‡To develop the knowledge attitudes and skills of the participant so that the committee can play an active and effective role in the workplace health and safety system.


COVERS«« Objectives Regulations Functions Compositions SHC-3 .

SHC-4 .WHY ARE SAFETY AND HEALTH COMMITTEES IMPORTANT? Safety and Health Committees provide a way for management and workers to meet regularly to discuss workplace health and safety issues. They are an important way to bring together workers¶ practical knowledge of jobs and management¶s overview of the workplace and work organization.

SCOPE  Occupational Safety and Health (Safety and Health Committee) Regulations 1996 Objective of the Committee  Composition of Safety and Health Committee  Functions of Safety and Health Committee  Meetings of Safety and Health Committee  Provisions of Training and Information  Penalty .

OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH (SAFETY AND HEALTH COMMITTEE) REGULATIONS 1996  Come into force on 1 January 1997  Shall apply to a safety and health committee established under section 30 of OSHA 1994  Section 30 .it is compulsory for employers who have more than 40 workers to establish a SHC at their workplaces or otherwise directed by the DG of DOSH. .

DUTY OF AN EMPLOYER comply with Parts II (Composition of SHC) and Parts III (Functions of SHC)  To ensure that Parts IV (Meetings of SHC) and Parts V (Provisions of Training and Information) are complied with.  To .

 An effective channel of communication to exchange ideas to solve OSH problems. evaluating and controlling hazards at workplaces.OBJECTIVE OF THE COMMITTEE main objective of the committee is to foster cooperation and consultation between management and workers in identifying.  The .  to enhance interest and motivation of all groups of mgt and workers at work place of work in all Safety and Health.

COMPOSITION OF SAFETY AND HEALTH COMMITTEE  Memberships of committee  Appointment of chairman and secretary of committee  Appointment of other members of committee  Adequate employee representation  Vacancy  Removal of member of committee .

MEMBERSHIP OF COMMITTEE a chairman (1)  a secretary (1)  representatives of employer (2 or 4)  representatives of employees (2 or 4)   = 100 workers > 100 workers p p 2 representatives 4 representatives .

safety and health officer or appointed by the chairman or appointed among the members .an employer or his authorised manager  SECRETARY .APPOINTMENT OF CHAIRMAN AND SECRETARY OF COMMITTEE  CHAIRMAN .

appointed by employer  EMPLOYEES REPRESENTATIVES .APPOINTMENT OF OTHER MEMBERS OF COMMITTEE  EMPLOYER REPRESENTATIVES .selected by workers or appointed by employer Note: Employer shall not penalise a member of the committee in any manner for being absent from his normal duties at work while carrying out the functions of the committee .

 The .  Shall be filled by a person appointed in the same manner as the previous member of the committee.ADEQUATE EMPLOYEE REPRESENTATION & VACANCY representatives of employees in a SHC shall be able to represent the various sections of a place of work in order to maintain and develop the employees interest in establishing a safe and healthy working condition at the place of work.

dishonesty or moral turpitude Convicted an offence under a law relating to OSH Convicted any other criminal offence Unable or incapable to discharging his duties as a member of the committee .REMOVAL OF MEMBER OF COMMITTEE        Fail to attend three consecutive meetings without leave of the chairman Bankrupt Resigned Convicted an offence involving fraud.

dangerous occurrence.FUNCTIONS OF SAFETY AND HEALTH COMMITTEE Assist in the development of safety and health rules and safe systems of work  Review the effectiveness of safety and health programs  Carry out studies on the trends of accident. nearnear-miss accident. occupational poisoning/diseases which occurs at workplace and shall report to the employer of any unsafe or unhealthy condition/practices at the workplace together with recommendations for corrective actions .

etc. enforcement officers.FUNCTIONS OF SAFETY AND HEALTH COMMITTEE  Review the safety and health policies at the workplace and make recommendations to the employer for any revision of such policies  Inspect the workplace at least once in every three months and recommend preventive and corrective measures Discuss reports and matters from safety officer.  Practices and recommend corrective actions recommend  Assist to organise promotional activities .

MEETINGS OF SAFETY AND HEALTH COMMITTEE  Agenda and Minutes: early circulation of agenda and discussion papers minutes circulated soon. not later than two weeks after meeting minutes kept for seven years for purposes of inspection by an occupational safety and health officer .

MEETINGS OF SAFETY AND HEALTH COMMITTEE  Meeting Facilities: suitable meeting room to be provided adequate facilities in meeting room  Frequency of Meetings: Depends on nature of high risks at workplace At least once a month for high risk workplace Once in three month for other workplaces More frequent meetings during initial period of formation .

MEETINGS OF SAFETY AND HEALTH COMMITTEE  Quorum: Chairman. secretary and not less than half of the remaining members present  Matters: Pertaining safety and health at the workplace .

codes of practice and guidelines relating to the elimination of risks to safety and health associated with the nature of work carried out at the workplace and other relevant codes of practice. safety plans.PROVISIONS OF TRAINING AND INFORMATION  Employer: Basic understanding and knowledge of the functions of the committee under the Act Provide adequate training in OSH Provide documents and information (OSHA 1994 and its regulations.) . etc.

PROVISIONS OF TRAINING AND INFORMATION  Employer shall not make available: any information the disclosure of which would be prejudicial to the interest of national security. any information which he could not disclose without contravening a prohibition imposed by or under any written law. .

or any information obtained by the employer for the purpose of instituting. to the undertaking of that other person. for reasons other than its effect on health.PROVISIONS OF TRAINING AND INFORMATION any information the disclosure of which would. cause substantial injury to the employer s undertaking or. . where the information was supplied to him by some other person. safety or welfare at work. prosecuting or defending any legal proceedings.

000 or six months imprisonment or both for failure to establish a safety and health committee at the workplace. .PENALTY  The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 imposes a penalty involving a fine of not exceeding RM5.


 List 6 factors to ensure the effectiveness of the committee.QUIZ??????  Describe briefly the objective of the committee  List 6 functions of safety and health committee  List 6 situations on removal of the safety and health committee member. .

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