Freedom---to corral so much of the natural wealth for yourself that many millions are utterly impoverished?

Freedom---to act as if only your own welfare has any importance? Freedom---to ground people who get in your way into the Earth? Freedom---to enjoy superflous excess and luxury while other’s starve? Freedom---to bomb people whose political system is not one you approve of? Freedom---to spread toxins in everyone’s environment? Freedom---to enter a city and leave a ruins? Freedom---to kill thousands in the process of capturing one man? Freedom---to choose another people’s democratic goverment? Freedom---to barge into people’s houses in the middle of the night? Freedom---to torture people?

Freedom---to operate black sites? Freedom---to assassinate untold thousands? Freedom---to lie about what you do? Freedom---to spread so much propaganda people think its true? Freedom---to purchase elections with vast pools of money? Freedom---to lord it over others? Freedom---to kill many, many good people? No, these things are not Freedom in action. They are power run amuck.