the effectiveness of the organization and this depends on accurate information about present and future requirements in all management level in Askari Bank.HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING MANPOWER PLANNING Askari Bank has a progressive and a dynamic human resource (HR) philosophy. wastage. blockages of unexpected shortages. It means that HRD unexpected shortages. 3. Balancing the cost between utilization of plant & manpower: This theme involves comparing costs of these two resources in different combinations and selecting the optimum. Determining recruitment needs: It is an essential prerequisite to the process of recruitment. BASIC PURPOSE: In Askari Bank basic purpose for which HRD in relation to HRP serves are as under: 1. 4.

4. Monitoring system and amending as indicated. To analyze and evaluate environmental influence. 27 .1. 1) GOALS AND PLANS OF ORGANIZATION: Human resource planning is a part of overall strategic planning for Askari Bank. consumer tastes. 2. Assessing future requirements to meet objectives. A personnel vice-president and his staff cannot make useful plans for period of one or three or five years. 5. new markets and so on. Assessing current resources and availability of resources in the future. work values and retirement. REASONS FOR HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING Following are specific reasons for which Askari Bank management is carrying on systematic human resource planning. new plants. 3. The process of planning in itself forces management to think through objectives of firm and people problem relating to achieving those objectives through planning. a) b) c) Political trends and legislation which will have impact upon the business. IMPORTANT STEPS: Important steps involved in overall planning for Askari Bank are: 1. Technological advances affecting enterprise. unless they have data on possible corporate expansions new products. Defining or redefining organizational objectives. Determining and implementing the basic requirement to sound planning. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Future Personnel Needs: Coping with Change: High-Talent Personnel: Strategic Planning: Equal Employment Opportunity: Foundation for Personnel Functions: THE PLANNING PROCESS: Planning for human resources is tied in with overall Askari Bank long range planning. Social trends in leisure time.

up grading and special development efforts. 5. 2. 3. Other use is to identify talent within the organization for specific job opening. the number. To evaluate progress toward implementation of plans and take corrective action where necessary. PLANNING PERIOD: Askari Bank's planning period is from 3 years to 5 years. 1) After preparing human resource forecast. IMPORTANT USES OF SKILL INVENTORY: The skills inventory has several important uses. The computer can readily provide a printout of the age distribution of all mangers by level. To identify the values and aspirations of Askari Bank's directors and executive. To create specific enterprise objectives and plans for achieving these objectives. and department. COMPUTERIZED SYSTEM: Askari Bank along with manually prepared Human Resource Data cards also use computerized system to handle data. A skill inventory consists of upto date information regarding the qualifications of the selected categories of personnel. 4. Askari Bank compare. An up to date skill inventory is valuable for the preparation of rosters of qualified technical and managerial personnel. 3. types and skills specified by forecast with the present baseline or current position given by skill inventories to ascertain what skills must be developed from present personnel via training. To identify and evaluate the internal strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise. 2) CURRENT HUMAN RESOURCE SITUATION: The second phase of the planning process for Askari Bank is the preparation of an inventory of personnel presently within the organization. Period for three year is short range and of five years is long-range period. 28 . job.2.

For single employees. reimbursement is at a flat rate. II) 14 days upcountry allowance (Boarding & Lodging allowance) as per entitlement in the traveling scheme will be provided. The promotion occurs both in the ranks and in the salary structure. In case of a transfer. Traveling and transfer allowances are also given so that employees get settled as soon as they join the duty. Promotion: Promotions are an integral part of the job. it can at its discretion.TRANSFERS. SEPARATION OF SERVICE: a) An employee's service can be terminated on three months notice in case of a manager or level above that and one month's notice in case of a junior Officer. The purpose is to provide employees a better chance to excel in their area at different locations and in different bank branches. Job rotation is also being done. allow a higher ceiling/additional benefits. an employee will be entitled to the following transfer benefits: I) Air-conditioned Coach train fare or air passage as per entitlement for himself and his immediate family to the place of transfer will be provided. In cases where the Management has initiated the move. The amount allowed will be specified in the transfer letter served by the Management. In Askari Bank the promotions are given on the basis of superior performances. Senior Officer and Assistant Manager or pay in lieu thereof 29 . Every employee is looking forward towards its career path. PROMOTIONS AND SEPARATION TRANSFERS: The Headquarters of all employees as mentioned in the letter of appointment is subject to change at the discretion of the Management in which event an employee will be required to work anywhere in Pakistan as Headquarters with no extra remuneration and /or allowance or compensation whatsoever in the salary structure. Transfers are also being done within the city and outside the city.

are as follows:  House Rent Allowance. following benefits are offered to the employees.  Facilities at residence.  Utilities Allowance  Technical allowance. Fringe Benefits: In Askari Bank. the employee suffers from any serious ailment or permanent disability of any kind which in the opinion of the management may or is likely to interfere with the due performance of duties. The pay scale is determined on the commendable factors and on the decision-making ability for the managers and executives. Allowances: Which are given to employees other than the basic pay. or payment in lieu thereof as the bank may deem fit SALARY AND INCENTIVES Salary: Askari Bank tries it best to keep the staff fully satisfied and provide them with perfect career paths.  Traveling Allowance and Daily allowance. The employees are paid well so that they can maintain reasonably decent living and are motivated to work as bank’s employees. 30 .b) If in the course of an employee's service. the employee's service may be terminated at the discretion of the management by giving notice as mentioned above.  Medical Facility. The employee compensation at Askari Bank caters both “Direct financial payments” “ Indirect financial payments”.  Grants of incentives for improving qualification every year.

The purpose is to see and identify the employees who have done their respective work well through out the year considered and who have not been able to show good performances. department shall initiate the case to P & A. the bank’s managers are well informed about the pay and salary structure for the candidates to be hired in case of hiring. Askari Bank has its own criteria for establishing pay rates. Moreover.  Increments (Annual increase in pay)  Bonuses. Indirect Compensations: Askari Bank offers three types of indirect compensation to its workers. Askari Bank is taking help of The Ferguson firm. Cash prizes. This external survey is conducted once in two years. Job Evaluation: Evaluation of the job performance is done yearly. on the basis of commendable factors. . which conducts surveys and researches in the field of marketing and finance. All jobs are ranked from top to bottom. The Salary Surveys: For the purpose of conducting salary survey. Pay Plans and Incentives at Askari: Establishing Pay Rates: For establishing the pay rates. Complete documented information is being delivered to the bank so that the pay scales do not vary from the market rates. Pay Plan at Askari: Pay plans at Askari are established on the basis of job rating.  Employee insurance scheme  Providing funds  Gratuity scheme. Employee with higher rank gets higher salaries and incentives. first step is to conduct the salary surveys. 31 .

Reimbursements. Variable Pay: Variable pay is a group incentive plan that ties pay to some measure of an organization’s overall profitability. Bonus is given two times in a year to managers and professional employees. including individual performance awards and bonuses. HR manager believes that competency and skill based pay can increase motivation and employee commitment. Bonuses. Their pay is based on job or skills. Allowances and reimbursements are short-term incentives. Long term Incentives.. the whole branch is given a variable pay. percentage of which lies from 80% to 100%. But more often employees are paid on the basis of their jobs. Short term Incentives. decision making. Compensation Plan: Compensation plan for Askari employees involves following things. Incentives for the Employees at Askari: - 32 .       Basic Salary. team awards. problem solving abilities and competency of efficient and effective working in their jobs. Skill Based Pay: Skill based pay is given to employees for the recognition of their knowledge. Basic salary involves fixed compensation paid regularly. Askari Bank has also several incentive plans. When the bank performs or the branch of the bank performs spectacularly in terms of profitability for a particular year. Allowances.

10% of the salary is given to as medical facility. Incentives for middle and lower level Employees: Middle level employees and professionals are also paid bonus. prosperity and shareholder value. Allowances: House rent and Utility allowance are also given to managers. telephone and petrol expenses are also given to managers and executives. Most managers get short bonuses and long-term incentives in addition to salary. driver.Employees at Askari are paid basic salary as well as some sort of short and longterm incentives. Incentives for Managers and Executives: Managers and executives play a central role in influencing divisional and corporate profitability. Individual incentive programs are launched at Askari to give income over and above basic pay to individual employees who meet specific individual performance standards. Lower level employees like peon. The percentage of bonus is 80% and sometimes 100% to their pay.5% and 10% of their incremental pay as house rent and utilities allowance respectively. Bonus: Along with the basic salary. and for the general utilities like telephone 10% of the salary is also being given to the utilities. Managers are paid 42. bonuses are given to managers two times in a year. allowances. and 33 . and reimbursements along with their basic pay. Reimbursements: Reimbursements for medical. So the overall salary comes to a higher level including all these cash and other benefits. Askari Bank offers stock option to its managers as the long-term incentives. Askari Bank Limited puts considerable attention towards their rewards. The purpose of stock option is to motivate and reward management of the bank for long term corporate growth.

Ensuring Accuracy & Authorization: The following payments shall be made in the routine. Salary Disbursement:  Payments to regular staff  Payments to contractual staff  Arrears payments  Bonus payments. Reimbursement to executives. where as others have +25 stages in their jobs.  Corporate connections  Mobile phones and connections  Reimbursements to executives.technicians are paid dearness allowance.DA) Allowances are given to the employees for the traveling of the executives from one city to another or abroad. Claims for Traveling allowance and Daily allowance: -(TA. all the expenditure is on the bank. with such additional payments as the management may direct from time to time: Medical Reimbursement: Medical reimbursements are made to staff and executives of the bank according to the bills presented by them. 34 . daily expenditure can also be recovered through claims. The incremental stages for these employees are +30. Fuel and Lubricants: The bank also provides free traveling facilities to its employees by paying amount against the consumption of fuel dependent upon their respective ranks. What to be done and how to reimburse the medical expenditure is shown in the required action section. Office Expenditure:  PTCL connections. 1. house rent allowance and medical allowance along with their basic salary. 2. It is of two types. Official Expenditure.

Prior approval of the Management has to be obtained whenever possible. 35 . Sick leave if not availed during a calendar year may be carried forward but the total accumulation of Sick leave shall not exceed 28 days at any time. which are also given to the employees and more precisely to the managers and to the executives. SICK LEAVE The entitlement is 14 calendar days in a year. stating the reason for leave. a) Any application for sick Leave which exceeds 3 days should be supported by a medical certificate from a registered practitioner. CASUAL LEAVE Ten days with pay in a calendar year. holidays and /or public holidays. ii. at the discretion of the Management. b) c) Causal leave shall not be accumulated and carried forward beyond a calendar year. Casual leave is meant to meet urgent and/or unforeseen circumstances.Insurance: Life insurance and car insurance are some of the benefits. Casual leave may be allowed in continuation of Sick Leave in cases where the Doctor recommends sick leave is exhausted and further leave. a) Casual leave may be allowed to be availed at one time for a maximum of 3 days and shall not normally be combined with any other leave. BENEFITS AND SERVICES OF ASKARI BANK LEAVE: ENTITLEMENTS & RULES CONFIRMED EMPLOYEES All confirmed employees are entitled to leave according to the rules and regulations stated below: i.

where the required leave exceeds the entitlement. PRIVILEGE LEAVE The P/L entitlement for all employees is as follow: For the 1st completed year of service 3 weeks (21 Calendar days). For 2nd to 5th completed year of service or part thereof 4 weeks (28 Calendar days). d) In case of prolonged illness. should any holiday fall during the leave. b) A minimum of 2 weeks P/L pertaining to one year has to be availed in order to receive Leave fare Assistance for the year. such leave will be counted for four days and a medical Certificate should accompany the leave application. According to the profit of the bank. iv. d) Prefix and suffix of weekly/gazette/other holidays to Privilege Leave will be allowed and as such will not be counted as Privilege Leave. c) If sick Leave is availed on Thursday and also on the following Sunday. it will be counted as Privilege Leave. MATERNITY LEAVE 36 . However. e) The management reserves the right to refuse any leave if the exigencies of business so require. For 6th year onwards. a minimum of 14 days before commencement of leave.b) The management may at its discretion have any employee examined by the bank Doctor and the advice of the Doctor shall be final. c) Leave will always be adjusted first against any remaining balance of a previous year before being adjusted against the current year's entitlement. iii. a fixed amount will be paid. for the purpose of granting leave to the employee. or be granted as a special sick Leave at the discretion of the Management.5 weeks (35 Calendar days) a) An application for P/L shall be submitted to the Human Resource Division duly recommended by the concerned Superior. However. as minimum LFA. the adjustment of leave beyond entitlement may be made against C/L or P/L. the Management could allow a maximum of 1 month’s basic salary as LFA subject to approval.

will be approved as a very special case only if supported by a Medical Certificate from a registered medical practitioner. LOAN POLICY The bank guarantees loans for car and scooter/ motorcycle. All employees will also have to take out a comprehensive insurance policy for the vehicle in order to avoid monetary loss in case of accidents. In case a mileage is sanctioned the pick & drop facility presently enjoyed at the Head Office and regional or zonal office will be withdrawn. PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEES During the probationary period of any employee there will be no entitlement to any kind of leave. should be forwarded to Human Resource Division for processing. Privilege Leave or Maternity Leave. Any other leave if availed. Application for the period of leave should be submitted well in advance. be it Casual Leave. 3. CAR LOAN FACILITY The bank has decided to adopt a policy for granting bank guaranteed loans for purchase of a car to all assistant managers irrespective of whether they are involved in sales. which is duly recommended by the concerned Division/Department Head.Maternity Leave will be allowed to the concerned employee for a period of 12 weeks (85 Calendar days) for each case. These are normally given to employees involved in actual sales only. However. 37 . the leave may be adjusted against his entitlement and the deducted amount refunded. 2. Sick Leave if required. This fund will be an interest bearing fund and the rate of interest will be 12% per annum. the vehicle should be jointly registered in the name of the Bank and employee. Sick Leave. on confirmation if the employee so desires. Application under the Loan Policy. As per the Bank's Policy for financing loans. Applications will be approved subject to availability of Funds at the concerned Banks. will be treated as without pay. 1.

the bank will pay the amount received from the insurance bank to the employees’ nominated beneficiary. For this purpose an advance form may be filled in. 25%. The benefits of this plan with the limits of Compensation are as follows: 1. i. Breakup of Boarding Allowance: Breakup 15%. each Misc.TRAVELING SCHEME: All official arrangements for employees whether at Karachi or upcountry will be made after prior approval. 50% boarding will be allowed in case of absence from the Headquarters for 6 to 12 hours. Insurance plan The bank has made arrangements to provide adequate 24 hour insurance coverage of all its employees in case of death or permanent disability while at work or traveling or at home. The concerned employee keeping in mind. a) b) 100% Boarding will be allowed in case if absence from the Headquarters for 12 hours or more. Death only 100% of sum insured 38 . recommended by the Division/Department Head and forwarded to Human Resource Division for approval. PERSONAL ACCIDENT POLICY In the case of death of an injured employee. the entitlement and the length of stay planned may also take a traveling advance. Lunch and dinner 30%.

APPROACHES TO HR AUDIT: There are five types of HR Audit that are • • • • • Comparison Approach Outside Authority Approach Statistical Approach Compliance Approach MBO Approach Askari Bank used comparison approach for audit purpose. TOOLS FOR HR AUDIT: The following are tools of HR Audit. SUGGESTIONS BY EMPLOYEES Suggestions are always encouraged but no extra award or recognition is given to the employees if the suggestion or a creative idea benefits the organization in terms of reduced cost. • • • • • Interviews Surveys/ Questionnaires Historical Analysis Grievance Audit Compensation Audit Askari Bank used each tool of HR Audit for audit purpose but mostly used that tool which suits to the environment of their organization. 39 . increase in profit etc.HR AUDIT DEFINATION: HR Audit is related to examine that how HR Managers are performing their HR responsibilities.

HRD has been successful in retaining its employees by offering a clearly defined reward and incentive system. Awais ahmed & Group 1 Group 1 is consisted of two members named Majid yaseen & Sajid Nawaz. Tasks Assigned to the group members Thanks to Almighty ALLAH that we have completed our project on askari bank by putting our utmost efforts. who gave us a vast knowledge about the Human Resource management and taught us Really well. Group 1 Majid Yaseen(G.Group 1 have contributed the following areas in the Project: 40 .L. where Askari Bank is facing tough competition with other multi national companies.We divided our self in the three groups.So.We met with the manager in the Asker Bank and we arranged couple of meetings with him.We are also very glad to our teacher Sir Shahid Nawaz .ASAD QUYYUM Group 2 Qudrat Sheikh Umar Shehbaz Group 3 Asif Khan Mohsin Ahmad Khan.CONCLUSION In this competitive environment.) Sajid Nawaz M.Each individual of the group have worked very hard in completion of the project. How it is done? We actually divided different tasks by creating sub-groups in our group and each group have to give a weekly report to the group leader that what is done in a week.The other task was to gather the information provided by the other members and to refine it and to bring it to the written form.

Corporate Philosophy 5.They have conducted some research work. They have contributed the following areas to the project: Job Specification Recruitment and Selection Interview Assessment Form Orientation and Placement Training and Development Job Evaluation Health And Safety Collective Bargaining Handling Conflict Situations Role Of HRD in solving Problems Group 3 Group 3 is consisted of four members named Asif Khan.The task was to meet with the HR manager and gather the information about the selection and the recruitment policies etc.1.Job Description Group 2 Group 2 is consisted of tw0 members named Qudrat sheikh and Umar Shehbaz.Employee Relationship 10.Objectives 6.Mohsin Ahmed Khan.Core values 4.Mission Statement 3. They contributed the following areas in the project: 41 . Awais Ahmed and M.Motivation of Askari Bank 8.Importance of human Resource division 9.Asad Qayyum.. Introduction To Askari Bank 2.For this purpose they met with the Hr manager and some of the employees and distributed a questionnaire to the employees.

Discipline Career Development in Askari bank Human Resource Planning Salaries.Insentives and Benefits to the employees HR audit Coclusion 42 .

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