Gobind Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Kashmere Gate, Delhi 110 403 EXAMINATION DIVISION Conduct Branch

Proposed Date for Theory End Term Examination (Dec, 2010&Jan 2011)
Programme: B. Tech (CSE, CVE, ECE, EEE, EVE, ICE, IT, MAE, PE, TE)
Date & Day 27.12.2010 Monday Semester III 10:00 am to 1:00 pm ETMA-201 Applied Mathematics-III ETCE-201 Structural Analysis-I ETME-213 Electrical Machine ETPE-201 Material Science & Metallurgy ETTE-201 Numerical Analysis & Programming ETMA-201 Numerical Analysis & Programming (for Mechanical Engg.) Semester V 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Semester VII 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm ETCE-401 Water Resource Engineering-II ETEC-401 Microprocessor Systems II ETEE-401 Electrical Drives ETEN-401 Rural Water Supply & Environmental Sanitation ETIC-401 Microcontrollers ETIT-401 Advance Computer Networks ETME-401 Computer Aided Manufacturing ETPE-401 Power Distribution and Utilization

28.12.2010 Tuesday

ETCE-301 Structural AnalysisIII ETEC-301 Digital Circuits & System - II ETEE-301 Digital Electronics ETEN-301 Industrial Waste Management ETIC-301 Communication System ETME-301 Microprocessor & Applications ETPE-301 Power Generation Engineering ETTE-301 Production Planning & Control ETCS-203 Analog Electronics ETCE-203 Building Construction Materials & Specifications ETEC-203 Signal & System ETEE-203 Analog ElectronicsI ETEN-203 Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology ETIC-203 Analog Electronics ETME-203 Electronics ETPE-203 Thermodynamics ETCS-403 Advanced Computer Architecture ETCE-403 Environmental Engineering-III ETEC-403 Optical Communication ETEE-403 HVDC Transmission ETEN-403 Waste Water Engineering Design & Application ETIC-403 Biomedical & Analytic Instrumentation ETIT-403 Multimedia Application ETME-403 Mechatronics ETPE-403 Thermal Power Plant Engineering

29.12.2010 Wednesday


30.12.II ETEC-303 Control Engineering ETEE-303 Object Oriented Programme Using C++ ETEN-303 Statistical Applications in Environmental Engineering ETIC-303 Microprocessor System-I ETIT-303 Java Programming & Website design ETME-303 Machine Design-I ETPE-303 Steam Generator & it’s Auxiliaries ETTE-303 Meteorology & Quality Assurance ETCE-205 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics-I ETEC-205 Circuit & Systems ETME-205 Thermal Science ETPE-205 Strength of Material & Theory of Machines ETTE-205 Engineering Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer ETCS-405 Compiler Construction ETCE-405 Earthquake Technology ETEC-409 Advanced VLSI Design ETEE-405 Computer Networks ETEN-405 Noise Pollution Control & Analysis of Vibration ETIC-405 Computer Networks ETME-413 Automotive Engineering ETPE-405 Power Plant Maintenance ETCE-305 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics –III ETCS-305 Computer Architecture ETEE-305 Communication System & Circuits ETEN-305 Geo-technical Engineering ETIC-305 Operating System ETME-305 Material Science & Metallurgy ETPE-305 Steam Turbine and it’s Auxiliaries ETTE-305 Jigs.2010 Thursday ETCE-303 Structural Design .01.2010 Friday 01.12.2011 Saturday -2- . Fixture & Gauges 31.

2011 Monday ETCS-207 Foundation of Computer Science ETCE-207 GeoInformatics -I ETEC-207 Analog Electronics-I ETEE-207 Electrical Engineering Materials ETEN-207 Physicochemical Treatment Processes ETIC-207 Electrical Machine ETME-207 Mechanics of Solids ETPE-207 Circuit Theory ETCS-413 Requirements & Estimation Techniques ETCS-417 Computer Graphics & Multimedia ETCE-407 Principles of Management & Operational Research ETEE-413 Non Conventional Energy system ETEN-407 Environmental Planning.03.2011 Tuesday -3- .01.01. ETME-417 Computer Aided Design ETPE-407 Theory of Machines ( For Mechanical Specialization) ETPE-409 Power System Analysis & Stability ( For Electrical Specialization) ETCE-307 Geotechnical Engineering-II ETCS-307 Linux & X-Window Programming ETEC-307 Communication System & Circuits-II ETEE-307 Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation ETEN-307 Design of Structures-I ETIC-307 Pneumatic & Hydraulic Instrumentation ETIT-307 Digital Communication -I ETME-307 Measurement & Control ETPE-307 Power Plant Electrical Machines & Systems ETTE-307 CNC Machining & Programming 04. Laws & Acts ETIC-411 CPC ETIT-405 Network Technology ETME-407 Solar Engg.

2011 Wednesday ETCE-209 Engineering Geology ETEE-209 Electromechanical Energy Conversion –I ETEN-209 Water Supply and Sewerage System ETIC-209 Instrumentation ETIT-209 Object Oriented Programming (C++) ETME-209 Production Technology ETPE-209 Analog Electronics ETTE-209 Machine Design & Drawing ETCE-409 Fire & Safety Engineering ETCE-411 Ground Water Assessment.2011 Thursday -4- .01.01.05. Development & Management ETEC-411 Digital Image Processing ETEE-415 Software Engg. ETEE-421 Electrical Energy Conservation ETEN-409 Non Conventional Energy Systems ETIC-413 DBMS ETME-405 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ETPE-411 Manufacturing Engineering ( For Mechanical Specialization) ETPE-413 Communication Engineering ( For Electrical Specialization) ETCE-309 Environmental Engineering-I ETCS-309 DBMS ETCS-309 DBMS (For Mechanical Engineering) ETEN-309 Air Pollution Monitoring Modeling and Control ETEN-309 Digital Electronics & Microprocessor (OLD) ETIC-309 Control System -II ETPE-309 Power system ETTE-309 Plastic Technology 06.

programme latest by November 01.2011 Saturday Note: Any representation regarding the proposed dates/paper etc. 23900210 (A. Tech.01. Y.01. ETCE-311 Transport Engineering ETMS-311 Organizational Behaviour ETIC-311 Linear Integrated Circuits ETPE-311 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ( For Mechanical Specialization) ETPE-313 Electrical & Electronic Measurements & Instrumentations ( For Electrical Specialization) 08. may be forwarded to the Controller of Examinations/Officer Incharge (Conduct). Section Officer (Conduct-II) 011-23900394. Yogesh Singh) Controller of Examinations -5- . through the Coordinator-cum-Convenor of B. S.10.07.2011 Friday ETMA-211 Applied Mathematics -III ETCS-211 Data Structure ETME-211 Mechanics of Fluids ETPE-211 Electrical Machines -I ETEC-407 Mobile Computing ETEE-417 Optical Communication ETEE-423 Soft Computing ETIT-407 Mobile Computing ETME-409 Personnel Management ETME-411 Metal Forming ETPE-415 Civil Works in Power Engg.D. 2010.2010 (Prof. Lamba) Officer Incharge Conduct Dated: 20. Kataria. For any clarification and query please contact: Sh.

Tech. may be forwarded to the Controller of Examinations/Officer Incharge (Conduct). Delhi 110 403 DIVISION EXAMINATION DIVISION Conduct Branch-II Proposed Date for Theory End Term Examination (January 2011) Programme: B. S.01. 23900210 (A.01. IT.2011 (Saturday) 18. 2005 & 2006) ETME-107 Manufacturing Process ETCS-109 Introduction to Computers & Auto CAD ETEL-Communication Skills-I Any representation regarding the proposed dates/paper etc.2010 (Prof.I ETMA-101 Applied Mathematics-I ETPH-103 Applied Physics-I ETCH-105 Engineering Chemistry ETCH-105 Applied Chemistry-I (For Batch 2004. CVE.01. TE) Date and Day 15.2011 (Tuesday) Note: Semester .D.01.Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Kashmere Gate. EVE. ECE.10. Lamba) Officer Incharge Conduct Dated: 20. Yogesh Singh) Controller of Examinations -6- . EEE. PE.01. MAE. through the Coordinator-cum-Convenor of B. programme latest by November 01. For any clarification and query please contact: Y.2011 (Tuesday) 20.01. ICE. Kataria. Tech (CSE.2011 (Thursday) 22.2011 (Monday) 25. Section Officer (Conduct-II) 011-23900394. 2010.2011 (Saturday) 24.

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