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After the rain, I walk alone, along soft footpaths

The sun warms my soul, healing the pain of life's bitter storms

Following the long winding road that leads to a new tomorrow.

Home beckons from round the next bend.

A sanctuary of grace and peace.

Dancing motes of sunlight reflect a joyous heart,

freed from bondage...

A soaring hawk, silently tracks my progress

A graceful symbol of freedom from the past

I have come through the other side of bitterness

into a place of loving peace.

The weathered gate offers a joyous welcome ..

For all who enter here.

Mullioned windows open wide

embracing the soft, feathery breeze

and healing light.

A place of love and laughter.

Earned through scouring years of pain

Treading softly on burnished oaken floors,

I find him waiting

Dozing by the fire, glasses slipped halfway down his beloved face

Softly I ease onto his lap, arms twined round his neck and whisper,...

Home now my beloved,

safe in your arms once again.

Our lined faces traced with life's fingerprints,

crease with joy,

His mouth closes on mine with sudden need.

On clean soft sheets..

he lies over me

Our hands twined,

eyes gazing into each other's souls,

he enters my liquid depths.. slowly, silently...

We lie motionless..,

joined in silent rapture

My body trembles, arches against him

As he pours his warmth into my pulsing body.

Our bodies sing in a crescendo of blinding, searing oneness.

Two souls, one heart

Home at last,

in the late afternoon's fading light.