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Games for Language Learning

Games for Language Learning


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LanguageUsing the present simple for everyday activities (e.g. I get up at seven
o’clock), and contrasting them with activities in progress, using the
present continuous (e.g. I am lying in bed), following a model
provided to channel the poet’s creativity
Focussing on almost any language point through the writing of
PreparationThe poetry-writing activity presented here requires almost no
preparation. You need only choose a ‘frame’ in which poems can be
created, and concentrate on the intended language focus. Possible
‘frames’ are presented below.


1Help the learners to brainstorm a few sentences, using the present simple
tense, about their everyday lives. Write these sentences on the board.
2Ask the learners to write five more sentences of their own.
3Invite the learners, working in groups of four, to select a total of four of
the sentences taken from any of the ones they have written. They should
write them in a list under the first line of Every day.
4Next, tell all the groups that they should add a new line, But now, but


5Encourage the learners to brainstorm together at least ten sentences
containing the present continuous. Their sentences should represent their
ideal dream alternatives to their everyday lives!

Games for Language Learning


6Ask the learners to choose four of their present continuous sentences and
list them under But now, but now.
7Invite the learners to compose a line to finish off their poem.
8Finally, ask each group to find a dramatic way of performing their poem
for the class.

Mainly grammar


Every day,

I get up at seven o’ clock.
I get dressed.
I eat my breakfast.
I go to school.

But now, but now,

I am lying in bed.
I am listening to some music.
I am eating chocolate.
And I am thinking of my friends.
It’s Sunday.

Possible frames of patterns and tenses as a basis for writing poems
based on repetition

Friendship is …
I have always ... but in future I will ...
I would have liked to … but I didn’t.
He can run faster than me … but I can ...
If I were a swallow I would fly to ...
I wish I had ... but I don’t ...


Games for Language Learning


I sing and
Run in the mountains and
Swim in the lakes and
Fly and

But now, but now,

I’m sitting in school.
I’m not
Singing and running and swimming and flying and

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