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Functionalist View   .

Lecture 3 .

. € Recognise the beliefs that Marxists propose to be function of the family.. the strengths and weaknesses of Marxist theory them to functionalist beliefs € Identify € Compare 4 .By the end of this session you will be able to.

so did the family 5 .€ Marx himself didn·t pay much attention to the role of the family € It was his friend and collaborated Engels who attempted to trace the evolution of the family through time in ´The Origin of the Family theory combined with Marxist € Evolutionary Theory ƒ as mode of production changed.

is patriachical ² it is designed to guarantee and perpetuate male power through the inheritance of property therefore serves the interests of capitalism € It € It € The family is therefore designed to control women and protect property 6 .€ The monogamous bourgeois nuclear family developed to help solve the problem of the inheritance of private property.

Therefore believing that the family helps to maintain and reproduce inequality by presenting them as ¶normal· and ¶natural· within the socialisation process. Furthermore. An agent of social control. as a part of the ideological state apparatus 7 . but why it does it.€ Are not interested in what the family does.

value € Channelling & legitimising the exploitation of women € Free Services € Safety ƒ ƒ Economic Costs Psychological Costs € Stabilising € Consumers force 8 .

9 .€ The family acts as a safety valves for the stresses and frustrations of working class men.

€ Women·s domestic work is unpaid which benefits capitalism. ¡ ¢ .

€ family socialises children ² thereby reproducing both labour power and an acceptance of capitalism (false consciousness) ££ .

¤ ¥ .€ The family as a unit of consumption buys the goods and services provided by capitalism.

13 .

Thought Thread How do Marxist ideas of the family contrast with functionalist ideas? In what way do they share a Marxists view? Look at Talcott Parsons 14 .

Does not explain the similarities in capitalist and non-capitalist societies. 15 . . It sees the nuclear family as being simply determined by the economy.The Marxist view ignores family diversity.Engel·s ideas based on unreliable anthropology ************************  Identified a source of gender inequality on which later theories have been expanded  Shows the relations between capitalism and the family.. .

this cushioning the effects of capitalism Economic ‡Unit of consumption essential to capitalist production. Stabilisation ‡Private life of the family provides the opportunities for satisfactions unavailable in work.Summary: Sex. subservient and uncritical of t e inequalities which prop up capitalism. rri e repr u ti Marxist views of the family ‡Monogamy is a ay of ensuring men transmit owners ip of private property to t eir offspring Socialisation & Social control ‡Suppresses individuality to produce a compliant workforce t is is passive. ‡Family responsibilities constrain men not to withdraw from labour 16 .

Any 17 .

The Interactionist View Homework ² HO ² The Marxist Perspective of the family Complete by next session 18 .