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tlwi!ijbI,e Adv3nIage; A t\tI:1lp~~~Sn:I]jI Guide wM;~g GhiU 11;1 Su'it:s and iJu~((Jm C<r:mi:iuttagtl- Al:ce':S5mi~8 MJe!)) ~,0d~)1!f1l,~~~a,~rn[l: b,lQ~k'l~o:wd!l:lt Slu:m:ti6g fur Spror.t., StuyivaL, "]l~ S:eii(.Hefilui Q ~vider.i)

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A Brief History of the' GbUlie' Snit- 1

r~UJI,:m[>.l i ,m 1 . .I~),])f Ji!(ffi"ss. and die' ub Ol:'1>e head" drP.Srgll ara-tl1'adelnaD;.S, lldonging to P:aladin Bn(~rprl&~ ~(] ,regis~er,~d' .n 1T.IlillDli!:€1 Stl!~Elli /fatllrn'l and 1'talilem iilfk Qffiel:l.


Ghiillie. Stll'i[ Construction ", "1

,Aft I'IJIN~n\'~cT¥e~. _R."(~pl tor LI:IIC in a'l'l!\fi~¥, UCII 1fJ'9ftiQno:r .t:Jmb,o{l!k iTIliI'y 11tI ... n!pro,due ~d ,m lU~y fonn 'wid1!D"tI:~ lbe.~11rli!:l!s ~tte~ p"nuli;~k'u ll,f,l~ pttbHil.he;r,

Ne,~t~:I1,.;[,be 'aDdiot f.u:d;-t\liii PllJj:I'jj~l~;,~Il~ im~T-te~jj;lI:ni!;UjIU:t#rot tber .!.ise' ur.ni5:s~ nf

Lr.lfii:rn:mtiM c.bni'$1.edl m ttl is book.


Making 8, Drag Bag ,i 57

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S- ~'Ml'I-·. .. ~';I' Il,iU..l.nng .' u,J

To JiUIDld SCOlLl t.

Thanks il~'I all )1'Out' hard wOl~k,~thnull your help, this would not have- bew pos:~~b~e.

Do to rhe ,eff'lectivenessand ,ehar,acoorJrsttcs of- tire gllilli€: ~w~~ nei.ilieffh~ 811t]j_opncir 1?marun press ,~{:C{ljJts or ciIawh"'i l'e;s:pot~~ibm~ :for ,any .acc-t.d\ent_s '0.1" .injtlr~es, that may norm,. whIle llS:ing: any of thiB ~pI':IJijlll!Cts or It~ms desm'lbe'CiJplbis bonk, \Vh~EWeT Fro"ssible,: 'w,~ materlruts olfa flame- or me-X.f'slstant nanne, lUW:a:yS. treat malleria1:~ wHn.:j3[ qua;1ity .fl~:rrU:!l o.r ~'le~a:J;dm1t priov m

andafiJer eonserucden ~)f any.g}1iUlie sult, .

A hmvfl,!lmW «I,ca_~ (tsl~,Ilie !fJJi.' Ju a w(){}rl~'{l lJ'lui •• mm'fmt. lb 1,i,!rll1d ilL with 11,1~ lea})! ~~, 11f! JmSil'ifld~tl ~rrf];~s a/trnrJ'flJ) dyed; (,l cirn[J ,!:l'lre{l. il¥ !~l fUr. ~~~,~ Qf!QUr1'~.


_' -~.~- - -

A BI ,"' efHi lst .'

tme - ,SQ,ry

of the Ghillie Suit


lN11urr is: aghlllie sult7'

[It is basjlc,any a garment covered OL garnished with strips and 'strands of doth. and vegetation that.~ ~s,ed 00, camouflage er cenceal the person we,adng k,. Ghlllie suits C.M be made hom jackets, shlns.ponchos, capes or virtrutlly any ardcle ,of-dofhing. In. this book, you lvill learn baw to construet su its based on the 'p opular 'bat ~ tie dress 11Illform (BDU)~ ponchos, capes, and pants" The type of suit and the materlals you use tc construct


a sult v..tiJM lieple{Iid (}l] yom: .hufividtoru needs .. You MU h, many OpnOJl1sfrm:n whlth. to Choose to ~U~~lPl you. construet a 'firsrt-rate: camoutl,~g~·g~.rm!enLt

The gh:llUe sults is. efl1i2ctive because it" proviide.s three-Idimensional ,eam.otufl;age. LoI.n:g~,n::·fo.ra the use olE printed ~nilfnOllt1ase soldiers and hunters mlfAf.nedtbe value ofus:mg simple bmlap Ito helpconeeat theIl1'Si~veS. l.he~ ~wts varyimg . colon .ereate depth that replleates the: randomness of nature, ~~ ·the ·shag~ texture of tlle,mat~da]s on i!h,r_.lsWl- 1181ip bw:'ea,k up I1rIe hnlman$:ilhou~tre. HOilNewr1whrle the gJliUie suit ~s e:ffe~tLve 10 brealtlngup 'tb.e htmIml outline, Ltbras tQe itreri:tiencv-~[J .be M::ttu~lL·btill9" a;nd watm.:to wear .. Because o':nlis" .~~ gl;til1Jie- s:wl sl]D(rtddTllOl be wotnall the IlBne'. lUs. best lu, C.aIl)"'" the ~tut ill. a 1 .. tlI1Ksadk or stash 'bag. until needed fm: thestalk

Tllle· suit took lts' name. [rlpm s:om,e gamekeepers of Scotland, :ghm.:i:8SII ah~dy breed of men. who spent [hell lives in the ScOttfSl.l Hlghla.D.tls -sUilldll:g game, h01nl. 'tW~I~ . and four-Iegged, They_plrote~cu;:d game andfish :Etom. unaufhorized takers mel- ::J'el'vBd asguide.s.- fbi~the la1Jdownr~~rs. Javlen .. i~houghm,?st gl1HHes 'Were nat La,.1ldow:n>el"s theraselves, thJey refused to leave belcrv@d JIigbI a.nd~ land move to more popula,ted areas. T..~e;y were nUB .outdoorsmen, mtimate knowledge of-the laud..

Bec.at1se tbU'~iI own su:nf!iva1 d~pein_d.e~ Qifl_~blilldml ~Ineand.rWlj gfitUies werepll'ote'C:tlve f~n:he local natIJmJ resources, Tanng a ve.ry dirn v~ew "(if PQ·a.GBers~ ghillie~ 'U.sed IWf3FYtrick and taJ::.uca!vaHable to counter .lmnnu-md one of the nIcks·was the ghiUie suit,

tbe first recolued instance Qf ~, ghiIIIe ~:w:t in 'rnm~ tarY:tlse was' in Wo:rld. '\IVar 1. Lord. Lov~t ]],ad commlssiup E,d a T~~,ginle,nt, knOIW\l asthe Loval. ,8coil1t5~ madeup ~;n~hna!ily of gWllies >[,nJIP the. Hi,ghliimds .. Their purpose '''a:.s. flrs t, to, use th elr mar-ksma.l)sl1ip against me Gel1n?rllSj who had -a Icl!eali' ,adcv1m,tage· ln thlS' area b eeause of their' experienced hnntess and foT.')t,~e:fs:ter (forest T:ElDgers). 5eco:rta~ 'tbj~ ·8'l1iillff!~· werl~ c.hat~ge4wj:th Itr,aining tll~ Img~ly urhan- hem Britl5Jl tI?Oops 'm, ,ml,earu, of obs.ervafion aud, ron'{~I~ra.nge :Sl~noting.

Tile g}iilliesbrougbt ·VVilb them their pMtihtllar SUit8 •. The Br~tiS:hWarMkllstrrwflS so impressed wHit the ;u;. mmDm~JD.l:hat:~1t"'el- a'l!-.,ou1 "''i' -at"'", ,.g ..... ~t" Co ·IOt-fln, ~';'.':,A - f'

" .• !:)I_"-!" _~ . -ilL g ~U _ _ ....... e_. m _ r ~ . ·}U-'l ~lrb,.!! 0

gbOOe s'L~L~l'he' ~'~:suel' ~ui:t (as it wasknO\v~'l)was effeclive" but wa~; pn:mle to ,s:na,gging and Cicu~r:hins;: on thJs vast amount of'~ebii.s that littered 11.Q masrs Iand,

Ca1'JI:a:run Herbert ·W; J1Mk;B...rlde, a veteran of the Hreal 'War,- makes me['J,'u9lt of ·li:u~$e Issue suits 'in his lti,eo,k~ .A. Rijie.rful1 t Wetu to 'War. MtBdn.e I-e£e:fSi'ta ·thenl as uSn.[plet robes" and ·comme'nts 100 .. their being, a .Mndrmce -in nloying th nrugh· no ~·t[];s,lmIdl Nt 'ShQl1lq b:B·llOIIDBd,hQW~ ever, thar the ~~!il were IJUJt fue·on1y ones to use ghillis std:b. Accol~dUig Maj .. , FL Hei~tkietbt~1?rIcij:ald:s· book" Sntp_#~g in. flra71ce:~bo:fu, .~i~s useda , "[(llhe of soma srnt.

foiJlowmg VV'arJd War 1 glThU Uf!! ,$ll1rrn,~ as weUas. W]_lOl~e smpIngprograIllSICiill .. Into IOillSCtJlrity lHilil tlte start of World War n 'Ill B.' gbUlia ·sldt _·'VilaS needed once; aghlin,

1:lm BritWJ M/,' sirrllre l[Jiic ,u~ VUl,o sin' I/al' .10 _d!1l OJIf',s liSf!d ,ali l'~f flllJ'(!,I' sicirJ: ,Il! flleImtll.cftelcJ {jrlJrTi The Ge.[ID:eI1l Sniper 191 ~ -_ l'!.145 b-y Peutr R-SP.lddJ},

and if -was brought back into serviee. by Amed· armed !r~noes, This· is ev~.d~nt in the fact that British. sniper mrmuali:f had 'NdUe:n instruetions en! bnw to mate. a'v:Hlit An excerpt from that manual is Inclnded in this book

MterWoddWar D .• iliasnipBI}Jl'ogmm. ;alldltbl€ gbiUie ii;wt agrrm,~eH to the wayside. But tile gnrua~ Sl.nt enjoyed lJenewed populad1,y in the United 'S~at~s· in 'the early 1~18(]iSc wh~ri the us, ~ibe;S:atn.opted it lOr i~ ,s'w,pem. Tbday,~ tlil.eghillia Sllwt is used by snIper,s HD til g~)eciail operatlonslulits' as~,n 8.S' Blite law e"~Ol:C€ll1emBgenfjes.


Ghi![]'~S'" · rune .Stnt


("Jon stn.lCUClID 'must begm w1lh the sel ec1iOill of' ,11 base garmeu't. S,eiectioD' cr[tmia aI,B needs, com1ion~ and dirnate. First. I.e.t\s address ueeds. Do vou need 3 suiJt · partial or full-body c~m~fta,ge?,wm .a Jheavy:sw't testri:ct your mO\Temmrllll;'? VVlll it be hot Of. oold wn your area of ope:m:tion3'

The tnlee' b~e~. gari):uint8 most Ico.mmon).y used in tbe construction of a-s,niU [e suit are:Ci.O'l}e.~B! BOOs!, and ponohes, All serve equally Vil"fin~ but you must clecide':~vhicih wm WOfl{"iJest for y1ou .. ffcyou are making a simp] e camouflage lude~ you may need just a large plecs ,of netting.

r " 1 •• ~lloutr'i~~, ... ~n~U~~1 I."' •• ''''I ... ~~u I~ •• -'" ~-.l"~~1 u"' ..... "'.-,'\! "_"".f;" •• I~~.~".g •• ," I , •• "'''.ru,. .... ·-·· ... 'H{III''. lin I 1 •• , .• ~~~r!"U • '.;oll ... ,.~ ... !";

: JWlmn !ie'~(!rJrin:Jl'll,stifZll, ~tvn '(im;r! i$ th,e'I~t!lJ~. Ii i

~ ,. 1nu~,' ,~isti 1tf1o the eiiif'1l"Qtt, . (A;rJ,d 1iJ.filis tOlW': Tbw, 1

n"tiI~fing sqtfm."(..-'8 slIm a he r~t) "miln"" (~l~'~ ;11~1(;,'/i I IItld ';S~IJ rt!-'lJS ,'!1ur" 2 lwhuK Sf{ lllre8 dlat are toa l


Sl'l'Ul,l,llnQ~ .iJ dtffiauilLM th~'UU!ii ~lz.e·bJl.,rl~J~i,~'tif:fp.'~~ld, 1





~'h(JS8 flif!J ~tt.! 1M l' -"$,f! ct~'t :8 ~p in f:: J~ ~r.rrnlskJ N'eni7:lg. ,,~(j,tl QlI!mtn'd il'l Ja ''11'1:'' tll'lltl. .~1J 'Jl~ ~tmlfJ8:.

~L __ ~T41o.r1'~I"' •• ' I.' 1 •• '_I.~I~~I=r.I~=I"~_~,,,..,.L~~L ~"I!,h' '~_Id_~'~~'.'~.' I.' I~ •• '" 111.11"~'.'i1im-'. __ .'~'4.~1 IJo •• ",.~).,r.. I~~'';' __ '~'''''~'''.~~.'.~.' '.=1I1" .. ~o: ~

Coveralls, though providIDg the advantag;e nf'a.onepiece base garment, tend to be ton dgiltlln the shoulders and thus make movement ill the prone ppsltlcm somewhat difficwL Yes" you can use an oversized J.l'&r, -PUIt wby do all the extra \i\rodc. if yo u dolft hav. (o?1fyollJ do use cover,aIlls ,'1 recommend removlng me zi:p'p,er and installing several buttons, ]11 Us place. Tha; waYI ]f cireumstances dictate getting out oftbe sultfn a hurry; you can tip the hu Lions off and not wor:q~ about the ,z'ipper

of, IF:' 'mt..-:-

snaggm:g' or sh'c~ng~

Personallly .~. ,uemr either SDU 8' . or ponches. nDUs·

work weU Ifor me because some 'mles when hunting I don't always need liiIl1-body'camoWIa,ge andwilkusethe cammo jacket and hat wi.1th standard-Issue pants .. Pnncbes we nlee 'jf'~ am In a startouary p osl don an d don't have 'to worry ahnutthern snagging on. branches or cactus.

Haresa HSi'ofrnatedals tharyou'll want to ha'''le' nn hand before you begin your project':



Base .garmenr

Nettfu:g (preferably nyol.on ItYpel' Heavythread or: fls:~iin,C fine

Large- gar[ge or 11 f3'8L'o/ q wltlng need] ee Heavy s

Stick pins

Black marker

'Seam ripp.e.r O~LTaZO)r blade Streng gl:uIB" .such as Teat Mender GIDuegrm

Canvas or scraps of_rue inner tnbe Campetl's sleepingmat

Burlap r(oLa sandbags OJr seed '1;18gs 01' burlap on. the rom

'Subdu.ed-color or ,camouflag(! material Raffia (c;r,ating ,gnuls)

Jute' cord

Hemp [Ollie Or twine

Sp'ray paint (subdued"'colors) Falbt.i't dye

Tagboatd rU:l6ENy cardboard} Boster- h oard

'Double-r6:,ced ta:pe Bntteneer



Mtum'.fnls/ar g),(Ifl.I~':ilJn £'ltli3~tl~&til'irlI\lUIY .illi:llld~ (;top pli!~). rl'nckwJs. Jmm, U'J~ rlgM on('J:ap, Ilylm~ tortl. n glU'fJ 81M', bUl~ml.~ wta nlrl~~~. TMr4'iit~1I~ l~~ 1t,_Utrl dml11rl. jl~J! black r~{'i'rf4li;, Bf.llll:m P-J9'I; 11111,'1£ dye. f1J,J.Oi1 notd'Jg', (If,rd ntJf~·. ,~ftl1bml~j'/:~ pI.UllrJ&Il-(Jws}.U1.11 rJlIDad-Sl.rt'1fJed!l'm~.~ bil,'IC1.fJ rru,jtev1d~; raffiaJ ~'l:iWy-g.I~~ rrm!'l:Ues u.nd fl~~d, ~rJr51 \ .tnmg gil'l,07l {mri :itriH~ ortUlfla,~ hll,[M.rI r'f.1J, ptw: All lillY p{~ IJJ lIw1/Jrl {lrflW~f} m·'i\'t'!'l' 'IlIrJI(Juf1tlg~,li1!_l· hflSC' g'111'li!cIU filWi/. IJIW, rlll'ffll!,Il' .un"d Ci:mjU!~ rei!! Q~f.i'!mli.,j,1:.



Many g~il'iie' suit makers begin by mrnlng Hnus inside out. so that ilbey can still use the PQcke[s. r do ~10t ,do, thls, I kaep the ~mme light sid,e out and' snip the pockiets, off: the '(}[It,side. so that tl1.ey d{u]t£ h:rl!er{er,('!"mtb the p,adding and reinforcement; If I lieel the need tu sew ,rn~111Q! theinside of the iiac~et where.l can get to it.. It makes little IOl no ~ena.e ill)! mep allthe poekers be'palJ,Se if you have to low crawl, the wrugru of~yOlU!- body will Pl-eSS on them and wbal~eve!t :is ill thap ncket is prohahl y going to maw you reall'unco:mfortft'bie.

Pad.dlu,g.and Re'i:nfun:enmm:

Fad.clli1gj thougit not necessary,. makes the suit mneh.mcre comtortable, ¥ou can pad theprlmary contact p ntnts=knees, elb lJVvs."an d ch.est-with 5' ,9, .. Inch eamping mat. This provides pad0ding 'that \l\i1l1 not absorb a Iot ofmoisture, OVer the tOPI of thepadding yo U can put "canvas nr, heavy tUb b er; such astha t found. in mrek tire tnner tubes.- You thesernatenala with carpet tape anti'] they are' sewed down.

Be~on~ yau create the patteluSi fOlr paddlag and reinforcement lnaterials~ ,you must have a. way 'U] keep YOiIJ! suit stretched out flat, 'lOll can make a quick ('aIm aut of tagtioard, a heavy, strong cardboard. Place the garment on top ofthe tagboard and pun it rngl'lt. Use -pJlJshpins: ttl hold it in place or have 8{)1lne0J1B help you hold it d'Qwn w.bil~ ~tOU trace the outline of the [aeket using a felt-tip marker .. Go seam,


Jl.IWU jflckel.nri111 ,I.j 1'1l£Td!t1€J. (mel romfr.;i1i<etllJ:l~{' Is. pl~~I'ed'lJWl'!l rl,jb<bll~iTd !(ffm. Nettiml JllU l~eeJI (lnJrjc/I.f!J!"l an.d ~tw m'lW1lllUly lo ~~I(sh r

to seam on each slde and EEom the bottom hem-to the seam at 'ttte, top Q,f 'the she ulders. O~£'e this i s done, [lCl110Ve tile garment and cur out the pattern using heavy .s elss OIIS or an X-.ACIO at C.r,aft knife, Pull the garment o,ve:, 'the {{n'w before proceeding.

Maldng P,attetns

You need a separatepattern for each: area .of ~ulddingmd J['eiin,ful'CB'ment. Tbe relnfomemtmtm;ate1'"l; a] must overlap 11m padding, so you should 111a1ke the retnforcement pattern oul of pl)stet 'board ilw:~t,

Place the corner 9~ the poster board at the bottem seam enthe front of one side o.f the iacket, Use the

--- . , .


~llDi!,~i I'm a.rt'i'g~ffl'fo!1Yd,ils'mlw~ tl'II'/J mmO,tlJfJIJW p€iittf'n"~for pmJiU-ng

{flul rellrftJrtenle1ll, .

s,eamth,at runs a.longsIde ihe buttonholes as a glllid.e on. the edge nf the board, but don"! cover the b uttonholes .. Next~ decide 11ll\V"1i1:ghYOll WWl t the canvas reintorcementto COllU!! on 'fuejack"et and draw a line thet:e., Dl~a~ another lin~ stthe outside seam. ma.idt:tg a: rectangle" Cut it out. When y'ot! all! done YOU'lihould bave a plece that covets 'the front o:fth6 jacket. If you want, YOl can.remove the tOpl outside cornerof the' pattern: to create a pocket to 'seat the buuefa rUle. Base your padlding~ 'pattern on these ditn.etU;.jnns; shaving off about 2 ~tne,s. In .each dkection"

If your base garment already has reinforced elbows, UB,e the existing seams as aguide for ma'khlg; a

padding pl~lJt,ern furr them. Measuv_e the dlmensinns of mil' remforeed elbewpaech, transfer them to the pa1- t,eru:.:m..a;i:erl.(l]. and eu rout the pattern, Trace the pa Item, on ,'our paddmg and cut it om. Once the paddlng Iscut to shape, make a sUt in tile opt seam. in the relnfarcemerit above the- eltfDW and slide me padding in. llyoln' base garmenr dUBS .nnt have reinferced el~bo'{!,rs~ you can easUy make a pattern. for-them by :additJgt'W"o-~nClllJ~8 to th~ dhnenslcns of the paddmg pattem. Gut out the plattern' and mace' tt ento tllfn~aDvlas" Gut out me' flsiitforeementmatenal, plaee a strtp oti.donble-fac.ed tap'e miit" and lay the canvas overthe _padd:mg. It is 'ready Ito be' sewn down.

AttaCllmg the Matima)

Sewing can be accempllshed by two methods. You can do it by hand 'en: take the j,a'cket to a canvas or sadffie shop m~ have tt done tin one (lIt their h,eavY'-dUl'Y sewing machines" ThBCOSt [8 usually cnlv a, couple' 'of dollarsand.It saves .00 any hours 'ot' 1lg~tillg wi'~h. aneedle and thread (there -will be ph':lnlly of epporttmlties foI' tllart). Anal.ternativ~ '~o seWing is: usIng strong glue to attach fh;e padding and l-ell1forceme.nt Ihls .will work but Is l11J1j: qllJiIDB as d urable as a,ewing.

DBalwg:mih Deal

'Be~o~e attaohmg the netting 'and garnish, YQU may W,lnU 'ro make some ii1iterations. -Wal1n wea:ther and ghillie'suits do not go wen together because ghlllle suits tend to be heavyand very-bot. One way tornake the suit more uSler-friencUy is to remove the material from the


A rttmfj,ntl:lu!Ill#t hr;l:~ l:hlcn ,~utm·l~.tlf~lu."btU!k (if iill.!.BDVitlcke,~, 1~l! .met,iOon ,1r,!/lfb.~1 wplra'erl j\f)i'tli ~an'illl1' ;j'c.i ~l~lp k!!cp' flU! firJIf!:bed ,~tjU' jYWl~ .


center of the back ·ood replace it wiith. mesh or mosqufto netting, This· ·1Afi1[help [he suit breathe. The same can be doneto the top ofthe hat er hnod and even the areas under the anns on .111 jacket or the lnseamuf the legs 'On B. _Palr l(]if'll'ants ..

To re.p~;3ne.a P'Ortl:Dtl, q:fthe back Witil rnesh nr mosqulro netting to .allow body Jui"at to escape, smv ,a;whip,stitch at e~lcl! s'qt:l:m;e..ajrm:gtbe.s:eams on.both sldes and at t1ie top ,of the she ulders, D'~)iftt~ew fm~Il!BttiJlg along the botmm bern because lilie: ·netting vdI], stretch and gatllu:r"~eigt11l.~ causing a h.llll,p.'[ll the garnish .. It [S, best to 1'B't it hang loose 'far ·nvo reasons. n 1!. itallowg, I:I:legaIJ::dslrj to hang "Over tbe' top of 'lttle pants and (2)1 if the suit g,ets. ,vet yo'u. can. .slid.e cardboard spacers under the netting to allow 'air toeirculateand speed. up. dtyin:g. .

This is also a go,o d time to sew 'a eanteen or C'am.ellF)ak, ·witter bag into Lhe back'o'l tmlID,er the. ann of your jacket~ You cae then run a rubber drip.k tube up ta' th~ {"OUM ln give y.u u access [,0 hyd.mtion In an arrangement thstwerrt cause unnece ssary mOV8]1lIent.

Netting ~efb:Ie.secmll1g·the'netting"m the g~l.entl.tllB netting must he CUll: to sme. Place the netting. OVe.[! the i aeket~ wWell ~51reld rigid witb the ita:gboa:rd fOilm.

Plasethe netting over the shoulders Tlfthe Ja:ck~~" lining t~l,.the' netting with thenutslde seams, ,Pm or taek the _netting tn pl~ ,ai'~ng,lil.e .seams, making :SlJL~' that you have tbe same number .of squares 011 both sldes of the 'neck, It is best to use separate pieces of nettlng on



each side 'Qf-tlie collar on, thefronr of'tha suit: 'dUB helps reUeV13' the pressure on the shouldru'Scaused by me wc:igbt of the' gru:nls:h e.. 'Fhe g:rurn.ish. on tile fW'llt· sbo't~d ceme down 16: to 8i Inehes, U!l."'~Q the (];~.d seam 10:11 the top pocket, Tha nettin,g S110uld not go to' p,Bs.t the elbow 0:11 either sleeve. Th e. ga.miSh can belied long enou gh to hangdcwn to the bands.

TJIElre ,ate' several ways, ~o attach.the llettil1g '~p, the base .garment"' Yml can s,ew the nettlng' on with heavy fismng lm~ orwased llhen thread using; a Iarge quUting' needle .()r:·can~as $evrin,g needle. 8'6£01le g'ewi£llg the netclrlg dmm, I use a Buttoneer to' t-ru:;k the netting i II place, Once the netting :i.S, In. plaoe~ I cut it m .lit the garment; and then EH3W ii down along the outside edge.

1(1 am covering a large area, sll'cb a-S, B 'poncho ;01' th,~ back ,of B.DU jwiket;, I S~ random :s'til~chf!s across the area to help hOoM die netting itt place .. (This Is -b¢st done mer-the garment is gamished ... Jf done ri:ght away

_-, "

the garnish has, a. rendencyto .pucker;.)

Tllec nellriiDg; :om alSo be' attached to 'Ilie IJ;as;e:' garment with glue" This ','~, done by si:rnpl}~ layin.,g thB'nettin:g over the base garment and gJutillg "il:l!e . nle:rting d;OM1 at vanous points. When the' glue h~ 'dried~ trim away the excess nenmg.

AtlOtbe~1I' \~ra~f to attach thenetting 1.8 'to sew bunnns IDa the b;:tS·egarmetJ.t~ Ulen alf,~cb lOi'iJlps 10 'thernetting to 1100k amund thebuttons, This may take longer; -but i ·alliJows 110'1.1, ~o remove 'the n.ettitlg·an.d wash tha base garment, Of even 11:0 change me garnish t'O suit a change in the envhnnment,





Now ecmesthe full 'part Begin tall;:~ng st~"i,p's Q,f,gM"" rush and tyi.'ng'them to the netting. You wiU be ahle to work and see WIDrt yrnuam doing ifyoll start all[ the bottom and well'll: yow: way, up. the jacket. in1tle same manaer as s;hlngHng a roof.

Garnish can be strips of~amo~u:flaged or'sllbdued~ color cloth, burlap, or cDfI:fting raffia, Burlap can he: scrotmged :fllUtll 111~ 'r;llfferem sources I such as loId gurmysacks or sandbags. Some iabrlc.,shups; land ctafi' shop~even ~ it 011 mIls; wmch could sa;v,e yo ill, a lot oftiJDe.

Jute cord IS quicker ~u work w~th than 'bnrlapfabrlc: just cut -it to le~:gth and attaeh it (ill the nettlllg,; WbUe this is definitc'ly laster 111 terms of eenstmctioa, i.tis also mom expensiv'e;, The decision:is yours:: both wilLcI,eate a great suit, 'rhe colors oan be changed willi enmmorr fabric dyeS:l b u t in many cases yOi]] may be better {)iff j Wit U5,~tl,g your chosen lna\~enarS' nalt~ -colo . rlb mW~B ~7 nrmshing the Sl1iteasi,m;I use'w,bat]JIDk:,e tncall Ulthel:.a:ck.'~ A.r.a,ck".des'ignedtor'quilters willhold the garment st,e:ady I, n frnnt of: you' whil e you are worktng, It Is also adjustable'ln 'height~ 'Which. is a reel.beneflr 1Il.~n you stan tying,.galtlish onto tbe';;Uib

Determlnlng c:o'~Dr is b est done by taking a eoler photo OGfthe, genera] area m w:hicb. you intend to be opera1.i~l.g. Study the pictu:ve to p,tek out Whart the pr-edou1Ji~ nant eolorsare tn help you create amore 'Hlfecfivft sulr, H there WCJs Qnll)r OJ'lIe,lcol0,t that 1. eouldgo Withl' [t, \t'lllould he the n amra[ d'usty:-hlCOwn eolor of' burlap. Bememher, no,


J1~e illmhillf ii>'Effiit"(li gJ.lilUc 5r~#~nlf/,il(!" Ui'.~m.'j~~~. !~~il!i!~ tmpsflj! tmml) ~l!I rol.tU~~I. b.m[~r.tMif.i)('~tim.O.l,~ N{]ffti~ ~~u,rt,"Sluldm(!.1i'·f!I.II~~:frJlIt~ !ft htllj~ (")cIl~ti



I tstte -1'-'-"~t.m--~-':h~.-. -i'--··>h-- vou use ":I~e suij;'~'[!'iMI(ii\adem-::·o-re n _!.li r ln~~. UC gam~s ,;_ _ "L~, ul. _. __ I:...., l!4~j_, _. __

!'l'11~ect'ive by adding :~atuta1·vege1tiltinn.

'V\7'ihen tymg the strip.s, a simple knot will 'work just EllIe;, I havlB fadnd th(j1.rt shorter' stdp s lelld ·to standup md longeruue's tend [~li'e:'d:fJiio'ilTI.lq.setbe,sh9Itet-stdps an tile "back and. use the ~.(llUgler ones orrthesideswhere Elley 'lillriLpe' o\~eir. ClIli:meiMiIJ.g: the' sides, .An aI. tema,tli:v'e 'm; ILLBing s trips of burlap, is to use- indiv]duru :mmuts of hurlillp: .. This is don.€' b-y pulling, t11e indiv1duaJ.~triffids· from tl1e~reri:aJ and then tYiJ1g' ~iniaU bundles ol£'B tQ U) straadste tbe netting. This ~;s very twe-«;OluJuming'lc but creams m1 a,:w~~solnle- ef:furet

Remember to not use too much or a pmU.cl1lar colo]' in the. sallie area, and wry. dime I~o]crrs. True black rru:ely appe,ats in nm~~ ,s,tir(;'k ~O' subdued .. muss .and s:rH."'~acl ourth ecelors,

One mlijli~ opliolll.Y~lIllU[glru[ COIl'si~'iI'"Jo;r iJle jacket is to alter -U i~Q; ~~eej) the 'sleevesfrom ri r1 ing up on your arms while you ate 'Cfaw1mg .. tbere are two. WlaJ$ '~O de: lbis .. OnB; is lDIS¢:W a.1oo.W'_r:iI.Fpm:acbutt:: eqrd to -the !Suff nearyeurtlmmb, 'Mrurn.:tt lol1igenougb to loop ovetyo:ur thumb to hold the. sleeve doV!ffi. OD tllltl ~(. The oIDler way is· 1[<Q> S'BW3). Stri'pl oJ maoo(dlll across the op1a-mng' m' the sle!ev·e (It me ;cn~ff·ilijs\sn.]p &hn.uJd be cent~red 't'fl etnss tbe palm over the ~eb I~"f til e IUll.'l"Cl

.. 1i:fQvJ:i: ·t~ji.1'1i1118I'wi· liMIlUi: $tl~~-wi!ll b~ M~r4'llnj'·IHJ!!l/lmIl1J.jg,. ro' rhe tt!fi" £i(j\g Ila.f fr~i lflft wi/?('lrrdiilii;ti.lo pJel1tm t #1!J bow:>I'ri,.,urom'lmuggirig. Tlw}}.W'.t ~f rlllrnl1c .~ ft,ilb' ~rffll't~Ji~, ti~4lt((lbig:mffit"

o,prms.ite p~: l'flft MJIIn .. tt.rmitsfled,gmu~ 61L1( 1rlen,rls.~·e<1lllJ.{?S$~ tllllJ' th~ !Ilal i,zIJ Jm~irlQ.~as5' ghJiflg I·h· ... ~m"hrJ."m:nrN,jctln.mditt~wU W'W rt(,it'tl~~ .




Mtll me jacke'~ complete YIDU can start en the pants. Padding andcanvas .rem~Drceme~llt for the Iall<l~e:s Me done m the same manneras the elbows on the jack- 131. TJ1C)lCttil1g·s attachedfrnmseamtn seam, but does not go an Idle w,ay to. the rop of illite-pants (I usually stap belovvllie backpocketSJ., There is littl.e need to gp'liigher than thepocltets since a.jacket and the g;arn:iSh worn it will more than UlaEdy hang over: the top of the pants. ,Ako~, 1 falely nm the "netting to the bottem hem 0:[ the pants, fm: ffthe g,unish'is tied lengtherefs no meed. Th:m can save you some ttme.and work.,

- ,

B,DU' pants when iuJ1y g~e~d and padded, do

get bem-ry and have a tendency to want to ran down, YOm Ic;an Use' a belt, but:if you cinrib it up too, tig):lt it can become very uncomfortable, So I recommend usin.;g suspenders, Thmil are a ,oollplle o'f differ1eJ11l ways to do this. Tbe fwrsti,(5' ilJ1eld~expedie'ntm.e"thod, 'Thk,e a set iof' mllitm:r~isgue: fmsp,en~clel's ";and . ran the hooks fb:ro-ugll the w~st atljustmen.t tabs. Another quick, methcd Is to' 't~e. _pantebu IE! cord, make a leep Mil!b.1 [~ and tie it tOI the tep of-the belt ,toops.-lffim.e allows, these.loops can WSOI be SieVl,"'n to. the top of the pants.

.. 'TIm, mnre tnJldi:l:ional WHy is tJa sew- buttons to the

top lof the: pants and then to. at~cb a pau of S\lSP en.tiers, 1[0 them, ·su~pe.Dders used £[U~ -&hfn:gr wader.s 'Work real 'w.ell and arenorvery ~,enSive.

An altettW,ttv,e to using: suspenders is to sewa button to the [OP otifu'fJ bliCk·uflh~BDU pants.Then the


burton tab is enrfrnm tbe slde IOf anDU Jacket and sewn to the inside o:.f the jack€t just above the' where the wai8ftiinB' IS wbeD tile BDU 'PUllts: are won]', ('fa _ftgure wheretopat the 'tab, bend 1Q,!lNwhile wearing the pants andjaeket, and'hava sOJn6on£!l'mruX-where: thebutton is ro ,gOI.) Once ~e' tab Is secured, ~USl button the jac1l\iet to! the pants and you have' i .


All altBOiaUve to doing a _pan: of pants is to make' a _p,;rilt ofle~gl,llg'S 'ot dl!atps. Co:nsl1'll,ClIi(n':l Is sin1tia~:to that of the l[J(atits~, butw.t goes a tittle; lq;WckflI., On IDee J!~ggin1Yif 'IDe netting is S8Cl,i,n-ed. at fhemp and from seam tt. seam-like the pants. Leggings' can be made from a- pattern. Pm'F chased from a fabric shop 10 m.ade from an o~d parr lor pants by ,cutting' theJ,egs samle\iVhere oct\.veell. the knees and the bottoms of t1118 back paclmbs. Sew a. WOOpl to. Iilc· outside .of the ] Bggi~ngs. 'Ibis IOQ:p needs to be enough to reaehrhe heltllne because abelt :m,tt~a!d ltD'ho~d.,the' I~ggings '!lp_ •. Afttltf iJus is.donet ada.«::h. the netting: and g;mr:nisb.,


Camoutlaged ~f.!g' gnil[~s,.Jjffer a .handy altematlve for peopie who dorrt need or want to go througti the Work oim.ak;ing a of pants, Tne' gajtlers can be made from a pair of :gait,ers purchased aJ an outdoor or mill r till ry surplus store,

TlwgIDll',!!rs are qw.ek and 'eQ$.y to. malee .. S,imp!ny wrap the Dettlng around the grut,srsJ then sew- it ii1lo place' and tieon the garnish"

7 'fl is flJlL~brMi BftWI;~ :;1~U fiZqQr"f'j, f1;iP11'p/lJ!tIl rl,iiil~ pttdderl' fj\l'~ ~ldr;!ft!i'l"ttl:ru:iilli, iIl1tfs, rwl'1.illtim.~~ fll~!:l' ~mro:ll.r ls ~~tl 0I1l11mming s.U/~, If sum.tL!' om d~&fr l\1Sain$~ ,t~ ~1(~r1,;. f1{~r Ik ... j;t:mwu.'kbr# w[u!.(~ :r~il itt (l _Jm~trl(J' jjljtwii1JwlJerll rl'lhil~ U. IiI1IiJdrt!'s I/:f,~ ~~.tI,. tj~!d lru:tJl~i:l ~r #s. ,w'mmtdilws ((I'}IJ(l~fW ,Pl1ijrU, U -1'I~rrI.l.Ltlt~!d:t:f(tIJ'rWlm,



WItham 11 doubr, the besr 'way 'to Jude Olle:isface is to lise ·a camoUflage facepaln1t "oJ seme ·sort. BlUet 'for tb.qse who don t wan,~ to "mess wltb p,airlt" ,the best option is. a hat, fa,cflmask" or-huod., There ar,emany different typ1es ,availlilble for purelaase, are acouple ofdifferen.t coverings ytl'~ can make for yomse'if.


The hat is fairly s:imple' to make. Stmr,t by ~n.yiIlg:81 piece !(lif ,llerr.:ting Dve:ra OIC"Qme Or floppy hat, Yom hat does not necessadly need to' be! this sty]e~ a basebell cap WiD woFk but do es' not break up your outline as well If

yeu wish [[(II make the hal at lntle eonler, cut a, 4-,K-4";',inch square' Dllt.of the top, Then sew or glue apiece of mesb

Oi' mosqUito, llettlDg m its place, .

'U~' '.... t"L., ~i"~' "'1 __ :'_.,1' t 'I!., tL. .. H' - f

~,i~I,~ me ne' ,lftjiIu out you, :uavT:! H.E! opnon I},

putnng a vall 'on the. h:3!~., It can harig down ,to ooveryeur face OJ'I411.bB made.1:Dl1gBnostmu~h. out and cov'm: a camera. or rlfte scope. A long veif \-!!lill dow-you~o manipuUtte such: items lWiili,tbemovement being concealed;

Attach the netting by taceki.ngU downto the, front of 'the brim and wO£rking toward tile back. Once It is, attached .. to the brim" secure it to tb,e: c:rQW11 lo.f [he har, ;;Uow the excess uettin:g ttl 'hang a- fOQ1; or so past the back of the brim, ovedappi llg.-tlie jacket. Once the netling is seeured ,. begin gamlahing the bat.


From tD(J ng'Jr!'jJ(.IlH/~eill.lm, I'll tamnil!l fil~ mJiik; til ,Il!illw!".'r*iru,/a~ mask" {fJuj' Q g,I'oru.boltWI/:. ~gll:iW sk,i ,mttsk.

Equipmenr such as. spctter scopes and rang-e fmders that 'cov;ered'by a veeU can "he eemouflaged by wraplping them \>vitb SlctpS ofburlap, Aft~r wrap p~ing t:h.a burlap, secure the loose enda wlth green duct tape. (~lmo\iVn in the mllltaryas Nbundt-ed- mlle-an- hour tapa") ., Also, you can m:akieyour own camoullege tape by applyJng.spray-cn'adheslve toone side nfthe burlap; strips.


Tille face mask is very: airnple to con stmct, It can be made from 'An old BDU top, OJ a. plain wldte pm~ase: sheuldyeu have need fnr ydnt,er"Canioufiage.

It {i".JWia~!' Sf}WJ.fIl: Jmll:1f,~ Jmr14/" .'I&-kiJl.f1lW,~,~ 1l~lmlu (/mtn 'lhe Gll.r.n:lan s.ntp [,~. l!ilH-l!MS:J.

Pn~~;, t~Cvrl' ipiece of string ~~ ho~d one ,end below yom: left ear. Then: bring lil!e smug across yom JIOSe [[0.. yo,ur riglll ',ear' ,!HId 1n;a:ric llie~rmgth. Us'e iliis ]!Bn;gth Otf s~,g to detetmin.ethe, width_of lliu~ luas:k:. Now m,ea~ur~ from the I~(IP oflum~ nnseto the. cml'rer of your db;est to gruvG: y£lIlJ,. fhe ~~u\gtb of the mask! wmch-y;Oi~l w:dl want lDLlig @:lo~gh d~,arit can be-ttl,Gkied itl..~o your Jacket. N-D\!\f~ takJB .~ p~e(;e. of sttiiig or 1nootlacfl and lC'ljl [taeIOS~:i" the tOPI .O'f 'fbe materFru. ~ 111~ l1lb.:'lt!m1~ down. so that 'the,'s beldlWitw.n 'the rnUe'd material, frere. you ean dOl one Of'if'\t\T'O !:bing!): either sew the roUed materiail. O't g,lue itwirfi'l, '[abIicglue. IOnce tbis is dene your mask lstomple_te. If :you are so mdined, matke i'[ 'l1:ceveJl:',sible:by l:U1Ving lJOO matm1a1 on~one ·si.oeand Sif!wrung: or~:gJwl1g

- , - . ~

wnilDe mated:aI on the fltb8"'& thus }:mJ'lliJdil1g;!Jllemaskm

se~ itvioenmOtIml,ents.


A hood can be l:;;on8;Uutiteda:l:m.o,st as 'ea.sUy :31:8 the faee ma~k, and' agilia you bilve the optloJl-tl,f makillg it levertibh~'" l:h~ easies:[-mnd qulekest m.(inbod·fbr making;, a.hood is to sitnply cut mB,.hood off an old 'nDU Held ia;ckel .. · If you 'Wish' to 111akea.lloo~ more ~j)ed to yottr. J]_fH~(b;\1 'this old IEiek:ll j ackiethoo a vWll_prmlld~. ill good pat ~ tm1U]3 .Ari(J.ther soutte' ;fQr~a hoo,d 1S 'the t[llS'[y anny snrp~hs. St_QfE: wbe,fte y011 e:anIhmd old parka [m"Ods.~ wl:rlch work well once' th.ey llilave had: all ·th,eir: wsu]atitm: :re:movedl 'iinld Cbey make great -,atitew" too, Atl:ach the .hoo dwill\1il buttons 'EG make 'if reUlnvabIe.


A}JI~,;t~fl:r ~~M'.Ilr[~!f,"'U p~!I;!d!!?;"~~ irlm(1:l:!li~it~.tiih trm) rii~ .dll?ld~Wlill-rlja~u,tfll"llt·

a·n'i\li';·i1~~~rro~ 6if,Idsrij1e.:i£ ilJ:fflllpwl #l ~!rlrrp j,!) '~r.lp m,;w!ifl. 'ft. ...


P'clr.HnI(].F:basct;! gh'fllle suits ~are rather COIlstmet, You. can elthev' p,nrchase'a p- oncho and ariach th e netdhg and ~aL1::l1igt1-1eiB~ ~e ]U'LV~' done' 'Wiltlf [1)8. Jacket., .our·you (ian make .your own (!,o[l.cho from ·scra~drr.

'JJb mat~, yo w: uiwn ponr:ho, :~rru:~~tb 'at leCl,rst invQ' yarq,s o£doth and !f(l,~cl It in.half, Se'\iV the sldes togeilie;r J e awn g an openln gat the top of each sidle: fell ann holes,


Then ~ut:a ]lo[_e 'hl the ,cerrl1B.r .ofrll e -told -,wryoiu.r hB'ad. I'L is' wiSIE! '~iO [,eiw:Ol:,oe the neck 'by sewIng another f-Im ece of doth anouud ,the tuile,whi,lil, V(ilJ[ glve it the :sttength needed to support dl.19' ll.e,a;vy g,amish:.,

y:ou~U also wantto m.stall"Ej dtaws;ttingattn::md' the W?lSL Thi~ will, secJ:.Ve. two plJI(!os'e~: "it wi.l]l help: to 1re,~p wmd from coming: up through the garment, and it wlll re1i~ve B.orne of the we.ight of the gatnish.

The nerdng ls anached in the same manner as the


t: , .. ." "'.~' " ..... , 1"I'o1 •• I·I.I·UU."Io(I.--:'I.-JIJI.lIrrl ••• n~"":'~~~ri"""'~.ri.,~-""""~''';-;-'------'i{..- .. ~I:'I~ ...... 'I;;!-.~ .. ~~"!'"I~.I., '~.,?.' 1 •• .,j.iI~"I·I·I'I·.'~ri~A7'JI,~

y' (I1fbf1.Ue#t!T' PQ;$&i,1!i/~ r~"t1 Q W~ llrlr:'rifGfM 1,tuJib' f{'F 1 f :dJ:~ ~1m-tlJSiSlJfU211 mate:1ifJ.f N1J,t}'ElL:rf., Jr~lgb~ S!rdts 1JJ Rt:'i! : i ! ~,O!1*fi: ~US ·i'! ,t~dI' rif tlJip ,~ti:~riat Rl'l~[~'£ 'I! ')111:~), ~ ! b:ll~,eir11l~ tta;lW'€, emJ be 1~'KQ1'le ~1J MIiC''h.i'A11:.ffi.;e.: l

. ,

Be. ~f\IdW 10 f'liJf~~ l$;~e ~tWffij! g~';l'~~i~p. tiM ~~ gfjrfjls:tl : j

~ w~:h tJ. gtrf){i.l fir~ re:w.rd(ll~[. -lTtlds '[9 :VC'liYim.pD,[[liarn!lt~ t ~JT': f~ :fl',~/hiJ!~le JIJlt ~~-f jjfI!MfJr~;ffi.~m, ~~1! .. $t~~ ~ .1ff'Ull!1iJ(crYJI~W'm{~lili)ill'lj~7 O"J;dlrt.fJlti.l~g,~.


~ .~

.r:-~",~~~I.I ... MI"I_I.- .... ~"t!r.I.I-.'ii.I •• '.lI'" :,lrin.l;, l"i.""."lIrl".,,,-".~IiI~.~I,,~I,,~1 ,~~",~~~-;f,.,.-, (if~M'~~~"~~"-~H,:I-~I __ ~I.!"'-!-fIIl.'.lIlIl.1 'LI-.-'" ... n.",,~i!1 1\i~r'I""~:

. ne,ltting· Oin the j,aeliet~. te.aclrln_g. :frpm se1a.Jl\ tOl seam and going (JV'e.i[ the top of the shnclders and down the fro.ot. I do not normally-put a, hood on a Il0.l1Cbo tJ e,s8,uB.e then it. ,cul1!tbe and used alnng with '"[be g~ ~ nish jn 'the ,front. T.his is lnilly h.w.u:l:y j:lJrbundng_ turkeys om:w:llle,r1 you MfLsiltti:l1gMth·yolU back toa.tree or :f.t!tlce. post. The srune helde true' for hunt"rlJl:g 'WB,lBrfwl in fienoys. ~l ,an"O~s, you.~o Ii e ,on Y01.lf back witfu"fue gru:nisb CiQV,eTm:g your ;&ont.

Tll.g ·,q; cape '18, .3 grea:taltema.rive ,gru:men,t {tlf tlle: ~ual:VidluaJwho wants cm:nQnDag:e but dnes nnt need ,fwlL tmdy Cotrtf!f. S;fn,c:e the cap e CDve:[S mily the head and s.h.orurbm), Itis best used len.' olrenmstan~e5 wher~ most of the b.od.y ls hidden, ·a.s in 'u~mg a. bunting hlirnd. or :in cenrluctlng ,~urveili3!nI[)8 lIolm a spl-


d:e:r.ho.le",~e [qUick cape een be Ico.nsU·ucted iu amatter of bours '\!\lIth fit minirnem amount 'Of m aredals ..


A luge 'blJld~p bag

'l\!v.o or 3, yards.of bur~apl Waxed lill.nen thread ,needle SciS[8Dl:.S

.Fmt:.glue gJwl




j3'Elgjn by crnlliI]!g: the bm1,ap bi3\g iuhmf 'Wi.dth-~se ..

Then [',tit cline 01 the hal vesm haM .a;ga:in. Ybuw'tll use. Olle of the comers£o.f the heed,

,. .'. To '~r.~(ate 1De hood, .YoU, :m(j~tfkst fiX it to .aocept a: drawstrmg •. Tills can be dooeMo ,cii1il?ll!llt Ways,.~~ou can (1) sewa stdp of seam tape around ·:tbe openmg fnr. ~e la_ce" or (~l f~e. it pj[e~~ of Itaip'e anti k,ty j~an. fnc;h. back Irorn the edge of tbe1a.ceand thefim[lJr back and 'ta.<;k it in pta.ce '\Ivilli. the 110t~glL~Bgtm. ()nlZTe th.~t(lJpe'is, Hi place,. sewh d'Ovm. "lbt tap'e~s thet'C :to;h:e)~p, prevent the glu.e [rum seeplag tbr.o1J:,gp and dOS1T] g u_p tJl e diElwsnlng, By doingtl1i's'1th!e .drawstthlg should .sUd.e ueJely,

VVllen yUill have finish,B:d the llood, .Bnd.ili.e center olf the body of the cape and CUll: il down the' center the dlstaneethat.the hood is deep. .Insert the hood Into the

·1 ·1



T/lm dJu,r,ui'~iWfQ~' a gMWUrJ ~.pj~" "~~il'lJr:lr.kj, ('md ;.!!)Qt1 Uiero i5"u!ltl ~o n~e,mbm~ ~lfl/re BrititJn mt#fn~1 fr;r~ d.urlIQl'~~)ficl W{,lrIf.~.f,w,rfm{11il' d~JilS"ldlrJl£L~ RJ' f() f,W~~ f,1'f~.

'r 11 .. ' •• ..-' •• I.."._.,,~~J~ ••• i""I'''h~~;;~;'·~·''rt-~ .. -· •••.•....... , """ •• I I •• ' .. r~ '''.~. o;l"~~' , ••• ~~':" ;_ •• _~ 'iiii· .. " "'''._.~ ~I II~.~

1 r~'9 oJ: Illf! hesv- ~r-ti:-{1~Ji·mje8 Yl)U if1:'tLn aild lIT tlI1iJl i

to. ~ f4 ~J . ':5",(1 l~((b'bl t §J!li~~I't. l!;l:tJI1:aty 2..;q:1Ia:rr~l'tt~ 1 ,(lICKr!? rue.!i uJilil '(i~",/dYl1J8 l,~be. ilflt tfeet ~he heft ts-a

t ~e'th"1CJ fif &lm,~llfl-F 12Jt"litft1crm· S,V.Slt;Sl'N. q fT .. 'Slll. .

U\ il1Stfillit.rJ; if I t..n(l btwk 07: '1m ide. oj flte ·SU1.'t. lft:e-

IVmifl F t.~l~ FUrl t re d."tn'ft ,mb",,",/~ ts .w'~ste it ·'1';1111- .. e ~


.~ I.l"b'td };l}.iidt alllTa lDt f}I~ lU~CffS~~r}~e'm'i1(1:t 1

. L .~ .. '" '0>', , ", M """."." •••• ,., ••• ~ " .. ,,,"'._ "'" •• - " e, ;;,j

opening and hat-glue it ])01 the burlap hag, 'letting about 3 inches of'heod overlap the body of the cape, Using the waxed line-n thread, 5ew-~n,e hood in place ..

. Bfl;gm'G1utiing.'the· extra pieces of burlap and laying them. over the 8houId~r8 and back of the cape Do one piece at a rime or stltchlng them ~(l the base of the Gape! then wlUpl-sntchlng them into place. Once the p.i-ec:es ·a;e· secured. you can eit,hel' cur theburlap into strl ps or &ayit lnm ~ndIDVkLual tlareads=whichevee you p:re~·r.·Gc)Dltiriue to buiklon e·3.cl111ayer until y~m acbieve the d':emed. resuhs .. WIlen. the base is :finished. go to the top !lJftlie hood and dothe same tllingwU:b the pieces (If burlap. the pleces 'Of burlap wim g~u~ or ~Y sewing!. tu~n 'cut them I nto strips- or fray them. into rowvidual strands. Make sure that thepieces drape at i~ast to tile c~hrnildl\'!.rs; a. couple of inches ,Past is, even be:rter~

If the drawswpg; .on the hood is 'not ade.quate to hold the cape in pla.cle~attnchan, e:Jastia strip from the front to the back under each arm. These strap's can be

slipped under the arms and will help, to hold the cape In place II the weru-et needs to 'lnow'e ..


Dnrlng' Wmld War U~ the British ~p",emment pubIished a pamphlet, Notes (IJI" the 1'i" of· Snipers:

Military Trai'lti'ng Parnphie.r No: 44~lg4fli, Contained Wijfuin are det.ai1ed instrustions for sniper traintng, .including seednns ·on .tieldDraft sntpiitg'in: opelll warfare;; and 5U [piug frmn. h.OlB'BS and· hllllUdin,gs.. Append:h:::es md.ude notes on range p[ac.tiicB$,~ panoramk ·dr:awm1;g~ and methods lOil locating enemy snipers ~ .Most Interesting for'om purposes 1$ Appendix 91: SDiper Sufts,

A copy u Ita manual was proVided! by a. mend WDO aecuraeelypredlcred that I would find it veryhelpful. As r stated before, eonstruction of the 'B.lIU is v,ery ~:asy aDd could ·easily befinlshed in au hOUI or two.


• Three y1tJ!rls ofburlap (Ow:'ltllIDOi three i1..;y:a:rd. pleces)

.. Needles

.. Thread

iii Hot-glue :gtm

iii Half ayard ofcunvas

• A dtawsl\ri:ng


From ~!nd bi.u:f;:. views oJ'rbe ,Briti.fJ1, :mip~r suit w~{th ,~lwd: T.l,t(~.3·U1t!'~ rum b~ strtl)f)~t am:l.;TaJ'''',d ,FtJ n!5f,mM~ gflill"., ;nd!; snit C(mld ~'l!rx4Jnj,;x/ (Jr (J,!f!d.


Mw~ Uj~{Br.ltMt.ildp!iJ!' s.ilf~ i~ !11,!'lWn .. Nlirl~ /, @dgf.'l t!(,~ j:nlIJ Sff·(rS JI) ftlttj!l!r~)j~iIi:

"1'1 i!;i; ·{.I!U~iJ~e'. .


Begin "byfoldi:ng novo of rhep teces as shownln til e illustration nn 'p. ~'t<!tmakWng sure the edges nne' up. Th~n-dra\v' the' oudln:e orft:he SUitM~1 1:11,811<, and cut~lt out .. sttrc.b any pockets to BJitber theInside Of theoutside nf the garment, CPlOc~ets sewn, on 'tb.e ins'ld~ wiLIIl require that a sllr been r in the front of garment, 13 e sew-a hem tntothe sUr to pirmre.:nt its fta:yingJ' Once YOIl. have S;e'\lVl1 the poC.ket, sew a Ua:[J over it to JI'reV'BlII1t debris' from enter! ng -i.t •

.Now sew the .front of' ItUe' garment. to' the.. b C'fci.

Us€: "a.beavy thread.and, if time'!1I', double-stlreh the seams a. 1If ym~ are leoldngto put log,eth,lU, 'a. quick snit tlla:[' willtlet see heavy il~e' orextreme cold, you can :GJ:'lt by'Ilg thlEi 'bot -glne gum instead ofneedle an. d fhread

c: ,I." 1.".,(;", H~

'10'_ UI ,-'!"""W' 'fi.... '1 _.~, ;co I~ .~.";:,~·c ~'''''C, "' .... , AI t": ~.I~ tl "if" p" '1"' .... d

!l~ U'" .' " .0 uL.ll ~ ~ .... ue .U!OLp """ .. .[]I! ""Cl!.~. .... ..... , ,]()JL":'

and insert the dtawBtdng .. U down. Once 111~ sultts 9,0116, you C.Wl 'eltn,er leavethe ii,regula! outl~ne of the gU~t~ ent the lEdges 0010 S.tripSl 0[" fra.y the burlap in;tO' E1l1.m'W.duiEi]stIanas. lt delJelids: (n)...; persona,![ taSI['S and 11:.bJl terrain m.'w.hloh, ynU:~][ b,e op el,ating.

. to. make thfl' herod, take' the rumairung, yalic[ ef fold~ it over~ rd'lm\~ thB DudlnB~ andqlt it oUt. DetermInB tile center Il.Jf~fue:Em()d and cutthe erie a~'e<r[,W1l~. This: 5bCiU~d be v!Jugtly I wn!!;b Widle by 6-:rn2Il~:$'" long, 11 s:uggestion' is ~[) plaee seam tape. .the 'op''ening,: ,wmch. helps. pre-vent glJimg o[eaJ:~ er vi,sion;'Wlilrtlu~ btood c{JulplH~~,j.' llie dedslon t!o ;frit¥ ,il or leave iilI: JB np toynu -e-,



The ~B.titiish .military sniper: suit .1'8, V€J;Y nice b eeause rut ~ma,y hie ennatructed as a basi'IC gannenror u.lay b;e enh anced by ad dIng such extras as a:1 rnner ormiIJUip~e po ekets, Sie'\l\fin.g loops 1!llSin:g slmple w]jip~-;:rtUcl1es. 'Will allow _.fbr~ a.uadling vec,ge:m:rron. Also, If YOliSO des~(e, caaWI$CRtl be used to relmo.ree the elhoVilS,'andlJloitnm .Eront portion. of Fh~ S.lU!)[lK. There.are ,3: llUJll1bef ofcopti.ofuurfol' co~o,r B:dJerues::billrlapMth a: GaJl:1I0Ilf1.fl;:g~' .print ean' b,e used, ory-ou can ereate y;m.l±:oWll,.M"lere .~ ltve the Itel±run is,mostIDypraille .mId,. by using.the dgb;.t,Jihad.e ofbur1:ap~ [ CMl, 'g~t by wiiliolNtmy':ad dlt[on:m colcrs, lb, add deptl1. to the l ~n;tit, take illle. IDemmnmg strands nf budllp tihat yuu have from'stti.ppmg and laW1J-hODk them ~nt(] the" seIDoeR: and hoed,


Probably the most Dv~dooked e.tlvironm~nt when ene '!hmks.':of ghUHe stilts Is 1:.11l'e wi'n.ter landscape, A '' ghUlie suit 'ills easy to make and Villl gr-eadyenbance' your abl[i.iY; it(\) be'!,:wudeledad iD' SfitJW-t10Vet-ed terrain,

Mo-s.t camouflage :forsll.OW conststs o~f' a mm.ple ·woo.€! gannent or- c(J~ralls. Cr1:iUJISB :th~t ,have ~ddioo1lci11!]6.1r,rs tend to QV'8rdo it.) 10 'iJAlns:~nlct~.~llter,Stlit, :g~.pJly'beghl, 'W:i.t:h. a set of c~ans or 'CVm1 a plain ~litepol1!cho,

Attaci1 ~ttal1d~ 'Of burlap :,01"" • I ~refel;, strands, of raffia.: .. Attach~be strands randomly and s.lla[sely~. You want to re.plica tetha 10 OK, of dBia!d::gtass, at1.11, nther vega .. Lll!10l1l.· sticking up 'throug~ ItIle S110W.



.c'ljtft~ltl~lg Ii' ~uitltr?t iii'lillie ,~iiil id ~l ,1,M!~l!l.1)im~ ~lfU)ej;{r.lI1{ yY~~;l/ nut'ij ,. W1i:nf~ iii\!" i{glJl~t:1Jl.J:1lll'!tll~B Wol~me'r~~'~m.c .mffi~'''l1h~!!, w!d p.~fl~.~is~· LitHf~m!!Yt cr i'I.larg~/

se'mfng ntd<l~ , .



The strands 'c~be attached by s€V'l~n.g dl.em to! the garment ()JI1' by lU.lSing ifabdc: ce~eD-r orglue, U the base garment Is btu'lap, mot 8~[le works; very \!V'e1l1 and is 81]Xpris:ittg,ly dura.b.1e. ~l1ot~u~r m,st:h.od tsto' sew Iong atrands ofbur.lap or jute cm:~ directly itUo the base giBmfHJ1~,a;nd to leave the lends" .banging :d~O\iVll .•. Tb~s is don.€' ~:;,]nlp!~y by usiqgc a large needle and 'pus,hing it li'lrO ugh the base garment and: pulljng it (mil:. "Pull [J]El strand om raffia 0]' burlap' (i:bOll.:lit hal[~lytlU'O,Etg~~ remove the need1e~and. D,e 8.1<n01. sothe.snand aW~ g~sb 'MIl, not back out or come [OOSE:'.


Chap.ter3 Makin I.-~."~ 'g~'- a

__ !., ,- I. -_ .•.

Drag .. ' .. Bag···.~·· .

--._ I' . .. _ I

A drag' bag is· a garnished gun. case :t!h,at can puJI,ed or dragged beblhd you as you CiClwl ru1on;g tbe gmund .. ]~

- . .

can be 'ulaq.8' from ane~tl:qggw1. case or built :to suit

your need:Si;,'If you are go ing tQU::H~ iaJ]! e:xis'l:illlg goo. case, aID YO].1 have· to. dn is to attach, the .nettwng from seam to seam jiUSt like the garments, we have S;hO,M1l!ud then ati:aGb the garnish. ROW'HV~[~b efore atta:cl]img the netting .it wou~[l_b'e wtse to. secure a length. ~!f lie a:vy .,coni JJl; a strap to the case am] then attach it to yorn" gh m II Ie suit. This can be done by usIng a:m.api~~nk that hooks to a


oll.gattwched to themiddle orthe back OfYOlH suit This aLlows, you to keep your ballidsfi:e,e vyhile I~Gnwllng.

MakJurga drag b~g isn't that d.Hlh;l.dt.

it 'I\lvoJ?leces of canvas o:r b eavoy camccftage material .2 1 i 2 feet wide by ,5, ~feet lo,ng

Ii 'JWio pieces of camping rna t 1 by 4 1/2 feet ~ong

'.' On.~ p~eoe o:ficanva~d ' by B inches:]on:g

• One 6·~in:ch length Ofp\ilil1i:chu[e :cord i()l' webbing

IiiIJ Netl:in:g and garnish

RlliUl! J.~I •

. f!.~It~ hj,1ti,yU,lg,t}lit"lma'.:il' 1I2'.~,5-JOO~' pil.'I.,"tf($·&uuw. .. PlaCIJ wI\~ t·tQO·t~~"&;rm~J';i 11[(.'00 r~,a. t)l2fl,r,~rJ,il.nd ~r.v it f;t;Jlihe atYJj)'O£.U$ ~,ro[UI'.!;,. nM~ ~iNdl f1rf!iXJUi'm ljp't1It!"}klp for 'i:l'l!e O/~/J

.b"", ..... >~~,fd, Attlr~ -OrJ/'2/,j·ti.te Clj;d~'~'f!UId(rwn tim mTd 11.1' [£~ill~1'W' .

Flll,ctl1l' r;iece O'jtl.r(mb,r.g O\p:j IJlewwl~t.) mId: r.~'Plrom: tTill rmw.1'1,!l uJ tJ~2 m~~ti?r:f41 arl(.11 .,fi'H:!Uli fro,r!'j 1,~11! edgll. M.1.1f/llJO tll~ gjmeQ~1 d.t~ Olh~i'~~r;4! (ljthr-: ,imril..ri!1l'J,. Us~ .do.ub.l~} .l(}~. ~Q 1mld ~tJ'81Jad4irfg1~l!d, mt:lteri~2 lrjpWce

II !I ~I ~ I~ l~ II I I I I I

-' I~

-~ II


WitJdh.e, rrwui1'l'g:;m pl'a£ej 1~J1 z.i!leeser.ond_plmf1J M'H'I#i}~llgr ~'1P'1fOpfif,r"llf: ~.rh~ S~1.u'fl~e-- ffJr~ l1f~d bQ~wm f~llitr em 1,ll11QU~si!'l'bipJ am~ -'!llilliJIl} Til{1'i sew d~wIU;,*.,,,,-;rtip jo !J1!)~M'1~.

_ ,r"-_- __ .~ - - - _-_ ~.~...:--~- - I-


; ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ------~ - ~ ~-- - ~ ....... ---

FtguA<!' 3'-3,-

~lr1_lll(!:m~/fltil~/_l~lngHJwi.!;r: wId ~~u {ll!l::.lm~lOlj~' mu:~ opin (!(lg~-~f.c.t:~M,_ S'f.'t# Yt:glWf th~~r.t#ng: i\1na

~nJi:W~, _



Chapite!T4 Stalking

Stalkingj, bY'lts sim:ple:s~ de:fihition~,~s the abUity to. get as close as possible t.o an intended target Witbout be!l1,g' detecte'ct Obviously, there is more to conducnng a' sUJccess:flli s'tall<. than jjrst, b~illg w,ell camouflsged, StaI.kfug Is. aamueh an. art as it Is a skill. Ttl be good at ~talldr~g IrBqU ires I~a-ti€nCif:~end.ur:a.nce.I' and (1 h:eaLttry dnse of ·jn,sttJlct. To brh,g these artrlbutes logeth€J: requires practice,

'orthe' tl:n.rree x,e,quITe:m,ents tbe ha:r-destfow-!bosra of 'llSUl m.odsrfl. so(;lBW is patience. We }]v,e«1 a worLd' fined wK.m 'Vast amounrs of stimuli mal p[~ovid..e us

\With instant gramificrutlon~ somefbing nut at all related 'to' patienee,

We nave to teach Oll!l!'Se;[V'es, to move just a. liuie !dower OT wait just 'One more .mmut!~uQ;t'an easiY' task when. 'the: :Rdt,eIUtlil~Ul·:W; liUfining: ID,lii,g1.lor beredom II as evertaken us, ]mp~a:ti..ellJ1ce vrilll;:alJl;SB us to act ,rasbly, V\i.ithout thrmgb~. 0.[ regard for our aetlons, S.uch activtty 01ore"ofteWl than not tesults in' JIDl,Uf1B. By being pstlent, 'we' can S.~ClW t~[ru1.1gs, dovvn to see fue:m more: dearly and

lo ok at them vvifh :gte'ater: ()lJj'l1otiv-iqr; ,

The flrsr IconSideralrnOlt WheEl p~arID'nin:g a stalk is to knowYO[!fin.tended ~m.-get:-~s It man or beCll&t? If It: ~s U1Wl, the fi:r.slcOllsid~ratioilil is wn€!1[}}e:r he. isa physical threat to yo u.If any threat '~"sibry'OUl 'wIffil 0 bv'iously h:ave to use extreme EeI,lIUon. This Isalso trll€ if S'lrr.a1kIo.g dangeroas or wonnded game.

If dealing wtb. man, .some questlons mat. ~bowd be answered are 'lile~tE;~ \i\l'hat~],s the ba.c:lcg)1o'Llnd. afthi s per- 80lL~t Has he had any milItary or law anforcement training? Does be: lUIVI!;! an urban, er rural b,a,ckgliClltU df~ V!{bfllt is his .a;~au.d health ~ Wh.aI.m his tlJ,~tiwtiOEl.?". In addiHan, a very ii;l1.p ertant con:sia.eratjo:u ~~. whetber be is in an areafamilla:t to 'hun.

1]] . sta1lkirJ.g wild. game the ques'tiorts obltiowd,)! chan:ge, but exi:sfn:olJeili;eless. '\tIJhaltt is the :g~,e'.you'ane stal1dn,~ \Nha~rd,o i~:s< Ul:lcks, and m,opph]g~ ]ook-~ike~ Is the animal ·wbl.1Uld,ed or .11~a1tby? l!l'l U ill ,'an area frequented by people? [~. it, used Ito people?' What .arehs habits'? 'What IS the trul'ralll~? \Alhere~s me .h!!aviest cover or water?'

.As if!, soldier Ol[ hunter alien Ito a partte ulararea ·of eperatinn, you can do much ttl get at feel.for file-land. Learn how rouse [opogrophicaJ, maps .and phn tes, Simply·talk: to IocalsiWoutilie terrain and learrrthe 8ig~ :¢ificant landmarks",

M:aJkle sure ytn.ll have the tig~t .g:I.1Iilll.e suit 0.1" eamoun3:g~' !foryour envlrermtent, VC'.IlJIl have to decide w.ll1t"nhB.1" yo.u ue;e.d a. liLU. ghillie suit or c.~Dt 'g:etby Vll,th a cape or as.~.ple:p garnished. r:crver.. (ll.em.en:'lne:![,.a :full g!:ru.oosu'lt 'cml 'get a.wfiilly wmm.J Matke: :sme. thatall yo WI" gear :lS s'e'clltedLan d; tape down iil]lytt.dhg that Is.Ionse and!lla.kflS noise wllile you are luovm:g~ such as a carr:rera. CJiA' gunsling, and don't letnems brush against on.e,ano·W:be't.

Clledt your footgea:r., [sit hard- 0,( soft-scledt Thtmis shoes Call] he, real handy' for s' and a good. 'p~~r IOf mneeasi 118 ils hard to beat. Pm' hard-soled boats] ·pro~Videdl'h.e: fe~n is. agree'able~, .dip :&1] oversized pair of wool sOCkSOVeflbe outside. ThisV!iiU help to muffle y-our f@QtfalJ. Heavy felt liners can be mod HIed ttl :lit over the so,]~s'Qfa: p,m ofboot8-lbl~l be carefulhecause lftbe Ilners.get wet theY' can be verf sllpp Bry;


VV'it1en stalking' one. shnuld walk as if Of] .. I often mink of th .. e carteons where the woJf Is sne,aldng thro ugh 'the fUtleslt on its tiptn es .. This .mj~ybe a ·bit of stretch, but net much. wan toes &rs,t,. JbUnwad by the


side '01 the fuot~ then the lJee~,~and. laslt the balt. T[ds rulow:s: you to control tile ameunt of pressure you put onth .. e . ground; Plan the next step bBfm:e. you take It. Look where you 'Wi1Il. place :your fnct. Avoid~~eavies, and. 'l;\\\Tigs; step Duet logs, 'no e 011; ;~r:h.Bnl~tbey may be :ro't,~t and could break with a erasb at the slighte~t presstrre ..

Learn to walk"Wi:tli the wind .. I do'il~t mean wruk vi'ith the wind at yow' baGk~ I :ilu:!'an use the wind. 1[:0 help cover' )'ollnnoveme:nt.Uitis deestwo tlDngs; it·a[[ows. the 'Wind to betr:n;~1ove:f ,any s()iundyou,m;ik~alnd ttputs your body bl mntion when other thfi'l;gs are being· moved by ItIle vvincl. Thm is ,~a8Ytc, do .. Fit::;tjlisiDel1. for the gtJst to' come up. Youw:ill u.suaJit hear it beJor-e yarn ftfeJ It, When, you see: things around you begin to move" mat's wherr yOUl. mave.,.As the gust :subsides~ lPrep~r'~ to {:itO!). ,By :Rrep'~ing to smp you allO'w"'yal:lls'~1f the oppmibul1ityl~()I be in H natural and comfortabl~: pos[uoln to-wait fo.r [l1e nest gtn$ll, YOtlI legs andback can ,'warnp' 1:1(11 pIiBtLyfast ilyou are. not cnmtbl'table,c

Tile lOI~lJiJy;;.lO Mew(1d io:.fWalki:mg

The lO-by~10-slt'ep method was, something [ stum'b]edl aLTIUS!; y,ea::rs a;go whIle bowhwrting 'wW~e~:lrul ed. deer..,Yo:u simp'.~y IWke.lO steps-and stop;-tl1.~n lank from s,fude'to sideas far as. your head win it'nm and cmmt to 'YnlH~H!lf "one g nne :ifJ.ou,Sand, 'Lwo~one' thousand," and so 01.1 Illltil, you reach 1Il0. On,ifJS you are s ure that you h,aJJi9 seen. ail theI~ is to seet ta};,lB me 'mIDU steps and start aU over :atgmin. nIls is ,slow mnveme[lt~,bt!t ~ P:alls loff.

vvllen :mov-ing ill"blUy terrain -it Is be:Sl to stop we.U

, - . .


below the' cresrand crawl up 10 the top, Avoid sllhouertirn:g ycmrself. Remember, look around o:bjects, not over rhem, whenever poss,ibme ..

Another meshed of wa1lin.8 IS what '~, call "deer walking. II TPis, Is usedIn hiRy or [Ln8ViBl'1 terruio_ when 1 want to move a little fas tel. ~.fvou have ever 'so en nottv deer walt ov,et the' {OIP of a lilli. you "Will know exactly whaltfm taUdng about. AsYOu.·;3.pproach the crest of a hm,l stop JMst Ibe] ow' It 'Wh~r-e yOU!. CfHlfl begin to see ove:li' the'top', Then takeastep and Iook side ,~Ol stci,E usmg the 10 CDUll!. Tben. [fake the nesr step and.conrlnue to, blok. 'USi.D,g th e Hl count. DOl this until yo u h ave .reached the crest.

KeH~p(;D\i'er betw'ee:n'yoll 111])([1 ~OI]!1r ti:1.rg,et. This l:nay be a. trm~Ja. femes.!> 'Or even a smallll ush .. Us!e e~el'y bit of avallahle cover. Depresslcns and low spots ShOLlh1 be usedwhenever possible, The onJy drawback to this, if

. you 'wish to Icall it one, ts that wildlife use iliersl€> same depressions and Iow spots.

''\IVl:um in 'woOldeo OF jllllg~.e terrain} ma~ use 0'[ shadows, and a.1,rJ[,I,:i.d walking whet1~ !~}U3 sun shinesthreughjhe leaves, which would beJU<e wa'll:rul'lg in a spotlight.

I~ •

Fmi:illy,; any g:ood. 801 d~er vVil1fe~ yuu to st~y off

trails" wiblcili1 may be revea]f)d bybreaks itlroU,8ge, beatBIt 01' disturbed solt ,Of even, a lack 0:1" spidlBf web s .. r.JIy t{ll mO'VB pcuruJl:~m tn 1\]'mlsw:h!€'.nI'!!'irru' 'possi ble~ and. take a1tlvan~ag:e of 'allY coy~rand rcD~ci;mlJl1enl you ('M:th a ghiffie sulr,

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