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Karthika P, XI A

Anne Frank, the German Jewish girl who dreamt of becoming a great writer some day.
Anne Frank’s diary is the diary that conquered thousands of young and old readers’ mind
Anne Frank was born on 12th June 1929 as the daughter of Otto and Edith Frank. they
were forced to leave Germany and settle in Holland due to Nazi invasions. a diary, which
she got as a present on her third birthday wrote a new epic.
Anne Frank, a girl who loved to talk, dream and write. Her life had a turning point when
her sister Margot Frank received a call letter from a concentration camp. During 1940′s
the Jews Were humiliated, tortured and restricted from almost everything due to Hitler’s
autocracy. Jews were even taken to a concentration camps where a series of torturing
Jews were practiced. Thousands of people were killed in gas chambers. So the Frank
family went into hiding. Anne named their secret hide-out above Frank’s office as Secret
Annex. With the help of some good Christian friends they survived in the Secret Annex.
The Voan Dan family & a man named Dr Dussel were invited to be the inhabitants of the
Annexe. Life in the Annex was not too easy. Even a small sound made by them could
give away their secret.
Amidst all this worries the members of the Annex did not try to be happy. There were
constant quarrels among them. Always Anne was criticized. Anne made herself happy by
criticizing almost everyone and everything in her diary, Kitty. Not having anyone to talk,
Anne chooses Peter, son of Voan Doan, as a companion. But Anne’s father advised her to
give up her affair with Peter. Months passed and on 12th August 1944 the Nazi captured
the residents of Annex.
Everyone was took to Oyster concentration camp. Anne died on March 1946 due to
typhus disease. Only Otto Frank survived this disaster. When he reached the Annex what
he received was some letters written to kitty by Anne. He published these letters and now
it is the second biggest bestseller in the world after Bible.
Anne Frank was a girl who had unusual courage. She had her own dreams and views. She
wanted to be respected by herself. Above all she had the best weapon in her hand: Her
Pen. She criticized almost everything she could in her letters.
Anne had a great dream to become a great writer and live after her death. And so did she,
she became a great writer and still eternal in our hearts even after her heath. She will be
immortal for ever.