Part 3 In most lines of the following text, there is one unnecessary word.

It is either grammatically incorrect or does not fit in with the sense of the text. For each numbered line 31-46, find this word and then write it in the box on your answer sheet. Some lines are correct. Indicate these lines with a tick () in the box. The exercise begins with two examples (0) and (00).


0 00


0 00

Working-class families in the 1950s 0 The grandmother, or ‘Mum’, as she was been universally called, was

00 certainly the dominant figure in English working-class society in the 31 middle of the last century. The chief organiser of all our family business 32 and else of celebrations, she was a matriarchal figure. The family 33 group, only linked together through the mother’s bond with her married 34 daughters, was it united under her roof. ‘We see Mum’s house as the 35 headquarters for this family; it’s where everything happens, where those 36 problems are shared, where happinesses are celebrated’, said such a 37 respectful man of his mother-in-law. The fathers, very particularly the 38 older ones, were often excluded from this group. They found that if the 39 more women shared out their lives with their daughters, the less they did 40 with their husbands. In many more ways, the lives of father and mother 41 were separate. There was a sharp financial division between the sexes; 42 women whose husbands were always in employment received a fixed, 43 often barely adequate, amount given from their husbands but did not 44 know how much their spouses earned. In most families, the man had lived 45 his own life, had his own interests and their friends and led a completely 46 separate social life outside the women’s world of the extended family.

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