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Games for Language Learning

Games for Language Learning


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Published by: moiibd on Nov 13, 2010
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LanguageExploring stress, pitch, tenor, and rhythm of syllables in creative
combinations of words for food


1Help the learners to brainstorm on the board all the words they know for


2Say one of the words and revel in its sound as you might revel in its taste.
Emphasise or even exaggerate each sound in the words, for example soup
– ssssoooop!

Games for Language Learning


3Ask Which is your favourite food?Encourage the learners to revel in the
sounds of the words they choose.
4Gradually help the learners to put some words or phrases together to
make a ‘sound poem’. Ask one half of the class to say one phrase and the
other half of the class to say another phrase. Help them to enjoy the
rhythm, speed and sound of the syllables working together. Keep in mind
that rhyming is not necessary.

Example of a very simple ‘sound poem’

Fish and chips(emphasising the crisp rhythm)
Fish and chips
Soup (extending the ‘ou’ sound)

5Invite each learner to write a food poem supported by the words for food
written on the board. Then ask them to try it out on other learners.
6Finally, ask the learners to form groups, and make and perform a poem
together for the rest of the class.

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