Of Womens Difeafes .

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Of Difeafes in the Privities of women .

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. Of Difeafes of the Privy Part., and the Neck of the Womb.

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Chap. 1. 0/ the flraitnefs and 1411;etJe(i of the Orifice.

THere are three DiG,a[esin this PArt. The ftrahnds, and the largenefG, asd Yard

ora woman. ., The ftraitue[s ii, when the Cleft is DarroW. ; .. .

that It will not admit :i Man! Yard, or with

milch difficulty, it binden Chad-bearing; and

D if


Book iv, Of 1'1'.tElicdl pf.)fick_. Put T. s-e, I,

if it be from the firR confi m;Jtinn, it is h~rd to be cured by Ph' rick: but it is tnlJrgecl, either by copulado'l, or by bril1g.nl2, forth of children, Sor.n~tim's it is f.om an Ulcer, or ft'omal1li'. g~lt M,'dicinel given unadV'll"t:dl,', th at they Ilai appear t@ be 'Virgins, when they are act.

Sornetlmes th: deft is flluf" up nutwai dlv, =nd there i' ollly p~ fi.1g;e for the Urin and the Terns, tilde Women are called Asrac, that is (bur: up ~1lr1 bored -. ()fwhic.h Cha'l. ~. $D)T,eti11l{~ i··i~fQ (lore, that neither Tenm nor Udn can com.

forth ..

The contr.1ry to thit, b lJrgen::fs of the cleft, or when there are mare hr lea than N,lture h.tb u{ilaHy, by often Copulation or ·Chi:d.ncarin" TH;; Iaxity or Lqrenefs caufsth banefloefs ~:d falling otlt of the WOlub, 2S Hippocrl,es ihewsiQ the Nature of Women. And this wake. women .. npleafa::lt to men.

This Is cured bypurg,ing after Chi'd- o--aring hv Fum'!otJtion. Baths, Linim'nts of AUum· water. a:ld the Decocthn ofa(tring~ntPl:;nm.

:raJze comfrJ rcots, Bole, Sa"guis Draco"i; I POllio p,r';''I1.lle 'fi:J(lTers) Allu», MaJ1i(b, GJ.Os, ,each half a dr1m : mltk.a .z Pow.ier, and virh jleeled Wall'· m~ze a mix cure, dip a Pjfory therein. Or, 7'A~ Oa'<!n lesues, pJ.me.zne, tllChh.tlfll hlttdJid; c~m,

~c'";,Jr! roots tin OU1ICI'.' Fom~gr:tJwe PI-:].! and flo~

~:~:~U~tlcJ.r. tdCh,h:dj a. OltlSce; AUum an OUIICII, boyl

l/Jl~i ih w.m.'l', I.n·i {ornelH the l'rivitks. .

?n·tntdmes ill hard travel, the rra~e between tbeFuo-izment aud the pdvy Cl eft , ia broken ir.· to one hole. Eros Ihews tho Cure of It. Solfll f'u a ion!: fiece:4 Allum into thl: Cleft. W~ed


Chap. 2~ Of';he MetStulil~ 0' rat" iu. wQmall~ 3

t'llere at e divers pa{fag~.· in a 'ltt m,UI~ Vri\'itl c,.Drt:_fficfl it tf om the firtt confirmatina, when by N;I- mutier,

tures error, the pa{f,go fr~m the ftraighl Gut c. oZ\).

goe, to the ·Womb.

Chap. 2. Of the Mentula, or1~ardina Woman.

THe .A.l~ or Wii1~. i!t the Privities of aWo. .maa, arc of [ott [pongy a. Ih like a Cockscomb in il'1ape alld colour; the part at the top is hard:iad neV(IU~, ~ndrwelhlikca Yard \11 Venery, with much. fpirie. This part fornetimes is al big as a m as y a rd, and Iuch women were thought to be turned iato men.

It is from too mnch DourHhmeat of the part, Th~c .. r. :

from the loots ef, ofit by often haAclling. aUJes.

It iuot fafe to cur. it off prefeatly : but firft rhrcnr

,ure Driers and Difentrarl, with things that a lit. . 0,

tieaftrioge ; tMea ~entle CautHcks "Without cauf;

in~ paia, :JI burnt Allum. lEg,Vpti~cum.

, Take .l£g,pJiJ.cum, OJl oj" MJ,jUc"', /((}JIIS, ~"rx. rICh bl1f a. ONlce. lf'thefe wlll Dot do ~ then cut leoff', or tie it with a Ligature of Silk or Horfe-

hair, till it,mortifi:-.

liti,"., teacheth the wtt'!of Ampnt2tioll he T(tf abo

cans it the Nymp~a er Clitoris, betweenboch the fer .. 4· WiD~S: but take heed 'fou eaufe not pain or in- 1°3· H~!l\tn:J.tioD. Afrer cutting, wa{b with wine

with Mirtle!, aayes, Rofes, pom~r3nate.fiowers

blljJcd in it. and Cyprefs Buts, and lay on an

~ftrillgeat Powder. .

'., Some ExcrefceuCtS grow like a tail, and fin U!. Privities: th¢y differ from 2 Clitoris: for Ibe do:fj:e of Venery is el!Icreaf~d in that, and

D 2 the

Chap. ~. OItN At7'tit~ of the M"k of'he pr~, &&. ~

broken by the force of bloed , er there is pliRJ

ad being Vi .glns, they are taken to be with

(WId i for jfi;: i: IaR long, the womb [wens and

the whcl« be c\;.' 11 blewilh,

Thel'e either bluder the Terms from the neck of the womb, Of from t he veins of it. If iaflamIllation or ulcer W<lS before, this dife;;;fe may be Mpstted to be i if there the clcfing be by t~tlI ;lslIlorane, the place is whit.~; if by Hdh, It sred, Atlrl it hi known by the touch j for the

THey lire threefold. It is either in the Ori· MembrazlC h harder then Hefh.

Ike, or the Neck, or in the middle: it II The inconveniences are' great, either in Co- 'ThfJ, frog-

alwaies hurtful, either to Copulation or tbc ,uJatlos, Conceptien. or Child- bearing ~fpeci- 'IIojl"k,.

Terms, or to conception, and Child- bearlng, ally; for the child cannot g~t forth without

1 raw one that had the firtt: the Orifice wal tazard of it felf or mother.

very little, 0511 fit to purge t~e Terms, and reo Itls eafier cured when It is From a Mambr~e eeive Seed; Ihe cesceived, and the Midlllim oQly, beonfe It is eafily cut or broken; that 111 dlfecvered it ia time of Cblld-beariug, an:! the ilieO~ifi;:"0fthe Womb is not t~be cured, beChyrurgeon opened it, .m(i{ Ihe was l1i1ppily del!. [au[cthe hlfiIumena ca~not reach It.

vered : but how the Seed was [pent Into it, U

not to be anderfiocd. T~ke away that whicb Ropl the rpaffage , a The CJlre.

Lib. de abo Flefh, or a Membrane, is from evil COl"!fiim~ti. Membr~ne that is outward is eafily cut; but!f ["lItt. f5 on, or a wound, or Iltcer, of which B,lIiv{1IUU, It oeJn the aeck of the womb or the flefh, it 11 J'Il())'b. "4U. Frabricus aDd Hilda.ur.. hard. F~r if the cut be large, there is pain and ,ape 78. The Cleft alfo may be clofed by a wonnd or .... ~'u .. ~, and the wound j$ hard to be c~recl

Lllcer.as in a woman who with the French POl', ~can[e the neck of the Bladder ia eafily hurt

had sll eaten off,afld it grew together after, only iliereby.

there wasa little paffage for Urine , ,

This Is, either whea the fidel grow together 'U",ieruJ teacaeth tl\is Operatio. in bi§ Obfer-

from an Ulcer, or when proud Befh flops it up, ntiol&. Ana HippfJCrafBS in hill Bookof Sten}I'Y which is fometimes in the Preach Pox. lliew8 how a Membraae may be taken away ~Vlth-

rb ~. fJl When it \s in the Privities, . it is to be feoll; outclJtting. "

I: .18 • but when ill the Neck or Orifice of the Wom~, Iffi3lh Grew from ;i .. ulcer after purging, \lr~

it is not known, but when the Terms are ttl DriertaAdbDifcu(f~rs to diminHb it, with Franflow, or whea they copulate ; arid it il either ~ncellre,Birthw'or:tJ Rofes, !?omgtanate-flowers &rokcn MiRick, Myrrh,Alocs(5c. ~SlllChap. 2.

D ~ Some


Book IV. o.f P"aaJcal Phyfick.; Part I. Sect. I

the rub1lieg ofth. Cloaths upon it, ccrure:; luR: but ill an li.:Y.creIcel1f.e 'of flen~, they ·cauz:iot fOr pain endure Copulation, but you m~y cut Off thi! better then a Clitoris, becaufe it is aU faperfluout-

Chap. 3. Of Atrere or CloJures, and flraitnefs of the Neck and MolttfJ of the Womb.

CO"dY10n1~i. a tubercle or e'Iecrefcescewitb . hea.taf!d p ,hu fvl' there partnr~ w1"lnkl~d-, and wht'n'the wdnklel fwen, there it aCo\\dy·

ROugh:le['J and l!ching come f(om puftl.eI11lma, S ,nJltimes it il without Inflammation and

the tleck of the womb .and Privlti~1 foft.~,r with II ftamafoa. a~d Io!ard. !tis ufual

ric <Auf.. 1 cnt t • nd f .. eHi.g. wn.ch itch and pain. ' I. the PI hit iet and F .. dam en. Q f Cuell no have

They are from an adu(.t humor malignant the F:ench Pox. -

Iharp, which abound "g. evacuate memfelvet They'-' from a lIiarp mali~n~nt humo sr , rl·, ""fe!

thole loofe and moil! parts, and 'heir «.' whicb '.alwales in the Pox, and fom.time, they . •

The signs. cxa.fpijrate the fiJh, this is in the Fft:och Pox. foUo\\' J hal d cleft) or Chat".

:rb,' ,fOC' neV declare it' hem fel ves. They are p rin asd .urnmg. tbe ski n 10 wrink· r be SiS'"

.Jlii'lt." I" is fill bl>or.. lor. ". and ioreaioul to led; and when they are maoy, they are like a .

Tb~ Cu,,'. and bard to be cured, 'Bunch ofGrap~s.

If the adult fharp humors come from They are hard to be c.ured, .)f they are from

whole houy, pretlare with B 'rrageJ• 1-" ...... ",.". the Pox. firR: cure that, and then they ofcen:

S"ccory, EntUve, and the like, (hen ,anHhofthemrdvef• . 'ii

to m with Senna Epi,bimum. Syrup of J\ner~en"r.1 Eva en atlons ,raper aj!'a!.II.he',The rr'g' !

Violen, Rofes, Catholicoa. Confection ~o.~"ure rtopicks: fiji fee if there be'Il1fhmma~)'''IJJlicJt_, .

pill. of FUln,<or y •. Tartar. . fion. an. then • bote pain. A,. Take Oyl of Li •• ~ . ~

Let blood if there be ful ee r s, IirH I. the frd'.'1(..rt!, ",h an oum ; OJI of Eggs ball' ·'t'f~' c.u,,::i

the n i. t be 4n cle ; but if it b. from th e F "'''; tnlx .hem i,., 1 «jed Mo ... ', '0, Take \ .

Pox fir a ufe Guaj.cum and Sarfa, .. d 'he. like. p,o""I' M,llow" Alrh£ •• taCh hall' lii.dful.i·'

Fomentthe p<ift often "With a hot DecoCtion CbtIflOt1d.{l0wers .fWO pu-gils, Li"fei?d .. "d l'ttml"';·

Dock roots, Fumitl)fY. H pt, P ellitory. or 'gree~. t,th b.tlf aft oUflrt. Boil them to« pi"t,.4dd •

this 0 ';ntrnent; Tak<:! Pl .. "UlIl aad .01' of I\.0[tJ,S three ofmCtS ;fJjeEl it 'PJifh~ Syr1,g,\ .

e.tc~.fQlt'f ~u1fces; Sal. gem, Niur .. At'um. r4ch

"'M'; Subl jill, • 4"",.1td • b.df : b"j If there b. no Inftammlti on lire Driers an d' Re-

to tht third r.m Jlr.tif'J. them, .Jld ~dd . pe\1ers, as Verval11, Ivy, ACacia, PomgraDate.·

• f"upl<: thm .C. ~e. t let tIle,n' tWO day. p.,11 and fI,,,,et.: [0· B' ths and pOI.e. tati on'

'ill the p"~ksf.n off •• nd oew flefh 'ppear, ad .fter add DifeutLrs, a. Camomil atid

the s u [dbe Ojntment .g,t.. Thym.. 0 4 . if


B,ok IV.

oj' PrafJicaJ Phyfick_ •. Put i

,CUp. ~. Of C'fldyl". ;fJth~ Ntck_of fIg rromb. Let the Diet be io refiil ev I.humours, of good Juice, avoi0 [ .. It; {bar.p· ana four things.

}r;col.Flo~ Some thisk this dileafc may come from rentzu!. neE,bl1this incredible. If it come from a tun. or, rufeen clnd diffuh'e it with Butter

{wed J\lmondsJU11iel&c. '

'Chap. ~

Of Condyloma in the Nec~ of the Womb.

: Chap, 4·

of Fuflles and Roughnejj of the Privities.


Book IV. oj Pt'aa;.~41 'PhyJick..., Part J g Sea .. '! '1- of 'h' B~morrhodij of .he 'Womb. 9

If it be old Ind hard, firft Gftea it with th~ &teat ulcer ~ the Thymi and ~lavi grow ag~hr.

fame, a~Q after thrice sfing them, ufe Digeft~h ' deses once cut .Ieave no root. '

and Driers that are Hrong, as a Powder. TaKe Unlverfall, and order or ali@t, eith,er ufe 7 he Cure.

ronnd BIt-thwart" dram,. Jtf.vi'lt, Bermod,r8ils l~"" IMIiI'IClUt:S, 0," cut or bura them to difcufs, thea

each two &ra,?s.; burnt: Allum two drams, "ld~,d dried with Fig~, Orange, Rue butnt,dry

(/, dram, C alcms ha.1f ~ dram j !p,ink!c it upm' II: ~ Iacenfe • with Wlne and Vinegar) or

l{)Ofe fiejb. . skins with' Figs: there alto dry.

'Or, take A1Q.'s, Frllnk.i"ce"j'e, Myrrh, eAtb, 'corrode, eat and burn, al juyce of wild'

dttm; 4mmonlacu.m dil/oJ"Jtd iff rintgu a. dr¥' with Salt, Milk of figs, Sheep.

a"d fuJI J .A/Jum iw9 drams, read Lt.&d htJO dralll Goau~gan, with Niter, i\qu~ fortis, ~pirit

Galjs hd.lj' a dra~, Tu,.pe~tine, Oylof Tartar tad Sulpher, Buttier of AntJmony. lake

a dram: 'tIJith 0)1 of 1\gfe~ atld Wax, m;~e 41 that you hurt not the part. adjacent, but

Oynp'-"-lent. them with Bole, fealed Earth, Rofe-water

Thi.!t b very ~rong: Take TU'I'pe."t>ifiC af'J DU~'I Viuegar; if ,OU put the Corrcfives into

Ojl of Num:l1,s fW~ outletS, red Lead tiM drams J chasge them twice or du ice in a day,

.AUum, Yil!_iI)I, ea-ch a dr4m; V61'dGgreece balf ~ the part with a cleasfmg Decoction,

drain, SUblll'lfl,ts a {C'I'uple, pith Wax mak_t a. rhes cut or burn.

~ h. 0y"t1mertt,o,/ of Ba1fMuf M(jTCUTJ.. '.

t: et1'~. 4· If Medicir.e9 will not do the Ancients J'eTm •• c+ Burning, of'whlch foe Elitus. .


. TYey are from a grof. feeules t and maHgl!ut

'The Sig11!, ,humor Ient to the Iki~ & turned to a NOde"

. They art} known by their fhape : rhe malig.·

nant are known by theIr hardaels, and heat and

blewl1e[s, filth, and paiR. .)

The ProJi~1

n9!1i~ They are oftelt hard to be cured. becaufe the

. • pox is with them, and tbey are in a place to' which Medicines are I!ard to be applied, and to continue.

Chap. 7' .Or~Vartsin the Neck_ofthe Privities of theWfJmb.

:The ~yrmeci~ are npt cut off" out they leave ~

p. 7' Of the Htemorrhoids oft he Womb.

veinli that end in the neck of the WO:&lO often [well, like the Hzmorrhoid:, it ii from that comes to thefe veins out of the of the terms.

Inordinate flux of terms m~y cccafion it, when The C.:u[e.

How out of the ufuJl time, 'hey grow thick • ... a'.I""U'U' get out ofrhe veins, but fwell them.

are to be touched, and with a S1'6,-ul"", 'The Si£:"s. to be feen, Then is pain and bleedlng .

i. order: {he i& pale aad l~zy.

Cmctt the blood ~ purge, and bleed in the The Cure. to derive and revel> of which in the dif~ares




'Ifthey [wd1 with bY d

ment with the Dtct;{):.?() • evaporate it, or fo

Pel1i1ory, Chamemil f1lon of Mallo'Nl, AlthZ2' feed f' .. - owen M I' '

s c Line and Fee ' O. IRt Mtlilot

go. d, opea Ihem by' F·nufreek. If they do D~

or ;r Horn eehes, of ~~iC:'~·' rnb'd upon thee,

fthere be proud fI Ih a~. 2. . '

ed. e t take It off, as is {hew.

If theybleed genrl I

work, for it is good y~ ~tfi Nature alone to the

res. If the fbx be ;ea: rees from other direa. open a vein in the ~rm stud a~a{'e the ftrengtb overflowing oftlae T divers llmel,and do ~s iI

, erms. ,. ,

,Q!_efiion, HOf4l;.dQ the H '

.h,e Terms 0,'-'" • zmorrhoida dijfertrll'll

IW 7!Vl.g or 119pt? J •

.!rlercuria.lis faith, That

though a Hnx or Te~ms

" be


Chap. 8. Of Vlcers in the, Nec'tof tlJe Womh ..

Tiley are 'fe1dom. cured in the body .fthe womb, and they are fimp\e and dc.n, or for-

'did and mali~.ant," '

tlTt'l a iLx of {barp humors tllat 1afts long in ~

t"Pox and Gonortb,,'-; Corrupt ,fte,·birth Thee •• ,"

alta coufe$ after tbild-bc_atlsg detained, infl."1m-

mation turned to i!Ppotthumel; there are the


The external are {harp Medicines, hard rra-

vel, a great child ,taken cut by, force, vid~nt le-

(hery. wounds, f.ln!l.-froke ••

,Are .pain aad conbnt blting, tMt iucreflfetbrke Si 11

ofpechny i. co pulati •• , 0' wheD wise or Hy- g t.

dromel i~njea:. Y'IU may alfo fee it with a

~petulum ; alfo there i~ mrtter !!;entle or filthy ~

If the u1cel' go towards the.~bladdeI , they p:rs

hotanfi of.-en: ttie'reis pain ill the roots of the'

tY{;:l, to the hands and t\nr,ers ,faintif1t;. and a li'ttle,

fever fometimel. '


Book IV. Of Pr4llical Pl:y{ic~. Part. J .Sell. 'ro

"~e eltern~l Caufes are to be related by the PaUent~ lfltbe from the Pox Gonorrhcea,tne . figm of tb~m will appear ~ of which BippoCWfS.

They are bard to be cured, lxteittfe fheyare iD a put fit to reeelre huraors, fOf:. Di!!d moitt and t~at bath confctlt wirh wany pa!t$, H(o!lc~ are divers Symptoms: ths great> old, and f(ul are w @rR!:;, when they corrode. ;': nd are hol1ow, they are ~e!dome cured ; they thaf may eafily· have Mediclaes applied to them, <we edieff cu.

red. .

Firf, ftop the flux of humors to the part, lfit be either from the whole body, or an}' Pan. A~d amend the diftempet of the womb, tht:\t it may neither breed ilor receive bad J;llamoX'll'. If the French Pox be with it, refii thlt tirft.

'The Cure. If the~e he pain, fir! abate that with Milk lee.

led, or with three whitelof Eggs, and Mucibgll·· of Fleabane, or an Emnifion of Poppy. feeds. Or, Take .Altht2~ roots au olllce, Dill r,ed f)W drams, Buley II. PUglJ, Fa!llugreek._ ani LillJeeJ, each A.' Dunce; Flea.bJf1Ie "nd Poppy.Jced, e4cb half an (}um . bllJl them j" M;lk.,. Of which jJl pain 6f th; womb.

In a foul ulcer, firR: ufe Cleilufen, 21 Whey, Ba.rley-wa~er ~ H~ney, Worm.wood, SmaUage, Orlbus, Orris, Birthworr, Myrrh. Turpentine, \ Allum •. As, ~ake n!7:t1 Milk. bOJ1ed do pi.f, HI"', h41f I, pUlr, Orris porod" h~lf a" DUlCe. UCe it hot often every day.

Whe. that which was injd:ted is voided, wa{h wit h the Decotiion of Mallowr,' and put up tM. Pef!ary: Take Bruus: a"d Le"t#s t" powder 4Bd Oms, each two drMRi ; tll;:/; HOfley. Or.

. )rake

'8. Of Vleerl inu,c NI&k.,of 'hi WolJh.

Take DiapO'mpholigos, m.h Era"kjnc,,,[e, MdMyr,bJ4J rhe'Ulcer requites. . .

Of [uch Fumes; As. Take FrtUlk,.'Jl,Ce:z!e, ~aflil(. Myrrh, Stor.-tx Ca14mirh, Gum oj, :tufl1per, llhda.um, each at! oamed: mak,e a p9R14er, or no. titS with TJtTpefttifle.

lfthere btl fufpition of the French Pox, a~d a lit!l~ Clanabar, lR a. very foul ul~er). al.d. lEgfptiacum or Apoftolorum, or.a liule £PlI1t. of Wine. b a creeping corroding ulcer, with mix cold, drying and alringent Me. ~lcine8, Allum-water. Plantane aid Rote-water, wltb "Pomegranate.flowera boiled, and Pomegrapeels, and Cypre[s.a.uU, il aUo good, anlll Albe ••

After cleanfiJ!g~· fil1 it with fldh, aad ~eal it up. As, Tare Tutty waJJud hill! liB tm~(e, Lnb~g& Cirulf, :J/1.f(o;.{)l, eachwo drams; wIth Oyl oj 1\0-

(emd VI/ax mill(e $tit O,utrnelJt.. .•

0,. (Ind.e ci~e Privities wit~ Myrrh, :prll1lkl~c~nre, Gun. 0 JGnip~r, Labdagnm two drams In wIr!' Turpellthle make Trocbes.

Or \;[:1 Sli\pbnr, or Anum Bath;, and Plai~ Hm.

Inwardly give vulnerary potions. As, Take Agrimo7lY, BliTI9C~, T' ld1t!it1!1J J I\!o~-g,afs, tach '!v0 ~uEils; C:hitM thJ'ee drams, £o'l~nder.Je'tl. hay & iram, Cnrt'll~S half all ounce: kosI thlil t~ Bela o,calh ~il'e it til'icc a day. 0 r gt'l1t: 7'urp~fJ"lJ' ~ rugar'jar a mo"t~~ or a dram of PiUs of BdeiJlllm ,[r{n. • h

If the body cor-fume, give Affes milk, WIt

CoBfcrve of'Rofes for a month.


Chap. 9'

Of Clefts in the N!f;k..oj the

IVo-". .

10.· ofFijluJaes i.tlc }ler!t0lthe'Wumh. a. ftrUflt; mJ~e a. oj.uicefl" .

LetthlB Diet be moiit, of good }.r:ce, Cllick.

Veal. Kid, rear Eggs, M~nov;·s BQglu[l, BeAb!~in flam tharp aad C .. li: mean.

THere are long Ulcers that ~re fin aU, thofe in the har ds and feet: in they eat oft the IkiDS. &. are fomerimes deep hard lip', if old: Iometimes they arc dry,

Thu4uJes. fomerimcsble(;d. Any times there are Ulcers in there parts ..

They come f om hard travel, when Come becaufe they are Coft .. aad eafily corroded,

in the ne~k (,f the womb arc broken hy ~ sre hard to be cured,

Child. or violent Copulation. or flux of Soin~ If them an: fl:'~ight, others crooke-d.

Th S· r hamon. thattU,k in the parts, tLncl corrode. Simple. others hollow.

e tgfJ. If it be sew, it is hidden feme: imes, and If-m,Ter ft;l!Y there, it corrodes and makes The &Aufos .

ia Copulation, by pain and bleefiillJ!. . asd divides the parts , and malic. a •

T!;:: l'rog. The sew are eafier cured, than whea they ; and when the matter il divided, the

"oJ.t~Jr... old and callous. div;dcd cannot unite. .

The CUTe. If they come from hard travel, make a Iti. kn~wn bv the ~,~ure of the ulcer, there ~I The Sigfls.

ff.erofthe Decoction of Rofes, Pilatalle, 111L".""vu"J,,p, and athi» evll matter, when it IS

wort, Bole, S~Dguil Draconis, Frankiaceafe, • fl -ws out; there is 80 pain, eliCe pt it

with the white ohn Egg, a PdflY. 'aflmfib!e part. Somtimes it rea,hetb the

lff:om tharfe humors; after uaiverfaller , ilnd thea 'he .urle comes forth at the

cuation,; ufe Toplcks that bind without bi Sometime. e:b., FUDdamentJawi t hen the

(if the clefts be not callous) as Oyl of Lin appeara in the Fiftula. ..

aad R0fel" with the yclk of all E~g, and JuyCl riRati is eafier cured thln an old, and Tb, P'o?~,

Plantais mind ill a Leaden MOrtar ~ than a creoked, It is [carets to be cured flD[rirk •

. V.g.St~oJ~ Take OJ~ o~ ~f(s eigb~ ,u.(~s, p;,. it iu . . himical old body J when it pierccth

lOfliiaplld Morta" Itild u 1I1a~k.. ,cd tfttk..1 th(n pur tI partsadj iceat,

Gar. pOVJde'f~f Lith.rge of Silvtr ""d ecrufs. 'rlt) ufe- Llmverfats and good diet, tbell fee The: CUT(e

If they aft" caucus, Ilrlilke anoynrment of be cur-d by Medithtes. or bette, lefe to

of Lillies. MarroW' r·f a Deer, Turpentiae to evacuate E~.cremeMts thereby.

Wax. If they are mallgaanr, cure t},emas If the bft. it beft, ufe a pallative Cure, by of-

laes, of which in the Chapter following, purging and fwead.~twice in * year, ar:d

Ift'ilere be Itch and pain; Take pi« 1m and tlrengthelluu, and lay up a F1al~

&OJ, ropuleonJ eM/J alS OUIC: j Juga., of b~ . Diapalma,

0/ Fij/ulaes tit tne N,cek of the WDmh.


10 B6okIV. ofPra£licll Phyflck.. Chap: It. Of4C4,,!e"fnth~Wo;nb. 17

If you hope for 11 Cure, ~fter univerfale, "'1f.,1I1tn,blew fnnk1n~ Lips, When it is .1Ilcer~te~,

drying vulno:rary Drinks; of male Pera are ~n worfe, and tMre II a thin

Centaury, Agrimony) Bettony, inkllg; matter .. S metimet mneh hlpod

&:c.' . . that j, daogerom, a gentle Peaver , l.oathlng'l

Then ufe Topicks; firSt. dilate the Orifice trouble of Mind. the Cheeks are ted, from the

it be flrair) with a Spung,<:of Gentian roots, ,a~onth,lf file up. from the W(1tl)b~· '.: Th p

con fume the COlllus; bur: firft make itfoft . Itii hard to be cured, becaure mi\<1 Medicines t. I'og-

Oyl of Llllles, De.ers M~l'row) Turpentiae are Rot f~lt, al'.ld ftrOi1~. naf~''erate; and the p~t.t IOjl,'lt·

war, makes it more Mrd becaufe it is legleCtc:d at the

Three things cosfume a Canus; , kcrear,.th~

CuttiD~ and Burning, there in a new firait Let the Phyfician prevent ukeT::ltion: or ifit Ths Cure.;

~ula, ufe Gentian, bla~k He11ebore,. lEgyp to hinder the increafe !f it, let diet be ag:;inft

cum, or rlgo'" powde,r with a pencil. Or, y: prepare 2Dd pnr~.eM~I~ncl'oly. "

subli"we lu,1f a {crupIe, R.._o[e 0", P This powder for m~~nv OlVS p,:iVtlfl, il ~T.c~l.

jixounces,Jetit UpOIi Embcr.r. If tt b, towtrds • Take Smdragur, Sapbir, and Hafl BfZf!tfr-

pomb ,taJz~ h~edoffl'91Jj M~ici"es... . fitch t dram; give f'tJe'y dr.] thr.ee or Jou,

Ifit!;le callous and foul. burn It either tlfhb .rcahieut 0" C a~dtJus 'PIAur.

Cau~ick or hot Iron, There are good in Iet the TroIcks nor be biting at firlf. But

outward of the Neck; then cleanfc allld heal, with jl\\'ce of 'Plallt~ne, Nizhdh2de~

e , or ufo DiapnmphofgM. 0:'. Take

Q[rl.!fttltlfe. N;,!htJbtde. pur/lane, ncb fW":: ; Mucila~e of Fleaba'llt M! ousc«. Or] of R,.q(es OU"CI'S: (Ur t!'em if! a Iud,,, l'14ortl1'. Or Oflof 1(o[es, ~f Egl!.s, t,ze h 4n OU'1J(' ,Had half;

IT is feldom [een., and never cured ; but here 'f 'ed I. dram: fUr t~"m itt t leaden Mor-

II k h the. /t.'d Lirf,ar5?e, C;;ru(s each three drams;

Ihall Ipeak of that hl the nee of t e., I. drlrll, Campbi';e It fcruple. Or

which is ulcerated, or not ulcerated. . .

1'heCaufes. Hi: from term! hurst, ~l'ld hot burnt Take ;tuycff!f rvi.~htJbil.de fix 'U'IIC(s. Tutfy ad

tr.at are black, thadlow thlth'er. Itil afte .. r •. "~.J"."" •• Lti1d, each two drams: C:n1lphire h,tlf If. d"ilin :

Icirrbous tumOrs, that have been .btln 10lf17 ill a lcl.dcn Mortar, and add powder of

fofmed. It is tirft not ulcerated, aDd when o

humors are more (orrupt, it is ulcerated Jh.

'The Signs. Thev are1hard to be known at tirft, . tn~a: :1 DecoBien of Cray- filh : and if pain

il a tumor without pain, & sfrer ~berc IS.a foment: with Ma now s, Altha:a, \i\'ater-

ing in it and a. pain in the G;:OIn~. LO! Coriander, DiU. Fleabane .. feed; with Sar~'

bottom dr the Beny. The tumor is bard, . E Jrort

Chap. II, Of 4 CAncer in the Womb.

ChJp, 1'2. of I. Gtt"g,.effi'a"tlphMeli,dhe ~h~ 19

We raw at .A'fIi~i9" in aa old noble Woma. lfJiur Itlth

',bIoI63S1 .. I.C:11'·72.·

Stop thcputrifaB:ion, take away that which Ni(h"'.Fl~

krotte~, by fc~rrifvit!g if you can, then wath '{",·f~r.6. "Ilbthe Dec:ctbon of Wormwood, Lupine J and ".~./vl.*h. witb'lEgyptiacum, and apply thls Caraplafm : dl'gr,·.l.

Take ~,.obuJ If."d Bt4fC-/101l'r, • estc" fWO OUIICI:S; OXj'':' in 9·RJ4ji. .,."nJ, hOJltbml; ,J.J. Lupum, WormlllB9d, .AIQcs, c. de ex;""

,4 MirTh ~ rn"r;c;'

, Cut off the dead flefh, ftrengthelt the prlnd- The Cure.

pal p,.res, the Heart, , bEthe Spirits f>~ infetted

wlth'evil vapors that flyby the Arti.!rie~.

GIve €onfen'l! cf Borrage , Buglofs, GilllRGwers, Diamargariton frigid, Eleetuary .f Gell$' frigid ConfeCtio-n of HyacJD.ths. Syrup of

Sorrel, pomegra~;ates .Barrage ; and apply Epi~ .... ~1II1~r4~aat~1I them. to the Heart, rUlcrus cureda noble Wornaa 1" ohf~';,

SOmetime, tbo whole Womb ", 11'.' I&cd twentv~five, fhe had a Puftle ill her Pr lvl- ~~tio.

and it it from the Privities that fles in the D(\g~daYI . from violent Lechery with

.y E~cremelltl apt to corrupts ktrHusband. and {be ufed a Cataplll.fm from I

The Cauf' ~ It is fr~m an IaHammatioEl and Ulcer lot fin, ChyrurgioB, and in few day, it rotted, grew

. cllred, becaufe the part hath many . b\itk,aad mortifi,d and weat toward. -the FUll;;

w1:aicb eafily quellcb the nataral heat,'aRd dntc.cvtry faft. .

tbe part mort Hies.

The signs. There· is an u{ual heat ia the Neck of

Womb, ud a FeanT, wIth horror AU body; then tne cOlour chan,etD ill the .

Is .lack aad blew, without ,nlfe or feafe, it il cut or priCKed, it ~inks • and the decays, aad the heart famt ••

Till> p'(J'~ It is very dangerous, and wOlfe" he. it

IIl1i,Jc., te-tbewomb.than outwards. Soma have womb fan out t and have lived, wkich

13 Book IV. of Pr.med lhypck.. Part 1.

froll ia Milk: or make a Cataplafm of

fame. ,.

. So~e uf. Arstimony, Arfeftlck, &e. which good in otheu partl. But ,bie caano\ .


Aupble Woman ha. on the right tido

Flee an ulcerated Cancer; and whea aD F",,~h, ltAlia..) G~rmMl, sp.Jlifo Phyficianl not cure her, a Barber clIre€:! ker oDly Chickenl Iliced tbia, aRt! hid on of tan


Chap.r 'J.of .. a""grellealidSpha,el

the rpomb. '.

Chap. 1. Of the Knowledge of the Timper Ilfthc ~Vomb.

l~bJ·?b!t':~ts. M A,1t_ .I1!th_,rtY VltJ1ur, Ph, fician, of Bo,.~_il,

m.t e rt, ' Ih h T f h W ... ' He

- eWl t e emper 0 t e omD..

_A [.ith, 'That a 'Beard in Women tbe'" that they have a hot Womb, and hot Stones. It comes with the be~inning, ofthe Terms, and whea

" the Bre',dls [wen, and is hard to be Ieen. .

Lt~~ $'. de, AriJlotle faith, That rome Women have balrt 1 til d'M. in their Chin, when their Cour[ell ftoF,(a,nd when

c. I I ~ they have a hot Wl)mb and S~ones. ..;j:: ,:-

But there are more certain figm ()f~e~.;: r When hard hair comet forth,r, .. , .. -,"~, "" .•

thick, black ;mi long, and larg'· abo1it,', d

Ltey come forth Ilow, thin, Ioft, yc:l1owifOJ ,su

I. of the k.,mtl:dg oJde ternp,r of the.JY~mb .. ,.aotfpreading, the Wcm~ ls ccld •

. ",bell du: Terms <:Qm~ fortl! at 12 yearl

~. ~f~ ~ ~ ~ .. .,~ ~ ~~ ~ .~, fi f" h W b d h

~~~~~~~~li~~X~~~l,~~X~yR~.~li~~.i1~!:fJg':l'!li!.I!!lIJll it, is a' 19n o a ot om ,;an. w ell

'-''_'_"'~''lollg, th .. bloodjs red, hot, but aet ve,'y

'1a, an old Con.ftitUtion they cone larer, .

THE c)1e blood is cold and warerilh, and they end.'

O 0 K ' ... rr it btl hBt and .mo}ft, they flow plefHj~

F 0 U R T H B . aid hit till after ·fi'fty. 'If is: be: hot and

theblcod il yellcw I thin· and Iharp, and

the Privities_

. it be cold and moifl, the blood comes Iite 'with diilculty, aad it is whirilh and, thin. be cold and dry the Terms come forth \ very Ilnd with d'fficulty, and Iel.som conticue , forty, aad tb~ blebd is thick and little'.

The third fign b {'rom Lechery ~ for they "he> hot wombs, defire Copulrtlon Iooner and'

,vehemently, and are rrucb deligbtedthere. : they.who are cold •. do the contrary, The and m",iSt are not tired ~ich much Venery . Thebot aad dry have great Luff; and :tFrenzy if thelwant ite but. th,y are quickly tired, becaufe arc: but few S ridts. If it be cold. aad moi!t,

are not Ioon lecherous, and are elfily fatiiaId if they mifcarryoften ,"the 'womb i; "'11"'''Vllt1,,"l~ aad they .dellght not in the [port : ~tCopulatioIH~oth them good, and makes them more. youthful. lfit be-cold and dry, they defire ". BQt a mall il1 a long lime, and. take 110 delight, becaufe the Spirits are few.-

The fourth figu is from often Ceseeptlon : for coneelve often, . and bring forth Male. or YlUI!.IlI"!. if the Ceel! of the man agvQe., with it. doth. the ccetrare


. ~_-=--_..c--~---------


Of the' D,ifeafes WOMB.

.". J



Book IV. of Praaica' phyfick.. l'art.r.S1'tf.2i 2~' oJ,hc IH?' DiP,,,,,, of th! P'Y6flJi. 2~

A hot and moil Womb h very fruhful;ifthe tbi. dilempcr i. ftrong, tbey have few rhe Prog ...

man be WI. ll tempered,; and though he be ofd aid ~,ald out of order : they are Itad IIQ hard f&Ojtick.. weak, yet {he will eoncelve by him, Somttimet to~'IV, and in time they are Hypochondriatkl, theyhavclwlm .. oroVtr~rlo,i!nd have a Mole," . uUor,the molt partbaren; and thereil[om~-

. Hot and dry are fruiefvl, but Dot [Ollilthu tiDlCla frcrazy of'the womb. . Th C

the forml:r. " urIiCool~n: fo that they offend D@t the Vera ' u"

Cl<1d, :1'1<. mnift are hmd to eoneelve , erp~c\any IDul be 0PIIl f&r the flux of the terma:

wRen tnev arc In years.; when they are YOlll& .I',refnr'e. an~ the Seed of tne mall is bnt anrl dry, they cou1 eeive JIlilll!~; but Ieldom well Ihaped or healih.·ur·IIUl':I~

fut: and the wewaa while {he is with Chlld'b

fi~~, .~

It.. ~old and dry Womb h ccmmenly barrelj aD~ If they co.(~elve J tile Matis Seed I. bot and •• " • .LIlA.'I,I'U!rI!I'4r:llftil

plotH, they br'lll~ forth Females ; and if Malc~ they are tall, and quickly look old.

Chap. 2; Of the hDt Diftemper,f the Wlmb; Outwardly ufe Oynt ••• t of Ca1nacs Cf)()ter~

'~v.tmellt of RoCes, aerot of Suders, Oyl oC

HE~tofthe Womb is nec~lfary for COIlUl": Violets, Watel.lUlicr, Gourds t Veaul ..

, uon s but if it be t09 much, it Bourilhclk lavello tlle Back uti Loins: or mike Cat2. aot (he Seed uf[h. maa, but d;fpetfethits heit plarmaor Barley.mtal, Rorca powdered, Violets, aad hlndera the COIlc:epCioll. . Water.lil1iel, Saders, with juyce or water of' Plaatanc,Water.lillies, Ssceory, Lettuce, Oy.l of

; rhis preternatural hut il from the Birth Rofel, Violet., Water-lillier. 'f~ ~'u.I's. (oll1etimesJ wnd makes th.m barrea. If afterwardl,

. it I. rrom hot caufea that bring the heat aed Ibe " Bubure good toft 10,lnd eoolleg, Fomell~

blood to the womb. From internal illd externl tt~ons; .nd after let Iulr take fom. of the CoetJjedlcines, too much hotmeCltl and drinkl . ~r;mentioDed. III great heat, ur~ tbb c:oolhtg

Ji,xcf,iCe. , . J PeITIfY. '. .

Take opillm .. ("upl" C:oofe g'f'etlI~ t!UO [cru,les,

Yr,: 1.Id./io"y. tl.chfo.r {nuples : 'OJI all '""e, Er,f. ~. .iitts oftwe Eggs. ,aJ! muJ1ef This was from an Opinioa the Ancient had, Clfp. 7'

!nat Opium was cold: but take keed of tbe uiiug

Ittbo mucb~ left tho narcotick C],'dality hurt •.

·:e4 'Let:


r,., SiB's. The, are prone to Luft, l1ave few· Conrfel, y~[~

, "low, or blacks or burnt, or Iharp , they have halll b,timel upon their PrQiiticl ; they are tae.lIe~dilC:h-? and ~ber~ aro ~glll of much

~~~~r f_.JPf ar~ dfY: .. ' ',' .

. "

'6baP. 4' Of fhe moifl Di[letnp'Ur tbe rf'~mb..'·· i 5

ike, 'etch a" oUl!(e 4"d hollf; GdMtfi.d fhe drdm!,

III~peppl:r half aft OlLnce, Zed~"fJ ~tle d,afll.J =»

;.ife ,hem, 6~d add fix. ~usr~s ~J vrlM',' pu, th~'"

i. t CeOa.r fttne-da]J, _lJly J1''''''8 them, ,he.·. iLdd

Mi.u .11:10 hf"dJuls '. th~ n lct t~m' {laId Jour*effl

~11, pour (,if .ShCl rr'flS, a,,~ bfl,.if6 dmn, !Cfld .he,.

'ou'o. the r",'3¢ 'gJt., ""d. ~~11Il .17,. m, !. he,'; .RJferC(fara hath clli Hyftet"lCk, Exr.r~a, a gr.eater; P V ad a kf$i ufe outwardly P"meatationl, Ba~hs"ot.rel t.

la~"'1 of hot Roots. al Birthwort, VJvagfl, Va-' ap. 2). lerla~, AngelIca. Burnet, M.lllerwoIt~ Calamul,

Maader; Elic;tp')pane, Orrl~,al1d Herb~: as Mug-

wort, BaJm, Motherwort, Savin. ~enny-roval. Calamiots, Organ, Dltrany. Ma ]oram.Rue

Bet(o~y, R:·,letrlary. LaVender, s~gc, Srcechas.

BOW(IS, Set!\~., ofSm~\t·,gl!, finfiey, Ru~~ Car-

rots, Anlfe. Fenn'}' Cumrnin, Lovi1~c)~a, fi·y. ,

AnOint with Oyl of Li\lies, Rue. Angdlc3, nlYI,CiDoamon, Cl()ves, ~ac~, ,Nutmeg. ~r. Take Lahd.l1lum ttM OUfiCes, F,a .. ~tn~e1lfe, Maplck., li~ujd su-s«. tach, bl1f' 4n ClUll~e; o)~ ~f. Cloves, Nutmegs, e"h h,df ti!crupJe; oyl .of uu«, R.!fe .. ",b all ounce) wj~b Wax mAe.t N~tHer.

A Fomt'. Take. Pr4nk.iltcetlj:d, Mirrh, MajJic~, 14th I, dra.m; B4vberrics If, dram and h.tlJ. La.bd4ffUm IIIlodrams. Sflilr.lX, Cloves, tach 11 dr~~; ~u", Arabitkalld Wi',Se, ItIalte TrOd,!! , or peJ/4.rt.es of'h~ (amrl

Let the d iet be warming, and the air, the meat ofeafie concotti'on Ceafo\'!ed with Annifc, ~ennel,.: 1bymc. Avoid Milk-meatS and raw FIuits.

. ~hap. 4 Of the moift Diftemper of the Womb. '

tHis isc9mmonly joyned. with ac~ld DiRem..:. per ~ 'and caufeth 13arftnefs, aud is fro~a~~

~4 B~ukI". OfPrJ.ElicalPhJPc~.' Partl.SI!Cty

Let tbe.Air be cool, her .Garm~nts thin : ht~~ ~cat be witn Let:CIce,liJlOlVe J S:ucco~y) Barley i gIve '!O hot me~tt nor ~!'oDg wrae, exc:"pt irbl water ifh .and thin. Rea 1& good bot) in body aid m.sd. She malt not copulate, but Ihe may fi' ' much. ' .... '.' "ep

. Chap. '3. Of the cold I!iflemper ~f the Wo~b.

T ~h caufeth many Evils, and BJrrennef •. ;rhecaufes. They are conu ary to rhofe of a hotDl. ftemper , cold Air, Rei and Idlenef, , aad 'cool:

ing, Medicines, '. . ..

'the l;g"s.It.i~ known by.their notdefire of Leehery, lIot recernng 'pleJlllrC in the time of Copul.JtioD

. Wh~A th~y. [pend the.it' Seed. The Ternu are fl~g~ m4Jt1ck! thl~k~(d filmv, and fLtw not rightlY: there J' wind in the Womb, the Seedi~'rude,

waterHh, with a Goaerrheea- .


It is the caufe of QbRru~ionB aad Barr~lDe[. and ill hard to be cured, . , ~re things proper to heal the womb, al th,il

W.ttr: . ,

Take Gal-t"gal, Cirfttatno'" Nu.tYltc8' Mltcc. Cloves IJchtwo dw-;u ;' Gi"gfr, Cubebs ; Zedo.ttry, Clfrda· rnt9))lS. each ,on ot~nCe; 8rai~s cf parildice, IOllg

. P~pper, each ;alf an Ounce: hea' them, . II"d pitt lbem. ;1'1 fix .qua,rts of Win! f~r eight d"ys, then add J'ug~, lH/~HS, Bslm, Jyforherworl. eacb three hatldfil~ ! ,1('t "hem .Ji'inti eight days. more, ,he. ,PUf off the Wznc, d1td·beat the HerlJs and' the Spices, afld tl:PJ pDltr on tf;e wiJJt ana dijlil ~he77%'

Another •. Take €ifl1famtJft, Nuunegs, (:l~s,

~t1.af1) ~i7lg~r, Cuhebs, C~rd;Jmoms., gra;n~ of'dA;.t4

if . ' ",' 1((,

The Frog.". lfo{1ic~ •.

The Cure.

8J PrllElied Phyftck_. Plrt I 0{ Compoud D;j1cmf'lrs, (!II. '7

fame can[el, ~I a cold Oiftemper : for COllBlP.t1ll1!u terml are few, ., he mouth. of tbe womb i.

cold things do moHhur. It il commolily iu. they are flender- ofa Qry Conlhtlni~JI,

men that are idle, Lip is alway. chapt , and bbcklib

Th,Sig'JI. They that have moift wom~1 abouad ill

. fel, but they arc wateriih had thia ;1 the U"i.l.! __ • dHtelllper is bard to be cured tIL any

ire wet, they have the White." alld defir. tCp~c:.Uy if it ... old. - rh, Prig"

Copulation much, aad delight .ot in it; MOl,rtncn; ~I Bora~.,. Buglors, Mor~ury "O!1i,k,.

retain Dot the feed; anti if the conceive ~ Altllx3, ~lOletii tweet ~lmm"l~, PI.a ... rb:€ure.

the child is LJig, they abort or mhcarry. Pine-nutl,jllJubel, Drtes, Fig" Rillf1m.

Th p Ifit laft long) it il hard to b. cured. which are made S} raps, CORf¢[veti, Emul·

t. rog- much. they conceive not. Ciudie",8te. ..

':J'~k... It II by Driers, Isd thil!gl that cure the Remedie~ are made of the fame, ad ..

. ~ "reo dilcmpcr, are geed againit the moil: Tillie, F~llugre~k. S~eds, LUHes, Brank.-Ur.

all Healersbare a drying power. ur,Pellkory, &c.

Baths and Illje8:ioJII, Beware of lUI:.':UD •• " '

left the evil humon be ftop8, aDd the Fomeltltions are mad! with Milk; and after

iacreafcd. g. anoint the region (If the womb and the to the privities, with Oyl offweet Almond.,

Lia-Ieed, JdamiD, frelh Bu·:ter. Hwns and,

Chap. S. Of the Jry Dijllmper of the


IN this the womb is hardened, of it felf It fldhly aad Iofc, and moillaed by blood CeeceptioB.


. let the Dletbe moiitning, the AirmoiftJ the fitning of much llonrHbmel1t and [man C!X1 e, Let fiet"p bit a little longer than urnal labour, anger, fadnefa, faiing~ do burt,

It is [ometim~s from the birth or old age,

they an palt child-bearing. If it be from 6. Of CDmpound Dijlempers., and firft

caufes, they are barrea before they are old.

J,"he caufos. Difeafes aad Medicines dry tke w_b, as . of Cold f4nd Moift·

fJ,ammatwll, Feaven~ 3;'1d whea ~iood flows

to it, lor goel to the ~ottom of it, "y reafol ' Here is Ieldom a fimple 9ilempcr in. the

the ftraitae(s of the Vein!!, or OblruCtiOlll, al part, and commonly there iM matter whicll

Virago", 'and fuch al never coacelvea j and it. It fa ufually (old ittd. moi~, whlch ga.

they void any blood, it is from the netk _ t: • .. ,·· .. _·s exerementaef that fort, either lit the whole

womb, aid not from the bottom. ,or in the womb after the tet ms, •

~., h,.e S;(}'''~.. They. vol Ii n.t t I.' feed, and are naw in V ',Are an~diinil that breed cold and flcgmabck The Caufls."

bro, t'litlm(J·lfI inth~·w11l.ile bodv Of the Womb? . _._

.~ I'" , J 1)1"

"'" '

28 Book IV. 'of p . £1' .

T" iC ·'fa leal Phyfi,k_· . pir-t. I, S a

~ UTe. They cenceive Dot ad' .e. 2.

body; the term. rello':: fl are of ill habit ~. C,,,, ... 4 Dij!, ... "" (ft", 2,

Tbe P"g' bave rome.i.., es the wbi~". 9,". righr, and.bey ·011 i, .. i.b po"d", .f dS"i"· •• d :nocbe' ./

"ojli(~ It Ii harder to cure than a fim Ie'd;g . "d' Ji J f G' cb'

.The c.".' The ,old humor Is in fault : I~", t,emper. ~'r,j;', ' •• 7 ve ..... ,.. ·'1"'· .. · II'

rt wIth Syrup of Mugwort 'M' e ore prepare T G . " ~-" ' L II

, fop, with a DlZcoaio~. prop!r Ints, Bettoliy, Hy. ake uaJ u:um a. tOUfi ..... e,&",ue" O-Ulcer, .n--

As T k ••.. ,"m i. , .. ,,,,, pi.".f .. ,le' '''''''1·(0.' h.u" •

• a. F",,,I roo" ..... ce Vol . 10]' ,h"" " ,be ,,,,[,,,,,prio. of ,., ,hi,d p.r!.

campaffe, Mt/ft:rworl. each half"" J ~rtrJ.ff, lli- ,ftx or eigbJ OUlIces bot iB the rnll1fliOlD, 4nd le.

"J,r, Mug"'''' MOIh,,'· "nr,; p",].. .~

(/, baf.djuJ; R,pjimary 4n~ro;' NefiP , Marjoram, tAch [,ear.

tug/J.; liler M ...... '. F .. ~!t" o .. ~rs. ",I "'I P<>"' ".ter to the relique •• and boyl them to

I"~, ",h. d,,,,,: boil th» .. -r» A'",j"~' P4"1- ,.",fu.-.ption of ibe third parI for a.onnn••

d.d Sugar. SY"p of 1>111:: ,ro". ounces 11,,"d, ~ 4li,k.

c, ..... "'.'Mer b,lf a 8' ~ ''''''. or tbr« '"'''' l,um.y nfe Chi sa and Sarra the f,IIle "'Y;

.,,,, e dof<" .. "",,, m'~' l'or,i .. {,r lid ",,,ufe 10.' d,coction fome Rreoll;th Ii loft, .

aud [0 great a quantity is tedious for women"

Thea pu'ge it with A 1" mlY diKil tb.m ••• d ~he a I,f. qua.tity

T urblth ; and if other h garl~k. ~ecb.'''', .itb thing. proper for tbe womb.

Flegm, and Sell u~or, oe mired with

tribus AI.,eph::" and the like: or ufe Pill. de AI, Take G.,j"u" • ,,,,,d, or s"f' eig6t

Agarlck, Sise qu~::' 0 M'I!fCk. of Hiera with ..,11. AWli'll,,: Eli,,"'P"" <"II ,. 'u'" ;

a.d bil], S"' ••... ,' dr.. .,ke Ag""it' Mm. Mug"ora.w' h •• dinh• Dill", bal{ • b,.iful, '"'~

.. , ...... , .. ri to h "",s;"f~r, .he .. i. Mug, px ,i.u 'f .. "" ., ",i., I,,,,,·b,,., .. • d." •• "'"

sio« or Dim"h' "" ... ces n,,,,,,d, .dd Di",,,,. i~iili<", .. d8;" , ....... ce of .h. "''''0 .

Sy' up of Mugw:,~uhalffwo drtms ; )~r.tin a"d /tdd

h,ll_ d ra m, ...• unce, 0,..,_·""" Let \er me.t be ro.Red Bird., !len" Copon ••

Partridg'~I, M'.ltton, fweet A\mo~,ds, Rliiin ••

After un! f I Let he" b~ain from r,1 r and Iharp t ben g ••

. 'T. ke M,,;:~r. br E ~a~.ltlo. , ure Pejfuie" A" litbere fw,a" a" un ple,ra." ~i., them in the

st I~; ... i", 1.' "i/t/~" '. ,nd P"' ., i .. b'8.f wbiu Ilird a.,1 f ,urtb Cha p,er in tern,l and exteroal.

o ~ T k . IItt. r or Hmy ,< »0 res A" T, ko c •• r"·,,f u"j"''''' i("r,"'''Y· S·,,,.,. .

, , 41 e BenedtEltt 1 ' h 'J '~f' • L f 1 " .r t. d

'i'~ .... d,.ms, G /.h.' 1"""." ree d'~m', Agl, ,<C, ,,,. , •• w; 0 B, '" an , •• ce, Di''''''I''U .r·

drsms, wilh 'u ce of I" a drsm, 1'""."", p. • •• DI"".,g.,i, .. · ,,lid, <dCh. • dram; , .. di,d

s "(.,, ntg, b'r T.~"'~" >Nt k.' p,jJ',itJ ill , .E'J'gu· •• d . i''''I, ,'" b h ,If'· ••• ce; .. nb S,-

!' dram. Bd,U i"': • d e HI" .. ~,. .. , Ag"I," I,rf lUp.f M •. , ,.o" iliA' •• EI,Elutly; ,.d nf· B,.h,,'

, rsm, WIth B()ney fI$..tlc.e P tlfa1J~ pc if! mtJltio7tcd.

, 'Ot~,yingSpawW'aten aregocd to drink; or to

fit 1:'. '

r t,; ~e .. ,

Book rv, of 1, laiCal Phyftck.,. Part I. Sea.

Let the diet be ;)1 in Chap. ~ and 4. gIveth, flelh of wild Mauntaia-fowl. Pidgeons, Hen., . pem. M'Llt!on roancd aad fpiced, and old and let her exertife.

of the hoe ,.d dr, DiJ1fmper of ,b. Vrl.'llh, .

, 'ft1t,pCb~/tr.; ,

. D~) at in Chap. ~, purge the Choler, whether it be frcm the whole body, or from the Liver ",ith Syrup of Bofes, Mlilllla, Tamarind •• Rhu· barbs, Sean, &e.

Chap. 7' O[the illJhapc of the Womb,~nd jirjf of the ftraitncfs ~f it un. its Vejfolr.

T ms is a. Difeafe ,of evil conformation from Na.ure, when ItClD be Iireeehed Ollt DO further, this makes u aboJtkm ia the fourth or fifth moarh.

But it is wonderful in its natural lhapewhel it will ttrer,h aecordiag to the proportion oftb, chl'd I aDO after cbild .. bcaring be al fmall al at fhl.

of jlraiffl'[s olfht Peffels of tie Womh.

Thls is ufual and binrlen the fbx of the tent11 ar.d conception, it is In the ve1fela of ERe womb, and of the neck thereof.

Tblc4ufel Aro thick tough humon that flop the months

• of the Veins and Arteriel: there arc bred ofgrof,

or much BourHhment, when the heat of tb~ womb is fo weak, that it cannot atteauate thehD. -mors, there either flow from the wbolcbody, or Are gathered in the womb. .

Sometimes .eifel. are elofer by i»fialRmatiolt 't)r Scliit'rLlI, or other timor ~ 3. Th,y ale 'opt b1

Cbip. 7. Ofsh, ill jJJtte of th w~",b.: .

'0, aftdagent, Medicines.. 4.' By compreffion• ~IFrom a Scar, or Belli, or a MetnbraRe that

IfIlWI afterawouncl. ' 1. •

D'Stoppage of tbe terRlI {hews ftraltnerl? WblCA Ti, S,,,II.

~~d.n cOllCiptioa: and this fioppa,e ", know

bl tfuditid abounding i. tbe ,body, ,which arc

kloWI by their figos. Sometimes thick fiegm

cemel from the womb, if there was a wound be- .

fore. of the Secundiae wal pul1ed out by fo_rce,

Ito age of terms frem aa eld obt\ruchoa ~y

I PP, hard to be cured' if it be from dlr- The P,o,.. ~omorallS ' . bl ()' 1. orderly ufe of alrio"gants, it is Alore tura e : fJOJt1C1\:

Iflt bl from a Schirru! j or other tsmor tbat COIMpreff"cth or cloreth the veff"ell, ,bat c;;alulot be

cured, the difeafe il incurable.

9~ of a double l'POm~J &c. ~~

are figns of mucR blood. or £harp and th in.

lfther. be a Dii£'fe[il, the blood flows raore,

ud there at e elodders , and there were cauf<ls

IUtbroke the Vt:lfeb, au Iharp SUPP~)!itoriel.

Diaredr{il il known when the woman il ofa ~iaand loofe habit of body, the blao({ thin, or hath afed much blthing ..

If the V~{feb open from much blood in a rhr:.Progboor, thereis lefs danger : and it is eafier tljjf,ct

, than in a Cacechymy, Tl. •.

11 ;t: • hl 1 t thO k :th ~~ Curt:,.

Iua AllApomtJIS gIve t mgs t 1<1 rc eft WI

Chap, 8. Of the tlpening ()fthe Veffils of ntfiime, Q.. 1,yftS, Mirtles, MedlJ.rs, Services,

the W,mb befides Nstte:«. . .rll1ll.·ora""I,o·geeJs and flowers, SafJder6, C"ral,


1ft Ditert(is give thtngl that thicken with nimt', Pluta,.", Gu". tragltntb, 'JI}hitfl of Eggs, If Ambet', Bole, sra"h 1 l{_~ce, fZ.Ei"CCI, .Pr,",oYlis, SarcocflJ, aId /;(:.;"g-gl4{s.

ufe there are dlvere canfes, and thefe are not cured b'.ltby taking them away, {hall Ipesk of them in the Chapt~r of immo-

terms, _

32 ' Book IV. of Prapic41 pbylfck_. J'lilrt I. Sea. 1.

fa,". Calaminu~ Mtrcu.rJ, Pe."y"roYl.l, eacb 'IW hattJfuis ~ .s'age. R..9fem.t.ry, Bays, Ch.lmo'llli/'/loTfers ftch t- h.tnJ{ul ; hoyt theM Ut water, jom~'" the groin! 4Jd the bmom of the br:l.'y: or let her fit ill a Bah up to the Navel; and then atoint about the groins, with OJ1 of Rue, Lillies, Dill, &c.

Or ufe Peffirlea and Fumes mentloned,

If ftraicnef. be from ether difeafes, cure tbim fidt.

THis when there is groat blt:edilil{.

. The velfrJb are opened pret~rnltlUal1y

rhe cl.uJes. three \v~yes, by .AHtllomofis, Dilfrfjil ud by ])iaptnt'{is, as In the Lung s. .An ;fio1flrtjis is from mech blood which the Liver doth produce, and fend out by the womb.as in feme by the Nofe.

FDr the b100d belng thin, hot, cholerick and fharp, opE:nr the mouths of the veflels , and cau· feth a flux.

Dilfre(is is from much blood, whell :there !s gicat motion, as when there is long copnlitloa with a flroDg mall thilt hath a great tool, or a hard travel, or abortion, a fall or flroke; aUQ when Iharp humors eorrede, or Iharp peff,rie1,

rh; Sign!. Dilfrefs il from the .thinnefs of the veaeh,

and loofnefs and the thinnefs of the blood, ef from much moi Rure, or ufe of Baths.

. Much bleed is a fi~n the veffels are open. yoU fhall "now the caofes that open them thus: In. An:.Jlo77l"{)frs the blood drop}, and is thin, aDd


.9 . .of A double lIfTomb, the wanting of • Womb) and evil /hape of the Womb J and ftrange ,thingr ftmnd in it.

fJb[equefJs f-iith, that one woman had two wombs , and Baubinl'u falth, that a Maid her wemb i~ two pans, as in Bitches.

CQ/llmbus faith, that cne wanted a womb, but lib. J 5. privities were ;l.~ is or-her women, and part anMO.

the liecl~ of it hung mlt. - .

34 Book IV. oj" Pr4fli(AI phyfick: Part I. Sea. 10. of the Mltglitude of the 'Womb i,,(reared, 35

Lid. d~ Wmmsilltb:Wom"- \lIli thruftin her band, and took out a g\"eat

rnorb. mule Hippoorates writes, tilat worms are foolld tOle, and the ~\'oman rewver,d. '0

the womb. And Gyn~cea writs. it is a fign . /Elius a'Io raith, Hl.yd (lO,fGS are bred aJ .htl rmab. 4·

Natute is wanton, &c. And :fo~ft dt. '.·A.o"'_'· "m~ [of"utimes, &c. . (er",. 4-

writes, that: he raw a Womall that badall Nichol.u FIQrefS,inc and MI.yccl]us [JO'/MtJts fay c , 93•

lerable itching in her womb from the A[caridtl tbe~ame.

be gave a Womb-dyRer of the DecoUion

Wormwuod and Hiera, and Ihe voided . Chap. 10. Of the !v'agnitude of,the lVomb

fman wO;'m5, and Wl! ~J:i~iol. . increajtd, tlnd.firflof the /ilfLattort of the

* Whert(oever foul humors Hop in any womb.

it iii no wonder if it breed worms, if other

agree which are reqllited fot the brecdilg INfl~tion is a Rretcbing of the ~omb with M:llh ", de

them. wind: it is canf~ by Iome a windy Mo~e, ~rad. 111 9

fat and Hair fou"d i. a Womb. See Mil.ttkr» de grl.dlbus aad Thadf1l~ Dun, lIb. Jtha(is.

Cont.obfer. rriOJ'ITI Fabricius melltions, that in 01 dead miJccl. c. 8. .' . h hi k'

s.obJer.49. man the. womb was taken out, and it This wind is from a cold m~tttir, Cit er t ic rhe c.tufes.

eig,hty-feven pound" and was fun of divers orthill ,. contaillc{\ in the Veins of the Womb,

monl: in the middl-e tbere were hairs lik. yc~ "hich over,o~:es the we(lk heat of the, womb.

low Wool. . ltilgatherod there bv cold meats lind dnitks, or

Ad Addition. fibwlfrOm or,her \'Ian!. Cold Air may he the caufe al:() , if women thlt lie in ;xpo~e themfelv:1

* This was by Magick. or a h\lmor lay tbere to it. This Wifld is contained cnthertn toe ~a~l.

fit to breed this ftrang,e matter by rn ... tl"'~'·lyoftht Vefisll of the Womb, fir between tne

keat. TplIicles. .

St01lt:S ircd in the rro,.h.

.' . f b '. b '1l1~Sign~« .

There is a f~e\hng.ln the reg,lOl\ 0 t ~ wom , -.:

rometlrresreilr.hin~ to the Navel, LOIDS am} Dlaphragma ; ~nEl ali wind incre~reth ordecr,ea-

reth,it ri[eth or ab:tteth. lei, f.lfferent from a

Dropfie, becaufe it is neVCH [wonen fo high. .

And left a Phylit:an be deceived, aad t.lke It

fota Concf1ption' obferve the figni of womeR

with child : for ifone fi~nbe want!"?" youmty

rurpe~ an Inflation. Al[o il'l In~jltlOf\ the t:ml~r

imeafoth and decrea[etb : but In conceptlOnft!El

F 2 I[

Lib. 4. de

WIIJrh~ 11IU- Mercurial is doubts of ftones being bred III it:

li+,c; It. but tbhc1ks it is dotted blood like Ronel.

Lib. S. B~lt it cannot: be denied which maay worthy

opid. Anthon write. Firil Bippo"at~ writes, thata vVoman of lixty, after noon ahvays wal fllfted flJ oue in travel. After {he had eaten malY Leekl the had one fit worfe than the (eft, aAd ll1e arol~, and faun d romethi.g rough is the OriftcI of her womb, and Ole fainted; aad anotber "WO'

o lIal

Book IV. Of PraClical Fby(rck_. Part I.Sett. _ .

fhll Increafeth. Moreover, if you ftrike upon 10, of the Milgn.itude oftheJJ'tn"hi'llc"'t4~d/5C. 37

Bellv. there i s a noire, but not in Conception. . Or Take COll[av, ef ]?,Jllury, BJlml rae!, three

It differs f(om lit DiOpfi~ ii\ the Womb: ; candid Citronl il'i~ OranE:e.s, each an o.uVlce;

there: h no fuch heavinefs, !.hey move more ~R __ ".'"II"" a dta:m, with !)'7It!,. ~f Cirrons mak..e IZlI

1ily, and ite B.'lly is not "(0 f\v-(:!l1td. there

caufes r hat bred wbd, aad things ag'jin;t ve the VVTom1!l A.qll~ 'dtre, or thiv : Take

do good. root: !fPO ounces, 11la/len<Jort. Elic,t>';}Jfdne,

it d ifLrs from I Molez for there is ill that ~"' •• P.I'f: Is ca"h /ix ,lr;lt7lS ; C:t!~mint , J\nI'.J:royal

b weigbr and hardsefs in the Bvlly, and whea they J I{o{crrur), elub a haHdjuJ; Cllflimm,Fennd.

'J.D,!! mol' • mcve from one fide to anoi her, [hey fed a wei&ht " each bdfJ1tOU9;c_e; .~~mip·f'. b~rr.L·s .~ hand-

mf,t!ter. that 1U0V.,th which j~ no!': ill this, of which Hi" , Galtng,ll. Cub::b, (,;ch h~)j sn ounce ;

'P()cr~lc!·. The feet and the fxce Iwell ln the he!. rVine diJW Ihtm, give If, fpoo;JlIlor two.

low P.1I't3; the colcur is bad, t~e rerms ere Hopt, I ~utwardly a Catapl .. frn cf f0_lt:, 11{ugn'C1't.

there h wind, &c. ,Dill, Ctlami1Ju I Nip, J enlly-royal, Th;me,

If the wind ls without the cavity of the womb, of f\.rte, Cheir, CI).tTl10mil) ~ m. k_e 8:ths of

there il more p;;in and larger, nor h there a ,B2gS ~f Milium, Salt, Ch_mwml1 flowers

The Prog- noife, becarfe the wind is in a {traighter place, ' Bayberries, Cummol1) Fcr.nJ-fe:d, or 1.J.} If,

r:oJlick.. It b celthcf a llfting nor a deadly difera(e, if of B;lJb~rritS.

well look'd after. If it be in the Cav.ty of the

rhi! Cure. womb, it is cafiel'difcnff;;:d. lot ClyViefs to expel wind be put into the

Give Hiera: Dlaphren'con , with a little: C~· A~, Ta~e C1Jamil!ts, A!;l)lus ca.J1us.J{ur:

fior, {harp ClyY1ersthar. alfo expel wlnd.1fit tLnha.ndful; A1ll:if;edf,_Cojiut, c.inn:l'IilOn,

be in travel, pllrge sot ti 11 iibe be delivered. 1m drtms: hJil fhem m vrtn': jor b.llf a ptnt.

Apply a CUPlli.;:g,-~lar. with much flame to

Bked not, beraufe it i~ from 1 cold mstter; Rrt:alt, ~r:d over ~gj".[t r he Womb. "

if i[ come "'fter Chtld-bearlng, and the terml UI~ SlliphlS,·.Btb:: snd Sp~·,v-wat::n inward

were not fnfficieM after, and there is fulneli of .iUIJLW:U ~~)r they expel wind.

blond, open n.e S;jpha:f~;1. .

Arc,· thefe, give things mentioned itt Tympa. come f:om cold after Child. bearing • and

nv , th'.t fe-fped the womb. As, Take .c.,,[erro saot weil pllrg,~d t;;y her. Teems; heat the

of Be:tWllY, l{J[trm,ry, each I." olln.e a,,~ h;tlf; Ca~· alld pllq!..~, and give ftrong Wi1t'.. .

died ErJ7t~ur, Citron-pcel5 candied, e4.ch half .~ the Diet be hor, cu~tlng asd artenuat!l,lg, The DIet.

nwc,~j Diacyt.niwlJ, Di.g,1],lllg.1J cub~· d"nti .l~nl'hi ... r .. <thatexpelwind, and litthfat OJ. tune.

O}l of A1f.i{ted, fix drops, wirb Syrup cf Cilms, ~e~io'l. rrtlt:;her tb: rri'll:i is in tlJ~ Cavity

mJ.k.,e J,1lJ. EleEluary. 'IlI~..'. tkere if h~MjOtf of Ih' vr(J~b? .

Itilro by El{perience, though r;ll1e de.y It; il there ~ny caufe why wind Ihould not be

F 3 br(d

(ba,. if. of 'h, Dropft~ of .6e W''''''. S 9

flthtJ Liver and Spleen from their weaknefs or

froID errors in Diet; or from . wsakaefs of the

'118mb, from bard travel, or often mi[cRancel,

coJdair or ,water, or wha.foeves hurts the heat ofthewomb.

Alfo ftoppage of the terms doth caufe gather. iogofwater ; for eho water ufeth to be evacuated wjlb them, MallY take thisfor the only caule. .

Sometimes the tua.cles of t be womb may be dlvlded in rome place, and water may be gatheled bstween tIl em.

Hip,ocrg'ts faith, tlte terms are fiwer,3nr1 ceafe t'he Si.~"f the time: the bottom of the Bellj [well •• J.D~ morb andtie Paps are fofr, without Milk, & Ihe thinks multc.r.

Ute is with child,by there you know it is a Drojfie,

becaufe Do6ton and Midwives ~re ofte.

THey are alfo deceived, ~11~ think ·.d.'~""'d, yeu mit d.iItinguiih this from other

with child, whes tbere IS water 1 ...... " ••. , . 11

the womb ~ thilisa Drq?fie sf the womb.

~f.Iib. 6. water is either in the Cavity, or,between, When a wOM2n is found, and ufeth a Iound

dHorp. CO:iU of the womb, or in its Veflels. . mlu,the womb by degrees [wen., and the child

hum. hh. M.1rct/lu5 Don:ulI. S Ihew that tse water. II moves in its time; but often tkere is a Dropfie

PDr. DrJ CavIty: for it doth not prefently by Its Conception before or after: therefore is &

de hi}l. me or quality force its paff.lge out, becaur~. Dropfie the tumor is equal, according to the,

mirs 1.4. fice bnotalwR)s open, and Nature gatbeu11 of the womb aad belly , and not poin.

c. 21. reo de1-ree" and is ufed to ir. . ' al in woman with child.

trsb, 6.4' lEtius faith, There are rome~lmes Secondly, If the vvomaa be in years, and Mth

fer.4.c.79' water in the wossb. b.gd ChrJ(iopher Vela lot conceived before, and hath a good colour, it

that: Letmss : thotlt!,ht that lhe had gone 6 isafign of a Dropfie rather than a Conception.

and then voided fixty Bladders of water, the tenth month be paft, aad the child moves

ven pieces of fleth, like t hat of the north. B(cais Iwell, bllt are fofr, fay, dj}'~re

Membrane~. Dropfie of the womb. Thir'Wly, Itt a true C~,,~

,women are better after fome months,

. There ill fometimes a Dropfie 0f' the the Symptoms abate: but i. a Dropfie they

ILzb 4.ob- with Concept ion, as schc.jlius and Rin.

er: mH.'2. bricius faith of his own wife. .

~bJr::r 56. Are gacnering of water from mOlftaelS

'1fh~ c~uJes. wit~ the terms; and from an evil San

30, Book IV. oj PraEUcal PhJ.{ic!z. part I. .

bred iii the womb, as well as in a.ny other both by reaion of the Excrements that come ther, and the sa-ural heat that turns tl1em. wind: thef e a 11 frrercb the womb (thol,1gh It thick; as in Droplies and COl!lC<:'I~tion. AI[Q retentive or altering faculty of [he 'W{lmbh ver idh ; [0 that when it receives difeafed unfruitful feed, it fuff¢TS it not to co~rupt,

Lib. de ,Jott. turns it into wind. A, Hippocrates writes,

pueri. the Womb is J?rrtcht'~ by wiJld [rim the Belly, think. ttt:J have cO'lfwwd.

Chap. II. Of the DropJie of the Wi

, It

40 BOOK IV. of P,,,8i,,/J Phyjitk_. P[trl I.Sell.2"

It is difiiDguHhect from a tdole by the weight

in the bottom of the Belly. ..

From an iaflation, becaufe the Belly is fhetcb. ed in th::a, :1l1d founds being fhickeR: ~\1t i. (oft in » Dropfie,

It differs from the Dropfie of the Belly, b~. eaufe the Face is pale or wane, i!!l that from tbe di~emper of'the Liver, there is thirfl: ; hut in the WOn) b-dropfie {be b of a good colour) tlcept tile Liver be alfo bad.

It differs from Inflarnatloa tn the womb: for that ill ,:ith ~ coaflanr Feaver, and th~ Symp. terns of It, and from other tumors which are har. der: bu t ill a Drofie of the womb, if the Belly be preffed, it yields,

Y 011 Ihall know whether it be from th~ f~ult in the womb principally, or from Iome othtr part, t);}us : If the wosian be of a geed coloar, and there were only fome diteafes and caurel that mi~ht hurt the womb, as abortloa, hud travel, ftoppage of terms, or too many of t~em then the womb is chiefly ;.ffefted. But if there be figl!s of a diftemper in the whole body J or ill the Liver or Spleen, and the colour II bad, it il coafeat from other parts,

You {ban know whether the water be in BI:d· clers, or in theCavitv of the womb# thus: If you fied the Orifice of the womb clofed, and thereil little pain. it is im the Cavity. But if the Orifice bt open, and there is great pain, it iI in Bl addcrr, or without the Cavity •.

, If the humors is the womb be aot corrupt, thl.

The, PHg .. difeafe is of long coatinuaace, 111t may be eafily '111,#,,1<.. cured, ltiseaficf cured in ahcc;ivity, tb~n "k.1


'c\~p. II. Oftbe DrDf'Ji"f.be rYo'lflb., ' A ,41

I ' 'Il bladders, and between ,tbe tuaidle-

t ~~n after Cor;ception bavilg a Dropfic {If the

11 liD her child dieui, asd {he is in'tl~R~er. , ~eWhln it is from ftoppage of luro:'~' and new, The Cure.

md the ftrc!lgth firm, opes a Veill lQ tb"~ le~l,

othervvifo blued not. '.,

P rge according to the Humor , wlt~l ref pt a: : omb .sin Cbap 6. of a cold 91~emper.

tot I W , .. Water. Take .Ang!!li£tt and Mad-

T~el1 pur~he h If an ounce' Catarniflu, I'ePl"Y-

der'feOJS, t1d.C (J. " h'h rutJ" l ' Sa~oJi. i£

, 1 Mu W(lrl, Lova,t;C, ea, a a ~ u ~

'OJ"i. b!;l thtrm in ry;'ne , and Jv.u!.tefl lot WIt ~ S~gar'", ~ 'ake Broaths with the fame. jake J)1J,"iJ~""') O~m t, J e"cbhalt: It dram;oyl of .AniJuds,~loves,

!J"gltJ~?tg.~, ... 'J ' I., PO·:l!

e"~fi'ile drops; Suga." tPrte 'UJJCCS, rn41'\,.e '\: IV' •

D'ett into the Womb as in Dropfier. T~ke

I } h d,am~ pe,.Jlrroy:l, Cala"HflfS.

AJlrlwr.roofS t ree J 'I M h 4ei,. "

b half t ha,-"dful; Savin t pUgl ~ d" 0 • h !f'

MC) , , 4th halj It ram. '1-1' d"!!I. A1Iifeed, CU7nmtn, t:" d' 0 1 of Elde'lJ' Itflll

I~em, ~nd u~ fix (}unW jlralJf£ ier) 0,- ufe pdfa. -

o"is,each 111 0Alflf'~ ~ m~~a: C1iol;qutn;id.t hJ.1j" .. riel Take grrc,,- II • d Wi ~l mlk.e

J.tp'~, GJlidium ten grit:ns, wish HOnlyan 0

g ~~~t Fomentations and Blthlt?f Danewo~i:

, ~lder, Fennyropl Oq~atn, Chamom

MerCllry, . ~ ild Cowcum~effl, Broom,

Rower Baybene", Wl • h OJI

" ' R '~d A"'d anoillt after TWIt .

Carrot, ue- eeu. ,,' . . b d s of Oyl of

of Elder, DOloewort, Orns, wit rop

AAgeUca,Anife, Caraway. "

, d an~ tbofe of Niter;

. Sulphur Baths are go~', S Il~ to the bot-

or the PaiRer ofBlvbern;s, or ~ na N~"fia break tom of the Bdlv •. Vtlm~lng::e Fu~da~;ent as the bliu:lders. GIve Clyners;I. " Suliu Dropitl. Take M,y'Uf] k"7J'SlD~neJ1JoJ~,.:RJ,

. of l_l1~mm~tio~ ofde womb. \,' '.

J 1· It ... ain : there 11

I feel tbe beat, and {he mcr;,t P wh~n there is ver [omdimescilUed ~,!!,l 'lihe Tongue il

. • and heat WltllUl. 11': t

cold wIthout, . watching, doting, tOllln~ 0

dry ami black, w~h pufh up and paiRed. T~e~e anHro, the brea M a~~s of the eye'!., and III pam I~ hllead.acb to ~he ro. tif. 'leuta and !hculde~s. the groYDS. blPI'i~~d a p~urifie, with loltbl~l!;,

Chap. 12'. Of the Tumor in the Womb ihort wind,. and I 1h- belly bbound, the p~ Ie

Blood in the Veins, vomitillg, h1C~l~t:ts. d -" k but at ftdt darting

Y I Isfman, and often all wea • [" ith IJ fhe 'WomHe

THiSDifeafc makes women think they are and quick. And 8iPP8;,a:es ,,;d Ilhe ncok_ of it is 'lDe morh$

child aue, For blood long deraIBnt,d~til~l" '1,1 j"~,.,ed, tbe terms d.~eh}ltJ' J (m.1H vt1ns, \5,. mulier.

Veins about the wtlmb, ftretcheth them like II spiJert TIIeh, 'WI' man! "the paiS!. is abou~ the

ly J and twtfteth them, aDd the V elas ill tho lnt be inftame? ~efore~ If behind, it \5, 1I:'\t~e

Mance of tie womb are fulJ and ftretehed, pubes and the unn IS loP'. It it be iofll!t'led 'm

make it larger But when the terms flow, it \olD'; and thcs b~ny,.s. bO~!a~dsJ the navel. lfit be

again, except there be a Cachexy or Dropfie. the bottom, the pam 1S t tolli' are le[s: if from

This is only from lappage of Term., aId from pur~ blocd the SrU1· ~o"e rhe watching

cured by provoking them. tholer, ftrcnger : the t ~'J l~s an ~r~ worfe.,

Chap. 1:3. Of Inflammation of the ~reater; iffrom melauc 0 b it is da.l1~et 01.11, and The Pro,!"'

IF the blood thai: comes to the womb, get Ifit be an over the W'O;l i in a '¥lOman with f101tick.,

of the Velfels iD~O itl[ubRa&1ce~and grow few efca\l~ it. ~n Ery l:'~:~un abortion, and

aad putrifie, it cauleth Inflammation. either cbild is deadly" b~.caufe ~~~fe the SY1l'lptonu; tho .

over, or in part, before or behind, above or be, the Moth~r dl~S. the A d't is fafer to dl[CU[.

low, on the right 01' left fide, greater h the danger. . n ; it. if it turn to a

'l'hec/luJes. Blood is the immediate CIRre. which is all ir.fiamatiol\ then to ~1£~k"S; Dropfie.

or mixed; therefore the Inflammatioa i. Schirru!) it is 1.dUng, a~( . \\~ ~[ a flux cf. bL:od, The Cure.

all Eryfipelas , Oedema or Scirrhus, as FJegll1J Ifitbe n<:t after a ort~rcn) and facJitice the

Melancholy, or BloOd abound. Blood is ei~el open a vein in the Art:', tbe fo~t, left you draw,

fent to, or drawn by the womb. By beat or pain lhouldtn. Bhed not In • but afterwards to de-

it is rent to !t~ when it ahoundeth: or it is hot or blood more to the womb 'ae r, y(\U mav. <:alen GoJ. 2.

thin. and when the blood is moved by hot AirJ rive, ifit be from .termsb bl~(Jd by bleedirtg . en :he !:J,,'~ ,.2

. Exerclfe, Paffions, anger or het dier, faitb, TaU may d,vert t,(; .. i yoU rn.~y dmve t~ by

".,r.. S' Th' . h h d In l h ' , .' the bret:'.J's, all L h'

~ ~e ".s. ere II a tumor WIt eat an pa n In t ere a'"" or €UPP,l"g . I&fId cupping up03 fl/C tps.

giol1g of the womb, with ftretchiog aad heaviBefl 'felling fhe altlt.]e.lIlf1ft, l,r,'

in the, Plivitie.; and if you ptll in your fingerl


42 Of PraElictZ l'h7~C~.

dalelJ", MlJgwor~. Mot6ltllld,r, each dlhandful rttoJfJil,EId.er ,B,oom-{lowers,each a drl.llJ: boil '10 retl fuaCt:S jlraised • aJld jllyce Dj-, ~em, JJa.twovr, 14ch fix drams; boys Urill ,ItJ oUlce Hier« (CX drams" Bon) half all ounce, mJl<,c' a

Let the Dyet be dryisg, as in Chap. ~.

44 Book IV. . of PraElical rhyfick_. Part.I.Scft.2.

If there be c?oler J purg.e itwith Syrup of Ro.

Ie s , Manea, R:.mblrb, Diacatl.olicon ; and tift Dot ftro~g movers of the Terms, C Llle Alterr:n and Coolers', as Ju!cps aad Emul. fl.ODS, and provoke fleep; and it there b" dot . give Narcoticks, ~e

. After the Llniverfals ufe Repellers and Allo. clllll, As, Take Houfl"fk:_, Pur flue tsuice Ve u

.. ~ 1 rr 1 t L I{ , ., If ,. ""','lie" me- I!WtS, esc» w.tl) a b.z.:rd(ul ; boyl fhem ill

2Vl1fe, add JJtr /y-w.e,d tw~ ousces , Pomff!'tl.":. jlQw. ers two dramJ, hoyl t. dram, 'RIhb 0')1 0/' Borps' ~,'.

PI' 0 1. ,1' ) rtIl,tl.,

~" u tts; t, Take Diach)lo,. (impJc two OU.CDS •

Juyce of V~JZU)" "'il/lld.z"J, pl,!fl ttJ If c .. (4ch half at.! ()u'm~ OJl (4f /(!fes .. a" fUftCe, Sug ,l" of Led 4. dram. m.~; .:lit 01'~Jm.#& tJl Po le"den Mortar.

Make Inje0ionsof the fame Herb., or of Milk, an'~ Rt)f('-:",a~er. Glr. Take PIAlItMlft. Ve1fus, ftJdvd, letice, eMIJ do l~a1l1Jul; red Jtofu l1t!o.,ugils, hoyt and add OJI oj Mmles a" ousce, l(.ofc.'lIi1fegar hdf IfU OUlJ&e, mal(:: -$.'It Itlj. Elio~.

Ma~e Clr~en of the fame Plants in a [mall quannty, left they opprefs in the woaib,

!ake Althel roots an ounce, MillfJ'P1s, Violets.

Jt:~tce~ elfCh a hJ"d{ul; .NightJbadt: £'IiI j1. IwtifUl, Ptolets, 10fes, cJ.ch I pugil ; {weet! Prunes "ft Ii".' fec:d h.l1f It dot!!'. boil them in B#riY-rtl,ster, tf fi~ OU1l· ces, aid OJ10f 1\9fr.s three ou"cel, make It C1rfler.

, All aaodiee Fome~tation. If .. ke root, 91 AI· fh~l., MtI.~o-wS • .alld V!ohs, each Po htlnJji,l; red l?!!t:J, MeltlQt, Cha~9ml]·fl~fl1erl, cach II, pugil; boil 'them (or It FomentatIon.

Or ufe a Cataplarm of White B read and Milk. In the progrefs difcufs. As, Take pgJf1d~,. of A~tha:.t.raots a. O~"CI!, ChJmomil t"d MeWot~ Fowers, 14;.b tW() drlm.s , MuglVOrt half 4C1I ~UIlC') Barl, aMd

chap" 4' Of s&irthUJ gird CalCO' ill the YP'omb. .,,1 'lelfl~(tUr, each all OUII'¥ ;bc']l 'hem m flurp tti~e,addJ;lJgs.greale, 0)1 cj £hatJjomil 4Md Lilliu cI'~ iSfJlUnct:; mat~ ct Catdtpla[ m.

!(ihe illfiammalini\ turn to matter, ripen it.

AsT~ke powder of .Al,b£.z.roou , Cbamfmil· flowrfJ, M~lilot, 1 iHfeed , Famllgrcrk_. eecb an ,u,,~e; fig~ dgb" LOJl ,hem, 41!d r;k_s Ilf jOft., Eggs, a,," ~aif't fctuple ej Sjff,(HI.·fDa~e It Pllll'is.

Afleritis ripe, break it by mutioncf the bo~y, coughing, neefing. CUpp:~lV;, or by Peff'arlel AI, Take Figgs 4n QUlce. RJ!e b401f a. bnd{ul, b6y'~ 1~lI'Iroft, alid HotICy4J1d L~a"1J('I!, etch 1'1.1J an ou.,,, Pi'g~OffJ.i.Ur.g. Orri,·roots, eadhltlf a dralt; wi,h

lIooltn~taPeffirJ. I

Af(er'ir. is broken, the plio abat~l, then cleaafe

lad heal-the ulcer) as in sell. f. C. 8. of aa ulcer ofthewol11b. If it breakilb~ut the bladder, give II fimulfion €fcold Seeds, Whey, al1dSyrupof

VioletJ. . .

Let the diet be cool. with Barley. water warm.

Ab~aiu from Wine) to the decl.aation of the olfcare, let the belly ftill be kept loofe,

Chap. 14' Of a Scirrhus lind C.tncer in the Womb.

A N earthy matter left after aa inflammation~ l\ makes a hard tumor, caned aScirrbu,. and fometimtl it is without an Inflammation. It 11 a pro,er Scirrhus when there is aeither Ienfe DOt' pain; itis improper when there is a little fenfe. It il fometlmes as big all a m~l'Is held; fometil'llt!1

tha whole womb is a Scirrhus, fOllletimt:s only Par~jI 1.,

~lrt ofit. ' 21. c. 3 S

lite illmedilte Caufe, )' a thick earthy bu.

DlJr, iiDatural melancholy, whea a thick hu- 'thee,;uIa. mot

46 Bool~ IV.

of P,,,EliCi< 1 Pbyfick.,..

mor is gathered' in the w omb, there la Sclrrh\\' without Infiamatioe ;i.foregoi!lg; thb is urual mdan~hol y ~omeu, and Iuch as are not cleallfed by their term~. or have the Pica or greell.rr,k.

nefs, and are fifty yean old. .

<?'herhu,mof5 fometirnes breed a Scirrhunf· ter 1r.;~amatlOn, when cold afhin;enta have bee. urea. .liforderly ; or when the humor is fixed to the part and i3rd~r:ed. The fame mllybe from hot dlrCllifers, whichfend forth the thin matter in an inflamatlos, and faften the thick.

rhD .rig"s. • The tun;or iHO be felt. it yields not, and It ~It.hout paID) the terms fl~w nf.)t at fi: fl, or very little, & afterwards there n a great flux of blood, If an inflzmatlon went before. and the part is hu. y_y and bur~hened, it ill Sign of a Sclvrhns. She IS unweeldy, Iloathful ; and Yi'Ju may know from wha~ hu~or. it Is. by the figns of the humors predominating In the body, and the part paieed wil1 thew you hl what place it is.

the Prog- A Scirrhuseafily·tnrDI tOI Cancer, And when "oj1ict. the term. are fiopc, there is a Drepfie of the womb or belly, It is eafler cured i~ the neck than in. the womb it felf.

'The Curr. Moiflen and heat the cold and dry humor,

with Bora~,e, .Buglo[l, Fumitory, Suceorv, Epitbymum, PolypoGY, Then purge with Polypody, Sensa, black H~llerore,and the like. As, Take roots ofAl1h~l, lillies; ~ach t.,.~ ouJtC~S; Mallows· nolcts, Al,k~l; Brllk-urjiwe, each, IMndJi,l; Mug. ft1Ort, C al_iltfS I Ch4momiJ· ~(}w,rs, eflCh half A halli· ful; f(efJugreelt IUId Lift[tedJ ea.ch half afIJOUllce ; boyl ,hem {9r a FtJfIltnutw'II, or Batb or to a caaplaftn, 'With l.i"f,e~, Fcenug"uk,., escb '" OUff,Ce; Fig! fix) Orris-powder fWg d"rns, s(1ffr~,. half a dram, Ife~l.

, 8r,,[,

thaI' '1 ~'. of ,he di[p14ci1lg of ,be VYoeb,f!) (.

g1'~fe '''~ Oyl oJ !ft1eet .AJmQrt~S' 4S mu(h 4' is fif•

.Or, Take Bdellium, AlJIf7lortia(Ur7J J G&lb"rtmn, 'cICb as much IS you pleaf': bas 'heta itt If. Mm-far, "ithOy1 de Bwufld Lilli-s, aid .Mucilage ofF~Plu~ ,e~, zinjeed, Figf,· mak_I" LiJl",,'lIt, or with rYif,1i:

,Pl,ijtfr• .

Or. Take oylof C apevs: Lillies , J weet AllfUJlds I

Hmti.e, each Mt ou,," ;jnJb \:)utfer, !1efl5-g~eareJ GH!t:.~r:$re, e.seh hJlf aM (Juflee ; 1l1uCIJ,;ge oj £1£.u~retkt, Alth~l, aid Oy.tl11ef1t of Alfhl£a, tllch fix ~r'\IIU'; ArtNl6fJi,cuJI. di dol'l)cd I1t Wille an outlet J

!lith Wax ma~ afJ 0y"ftnefff. . . .

M,ke lnjettions .dun: 'fake B:ldliuIJI di{fol'IJed it wi~e, ayl ofJwut .Almond.( ~ Lillies, ChaJl!(mlil, rich two olitterS; matrOW oj a r. I·bone, Jiens~t,rC each 4" ounce; J!'Jifh ,he TeJk,ol "" E,gg.

III a baftard Scirrbul, you m: y ufe Healers

and Digelers better .. and Ammoniacum, and

hott,r Patl.. .

Internal Meeiicines, are Steel. &c. of whIch ia

OblruUioD ef the Womb, and Scirrhils of the


AI for Diet, abthin from breeders of grols and

filmy humon, and from hot dryers. .

CI.cerofthe Wome.

VVhat may be ["ilA of thh, ii raid before, only aCaJ\c~r may feize upon the fubftance .of the womb. but it il mere ufually in the neck of It.

Chap. 15. Of the difplacing of the Womb, and firfl of the Afcent of it.

WHen the 'womb· fans out of tke Pr·iv.ltie., it is caned Prorideftti" ureri; thil is ordinary. But the afceat or going lip oi the womb is

. more

~,. 12.,. ,...ofla!lingo"t.~tbe Womb., -19

48 Book IV. of P'Ial.kd PlI.ific1(. , na.vel. And the,i1:ones wlththe Tro_mp~t

Euflltch. more uaklnd, -Many, ~rave Aaatomill --~'.'_:...1.6 rhi's rou~d tUmo~ oCthe,womb, :vv_hlclHS ~ntropogl1.

,ud. Jib. 2. Tb~t the womb doth afcend, if fweet thiDgS -¥9iU~n, askiol~u.s obferve~~ : ' . ,_ .: lib.z.c- 34.

,r..zfl. c. ~. applied to the Ncfe, If to the, Privities, that ' .rnakes corrupt J~ed inthe fio~s The Caufts.

defceads. If fHnki,1g Sceats come, the womb a,'qn},an,:, andrfills th~1U ~ltheyll ,:apors "or

fUel! from them, and it is to be feen by breathlll, wiril is the caufe: of\'Ylll~Jfl fqffocatlo.n of'the altered, and by fome m,eats tbit the wsmb gm. womb:F:or'~he caufe is like ~ both,Oll.lY m r~(f<?-

dlly defi.es, aud catcheth up. rJ.nontheSYIllpt<?_l1,1s are .wo.rfe"becaufe tl!e.,;~vll

~ . ,,' . , are then more freely carried ?Y the ,vem~"

GJle" overthrow. this oplslon, and faith, that nerves, afffia: the pnnclpal P'!1't. .

the womb doth move after a fort, and afct:nd but lITtnC:)~ll1\4, ,.',' ;"., others rp.ay feel a round bo- The SIgns.

it is very little, al1d not to be demonftrated~ Nor ' 'a pain ather ~eart,an~ fhort

em it arife to the Stomach, it il tied ~ith ruch w ichout Ileeping or dOrl.~g, or, other

ttromg Ligaments to iti plsce j. and when it fiU. ~vmpwnlt:ti, and there were caufes that diflarbOUt', the Ligaments are extended by moiftur"lad

failing of It down. Aad there b DO reafoa wby Id~ no~',dangerou5,yet not 'to be flighted: for The, ,~ro{/,.

the LigalflelU, though 100[e or wet, it £bollld 'mav.turn to. the frrangling of the v.'omb,when noJhL~

go up fo rpeedilV, and come down agaie, For ' 'vapors move to,theno1)le pam.,

faill:ag do .... n is by degrees, and it is lot foon 'Let the aim be at theco~TuptJe~d,and ~apof The cee.

b.o",ght up, again. Allld though it be enlarged which md1: be difcutled and c,:vacuated,as In fu - ,

in Coaceprlon, lei. by degrees aid equally, not focation of the womb. '

fuddenly Lt OIo'\C lid~. Nor is the LigameatJ made very loofe ill CEJn.ceptioa, aad [he botttim .of rhe womb iI not tied, the Ligamesn beillg only on the fidei.

But this cannot be denied, which women ~,firm. that they fed a body or ban m0via1g about the Navel, and a Ph~'fida\' or Midwife may feel it. Therefore let U$ inquire what. it is, if it be not a womb. That Body waich \IO~ may fee] ftir, is the ~tone!, and that blind Vdrels which 'idNo,ius found out. which he compared to the greiIC end of a Trumpet, called FaUopitt.s his Trumpet. For the Stones hang, and the body of the Trampet is Eke a Pipe, loole sad moving ; and whea. they are full and [wen with corrupt Seed and Vapi>rs, they movo to and fro, aid arced ai Mgh


Chap. 16.'; OJ fiilliiJg our ()f the Womb.

SOmeti'mes it falls to the middle of th~ thighs, The Caufe. or to the knees almofi, or hangs a little <?ut.

the wombchangeth its place, when the liga- ,

ments' by which it is bound to the other parts

are not itt order.' There are four, tWO above

board and . membranous that come from the Pe-

" d two below that are nervous, ntoncrum, an . . b d to the rOllndand hollow. Betides, It l~ oun .

great ydfels by veins and arteries, and to the

~k by nerves, '(,i-' Now

1.2. De morb, milm1!.

The Signs.

1300k IV •. ()fT!ratEieal PfJy{tc~. Part~ 1. sea.:%. ~p. 16. bffolli;,g out of the Wo",Tt. S t

Now the place is changed \"bert it- ii dO\\1i of the ligaments; but a litele after the

another way, or wh~ the ligaments ate IooI! and there is - an impediment in

and ,It falls down by irs own wel~t~ 'eisdt.rw~ Nilll.:sottleu· mes blood comes forth from the

00. one fide, ~hen the eerms are II""" ""rhe of the v<Ili:Is. and the Dung and UriD<

\'(105 and anerres are full, thofe naJn'ety ~~hich and a Fea'ver and Convulfion.

_ go "! the womb , if i, be a. mole on the one lick it is Dcar ~t is eafily cured ; when old, .

th<llve~ and (pi"", canfe ir, by the li"".ycim to be cured, bu,. not deadly. only it is ~ ~

on dte nght fiJe,orthe Spleen on the kff,.. theo and uafty. It htnders conceprlon,andJlt<l:!

are fiUed' more or lets. . J terms from flowing orderly. If it be with

It >!fo ~!s down by the loofning of the port!, F earer or eon.alr ion, it is deadlyefpeci"

. ~o WhICh tt IS faflen~; bat how diu can be it. women with Child. That which comes

IS not clear. . l cottofion of the ligam€nts, is dangerous.

u,p.cr.",tlitith. It ""'''_ft''" ."", n .r '., it up before the air alter it,... it be The ,,....

It! from cold of the feet or loim ; from Ieapinl II' . or fwollen. Therefore firf] give a ely"

fiar, cutting of woad, or running d'J'fI'n a hill an4 remove the excrements.Then lay her up-

'the J*,thefe make the ligaments moifl .. d 100.. back with her kg. abroad, and tbighs lift"

~lfo!t may be from cold after cbild.1rearing get. • up. ber bead down. and take thetumor in

nng meo the womb when the terms flow Htdng hands, and thrufl: it in without violence.

upon 3' cold fiene, and the like. ). it be fwollen by alteration and cold,foment

_ Others lily, it comes from the rolotion of the rbe DecoCtion of Mallow., AI,ln<a,Linc:-.

eonnexion of the fibrous neek,and the parts ad:- Fmugreek-feed, ChamomU.flowers, Bayber" jacent,and that is from the weight of the womb ';': and anoint it with oyl of Lillies,and Hensdefcending : . this we deny not; But then the liw weafe.If [here be an infiammation,pu[ it not up, It cler " gamenrs muf! be 100fe or broken. But women in l!' it may be frighted iD,by fhewmg of red hot t. 'il<! • a dropfie could not be faid to have ,fie womb .... and a(ling as if you would bum i~ " ... oJ

f.III down.if it o;ame only from loofhefs- But tilt Full, ((>tiDkle upon it tbe powder of Maflich, "",b. m I"

caufe 10 them 15 the falmefs <>fth<\va,er whicil inokini£enc<> and the like. As, Take FrArJ1cift- 1· ..".

dries more then it moifleneth. IIn[e, Majtirh, each twO drams; Sarcocol fteept ill

I~t~ere b e a littl~ tumor within or wi,b01lrthe Mil{ • Jram,Mu""",; ,.""gr .. a"·j1'-" Sa.-

pnv".,., like a skin flretched, or a weight fel. I"' D"toni, •• a,b half a Jram. -'.

about the p.rivities, it is only a defeenr of the When i, is put up, let her lie with hi.: lc:ggs wombs but If there bea tumorlik€ a Goofe-egg, Ilmched,and one upon the other ,for eight or ten

and ~ hole at !be_ botto!". there is at firf] a great jay es, and make a PdliitY fike a Pear. of Cork

paID ID t~e parts to Wh1Ch the wemb is funned, • Sptmge put iDto the womb,dipt in IIwI' wine

as the loms,'l\c: bottom of 'he beUy,and <he pri' " i!>icc of Acacia,with_p.,;Jdtr of Sang"s Dra-

vines, and the os [lterum, from the firetchingor' COD1S. Bole, Mafiith, or the·Counte{fe~ oynt~

brcakin& .'. , G·· 2 mellt

10 Ofth~Di[e4es of rIg Stone,&c.

," . . u~. Gl1lb~num,e~b bali an

~natl~t, ,Mafltcl{_'llcer. ;" white Wine, tben add;

,rna:· ml~ t~em a w1dt ub Wax' Jlnd OIL cf 8..06

lprJp~~fixan;.OWJCe':n~ - WI. _ _ ',

¥4 m~T.!! a~ o~rm "eI ;fters for th,e womb, 9f Mak __ e InJechons or ). hwrot cv,prefs boil ..

, froundBntl" 'J r

tncDecothon-o . d Oiirp Wine,with a 1(.

FEw Phyficians have (ee~\this,I ~ev~r read ; cd in (teeledW ate~ ,an . Mugwon, Plantanc:,

any; but onee I raw It,of which In my in· de Hydromel, Agrtmony, '. do --

fiitutions, lib. 2· /,tt1't. I. cap. 9· Rofcs, SChOE.namh, Horch.ouP

Cha~P.19. o!VlcerSfl1ulRotttJl"

».ep of rbe W(Jmp•.. .

. . - '. ' U> be onlrfubjeB:

THough the neck % the ~~myet the (ubfiance to Ulcers as we ewe 'rated and it hath «the womb hath been :\~ehath fallen ou~,~d been obferved to rot,yv1te f a woman at A1Itnton, tofaU away.As we fald.o . And.the Examp1et that aftedived.fome ~J.me. 'be fafely cut off.

of RouIfet ihew,. mat .tt may ;vomb may caufe an Lib.de pi1~t Alfo a Child dead.m t~ ~i01efs in-'ibucaji.i, CxJar. elm' Uker, and divers ~!~Or1~uritius) cord,e.us,and c: 1S •.

and Alexander Benedl~tUS) ,

. many other. d R.ottennefs of the

. How there Ul~erfaidinfetf. r. tap. 8. where womb are cured, 15 f he neck of the womb;and

we fpeak:- ~~~f:: ~f the womb.

CAp.IO. Of/he DifeaJesofth.~

. Chap. 2,0. ~ fTefl'els of ProcreaStones,ana r IJ]'

tio» in Women.

'it . es written by graye I' is apparcdut!y ~ha~r~hC Stone;) of Vlomend

and learne 1, .. ell, G 4' an


Book rv, OfPralijctl/ Ph}jJc,<: Part. 1. ~a

Chap. I7· Of th~ Rupt(lre of Womb,

Chap. 18. Of Wounds, /;reakingoj the WOmb.

The Signs. IT is Ieldom wCW1d~d, by reafon of the' divers

defences it hath, but fomenmes the Chyrur. : gions wound it in cutting OUt of the Child: of which Ho~~riU!,. int!r Yllr","o, SO' He f~s of a woman wish chdct In P ItrH,th~t her c11iIds hancf put forth at. the. NaveI,<md was fo in trav~ll S dayes, and both child and mother were fafe.

'(he Progna.. • It is evident ~fit be made by tht; Chyrur~on flic~ . in curring out of a Child; and you may know it by the place,if it come otherwife.There is blood and matter rhac flow OUt at the neck of [he womb.There is more pain when ie is ipcl1e neck of the womb, then when it is in th~ bonom,

Th~f~ wounds are cured, as appears by the Ca;fari~ Birth or cutting: but they are darg~· rous by reafon of the fuange Sympcoms,and [I.e confenr of the pares.

Ilfe Confolidaees or HealeJs; and if there be pain, Anodines or Peifaries made ofWaxcandl~ clipt in Wound-Oyntmenss, Or,

Take Wax, Terpentine, Go()figrea[e, Bumy, each a Pram; HOI!e)). Deers-maro»; OJI orR'Ju, /lulh-lreaft, tach two draml. Or, Take, Fr~lI·

. Jdnfcenj,



.;-~ r :', .

, '


-:-: '~\ j,~ { . ~

" ,: .' ,-"':"

. ,,;_ ,

." +

.. --, " ~

,'" ".,


, ~. ]


,'~ \, .: .: ...

. ..;, S ;'~o~~ 'from the, 1

THere are manhy r. Y. '~he womb: the womb. Of t oie 10 h .. cannot !firfi is weaknef~;fo. tr at It .

. .. :; perform its a8:b~ns·w.of(jld·; private, . The aEtionof the WO,? 1S ~a· .9.~n it makes

.' k· B ItS pr1vate I.:~."" . , •

~d pUb!lC •.. Y hI clthat,~9mt;5 to lC., m nounfhment.·pfoo. . .. , . By

st· Book "l.V, 0rpr~a~cal .PhJjic~ Part. II. S.ea. 2. Chap.!l. Oftbe Itch of the womb,.

By irspublick action It ferves for genera.tlon, If ! inrh Aromaticum rofatmn, Diay.ilalocs, rothe prtvate fatuity be hurt.and the noul"iIhm~nt t~ N ' 11a Treacle Mithridate~ outwardly

1'1 d I . fi Il ·ft' IItt ove " d .n .. '-

not Wen rna e., nere.Is a upernuoas moi ure, b 0 1 of Lillies, Nard, Lavender: an Am m-

and then w~akn~fs. without other faults of the, ~tl when the womb is looCe,. -

Organ or umty divided, . . 'Thin s that help the womb in the whole fu?,-:

'Pe CaN{eJ. The ~r~ caufe 15 diflernper, when the mani- ..• Ilance,~e in the Chapter of the cold and modi £eft quahtlesarecI,anged" or w!le~ the natural . Diftem~r, as Aqua Vita! for women. Or thus, heat IS f~ocated. _Qr difperfc:d ipr .,hen rbe ~- • Take caftor three oJUlces,SajJYon two 6}lnCeS,extraP. cult quall~les are changed, Heat in the wo~b tbemfingular,~dd to both ~traft of Mugw4rt t". makes a diflemper If JI: be _t~O much, by wluch· as of Angelica a dram. MagiJfery "f tbr moth« the womb tucks more t1~an It can CO~coajthi5 !S (pe;rl a «ram, OJI of clotJ~s afcruple, "f An,e" not propedy ~ea~~ef~. but .. t~a~) 4dlemp~r 15' r d of .Amber ~nd oj Nutme,J, each hAlf It

\V.ealmcfs,when cheaCtlOD IS elthei 119t done, or., lei ie~ . '. ' - . .

y.re.;ikly done. But cold rarhur makes weaknefs' fer let her eat meat of much nouflf}unent, and

]~ t1~ewom~,by which It cannot makethe-fuffi· J' ~ ood wine. .

(tent q~at1l:1~;;'9(no.url~mel\t,hepc~ ~:tcr~~ents "rm g

are heaped up,and·u cannot perform ltsaaionS; h

AI[o a ID.Q;i} c;lifiemper makes weaknefs , by Chap. 1,~ Of the Itch of t e

which it Ileid\er dn keepSeed:nor child, It is rrr: 1

alfo weak from Ioofenefs, rr om», -

Tht Sign1. Little defire of venery.and no-preafl:lre there-

in, argue weaknefs of the womb, Hux of Seed, pIfYt.{.{e8. often obonion,pain in the Loins and Pubes.whea C4J1. 2.&j. the Terms are coming; farts from the womb, Hea,d-ach and the like.

T11e fignsof it cold and moifl.diflemper ,vith or without matter are already declared, ~e progna- It is a great difeafe, by rcafon of the diver$' flick: Sy~ptoms in won~en that have con~eption hun.

It IS worf] when It comes from (hrperfing and . exringuiihing of the natural hear,

The cllre. We have [hewed how diflempers of the womh

are cured: but the difper(i!1S .of the Spirits and natural heat is . cured by dungs that hinder the Infs of Spirits.and fbengrhen 'the womb, as SpIces, Cinnamon, Cloves) Nutmeg, Mace, DiaCil'_


THis is m.ore. in old then young women, and muO:' be diftinguifhed from the F~nz.y of tr.e womb: for here is only a defire to fcratc~ ,::e Privities, [(I that dley' cannot. neep, Nor ~f it with defire of Copulanon, as In the Fury

the womb. . d d ft that 'L.r.

, . leis a f.dt humour thans ferous an au. lee ca~ef;

caufeth it that is tent to the neck of the womb,

and the privities. Ho.w. i~ comes there, 1 Ihew-

ed in ulcers of the PrlVltle<;. •

It is known by h~r.l_\elatioll,and often putttng

her hand to the Pnvme5. be

It: is more trou.blefome then dangerous, ~ 'tbtl'rogna

Eau~e it hindel"$ {1cep. 'fth 4;",

L" fi n~ .,he whole BQdy,and 1 ere are 1" 'Q

,,-11" ~. pO!"" D-" '.. figns The cure.

Book IV. OiPf'rtlficalPh fie •.. ). . '

fings of Plerhory, and fl:r~n ~ I ai t: I~ Sed. 2. t~e Arm. ,Then qualifie t~ ~rmlts, bleed in WIth cold andmoiil . e., p falc humours from the Privities Fmeans, aud remove them,

f L . • omenr with ' .

0" ett1~e, Plantane Will . ;a DecoeJiot)

tti~n aIlo!nt\YithG.alen'5ICO\~' Dock-:root,s. ; lli1d ry nr tillS. Ointment,~ and 00 e~. '-5)r d'1 pa Peifa. A/him, Niter S"'rph . put It m .• , .Or, Take

, es. ur, eachji» J

ere an »unce: with R.{t. srams» Stap/;;!a.

ma~e a Lin(ment _', ' " ,0 t-'lJlltager 'and fiefb Butter,

• If thefie will . '- ". I, \.,' " ..

, . ' .~ not cure r; fi

Oyntment of -Eli . ,u~e! ronger, "as th

Take blacl, i;p'e' camSt p~e WIth Q!lihk.fiiver.,~~

B '.n. '" "avij{/cre earl d. . '

rnl~'qne hll.rrd.?t:(J1tl1Ce~ !2.!!icLr.j ') it ,ram ?ql(l~lt

Roje.wnegar,and Hens-e . ",i,l, 'llltr 2 .drams, witb

L I -. retlf'e mrt1'e' ''', '

': ec t ie meat be ot ")< 1 • ~~ia"l gymmellt. '.

i1_\olf1ening. Take I gOlod JUlC~, cooling, and fdle meats. :, \" .,.,l.ec(\of SpI£esJ ~fIt~rp ;md

.. .. :,. ... ~ ::, : , ... '

Cl . ':,',\~ ~. t

" lap',. j Of Pei» in the Wt· i

. ' "',,,, " ~.' OlnJ.

T~'cl~~ ~~:::;:'1:fud; ;;ih~~~~~ with

pains "~ovetr irl'tihe.bott etlme~, . as th~' Colliek. the Loins andHipp5~tl.<?m ~f ~le R'elly,' and-in yvomb. It is often i~ wo~ ca Ie, the' pain. :of th~

'. .: 1ufia!llmation of the v en WIth. ~~ild, as rhe

, bea~ltJg,. it binds the B~?rmb. ;J~,].1S '~urning and

jde Caufos. ' , ,$~lutlon of:unity is th~' a~d .ft_0P~.· th~ Urine. this IS from the fl: t I' came of all pums . and

V flel ,re c unc of the "

e te 5 01' corrofion S b , '. WOllW und its

dotted blood in tho' C :retdl111g tt':f-roni wind

H "" ture cannot expel .it. b:av~~ 3f ir, and'when Na~ of the part, there is ~ a on o~ the flraitnefs

,'A)fo painiSfrQm 'l:l.~~!'. ': ". ;"

. e " uug Of ;the veifeIs be-


chap. 3'

Of t!Jepainin the WQmlJ. .. '

fore the eerms flow, when they are clofe, and the blood thick, and this, pain is encreafed by ext~r;., nal cold, efpeciaHy after heat. Sometimes there isa gathering of humors about theWomb,when the termsftow. and are foul, and they get into the membrane5 and firetch them.: ,;rhe fame mly be from corrupt Seed; that firetcheth the


Or from fharpne[5 and, corrofion in the neck The SiglIn

of the womb,wben illarphumours flow through '

ir, and 'twitch it. '

The pain is manifefi, but 1etUS look at the

figns of the caures/ If it be from clotted blood, there was a flux of the fame, and. the pain is fixed about the orifice of the womb. If there were extcrnalcaufes, 'the patient: will relate. If it be from Seed, there is fuffocation of the womb. .

The greatenhe caufe is, and the more vehe- The Prog ...

ment it wor:{S,tllc more isrre danger. fiic~

If there be a pain, and fear of fa1l1ting-look to The CUye~

thac before the caufe, \\,lth Anodynes and Nar ..

coricks ifneed be. '

. If it be:from wind, fee inflation of the womb.

Ifitbefrom chted blood, di~rolve and-evacuate ie, . with hot and attenuating Medicines; made into'Fomentations, Bath5 and oynnnents. , .It is good to applyTreac1e to the Region of the \yomb, or put it in with Rue and Honey. Or \. give a clyfi:er to the womh of Rue, Fenugreek., , feed, and oy1 of Rue and Orris. Or give Trea~

cleand Cinnamon-water •.

If the veHtis of the womb are not open enough

for the terms, See in the Hoppage of terms.

If there be wind make a Clyfier thus: Take Mercury, Mugwort, Calclmillts, pelly-royal, each a IJiUldfrtl; Camomil and Melilot.(!owcrs, each hal[,1.

. hand~

nook 'IV. OfPrA!licdf Phyfk~ Parr. II. SeEt.2. handfol; F~nllgred( and Linfeed, each an 01l~ce ~ /J6)f tb.m ; ~n It pint firllined, difjOlt:e Riera, B~nf: dt?la laxattva, each half an ONilee; mal?! a C&fter, Give Mug'RIort, Zedoary: .. water, Effince of Caflor Treacle, or WomanJ Aqua uite, of wbich beforf, '

Make a Clyfier for the womb, thus; Tak~ 2J1.up'Vort, Ca_fm7lints, Bettony,each half a bandfo/i Gt~h, Cummm, Carrot, AnifeeJJ each II drlll1'l j SPl~, Scenanth , Nutm~g, Cinnamon each g

«rltm; boyl tbem in Wine. )

. Then fill a~ Ox bladder half full with Oylof Lillies and Dill, and ,apply it ~o the Belly.

. ~r, Take O,l of Lillies, Orris, each an ounce I ',/lllied OJl of Angelic« It dram, Gooft and HellJ g~eafe, tach hllif an ounce; ,lIuei/ltge of Line (lnd l'enugreek:feed made "(Pith MHgwlJYt-warer, ellc~ three drams ; fe~dl of Cltmmin,CarrotJ, Car6w~y, lach It drrll_m ; with WAX mal?! II faft O)lItm~ltt. Or Take Pe/ftfOr] two handfol/I, lJ{erQ4ry It handful, bear them, add chnmomt!-tl~werl Cummin Anifr Ctlr"Jt~(e,f1s, each a dram'; two ;eJ~ of E;lJ .1nd O)l of L'llte!,.ma~e It CI~t-p/4111 for lhi BtU).

Apply?lalfiers to the Navil, and Cuppingglatfes With great flame to the Region of the wo~b; or dry Fomentations of Oats, Millium, Anife, Cu.mmin, Carrot-feed in a Bag. And ufe Peflaries, as, Take Harts Marrow, THrpenrint, Will', GOfJfe-gree[e, escb three drams ; slIjfrlJn a dram, )e~. oj Eggl [ellen, with 0)1 of Liltiu, ta~! PtfTarte>.

If the humors and wind is malignant, mix ScorZon~ra, Bezoar feeds, an:l roots of Angdica, 'yate~ of Zedoary, Treacle, Mithridate, and the like 10 fuffocation of the womb.


4. Of the Difett{ci 9/ the womb, &c:. $~

Chap. 4. Of tb« DifeaJes of tbe Womb, that come fromfiveet

{cents andfiinks.

TUere is a particular Symp~o~, in the ~orn~ which breeds great admtratlon,t~at 1~ dein fweet fcents,and is otfen~<:d With fil~kf, it is certain: for if Musk,ClVlt,or rhe like, be but put to the nofe of the women that is fubjea: to fits of the Mother, ,the~ ~p~w [;1;1\ ;, and if the (.lm~ be put to. shell" pnvmcs, and ihnh to the nofe, the fir of the Mother ceafeth. . r-

leis hard to give: ~he r~aron of tlus,mal!Y wne Men have givell meir opm~on:but they dlC~ree llnong. them~lve5, ,and Candie me IU?r" neither do I promife to fat15fie others: But It 1S pro~ahIe to me, that the womb i~ ~~t delighredt Wlt1I1 {cenrs,as fcents: for the p\lVltl€S hase ncfmelling, and the fenfe of fmelh:ng ~~h net reach ~(,) far : but the quality hy which It 16 wed! or 111,1~ occult and not to be explawed,- and. [0 be fepa-

rated from the odours. .'

If any ask what t~~ quality Ii, I anfwe.r,

'there are many qualmes 10 Nature that are hid from our fenfes, and yet we cannot deux them, becaufe we fee their effeCl:s, as the quahty In a Dogs Nofe, w€. cannot apprehend, bwc the Dog

~rceives it. , . 'omb' .Il!!omoi,

Bur ~lOW thefe ql.lahtt€5 come co the w ' '~urmu bme

hynoodlffway hut.by the open way bydl~ pn~ olentia revkies, by which. Spmts get 10[0 the w.om ,an cipiat.

in the fuff6cation of the womb Iweet thIngs pro·


Book IV •. OfJ'rftffical Ph)fic,<: Part,'n. Sea. 2


~t, beca~[e they ftrcngrhen it ?ya peculiar gua.

Iity to ditperfe the venernous air.and draw down i2y_omodo the Ipirirs and humours, But if they be PUt to the helle olentia Nofc,the womb contents by the Sympathy of tile

hyfiericis organ of fmelling, and the brain with it.

noceant, This is by the Nerves and Arteries) for the

heart is prefently refrefhed with a fweer (ctnt becaufe it prefently piercerh into it being fpiri: rual, and there is a great confent of the womb with the brain and. the finelling, as' is feen by the tryal of barrennefs , by a Fume from Hipporr'il. tes,

~: Apbo'(. But we muf] obferve, that fweet [cenrs are ac-

ceptable to all wombs, and filnks are not, bur the fame fymptomes arc not in all Women from them; for they who have a womb of a good , Conf1:itution with no evil humors ini», endure fweer things well and delight in them, but they who are unclean hate fweetthings, and often fall into fits by them, becaufe while the womb is delighted with that fweer and hidden quality with which it hath a peculiar Sympathy, the evil humors that lie in the Womb (efpecially if there be any corruption from Seed) and the Seed alfo are flirred, and when the Spirits flie up, they take the bad humours with them, and [end bad vapors to the heart which caufe fuffocarion, and other Symptoms. Eut when the fame {cents arc put to the privities, the womb is refrefhed with them, and the Spirits are quiet, to move to the fcenrs, And [0 the humours ( if there be any J are flill, or eIIe move downward. But Wilks on the contrary by reaton of their Antipathy with the womb avoided by the Spirits, and fo the hurnoars move downward) and ofrenrherc is an abortion thereby.


chap. 4. Of the Difcafe$ of tbe Womb,&c.

what 15 (poken of fwee~ Scents, m~y b:e underHood of all fweet thl~gs, and this IS our T dgement in a matter [0 difficult,



Book IV. - OfPyatlical PbyJlC'<_: Parr.Ij, SeCt. 2


fi r, became they ftrengrhen it by a peculiar qua'

Iity to dilperfe the venernous air,and draw down ~amodQ the fpirits and humours. But if they bepur to the bene olemi« Nofe,the wom.b confenrs by the SY:np~thy of the

hyfterici.l organ of fmelling, and the brain WIth It.

noceant, This is by the Nerves and Arteries, for the

heart is prefenrly refrefhed with a [weet [cent becaufe it prefen.tly piercerh into it being fpiri: tual, and there IS a great confenr of the womb with the brain and, the finelling, as' is feen by the tryal of barrennefs , by a Fume from RippoQ'a-

tes. .

~: Aphor. But we muflobferve, that f~veet fCenrs are ac-

ceptable to all wombs, and fiinks are nor, bur the [arne fymptomes are not in all Women from them; for they who have a womb of a good , Conflitution with no evil humors ill' it, endure fweer things well and delight in them, but they Who are unclean hare fweerthings, and often fail into fits by them, becaufe while the womb is delighted with thatfweer and hidden quality with which it hath a peculiar Sympathy, theevi! humors that lie in the Womb (efpeCiaIIy if there be any corruption from Seed) and the Seed aIfo are flirred, and when the Spirits flie up, they take the bad humours with them, and [end bad vapors to the heart which caufe fuffocarion, and other Symptoms. But when the fame teems are PUt to the privities, the womb is refrefhed with them, and the Spiritsare quiet, to move to the fcenrs, And (0 the humours C if there' be any) are flill, or elie move downward. But flinks on the contrary by reafon of their Antipathy with

, the womb avoided 'by the Spirits, and fo the .1111Dlonrs move downward, andotren'rhere is an abortion thereby.


chap. 4- OJ the D;!ca[es of the Womb,&c.

What is fpoken of tweet Scents, m~y b_e underfiood of all tweet things, and this IS our Judgement in a matter [0 difficult.






Of the Symptoms in the Terms and other Fluxes of the Womb.

Chap. 1. Of the Flux of the lams.

By Divine Providence the blood whic~ is voided every month, is kept 10 when there is a Child. For if it be its nature it is not ill, but o~Iy fuperfluous, till they concerve , nor 15 11: more an Excrement than Seed and Milk.

The Terms commonly begin at fourteen, and then the hair appers on the privities-the breatls fwell.and womenbegin to be lecherous, and the blood can no longer flay in the VeiL1s,ooc breaks OUt at the Veins ofrhe Womb.


->'i Is

chap. I. Qftbe Flux of TmflS.,

In fOlUe they begin at twelve,and ~hey are, very lufiful ~om,tnonly, and, of fh~rtel: h~~S ; mey continue rill fifty :, and l?me nll Lxty,and then flop. In fome they begm at fevenreen or eighteen. And in (orne they frop before ~fty accord-

ing to the variety of Nature and DIet. .

Nature doth not fend forth (;;\'ery d~y what IS gathered, but flays till the plenty ~fl:e~ds, and dO!h only once in a momh,otherWlfe It would lx:filchy and unplea[ant,a!1~ hinder Concepnon. Nor do they tlow at one nme III all exaB:IY:,but there are twenty rwo days, or a~ mon rbirry

~tween the purgings. , >

In fome they [af] three days,wlnch was ufhal

in the time of Hippocrati!j'. In tome four or five, or more,as their Liver is greater,or rheir diet is

high~r or lower~ ,

Hippocrtlte; falt~l,they fhould ble,~d ~ut, a PlOt

and half or tWO pmts : chis 1£ l1?td.llke III all,but:

,difr'm in refpect. of ~ge and Ditt. .

A5 for the quahty,lc muf] not be t~O rhick nor tOO thin,but of a middle fubfbnce, ~Vlthoutfcen_t, ofared colour,yellow~r in chol~rlck pe![ons:m melanchoEck, black; In tkgmanck, whiter and it lUul1 tlow without any .great Sympto~. .

The paUages are the velDS of the womD,bel~g double fro~ the double branch ~u both Dde~ It, the Spermatick and HYP9gafl:enck, that they may evacuate [upernuic.ie5. from all pam. .

And from this defcnpnon of a natural Flun,

you mly gather what is preternatural.

. I Q_ll.dlion, Whether can a Woman concePJf" t').1t

7Iever hid Terms?

I They. are ,ailed bv tome FloYJers, 'u '_3y:r;:

"~" 'H;2 r.nq


Eo&: IV. Of Pralltcal Pl;Jjic~ they go l~cforc Conception.as flowers do fruit: but many have conceived that never had their flowers, l-cing hotter by Nature, as the In, dians, that never bad any Flowers; and Viragoes that ufe more exercife : But if thefe have no more blood then willnourilh their body,they are barren.

if any thing abound, t hat is not required for nourifhment of the parts, and is [0 much, that Nature cannot endure it in the body-the womb . draws it to it when 1( hath conceived, to make tip rhe child: of which hereafter.

Qucflion. 2. Wbctbcr MellfirlJus blood is 01I/y ji!pcTfi:I?!lS in quantity, or bad ill i"eJj~eff If Iji/a!it)/

Writers diE"grec ~bout this. Some 6y it is bad in ouantitv and quality, and venomous bv the effed~,,~!s m~J;;ing IvC\")' Jo!J[cure, and infeft· ing Lookil1g-glatlcs,cornwtir:g wine, by a Vapor from the bod y of a Woman that hath htr Flowers,

Others ray rhey off,_:nd only in Plenty: for if it were venomous.it would not be a whole month in the body.and it could not form the child,nor \?ouId Nature 1TI31r.e milk of it.

Therefore menflruous blood only eft-ends in quantity.and not in any manifefl or hidden quality. But ir hath flrange qualities when it is mixed with bad humors, or is kept toO long in the Body to be corrupted, and caufe great Symptoms: but this is when it is mixed with bad humors, or is out of its Vdfels,aI1d [0 corrupt.


Of want (md /lopping oj tbe Terms. ~eftion ,. Of. the Text of Ari~otle~ 7·. de

Hijt. An.tlnrt!zilm, cap. 2. And fJOW It IS te

be ullderftMd.l

A.l·!lotle writes thus, confiantly e~ery ~o:mh 7 De hij1.

I II· I J1.' t1 e third ~" .

~me have their Terms: out moit 111 n. . ,~:> Am. c. 2 •

. fL II ulrl (, ".' C ~w women have their com fes

\llelno .".,.1·,- hird

, . 1 'but manv have them every t ur

tvcry mont 1, . ~ ;.', - . . - -n .~-

month. This.1s ag:l1l~ft G.1lelloand ,1?,:U1 e~pc..i

"mee. For it 15 cenallMhat among ~:~ h~n r~,. ;iOmen,lcarce o~e hath them.ever~ .~,nrd mont\~ Therefore this 15 either an errour 111 the Gd rec r

. I· T (1. ion cr «reat Men 0 or-

Text or m tole rant ,.! t ) i-' ~ . . .;'. le :

ten lie,which is proha\,)le). and fa dl~ Ar~ ~t ~'.,:~ ofPh,..fick: Therefore It ~5 m v;tlU to e c ..


Chap. 1,. Of the Terms flowing; too [oon.

1· C rteen' but many

ORdinarily they begm at toa .' 1" ••. ,

have had them fooner. A ch~ld of e,cv"n

da"s old harl a bloody ~1Umor rtOWll1g from L:e r :

n)."· r A other of tive year:; old had ever Y Iter. fax!)-

mvmes nIl . -di

h· Ierate ft'lX Feme! reports, t iat a IlW vt It.

iIl~nt a mal'" , . • b ,. .: .

G· 1 c . ght years old had the terms: ut a, e '1.Jcnetw

Ir 01 td ,. .. he l1'oil: part ves» lecherous, and fer. 6. p:trt.

ial'!he, al~ dto> 1: . "J S. c. 1<S.

ort IVe •

Chap. 1. Of ivani mtc! Jlopping

of the 1erms. ..

SOme V.[@men have rheai nor un eighteen or twcntv. Some before, and chen they! f<?P J H "3 or

~, Eook. IV. OfPral1ical PlJ)fic~ P'

. f . . . .' art.II.Sech

or a tll'!le, without either gIving fuck be"

~vIth child.Some have been without th~ or h m~ ;~~ ~r [even ,months, and then the' can~ ~ r~e, TI1l.S is an evil Conflinuion or fuppY (r gam, which it ough fI' reo IOn ofrhat

7'"' blood and f1opp~~OOf~~~ ::rr.g:~.e faulrofthe

.• Cttlt[es. . When Terms are wanting eitl bl .

unz a fl I . .eitncr ood IS wan

b r Opt. t 15 wanting, either beca f ' .-

~or made, or difperfed or turned to u e It IS ~or n~rure being more folieitous ot?er ures, individual perfon.than to pr~ a att~ ~~eft rve ~he fpends It In preferving of th/pg r; e SpeCIeS,

Blo l i cr. on.

• 0 • ' or A~ no~ made from divers caufes : as age

coru cornntunon of Liver He ',' which J'1I ' art, or a Dlfeafe

f: ,c ci reml~!5 the bowels. Or often blcedi

rcrn grcat veikls or fro h ng v LiC~1 rake fi'o~ ;i~c bloo:l~ avmg many iOlles,

It IS fpent otherwavs "S 1 f .

when women ;1.;;' '~: r '::'d1)C or~ rIpe age) and

t N _, \\I("CI1I; or give fuck or in

.or atures.and fat women in whom i .

erl to far 1-" ." • rt IS turn-

th'( lc. ,1. ~L IS In VJm to provoke Terms in

Thev ~rc Cirl'" . '

D"", .;:..., ,'" ,~r c .... rernal evident caufes of

vr,!)L~ .,J r;le T -'''TIS

rrouh!esJJdne[:;, fi". ~J.' ,) as too great labour,

v,~{[c the b~o\Yi \ ~:I[ , L;:~ theft" lafl ~o not only

\ n.. ",: . . ,. u. cool .... d corrupt It and C"ur.e ~ " , • r: 0 )l: JLO ~"I-l - r- H ~ II ,~rl,r'j(c. ':-:.' "~f" v'", as .li'Pocultes (peaks of Pblllltf.1 [I'e

B tn jmc, wire (0) Pytbms, ' 1,

The proper caufes ~ J 11 •

(i;: _ ' .:. ~ dC, tIe IIrannefs of the

pa,:,,{;c:,o. evil conformation f .l ,

tV hich It rt, IJ.:l r' 0 t Je pal tS through

inou now Or tke cia r. c I ~

of which we fixl..ke I •• I ' . k 'illlg 01 ( ie wonr, ''I:' .' ,_ v I r' ,)U~. 1 pea here of the velf1:]s .

• ,Ie UIU,l caute or ol,Hr c·' • I' k .

h;n'l-'r- c; 1'1 1 "UltlOl1S,15 t lie flimv

, J 0.11 OIH t,'e -, o""j to I" . ' .

melancholy wl '. I'· .:~, - 0 ~ l1c;";.,or mixed wHh

she womb ~_}l~: (vL;CS WIth It to the veins of

, rU ncps till m.


chap.~. orw~lt or jlotPing ~rrh~ Ttrms.

This thick bloQd comes from a cold difiero· per of the ftomach, liver and fplcen, from thick

audgrofs food,and drinking cold water when the .

Terms t\ow.So thought Galen in his time of the LTb. Ie ve· Roman women that drank Soow-water,and had n«. f7c. ad-

few or no courfes. v,erjus FAa-

S[raightne[s is when the body of the womb is fiJrrat.

made thicker either by Nature or other casfes ;

as acold and dry .or hot and dry difiempcr.

Thirdly,straightnefs is from compreHion of the velfels by a Schirrhus or hardnefs of the parts adjacent as the firait gut,or by the flone in the bladder and the womb difplaced •

Fourthly,The Flefh may grow together by a

membrane that groWs to the veflels, or a Scar after a wound. Or after a mifchance, when the veins annexed to the Secundine, groW [0 toge-

, ther, that they cannot be opened: of which in

the tirf\: quem on.

They are not the fame inWomen andVirgins: Th~ Signs.

for blood il:opt in Virgins goes . to and fro,

changeth the colour,and brings Feaver:>, efpeci-

ally the white: Fc:aver or Green-fickner.'i.

But in Women it goes more to the womb, ~d brings Symptoms, loathing, vomiting, and


Galen hath other ftgus, as heavinefs, a lazy 8. de lo.a}f.

pam in the loynes,nec\\,and behind in the head, c. !j.

that reacheth to the roots of the eyes, from the

fpreading of the blood fiopt through the wl .. ole '

body, This lazinefs is chiefly in the thighs anti kg~lby reafon of the veins there confenting with

the womb. And are of a green complexion, and

haky with a beard and thrill voice.

You may know women with Child,from fuch

as want their Tern1s)only by proper fi~n~.~ FirO:

11 4 the

72 Eook IV. OfFra[lical PhyficJ:: Parr.II,Sed'3, the women with Child keep their Colour: but the other are, pal.e and ill-coloured , they are merry, the ower fad. 2. I'heir Symptoms dai~

·ly grow milder: but in the other they daily grow worfe, 3. You may feel the Child move. 4. It is perceived in a month.

You (hall know from whar cauies the terms are fiopt>thus: if the Liver be cold.there is no blood made that is [upertluous, and there ilre flgns of a cold Li ver, and you may know that blood is not fenr to the Womb, when there is no heavinefs, pain.or tumour about the Womb, the Liver or Spleen are fl:opt.

The Progl!o- If it be frornFlcgrn or Melancholy which is J1id:.; often, there ::rc(.gns of their abounding, as la-

zinefs,p~Iends,fdciom pulie.crude urin.

Hippoc. de Hipl'ocrateJ- faith, Tnat ijtbe Tr:rn:sJlop, t"ere tnorb, mu- are dijeaftj" ill tbe Womb, Tumors, Impr!frbilmes,VI-

lier, cers.and Barrenne/,>",alld difttlfeJ ill the whole BodYl .

Gal. 6· de Greenjick?1e[J, LeucopNegmai)l, Dropfie, Vomitinl lor. aff.c. 5·· ofblMd.,f{eart-dc/J, CO!!!!,/;, And the longer they HiN'x, 5· have been ftopr.rhe harder they are to be open~ apbcr, :.1 3. ed, Ii tbe bloo« tiopt /';0 out tit the Nafc it is good.

If it hath great Symptoms, there is fear of death.

You mufl: not give Medicines to move the Terms.to extenuate lean Perfons, nor to fuch 3S want blood, and have a weak Liver; but they

mufl be ted high. .

Com. in 6. ~i~I1:) fee if bloo~ abound, and then .(af[cr a etid 3.29. Lenitive') open a vein.and let that blood ~v'llch •. is In the veins.be drawn to the Womb, Galen

took three pints of blood, at three times from a lean Woman and cured her of an old fl:oppin;; of the Terms.

Y OLl nmfi open the AllkIe-veins,the firfi day

. cb~

Of tint and jtopping of the Tams.

ChaP: ;. : h . left four or five ~,:ys bethe nght,~he next t e may' cup and fcarrine the

fore the rime.Or yon .

Legs. below and rub them af- •

And bind the par.ts ·ope~ing of the H;rmor-

,,1 Evacnanon, I . .- "

ler gener.. 1 {; do mues became mey

rhoids doth hurr,anc 0 ,

Co In the womb. . d T '1, S

draw ira . . \ If unce or Pills e null,

Hiera picra ia an 0 .i'l": ,~ .

, f le are gOOl PUl.

or Hlera im p, A < Take water of lrlugwort,

The? prcpa~e. ";'. each three ounces ; S_vrup

[.11ammU, Mttldc:, /rf":~fllgWolt, eacb tW? ounces; if the fi~:e }t0ots,a,z< l, . Or Take opentng Ro'JU m'l~e It jor nvo Do, e~. nl~t each three OiillCCJ' ; /i,t/J.an ounce, Jlfltdde" .T3U de~' Calamillts,each a

D ttonv Get mun , , .f." •

MlIglvort, nen /' I l'f handlid .flowers 0) 131-:.-

.•.. , t tut ItJ :J' .'

IWldful ~ ltd peafi ·t . boil and Jweeten It with

gI0[5, DIll, each a pugz .

SUg{lf. .. di ke the Decoaion of

. For flegmatick Bo Iri. ta y for fifrecadays Gu~jacum, S:l~faphras, man

liithout (wear mg. . h Agarick Mechoacan,

Then evacuate WIt 1 . -ida black neue-

Turbith, Scammony, Co OqUlnL' ) .

bore. As, d' ,file it in Mugwort-

T~ke Agarick._ two rnms, In). J' ft.' nd the " , t an ounce, ' am, a r: water twO mmces, OX)-me ., e Or Take opcmng

Ext·'ail o~ jlfecbotlca11 a rn upl • , IV each twa

' ~ % 7wort I3CttOIl/,

Roots hltl! (II! ounce, .~ 1-1"" A' ".trz'cl, two drams.

L Jf' an sunce 6' <, [rf"

Pl/1ils; $cnn{l sa 1. ,.'""!' . G «iane. at ha:J

1> i ; c. f e ac ) (I fcr lip t, .. .,c,

Fennel mIL Al~n1Jc~~, "~;.s it II ,iI, infuJe them to

tl dr,:m, Rnji:mm'J,I-'£o;:. j,-[ 5,f,1I; ofSenna all 0ll11Ce three ounces and Ja 1, au. I')r dr tm

. ,. a, (" •

f J [1' C··llIitlmOn-wattl ba! b' h ~~ ..

/lnt )(l j, I . ~; Ta,)<e 'Iur rt , irsx»

Or if they drink W ine- d' . Selina an

'I. etch twO rnms i, t:

c/;o/U(m, Agat?Cr\.: . ~ I,'. Balm Rofemary eac{I yUllCC and l:a{f, Jriala.en-".11I) (WI

U Eook. IV. OfPraaical Pbyfick: Part.II.Secb, two pl/gils; Cinnamon, Galangal, each It dram: hang them in Wine, give fix ounces witl; halfan ounce of M(l/lna.

Or, Take Dianabitb witb Rhubarb halfan ounce,Mecboacan two drams,Ag,trick_ It dr,tf1f,Diar. rbodoll,Cil!llamon,cac/;.ha1f a dram: Steel prepared It dram with Raifins ma~ an Ele[fury: give al much as Ii Walnut.

Or give Pills of Agarick-fectida, and fa conti· nue purging and preparing.if che matter be flub. born. Or, Take Ag(zr;ciuwo drams, Madder a dram wit/; S_yrup of Aflfgwort, m.tl?_~ pills. Or, Take Aloes thee drams.de Tribus one dram, with juice of S,t1'ine maT.jng Pills, .

If the fiomach is foul give a vomit.lef] it get into the veins.

Then give provokers of the Terms,which are Par. I.fee. hot and thin, about the time they ufed to flow: enp. 2. they are three degrees in flrength, and many forts of Medicines are made of them.

A Powder. Take Cinnatnon It dram, Amber a fcruple,Sajfrofl half a fcruplc. Or, Take rr(}c/;es of Minb,of W'idl-flowers, each a fcruple; Saffron five grains : Or,Take Caffcr,Pcnl1y~Royal,eaeh a fcru. pte; wirh Wine or proper W:lters.

Phy(;cal Winc. Take Madder-ro?ts an ounce, Orris half an ounce, Balm, Penny-royal, }J-fugwort, Rofemary,eac/; It handful; Wall-flowers haIfa pn· gil,Cinnamoll one oUllC{,Galangal half.m ounce,wilb

Wine, give flllr ounces. .

Or,TJke the Decoilion of red Pe,tje. Or, Take limal[,lge ,Fennel-roots each hal] all ounce; Mug· wo~·t, Bettonv, PenllJ~rol'ltt, Balm, each It handful; red l'cafe half a handful, Jllnipa-berrie.r balf an oUl1ce,Wt/.!l-jlow£!r s a pi gil,boyl and jivecten it. Or, Take ten ounces of it WIth three ounces 0fMugulort for three (h[t:~·. J2!jer·


Chap. 3. Of wanting or flopping o[tbe Term!.

fJ!Iercetan commends this:Take Gromw_el'[eeds, Anite,Mijl:to of the Oa~, each three drams,Dzttan) a Iram,Sajfi'on a {cruple,bruife,alld ~ep, them twenIy[ourhours in Wine,rhen boyt them ; grue four oun",

,u for three days together. .

Or make the Womens Aqua VICa? Or, Take Balm, Bettony, Penny-royal, Mugwor!, Ne~,Mot!)erwort Dinany each four handfuls; Wine tbzrty ptnts, diftill them, add three bandfuls of ench herbs, lind difiiU them again, and add Fennel·feed, Calamuf, cinnamon, Caffia lignc~, Crlrdamoms,eac/; half an

ounce: diflill them again. .

Or give Syrup of Calamtnt~,Mugwo~t. Or, Take water of penny-royal, Snvtn, Calammts?each four ounces : Syrup of Mugyvort four o:lnceS,Cl1InflmOil water 'an ounce; give it at four nmes,

Rouls, Take extrall of S(l'I.ml a fcrup~e, of Angelica half a [cyuple,of Elicampanejix grat~s,o.yl of Cinnamon five drops ,of Cloves two drops,wIth Sugay diffolved ill Balm-water" Or ma.'(e lin Ele[flillry of Steel fix Ollllces, caffia ltgnea,Cmnamon, each r~() dram"s ; cloves It dram, Ril{{il15 two ounces, wuh

[ugar diffolved ill Mugwort-water. .

Or Take Troches of Myrrh a dram, Extlat't of Gel!ti~n and Savin, eae" a fcruple; Caflo)', balf if. fcrHple,ma~ Pills: gi,ve two [cruples,or gzve eve-

ry tbird day pills of Hlera.

llfe outward Medicines, but provoke not

fweat by them.

Take Alibe« and Lilly-roots, each two ounces;

Eirthwort all ounce, Mallow~, jJorerclI~y, .MlfgWO:t, Sa'IJille, lI1otberwoyt, Calamtllt, Pellny- .. ~)'al,.Mar)?ram,B,tyes,each twO handftds;jfowers of Chamomzl, Lavender Cheir each a lumdful; Fcenugreelzfeed an ollnce,lUll'ip€i" a~d Bayberries~e6lch half Ii Ii.mdf"l : b9)l them in Witter,foment Wit/] Spunges. And

Book IV. OfP(arHcal Phyjic,t· Part.n.Setl:.2.

And then anoint with this: Take 04 1" Lilli~s all o:mce of Lt'!Jender-f<>edsftilled bai j it dtnm, c- 1'lIml1t~.rmd Gztb~powdcr) each II d:,II;I; Sto)"a:t C.t',trlllte a jCrupk.

~ To virgins that muf] take r.ol~c:t1des, give

F umes.with the head defended; rhev will ooen the rnout,hs of. the vefle.ls,and cut thi~k humors.

AS,. rase Mirtb.Bdellium, Sr'Jntx,eacb it dram' BC:~~911: "". fi:)"i{pl~:i,(!allia mojChattt,het CdC/) /;,11}a f~r lIP'C , wuh flquzl SWilX 1nak:_e Tracbes.

rh~n .ufe Clyflers and injeCtions into the ~~omJ with Purgers. As.take Ca[{lmints, Pen/V; ) '~I;t!, each a ':,tn:1fitl; GlthJecd, Turbid; eac/; II 1;~.u11 ~ ~'oloqu!1ltlC{it IMII (t dram, bjJi it ill Wille ZllJI:8 It into the Womb. 1

If it be hot after ir,injec( the Dccodion of Mallows with Milk or Barley-water, And becaufe the neck of the womb lies upon the firait gm,gl:e Clyflers •. Take Lilly-roets an eunce.Orris ~,~hfl,t~,e.tcb ~alj an ollnce; jlIer~~irJ two bandfitlj; Ni{g/vJIt~SaVl1Ile{/cI; ba!f{l bandpd ; Camomi!,lil. 'Lender-floi-vers, cad; It pugil; Caraway,Gitb-fted e~cb a ~itlll1: bD)i,add niem and BenedWa laxa~ tlva,,_eac:_~ hidf an .OUilce ,o_yl of Cbeir t~WI dfamr,E{e~ IIullI Y OJ Ba)berm; balf an OImU.

'";l iffhe be no virgi», _put: Mercury bruited in a r.:ag . for a Petbry, with cenrury-rlowers, Or barhe~; be~ten ,wIth oyJ of Spike.

.B::gm fnll With the mildefl:.1s Mllgwort,Mer~ cur)', pC:1l1y-royal, Marjoram, Rue; and then :dd Mucilages and J uvces to Ioo.en the womb; ~~~ .. not Pehanes lie long, lea they caufe a Fea-

-:y L~.

_ Ifir ~e from a tumor.provoke not ~he Terms,

P.lt lool: to the tumor.

it t diet be hot and artenuating.of food juyce, wirh

chap. 3·

Of want and flopping of the Terms.


with Parney, Savory, Rofemary, Cloves) Cinnamon. Little f.1eep and much ex<tfci[e.

~e11ion I. Whether are the other Cau[es of , ftoppage of the Terms!

Some fay the blood going to other parts, is a caufe; but it is rather contrary,and the fupprefIon of terms is caufe of that. For the veins of ule womb are large enough to evacuate bleed,

Others fay, The ftrength of the womb is a caufe which thicken.s the vends that they receive blood. But the womb is made to receive it when it abounds.

orhers accufe the firength,which is to be de-

nied: but when it is fo firong,thar it is tOO hot or tOO dry, and will not receive the blood- 2cd t\;at is a rg'1 of vlea\me1~. But there muft he fircngth in the whole body,to caf] out fupedu~ au) blood, or there will be other miiChitfs.

({urfiion 2. W/;,1t Veins mlljt be ope/ied ~vbcn Terms are floft.

A 1 dif . h' rt: • Lib. de

ut 101'5, nagree 10 t IS, as r.ntzuJ"md Gale» [t iff

who ah~ays fpeaks.oftl:e j\.nkl~-vejns ': and mO.fi ;~~~.~:. a are of 1115 mmd,bemg it 15 rational, For a Vein 8 19 ' opened in the Arm, doth rather revel from the 1, • Womb, then draw the blood to it. But in the

A~kle, brings it: to its place.and opens Obfiru-

((lom, and doth bOt)l Idlen·and bring blood to

the womb,ancl move that which is in the womb

fixed. .

Open the Ankle therefore twice or thrice~ra- Lib. de

ther than the Arm once. ,Therefore Galen,com- rang. miJJ~ mends fliN'ocr mes, that he opened a vein in the adver. C1 ~~ Ankle Jis.

:tOOK IV. OfPrttaical Phy/ic/:.: Part.II.SeCl.2. Chap. s·

Ankle in the Servant of schilJwg,th)ugh {he had a Plerhory.

But in other difeafes of the womb, as inftammarion.dropping.or too many Terms, it is good to open a vein 10 the Arm. The Saphena isopened by putting the foot in warm water, before and. after.

~lefiion 3' At what time muft a Vein be open. ed agailifi thejloppa:e oftbe Terms.

Galen faith, It mufi be when Nature may be helped, be the blood moved: that is, three or four days before the ufiial time of their coming, as if fhe had been always in the full of the Moon, and they have been flopr fome months. Bleed three or four days before the full, to put Nature in mind of her duty, and to make the hlood run again.

Chap. 10. Of Pewnef] of tb : Terms.

IT is when they flow leis then they ufe or ought to flow.

The Callies. It is either from the blood, or in the expulfive Faculty in the paflages, As if blood be little the Terms are few and flow. If the retentive Faculty is weak, and the expulfive firong,they come at due rime.but in fmall quantity. If the terms are {low, the fault is in the quality of the blood,being too thick. Alto flraimets of the pill: [ages may be a caufe : for if they be not wide enough the blood cannot flow freely.

lYle Signs. The Patient will tell the cliftaie: but the caufe

of it is to be found in the Chapter foregoing. few

Of Dropping of tht Terms.


Few. Terms from little blood is not dange- TbePro!.nl)~ roUi: If. they be flopc from thick blood, there flick.:

follow Difeafes, as Erytipelas-Schirrhus or can-


See the Chapter aforegoing for the Cure,and 1'h C rfl' ifi[ he from thicknefs of Blood, it is often cu- e all es.

by a general purge of the whole body. •

Chap. ,. Of Dropping oj the Terms ..

Tflis . is a Flux, and hlfu long, and there is pam.

The blood flows not conveniently at the due : and manner, and the privities are always

as when the urin drops. . '

Are from the blood and the paflages of'it.and rue C.tlIf-s. retentive faculty; as when the blood is too

Ihick and Iharp, which fiir up Nature to let it

~nt; and becaufe it flretcherh the Membranes ,

Ihere is pain. Alfo the weaknefs of the reten-

tire faculty is a caufe,

The women declare it: but if it be from thick Tbe Sign~.

Mood and fharp, and flrait patfages, there is a ~etching pain about the womb, If it be from crudity of blood.and weaknefs of the retentive ~culry,the blood flows without pain, and is not much felt.

It,is troubleforn to women; and If it lail long, TbePro nQ-

uUleth Ulcers and Inflammations. ftic~ 'l

It is all in mending of the thick and fharp Tbe Cu 'e

Mood, and in opening the paifages, which are I •

;Re two chief caufes of it, of which we [pake at


If blood be [uperlauoiis, loofe it not, nor open

80 Book IV. CfPr.tHicttl P1J)jict_. Parr.

upcrr the Ankle-vein, left you draw it more the womb, but take away the Cacochyrny, If it be from weakncis of the retentive culcy, firengthcl1 the Womb with Dryers Afiringenrs,

Chap. 6. Of the the Terms.

IT is when it is too much or. too long.and any Woman, and brings difeafes : bur a rain proportion of bleeding 15 not ~o be but too much is loft when the actions are

The Caur!!!. T.lle immediate cl~u[c is t1;c ?pclenin~l ofd

G' d' V eilels.and the tmruemare came 15 1C 00

jj a .. c 3, ',:. quantiry or quality off.nding.or by its force or

vm], f1U)JJ, ' {I .

~ (: , diforc er y monon, .

A• 2f.' 'J '). Vef!els are opened by Anaflomofis, Dt;tpecie·

OJ. com. . r. • b D' {i

«~. fis, Diaretis or rupno?, or y l;H:ro.l~)or cor·

- l rorion, Anaflomofis 1S from a moifl dlf1emper of the. Veflels, which Ioofneth the Orifices: Or from external caufes.as Baths hot and mcifl.e' u[c of Aloes.

The flux is (eldora too great from a ~iarEdef:~ for it is but a fweating through. Ruption 15 from Plethorv, when the terms have long been ped, and then break out.and when the blood hot by Air.Baths, eye. The our~ard c~u(es are falls.Itrokcs.hard travel.great burthens lifted,

Erofon is from fharp blood or humor-or from Medicines that corrode; as Peflaries long _kcp.t. For this great Flux is chiefly from the vems III the bottom of the Womb.

The Signf. The Flux of Bood is too great; \~hen,

iliength abaceth.and Cachexy follows,wtth r,.. nea!

of the overJlowing of the Tirms- g ..

[wollen feet, and the blood that comes

the bottom of the womb, is blacker and

'clotted.;, That from the neck redder and thin-

, 'figils of the caufes, . If it be from much

rbere are figns ofplerhory, and is eafily

cl~(ed q;,gether. Jf_~he blood beIharp and cho-

IcnckJi: is putrified III the womb.you Ihall know

waterifh blood by its colour.and the figns of that li1llllQur,abounding; and If you dip a ~lollt inie,

and dry it' in thefhade \ you may fee It. J( th~ wamhb(MOO moifl, fuchcaufes wentbefore, If

kbe fiorri'bieaking of Veins, they wl~l ~eU .yo~ of,violence. lfit be from Cqrro,(lOn, It IS little

ana {low, fometimes pure, fornetimes ferous, .:

It weakneth the whole, Body, the ,Liver and The Proglla)vels, there is Swounding, the Whites" ~nd fliel:.: pa!ene(s and Dropfie fomerimes. That which

~ be'~ long, is hard to be, c~\red, and caufct:h

death} and in an old woman _It 1S deadly. .."

If there be fulnefs, abate, t~e blood, and keep InawmOfi/t itfrol1lftowing [0 the womb, revcilt,repel,oool

anda1hinge it, that it may not flow fo fait) and

!hell amend the blood. .. , . '

If it' is Jrom ,plenty {)fblo~, ope~ the Liver- Tbe Cure. 'ellis in the riglii: Arm; bleedliccle and of{~n,be-

caUie it makes better revulfion.and weakensnot,

npet1 the Salvetella if there be w~nefS,an~ cup

~e~ack 'aridlkeaft againfithe Liver beneath th~JiapS,\W~l~re a~e Veins ;from the wo~b,: cup

not beneath but m the Snoulders, or B,!-CK and

Mm with -~arification: but (cmite not under Gal. S, tlJ N;

the Breafls, ' . ' cam. SO.

Bmd and rub the arms and fhoulders.and.rern~rarid.thkken the {baJ:.p thin.humors.with De-

,(~Ons and\vater of'Plantane, Purflane, Sor;-

I rel,


j2 Boqk.IV. Of Practical l'byfic~ Part.II.Sea.2- thap.6. 0ftheiyuerfloTt!ingr{the 'Urmf~ a~

~e~, Knot"'graGi, S~ph~ards.l'urfe, Pqmegranate. smaf Mirtle; mak! an F;ldluary.,. ,,'

Syrup, and of dried Rafes, Sorrel, Pllrllarie;. Co- powders. Take Mafltch, red ~oral prepared

l'al;Canferve of Rofes, Bole.fealed Earth. . dram; peart, SmaragdJ prepared, ta,ba

" . If it be urgent, ufe Narcoticks, Syrup of Po po j IHaod4tone balfa [crupie,Bole baif a drlil!1,

ples,Treacle~Pl1l1amum)laudanum. ' it PQwder.,. " '

" ,,~f,i~ mil continue-it is fed with Ch.ol~r,there~ ae! Pilji-hal cured many with this p'ow~er. L'h d ". ,

f?~e'_ptlrge it ":t.th Syrup of Rofes, M~a,i\hu. two Eggl!1Jdls, burn: Fra1'lk!ncenfr, Jfaffic~, 1,' e ~ .. ,

'lJ&;a, Senna. . ' ' .:: fJat[ 4n ounce; Pellrl,1'ed Coral-and Amber, rat. m_orv.

:' lfit be fed \;,ith ferous blood, help die Rcins twO drams; Blood-jro1,le, Smaraidf ;reP4r~d, cap. S s·

tfi,Jt d~l'~ot their duty, and the Liver.and fwear bat[ a {cruple ; BarleJ~jlower twO pU{,lu,whltel

~ll:h China. . ' ., ' Eggf,witiJ Jleeled water maize Ca'i(p. Give

: you'mufl:n?t'Provo~curin,bUt~ft!:'attr!rlg~ts. half a dr!lnlto a dra!p ,in powder, with

:As, rake the ,1uyce ofA!s.dung, SyruP, 'of_Mi~tl~.Ji . in the mornll~g~" .,'. E ttr ';A

~acb /J,tif an' eunce ; Plant rt!re wat~r ~n' o~te~divc glve every day a dram of [he powder. of fo:cf tQ.. 4

~t her,and .b her not know what l't IS.'" , " . roots. Or, take .. plump Turtle

'_, ' . Decodions. Take Camfi-y-roots, TormenttJ tacl, ilndpbld~.!, waj1J it in Rafe-water and red

i ' .,_ ';w~ .drttms,pmflal~e,Pltin.tane~each ahmidfur; ~~i( an oun,ce of lJ-fafli~h i~ ;be ~elly of it, flicle_

fiJe,m,add tofix ound~f SIrup of Currans, ~nce!; r~4! ~t,al1d baft u Wltp Vmegar o[Ro(ef ••

1Ifrrt!es, each .fix drams: give it at htii:e,':Or: It mto a gIals ~lofe luted, to be dried

Take Syrup ofpurflt1rte, Fort o[Netrles, 'eacli tw; ; chen beiltall of it to powder.Give

ounces; P'urjlaneJ'fVtfte'l' [attyounceS,lrtJchef 4" Am, . \yitllPlantane.water,oun llfiringenc

Ibet,Offrale1 Earth, eacha dram; B.~o(;d1tblltbJt ' ' . >Apoint. the .bottom of the Belly,

el dram': groOwo' fPoonfols every day. • .: .' Rnn$' Groyns,wlth the dropping of ir.

i\ Water. Take ,eight pi'ntf of~dt&;iffirb Or ~9u15 thus: Take BOle half a dram;

. Stfl!"cb" Barley'meal, and Rice,driidRofe/~,b~na~ .. Cprql a dram, Pearl prepared a fc.ru:'

fu[,;UJce of rarrolV~ Piantane; filch .halfapin1\' . .a_lId,Plantane-!eeJ"each half a dram;

C,;m[reYJ'fofJts and all rhr't:e ounces. Hor'f/an Bio;a. Aramattacllr11 r~[l1,tHm, Tragallth,cacb hllifa dram: wIJrt,ea'ch' half a :hitndjiit; Pedrfand r;Aiiiesl ~ithSIf,ar dtffotved in P!antitne;.wat~r, mak!

pame:r.~anare-fioweri,rtl(Sanderf,e'achh~if..1~~quna ~uls. . • ' , MaJ;ell :17fOUnee" . Dijtil them, Ii1)ilfjt;UfPf In the ur~ o(cold AarlOg~nt,s,take heed you,

ounce i '¥!'ltf! half an ounce of Syrup if lto[tsot PlU' ftop nQC the V(nns;and the heat be cooled. . If

{Iane'. '1..: . . .' l.." men:· help, not, ufe Narcoticks, as Troches of

Eleduaries. Confer'l,'e of Raft,)" two real~ Earths, and Amber with opiUm: thefe

'6er a~l , ounce and half" Trochej> of burnt aftrmge alfo, • . . ' . .' -

{enledBrirtb, ettclnldr ... sm; Crocus ., . U(e no pclfancs~exccpt theVe1ns 10 the nec~

T~d C{)ral pr~pared)Maflicb)ead).ha!fadratit the Womb b: Qpen. AS"Take Snak!w~e')

~'" . S)Yut . I 1 . J .. lOr&

84 . Book IV. Of pt'atlical PbJfic~ Pare. II. sea z, 7. Ofth~ Tmm jlowm~ with pam, &c. Ss

, Tormentil, ft1ch balf an ounce; . Ifblood flow from a vein broken, ufe .Co;tJ.

as, Plantane-feed, each tWfJ drams ; Mirde6,COmphry, Acacia, Hypoctfhs: or

balfan ouncet'Fran'dncen[e, Milfticb; a pultis of whices of Eggs, and afuillgent

.Acacia, sanguH Draamis, each two fcrup/eJr'~Ioad.

ft9]1e, Starch, et1;ch a dram and }.'ai[; with the ~bile Ifit come from a vella corroded,lllfe fioppers

.. of an Egg and Gum if agacanth difJolved in Rlfo. . glutin~ter5 that are (Ji.m.y,a& Dropwort-roots wa~er, maize peJJaries with I'td Sjl~ , d~m, with a rear Egg. . . .' ."Womb.Clyfters. Take ju)'ce of Tllrrow, Solo·· the diet be as the Phyftc1.c is.In a ~ux from

mon;.f~al, each ttoo ounce!; hluei/age of OHm little,and that Ofll~de nounfhment,

hick made in Flam-ane-water two' ounces, mal:! a in other cafes give things to do~e the ve(~

Clyjfer, [els. Sleep long,and ufe little Venery?httle or ne

, A Fume. Take Fran~ncenfe, Maftich, tach exercife. Anger hurts, and other palllons•

l»'o .drams; Myrtles, Labda1mm, each a dr

Rr1u, P'omegrilnate1'{Jwers, each bal[ a A''''_'~'''' Q.ueftion• WINTher FriBions or Ligatures in the •

'Gitfn tragacanthma~e'TYocbts to beburnt Isgs may be made for R.evulfirm?

. Ovntmcnts. Take Oll of Mil'ttes,fl.!!illce!,~ach

[)'I'O ounces : .1'I)'ce of Plantanesol'omons.[ettl,Hor(e. . Hippocrates and Galen are mifconfirued itt his

t:i;t each an ouna: ; '!mil the j~yce,j' away,' addBo!e, I, BO(}k of Blood-letting, and rheyare not to :rr;illt.1nc-jeed, M)'rtlc.berrit'f, Ceru[r, each haifa" l:eufed in the fIlix ot rhe Terms. oJlnce; with Wax'tUt~ an Oyntment. '()f,ufe the (:oumellesOyntment to-the Loins and JPe8en, ',.CltJp!afmf-· "-rake ,!2.!!incer, Pear}j'j}MJedik red Wine,and Bele, M'!ftieh, Sanguis DrM1iiiJ,Aca' 6id, mal:..e a ClttifPlitfmor a Cerate Or, TaKeBorre! und Pfantane~reetl,;Purfl,me-ftd,Bole) Sangu;; Dra· 'conif,each two drarm;'-Fr ank!ncenft.,Majfichilrlirrh, erich' three dr'ttms ,'Tur/'lentine an ourrce,withjuyceof P!a;,ra71e and Tttrr~w 'and Wax, mAte It Cri:Qt after

the Juyees ar_e boiled a_w[!;y., . ' .

, Fcmentarionsare beuerrhan Baths: for tlley ma.ke the humorstlow more.Let-thembe alliin· gent and coot, "Or'walb the Legs and Hips in eeldwater, --Lay Epirherns to the Liver, oynt·

n1ents, .Cerots,or Plaiflers. .',

If Choler offend,'give Rhubarb and Conferte of Flores to evacuate the Cacochymy.


Chap. 7. Of the 1ermsflolving ioitb

pain and Symptoms. , .

THe Symptoms are ~~~n; in the Loyns or Thighs, Heaa·ach, biting at the mouth of the Stom~h, pain in the BeUy~d Loyns, faim-

ingThey are as in fuppreffion of Terms" but lefs the CallfoS;' \'(hement. and are ill them that have nor con-

ceived. There is obftruaio~, thick and grofs

blood, that firetche~h ;he vdl.ds, and the blood

ftows not orderly. ' ...

A little before the Te~m?, th~re 15 head-ach, 7/,' Signs.

biting at the fiomach,p~m In rh~ loyns,and bot-

t{)~ of ~he fiomach, WIth beatlllg at the heart,

.. . , I, . and

! !

ilook. IV. O[Prall;cal Phyfi,~ 9. ofTe,m' """I1/, &tf .. , th," tim,. &,

and wpting.WIlen the pain is from thick . pf which Hippocrates. You may know Lib. de

it comes forth .'R clodds, and the pain is .colour what humor predominates,and by ",.orb. .. ••

than before. If It be from wind.it is ........ I ... I1.''"-~ (ubftancc. The flegmatick and melancholy ~ iter.

Ilays not tna place, and there is rumbli'g long in coming, and the chplc.rlck wal«ri!h

t~e belly! ..come quicker.' . .. i

. .TaKe heed it tum not to Th< more they differ from rhe naturalllate, '!he . Pro,- •

If It be. neglected.It is greater in worfe tbey are:black and Ilinking are worf!. nol!lck,

8< Vtrgln~then m rhofe who have had . mattery are worf! of all.If thefe How feven,

T~k¢ away the caufe ; if they be thick or nine days,fhe is cured; if .they .ulcerate

mors,~ya~uate them afier they are prepared: is barren.

fharp.temper them. Thefe attenuate blood w. aes. faith,they mull be purged and pre- rb, CIW"

ter of Grars-roms, Ma<ienhair,Decollions of th< with proper thi ngs. .as we ,!hewed in the S·Apbtr.

opening Roots, Syrup of Maidenhair-of the fi, of rhe womb. 1M take heed that 36•

Roots, Treacle, and ~he like.in the ftoppage move not the Terms when you attenuate.:

the Terms.· that will melt the ferous humors, and tilt

Againf! pain,ufe the Fomentations and Oy". ~em more in the ¥eifels: ufe neither Vint!l"

~e~[~ 1~ the Chapter of pain of the womb~· !harp things. '.

Afq!r purging~con[ume .t11e r~li<ples by fweat ;

~ ch0lcr be in faule, that mu{\: not be fweate~ di1cufs it with warm BathS, .and do fo in melancholy •. are Peifaries, ~omeOtations anI! Fumes to the· womb.

Give Treade,Mithridatepr the DecoCtion 0,£

Angelica.roots,if cold humors are the caufe. .

7f,t Frog~~jfic1& rhe Cure.

Chap. 8. Of euil di(coloureJ Terms.

THiS is called the Terms ~epraved b)' bsd _ humors.and fo they are VOIded.

. Blood is fOl,\l,e\thF from evil diet.or evil h'd'

~li,~ cauJu.~ors~~r fioppage of 1~. :rh~ h~~ois are ftegm; choler, or mela~choly mixed with it, and then

':: rhe T~r":ls are either pale, blew, green or black and flinking.or ~h1te and fteg~at~~k. They are £? from a fault 10 the fiomac:h. The pale &' yd: low are from tOO g.reat be~t .~n rheLiver, Tlie

black are from the (pIecn difordered.·' .

~e S;gns~. That ~10.0d which is narural.is different from

the bad 10 ~olour \IDd fubfiance; it is Iiketnat

of a l~W flam {heep,nor thicker nor thinner.and t~ bad T~qnsc~~e ~o~ fellfonably)but lOODer


Chap. 9· Of Terms {:{)mi.ng he ... for tbeir time.

THefe (hew an ill conftitution. And it is a ~.epr.aved excr(:tion of theT~rms that com~ for rhe time often: for ·[ometiru(S they flow

fooner ~or twice in a month.

The immediateCa\lfe is hurt of the r<£cemive The r.~

md .. exp\llfive faculty io that the blood flows UQt • CaJl)'.

ef {boner· or 1 ater ~or oftner: the ca'tlf~ why they

I 4 come

The Signs,

The Prng-mi1i,~ Ice Cure.

Book tv. OfPrttaic"11PhJfic~ pal'clII. Se€f.z.. come fooner, is i~ the blood chat fii~ up the ex. pulfive faculty in the whole body, or in the womb: fomerime all caufes meet; the blood is roo much or too fharp and hot; and if the reo

. ,ten~lve facmey in the womb be weak,and the exprdfive fl:rong and of quick fenfe, it is fooner ..

A fall, fl:r0ke or paillon are the evident Cau. fes,

, They will relate it: and the figns of the caufes are rhefe : _ If It be from much blood, there are the figns ot plerhory , heat, thinners, and fharp humors are known by the diflemper of the whole. The weaknefs of the retentive faculty and loofhefs of the vCiJeIs is known from a loo[~

and moif] habit of'bodv, .

It is not dangerous; but troublefame.and hin.

ders conception. . . .

If they come too foon from hurt in the faculry

provoked by too much plerhory, let blood, life a [pare diet, and much cxercife. If it be from fl:arp blood, temper it by good diet. and Medi· cmes.as In the cholerick dillcmper of the womb.

Hfe Baths of Iron-water, that corrects the cliflernpers of the bowels, then evacuate.

If It come from the retentive faculty, and Ioofnefs of the vcflels, correes the cold and moifi dif1:e~per with gentle aflringenes,

-Jf'it be from a flroke or fall, cure it as the veflels opened are cured, of which before.

Chap. 10 . .oj t~e Terms tbat come

after tbeir tijifat time.

WHen they flay longer then ordinary, and return without order at no fet time:

. '

. " BoOk~ IV. OfPraflical Phyfic~ . part.U.Seft.!l.

Chap. I I. Of the ie'rms'Voided

another w'!Y.· .

SOmet!mes they come out of the Nofe, or !I'~

vomited up, or flow out of the Harnorrhoid I.De ml'Jrb. veins. Hence HippocrateJ faith, that a woman mule ~. that vomits blood.is cured ~y having herT<:_rms .Aph(). 32• or by a Bloody-flux. Sometimes they are pIlfed ,bier. me- forth •. D()dancfll.r,fays, Thatchey come OUt atthe tlit. c. I~. eyes like tears fometimes.AmatU! L1tjitanlu faith, Lib. I. de they will come forth at the Teats of the breafls, ttjptl. mul, and at the n<1flel, at the little finger,or ring fin. t.1.' ger every monthas Mercatur obferved thrice.

The CaII[eJ. Are floppage of the Terms from flraitnefs of

the vefICIs in the womb, or evil confirmation of

111 the womb.

"~,~~(jgd • It is more rroublefome than d:mgerous, and

0'!J.1Co;,: hinders conception. It is befl when they come out at the Nofe : for it is a part that Nature u., ferh to disburden her felf by.

"Ihe Cure. . Firi},Bring the blood to the womb again, and

. abate 1t: Open the ankle-vein three days before the begins to bleed. Or cup the thighs,or rub them. Or ufe Baths, Fomentations,Oyncmems, Womb.Clyfiers,Peililries,and the like, mention, ed in Suppreffion of the Terms.

CI~p. 11-. Of the Whites.

IT is a foul excretion from the womb, white,

and f<;>mctlmes blew.or green,or reddifh.nor at a fet nme, not every month, but diforderly, longer or fhcrrer.Before or after the Terms; and w.hen they are flopr, virgins feldom have this iliifeafe;and women with ~hi1d have incmecime-


chap. l2. Oftbe·Whit~!. . . 9:&

. It differs from the running of the reins; for it

is in lets quantity, whiter and thic~er, and at :t

greater difiance. It differs .from nighe I:'oll~\tl-

on, which is only in fleep With the rmagmanon

of venery. . . . .

The [mmediatc Caufe IS an excrementltlous . .

bumor,ftegm,choler or melanc)'loly. Somt:times T,.f' Callfe~~

it is like w;!lterifh blood. It IS g~thered 10 the

whole body, or in the fi0!lla~h,hver or Ipleen.

For they who have cruditlesm ~he flomach,are

fubje8:' to this difeafe- Somet1ffi~S the womb.

alone is difiempered after often mlfc~ances, or

when the womb is very cold and moift.

This matter flows through the veins of the womb, or of the neck of it, which ufe to carry blood,and nature abufeth them t~ carry excrements efpeciaUy .if they are bred in the womb.

Th; remote cauCes are whatl<Jever doth breed bad humors : fome have it after {lrong purges,

or long bathing. ..

,Sometimes they. are pale, fo~et1m~s blew, The Difft ..

red, warerilh, and g!ee!1 : fometlmes flimy, ~r rences • cold, or !harp, or fltnkmg. In young people It

is reddifh- . . k

The face is difcoloured, the Unn rhic ,the:re The Signs.

~ loathing and hea~t-ach.If the hUI?9r be fharp

and corrupt, there 1~ a Feaver. If It be fiegma-

tick and Oluch,the hgaments of the womb are. , loofe and it falls out,th"5 Hypporrate.r,and there, Lib, de TIft .. are faith he, fwelled eyes, evil colour,and·fhort tUY. millie,

breathing.. . rum.

If it be not bred 10 the womb, the humor 1S

{rom a Cacochymy. If it be .from a fault.In anoiher part the figns of that will appear~If It ~ome only from the womb, there wiU be but little: ifftQED. the ",l1ole \Joc\y)th~re will be more. Jf

9Z Eook IV. O[PraEliclil PbyfiL1(. Part. II. Sea Chap. 12. of th« Wbites.

Th,. frog-. It is often, long with little inconveniencebm dry Medicin... If Choler abound, the Di-

no/lte'i.! 1t rnufl be looked to, left it be worfe: for it often . IS hot, and then coolit-

breaks Ulcers,Cachexy, falling out of the womb It come from the womb, do as I fhewed,

Confun~ption> Fainting, ConvuHious, when th; from what cau~e fcever it is. Baths are good to matter 15 fent to the brain or nerves. And the evacuate ~nd ~wert, and fue~gthen, and take aworfe the humour 15, the greater is the difeafe. a moif] dlfie.mp~r, prOVided they are pro-

. '[be Cilre. . It mufi not be fuddenly flopr, lea it go co rh ~ for the Confhtut1o~. '

noble pans. e Ufe Dryers and Aftrmgents. As, Take ConI

Firfi, fee wh;ther it t:e [rom the whole body forve of red !tofts four Qunces,of .Succor}. two ouna», or any pare, or rrom the Womb it felf. Iffrom ret Coral, Sn~eeJ., Torme~il.;yoOts, Ivory, cad} the whole body, which is often, make general "" Irams ;' ",,'h Syrup or lWtrllesma'1i! an £1" evacut1on,and turn. the humors from the woml, 8MYY,·' '. .. - .. ' . and keep a good diet, lef] they come again Or, Take :yed caral, Bote-, ftllled Barth,each an

I allow not bleeding in the arm if the t~rms oHllce;Pearl prepared It [cruple, Mafticb half a dram, be !lopt; for they casfe a Caeochy':'y,which ad. t':JIrefi .ro'" ·,,,,,ftr,,/,I<,, M."balf a [".pIe, wi,!! nuts no bleedmg. Moreover the mafs of blood Sligar of Ro[es as much 111 aU, ma~ a powder. Or, may be made foul by them, therefore find OUt Take DiarrhodQn a dr.am,Saflders. 4 rcruple)cor;~nwhether It .c~me5 fro~n Cacochymy or Plethory, der two drdm;~ M.tjhch, Cor~l; ea~b a drt«71J; will!

And when it 1S mofi like tocome from Cacochy Sligar, ma.~e Troche;. . .. .

my, bleed not. But .• 1(; OOtfhi1fe Aflring<t1<s, till the Body be

Therefore if ftegm abounti,which is moil: ufu- pllrged, leO:;th.e \"aterifil humou~15efl:oP[' and aI_after g~neral purging, confume the reli ues che B€!nyfwel~,~':~ut. y~ :111ay ~fe·hot Dryers with Gua,acum ami Sarfa, and a drying diet'1n4 fufely,>.5,:rr.«tle,. 'M'.lhndate, with' conrerve 0'

by plovokwgUrme, of which hereafter. R.ofes an4WorI'li\Woo.·. .

If fharp ~nd cholerick humors abound tern, .As, Tak~ ClJtlfo~veofR.fJfe11JdYj~jfowers an 014;,ce~

per ~hem WIth gentle aflringenrs, as Su~cory, Dtal9Tul two'draJ11'S',D~an'ho#M'f;J1r6maticum s» Endive, Sorrel, to prepare, purge with Rhubarb {itt ... , 'IlI!h a -dr.., . ;yed C(frql prep."d a drAm Trtphera Per.fiClt, aggregatlve PiUs, and Pills J IVld half,_ ~re~c.~e t~drams; lYuhfyrup of Citron·

Rhubarb, If It be melancholy, do as in melan- peel;, mak! all !Elenuary. .. . .

cholv. ,. And left -the womb be hurt'v.:lth evil humors,

If it be water, cure it as Galen did the Wife injeCt the'decooioil of Barley~· 'Hoiley of ROles

of B:e.",us~. B.lib. d, pro£"". ad P"lb. and whey,w"h: Syrup of. dtied·Rofes. Or of

If l~ be to the ftomach, liver, or 'the like,pre. wormwood- Mints, Motherwort, red Roles,

vent It from increafe, and becaufe it is mofi Allum. And then ufe a FUp1e of Frankincenfe,

~hout rhe Ilomach, give a Vomit, but not tOO Iabdannm, MJfilch, &mders,' Nutmeg, red 1\0-

ftmn g. Then' firengrhen the ftomach with .ho: fes, !

. ~ M~d

'.~ .

{I ~

Chap. '11. Of a (}onofr/;ted.

THe running of the Reins may be in all wo; .' . men that are .fit. f<:r a ~mforit is theFlux of natural Seed, It IS in mel). ,aijd.WAmellfrom the ~re?ch. Pqx..: buc when fiinki~g'hnmors do

. flow.it 15 !lot properly called-a :Gonorrh~a.

the Caufos. ' . .The chlef:C<l~re, IS the weaknefs of.the retennve faculty, .~.nd ehe Ioofhefs. and Iil~~nefs of the. Seed-_v:~ff~l& r.. t"~~ caufes Qf,thefe;:u-e thew'J'he Signs. ed In the Gqnorrhcea. of men, '.\ ." .

The ~oman will.d~clare it~nd. thegreamef

an~l the ~oJG\lt;, JfQt: J~ 1~ be white.and Iitrle.and rhick.and. a~ diil:ance,lI; IS a true Gonorrhoea Th_eProgno-', If it continu:el:it brings. a .cw~fumpdon,;nd

flzcl.:_. Barrennefs. '.' . ;.:. . ...

The Cure. ~he c~r(rQf a Gonorrheea and ~gh[ polluti-

on 15Prt1~1.~.but I fhall add this.if It come from plenty of Seed) the Buds of the Salix or wulow~

Chap .. 14-· OJ; flr411ge things

.. 'v'OiJet! hythe Womb~ .

T· Here iSi11att'Cr<?fte~iv~id~d by the womb,

of which before. . .

And fPIW~ti$.~ . (lone] aQ4 gravel, breed in Hip'pfJc. 5·

the womh, as ./EtlUS and ~~~~!. S!tlz~s Dl1.!erfu: epid.letf.~ ~r.lks of a Nu~tha~ after a palll. chie. ne~edl- Jet. 4·c.9i• cine could cure, vOlded a rough fione,as big as

a Ducks Egg,and then f)1e'wlls' at eafe : but a

foul Flux of the womb followed, of which file

~\ed. _" - ~~" ... ~-.

Worms. Gracias.L.oPillS. '~tjtes,_; that; he, f~~ ~:Woman,

that vohkd' many Afcatide~ of th~ ';Von:b• .. Lib, 'f)d.'f~

.,': .'W.:;:-"''' :~. :;: ~ .:; . i. leO. c. In-




.J ~ • •

._,:"J' ,,':

.. ,','. ,

. ~ r,. -' 1~ ~ \ .

"" ....... _

... , ~ ," ..

Chap. t, of Viygil1it)'~

in the organ, called the C!o[ng of the 1V"0l1lb. Somefamou5 Phvfitians and Anatomitis fay; there 15 a Hymen,which is. the fign of Vi~ginity •. It is, they Cay a Memb.nln~. wrinckled WIth Car~ncles like Mirtie-bemes,l1ke rbe bud of a RaCe half blown : hence came the word [Deflower.] I think with the Ancients, that there is fomething in rhefe parts _thl.t difiing~iIheth virgin~ fromWomen,which 15 violated 111 the firH copulation: many, (ay theyhaye it, and we ~nay b~~ ~eve them. For it is certain, that there IS an al, teration at firft in Virgins, which. c~u~eth pain and Bleeding, which IS a fign ofVlrgmlty.. '

Of h S I But what this is,ic is not yet known mamfdlIy. " t e. ymp· toms t lat ' Iay it ,is a nervous Mcmbrane\ with fmall

b E which bleed at the fir!'!: bout. S?t1le fay~

e al allVirgins and Woo are fourCarunc1es tied together WIth [mall

. ' h- . W b c. ' ~!embram s. Some have obierved a ftefhy Circle

menlA {"elf , om s.attet about the Nymph~ wirh obfcure little Veins"

the: ,. f'A" which makes the Membrane not to be nervous

, ' ey a.re,r.lpe 0 ' 'ge.. 'OUt !lelby., ..

To be fhort- 1 fuppofe it to be. certalll,that the part which receives the Y ard, 15 !l~t th~m that,have ufed a nian.as in Virgms,nor 15 it alike in all; and this hath caufed the diverfity of Opt", nions in Anatomifts. Moreoverthis is not found. in ali Virgins, becauie [o1pc al'~ very luftfutanc-t When it ~tcheth,they put_ in rheir f1n~et,or ~omc: other thing and break the MembraneJch1et1IDes the Midwives break It.






,', - ",I .',

Chal?~', i i~,~- OJ Pirgiiiity.

• .... ~.) ... • .. I._' ' , ' ; J "':

I," r is the integrity of womens Privities not vi.ola.t:f.d by: Man : bu~ what are the figns of virgmicy, IS a Q,udhon. I think thus;

Q!leflion 1. Whetber dot/} the Hymen whlch;J

tlJe fign of Virginity, appear in aU Women.

Some fay there is no fuch thing,and if a Mem .. brane be there, it is preternatural, and a difeate

, in

~ef1ion 2. Wht;tIJer dl) aj[ Virgins at tbe firft bJut of copulatIon bleed?

Tbe ./4fricans had aCuftoInto fluit the Bri&e- Ex Leoni. ~oorn .and :seide u·p' in a Ch~mber~ after they A/NettlIf,

" . K were

Book IV. OfPra[licnl PhJficlz· Part. II. S. 3, were married, till they prepared the Wedding' dinner. And an Old woman flood a; the door, to receive a bloody fheet from the Bridegroom, that fhe might fhew it in triumph to all the Gue~s, and that then they might feaf] with joy. And If there was no Blood to be feen.the Bride was to he rent home to her Friends with dif. grace, and the Guefis went fadly home without thell' Dinner.

Some fay from Experience, that fame honefi VIrgins have loft their Maiden-heads wi'thOllt bleeding, and that is a certain fign of Virgin it v when they bleed.and when they do no~,they ar~ not to be cenfured as unchaf], I hold that youn~ Virgins will bleed.but when they are in years,bv reafon of the long continuance of the Terrns,the pam are harder and longer.and if the mans yard be [mail, there is no neceflity of bleeding. Or if the Girle was wanton afore, and by long hand Iing.hath dilated the part.or broke ir,there is no blood after Copulation. Therefore Dellt.ehap.~o. the Law of l'"o(es is taken for tharwhich hapneth ofren.and for the moil: part. And there can be no more gathered from hence, but' bleeding is an undoubted fign of Virginity. The lame be faid of the Aji-iarm Cuflome,

Q,lIcftiOl1 ~. Wbetber is the jii'aitne[s of the pri· vities a jign ofVirginitJ ?

The Privities are flrairer in [orne according to ag~,habit of body, and other circumflances, and Vir~ins are flraiter then Women that have been

• ir it. Em I deny the firaitnefs is a certain Ar· guinentofVirginity. For after many actsofVe· nery, it ma.y be made fo £r.llt by aflring~n~ Me-

, ' _ dic~~,

Chap. 12. O[PirgitrilY" 9~

~cines, that Whores maybe raken fQ[' Virgins~

as we fhewed concerning '1 Wench that was

married, and to appear a Virgin) Ihe ufed a

Bath of Comfrey-roots.

Q__ueilicn 4. Vl'hetber is Mill:..iJi tbe BreaJh It

fie.n of Virginity lQll ! . .

'Some f1v, That there can be no Milk 10 the

Br~ati:s,till) a Woman hath conceived: and Vir· ~ins have neither the caufe nor the end why milk is made. And the terms fiopt do rather oorrup~ then tum to milk. And though the,~ be, . dways 10 the Breafls a faculty to make milk : yet doth it not thew its power, but upon an

objeCl:, and fat fome er:d• .' '1' Aph. 39-

Some fay, That virgins may have M1lk, a~d Gal.in coni.

urge this fayi~g of H.ippocr~tei: TJ (lny ~a'Ue Mtl~ Lib. 3 anat W/1m pJe 1$ neitber Wl!h Child no.: Bre~d!,r~. their c. 4. com. utms ar~ fiopt. (J alen IS of the fa~e ,op'lnlOn, .~nd i 11 apbor i;: though It be feldom: yet he faith 1t .15 pothole, lib. S. 39' And Alexander Benedilius and Cbrijtopber de

Vegafaw it.

We thall-not contradice Hippocrates, and Ex~rience: but there is a twofold milk. The one ofYirgins: the other of thofe that have brought forth or conceived. The ·firfi: is made of Blood, that cannot get OUt at the womb, but goes to the Brefls] and thisis nothing bnt a fuper~uous rourifhmene of the Breafls, that turns milk by the faculty of the Breafls, without ~he company ofa man or conception.The other 15 only wh~n

there isa child: of this milk it is true what Hlp,:, Cit lac ai pocrares writes, It is a certain _fign, of (t 1!1ole,wben mo;b. mugreat bellied women ha'Ul! 710 mz~k..m their Brea~J, lietum • And true milk in the Breafls IS a fign ef a live

Child in the\YomK

'.:2' There

- Ilook IV. Of Prailic»! p~)fi(~ Part.II.

. Thefe Milks differ in refpe8: of the U1v\' JU,~[lal Of the Green.SicI:._nefs, &c.to-K

divert.ty of the verns that bring it: to the evil.diet.and drinking of Vinegar , or ea-ting

~nd rhough both <t.re white: yet that of Corn, Chalk, Allies, Lime, Earth, Clay, and

IS rhinneft; nor IS It fo much nor fo Iweet like.

may breed in the veins acc~rding to .",-",,11... is a pale and green colour, the Face is The Signs.

from the fuperfluous nourifhmcnr of the "R~I',~n;~.ll'Iollen,and the Eye-brows in the morning, after

and if virgins have it, they are not to be term. . ; the Ankles fwell.and the whole

ed uuchaft, 15 loofe, and moif] from much water: the are lazy, the PuKe is little and ofien.in the.

Ch3,D. 2. or t be G rern (i.-kli" Temples and Back. The heart beats, the

J __ 'tJ is ilion when they go up ftairs,they loath

or u)hz t e Feuer. .uulL.vU1lllC have the Pica-or defire to eat abfuriil

The terms are fiopt,the Hypochondria

THis is in Virgins fit for a man: it is calledtle Sometimes they vomit.· Ifvapors

Virgins Dlfeare~and the white F eaver; not to the Head, there is thlrfi and head-ach ;

that there is alwayes a Fever; but becaufe their if Melancholly be mixed, the animal aCtions

Fzce is like people in a Fea.CT. It is thus de- hurt. .

fined. are not all in all people: bue man are in

The Virgins ~ifeare, is the changing of trt and fome in all. "

natural ~ol~r inro pale and green with faint- often turned to a Dropfie. .Seme,after rbeP"of.no~

ne(s,ll€avme1s ?fbody,loathing of meat,palpirati; . have a hard Scirrhus, hard'u"ver.· "Some flick..

on of Heart, dlffic~lt breathing, fadnefs,iwdling faddenly, the Heart betnt; opprelfed.lfthe . . ofrhe Fen, Eye-lids and Face, from depraveabe'much affliCted, itisdangefQ~,h,and

nourifhmenr. .' loath meat much. If it come.fl;om.the

1;'e caufit.: The firft ~au[e is floppage of Terms:the n~xl alone, it is eafier cured- . ,;"). .:

15 rhegarhering of bad humors. For when the is beft to begin in t~e ~pri~g or S~inmer :; The Cure.

way to the womb is flopt, the blood returnstc a Clyflervopen a Vefn in the Ankle. - ....

the grea t Veflels and Bowels, and choaks their Then heat the ehick cold humor" and make it heat, and flops the veilels and fpoils the making ,', and becaufe ids tOO much to oe purgedat

of blood, and then there are crudities; which be- . and purge bfren,and mix atrenua-

ing brought to the habit. of the bodv.cannct be cutters with your pL1rges. .

united pe.rfe~ y to the parts, and c~ufe a Ca- whel,1 ehe humors are above the flomach and

chexy, which IS the way to. a Dropfie and Leuco- is good to vomit,thofe that can ea-

ph1egmacy, and divers Symptoms. The cau(es and to give Liver-Phyfick, or Spleen

of the obflructions of the Veflels of the womb, even as in leucophlegmacy~

are crude humors, '. and fiegmatick, {limy blood, Chapter of Term fiopt. But in this a..r.:,

, tlom W<IIt •• ~IW::l·'\" aonuderthe liver, Spleen and ~J.e.r

,.,. K 3 fenrery,


r, De hip.

sm. c. J'2.


or the Gre.en-jic1(neJs, &c.

finely powdered.And. take of it half.il pound~dd

fernery, the obfiruB:ions of which are eight ounces of Win~ in ~ gIafsJet It In the e~:

with things mentioned. bers, flir it, and let It boil t~elve fix:uners,.tIll

At firft open the obftruCtions of thefe fee it: froth, and grow a little thick ;. then

with fome few things that provoke terms, the froath and all into another" Vend: Do

after give more. four rimes.and then let it be gently boiled,

Thus: Take opening R.oots an ounce, Mad it be thick as honey. Then, Take Parjle)',

~"yngo, Orris, Elicampane,' Citr(}n-pe~fs. Carrot-fred, DiaclJY'eU1n,t, Diarrhodon, eltch a dra'!Z

Sitr{.t, eacb half an ounce; MlJgwort, Ag R~d a half; Cinnamoll it dram, sseel prep.ared jix

Germtl"der, each a handfol; Savin two "rams, with Honey mak!tm Elelluary: gIve three

Carthamus-feed an ounce, Selina two . aram!, or five after exercifo·

(hOllcan, Agarici: . .' each balf an ounce; If the Spleen be fiopt, Take Steel prepared a

I()wer t1l(0 pugi!s, Fe1l1lel,Alli[eed, pound, wafh it with Vinegar,tben flrain IC, and

two drams» boyl them to it pint and lay it on a Clout, and add powder of Cloves. half

and add Cinnamon·water three drams. an ounce. Let them fland fo a day and a mght.

them all with Sea-woi'm~oodhalf a handful, then put them·i~ a glazed VeGa, and ten oU,n-

men Wormwoad mo pl/gzls. Or, Take «s of white Wme, Dmrrhodon, Ham-tongu.e,

Fills of Rbubarb-md: a ~ram; ~efCe[an's . Senna, and Caper-bark, then fi~r them, then fet of Tartar and of Ammol1tacum~eilch balf a drtrlJ1i them in the Sun for a day, or 10 an Oven. Do ~'J>ik! a fcmple, Oy! of Cinnamon three drop!, this ten days, till the Sled be melted In. ~be

. tral! 0fWormrpood half a fcruple, mtt,<! Pills: . Wine,and little or nothing at the bottom. GIve It fcruple an kour before meat • Or, Tak~ JUJCl two ounces of this in the mormng after purg ..

hferciffY, clarified Honey or Sugar, ead: an ing and exercife- .

Ildd Gith-fred~ Sen~a, each t~o drams; Or, Take Steel pupared an o~nce, Crnn~m?n,

It dram, malr;t It Majs; or gt'IJe Confert1f ;I.~nifreJJ , eacl: twa drams; DlatTlofcbu »,ltb~~r

gold fiow~rs. . !rhut a dram,SNgar an ounc~,ma~ a powder,gtv.~

Steel 15 an excellent Remedy after a dram· drinl( whire WZT;: and Mugwort~willer 11.)-

rives.with proper Drinks or Ingredicn~s. ler it.' . .

the Veffels of the flomach are fiopt gm:: a Seeeled Wine. Take Steel in powder three ~U71-

mit, and then grofs powder of Steel. res, Cinnamon half all ounce~white Wi~e tbree pmts.

}II. oc laud.l1 . ". If the Me[c:mery be Ropt ; Take. . Se~ them in a clofe glafs .elght days 1~1 the Sun,

lip ,,' Dincurcuma, AgaY1c~, c,lch a dram, fiir them every day. GIve fix or eight ounces

.i ierceuts, fted.r two drams, red Doc'ltroofs,Carror-feed each !OQr hours afore dinner, for fifteen or twenty

dram find a ha/f,C/lJVes ((. dn1r1),Steel preJ>i1~ed days and walk after it.

o~nces, with clarified HlJ11ey malr;t. an A~ firf] give a Steel-med~dne ,to, prepare'\ As,

1,1'1Je two orfollr dr~m~. If fhe voratt, Take Steel1i!ingl JOMr ollnces,put It tn an Iron CoYU-

. If the Liver be chiefly fiopt, let the . : K 4 cib!«


Book IV. OjPrA8ical F!JJfic'<:


~ook. N. OfPra!iieal PbJfic~ l'an,lI.Sea'3. able or Ladle.ihen caft it~into trin ~)ints of water of l!ops,Crafs,ll1adder? Boragc,or Spnng-ll'tlter: jlr(/in n. and d~fo [even tlm~s: Then.Take fa manyolinceJ of nell' Seel, IIlld caft tt tnto water as hefore : }1rai" and add S)Yllp ?fViolets,Borttg~, or Honey of Raft! four o,Nnees; grue three ounces In the morning after exerci]e. Prepare thus three or four times and then ufe l1ronger.· , :

:After .Ste~l .u[e Seorzol1cra fiet:pt al! night ill Wme, g~ve l~ In the morning. This hath cured Obflrudions In mCJny. .:

. Bezi:w~fio~e;faith A-fercat1u)opens ObftruCEiom 111 my Experience, and refifls Venom: give fix

or feven grams. .

. Steel is befl Spring and Fall.purge, and exercifebefore and after it,that it may be better dif perfed.Ufe Preparatives.Purges.and flrengrhners often, and for a lon~ time, and change the forms, Ief!: the Patient loath them. . .

Ifwater,fpread about the body,cool the body and make It heavy. lIfe Iweats.as Baths natural or artificial, of Mugwort, Calamims, Nep, Danewort,Sage,~ayes:Ro[emary,Mercury, Ivy ,BriOflY-

roots, Oms.,. Ehcampane. .

After pnrging .and opening Obflrudions, all the Symptoms will vanifh , if not, fee for the

Symptoms of'rhe Wemb. .

Le~ the Air be temperately hot. The Meat cf good )uJc~, and eafie digeflion. Pot-herbs and green Fruits muft be avoided Fifh Milk Lettice

J\".. k c·· 'I'·

Trd. e oauce WIth Sage and Cinnamon. Drink

"",Vme. Let Bread be well leavened with Fennelfeed. Drink ~o Water nor Eroth~ at firfl, and It1 the declination of the difeafe ,ufe Exercife and Venery. Let Deep be moderate.

flueftion . 1 •. Whether may the Woman in tbi s ,~J)ifeflfo be all9wed the ab[Jlrd things they long


They are Virgins or 'Y0men with child that for fuch things, virgIns muft no~ ~ allowas Chalk, &c. .For they will mcrea[e

difeafe, r. d . tl c.:

with child muf] be pleale wi 11~lr

abfiain from them: but if the appetIte not be allayed, rather grant thel11:' than fuf· an abortion or mark upon the Child.

Q..ueftion 2. Is Motzon snd Exercife good in the


are better than idlenefs,whi:cb heaps up • ,,",rllrlf'~~ tl~ey raife the languilliing heat. ,10, the 1 tid p the nourifhment to be diftribc-

ted: therefore they are to be.ufe~before t~e aifeaCe be great,and in the dc:cilnat1on they dlf-

curs the humors.

But me moderation,left you weaken th~ ~Y' &r ehoak them. Firfi therefore u~e FnCtions,. then watching, then more exerclfe after con·

lenient purging.

Q,uefiion 3. Whether is Venery goaa for Maids in tlJe Green.:fic1(nefs.

It is probable, and agr~eable to Re~fon and

Lxperience, that venery IS good. Hlppocr~tes .

bids them prefently marry: for iftney ~onc.elve,1(tppocr. b they are cured. John Langius faith, Th1s difeafe ll~.d~ mar '. (6IIle5 in the ripeners of age, or pre[ently after vl~gm.

. Venery. l.1b. I.q.~.

Book IV. O[PYIf!1icttZPh;:fic'<: Part II. S~Gl.

Venery heats the womb.and the parts· O[Spop'''"'' fr,m tbe Womb,

opens and loofens the paif;rges,fo that the womb at the fame time,lVhen the feed and

may better flow to the womb .~uu ... -·-· are mixed with other humors after t11cy

But if there be a great Cac~hymy tak corrupted,and there is more fomctimes.,and G I 6 de

away before Ibe be married, and th~n ~ noble fubfumce as feed and terms being I a • ff.' -.f·

~ay dofm}ore then Phyfick.But ufe imot L, are like poyfnn. .. .C,.' c",

vigor ° me Difeafe.or in weaknees.· confentwim other parts, is from likenefs

of parts, nearMfs, or connexion of Vetfels. And

Q!1enion 4. Whethtr is Blood.letting g"l. the w?mb is membranouS, it hath a

this Difef1fo ? great eonfent with the Membranes and Nerves. Alfo the parts adjacent are eafily infected. And

thirdly, It hath confent with all the Body by Arteries and Nerves.

. It contents with the Brain by the Nerves,

and Membranes of the Back~marrow. It conr~nt! with the Heart by the Arteries; with th~ Liver' by the veins, which are great in the Womb, and therefore the Blood and bad humors gQ back to the Liver. It confents with the ffomach by Anafiomofis in the Veins of the Me[entery, and by the Arteries through foul humors and vapors go from the womb to the

Mefentery and StOmach.

It confents with the Spleen by the Arteries;

therefore many women that had not their terms enough in their youthjand have not blood .are after Hypochendriack, and a Phyfitian can fcarce difiinguifh rhefe difeafes of the womb and Spleen, nor cure them fevera1ly. .

It eonfents with the Paps by vems and Nerv5~nd the Heart,Diaphragma, Head, Brain, and all the Organs of fenfe and motion; with the Liver ,Spleen,Stom;lch,Bell y ,Mefentery .Bladder, flrait G~t, Back, Hips, Arms and Legs, ami ~nfeth Symptoms. As Glden faith the M()_th~r

and Hyfteriqll paflions in one name) but hath Gal. de loco

W1«er.it inn~mtrable Symptoms.' aff· c. t).


, A Cachexy beginning with coldnefs of

f..ib. de wholeBody, feems to deny bleeding' and .

morh. 1Jirg, the crude humors are in fault rather' then Bur. J:ltppacrates advifeth bleeding at the

If It be a new difeafe, and comes frora terms, ~d blood abound that is flopr, and turned mt? another humour, you rna bleedprovided the flrengrh permit.ani} fages be open., But in an old difeafe ~h~ ie

r~~g~(:~;~ds, bleed not, for it will in~re~fe

Chap, 3/ Of Symptomes from the f.J; om!;, and J.11othcr-Jitd,~ general.

IT is not to beexpr~d what miferable dif·

cafes Women are fubJeCl: rorboth V" d

h Co I . l irgms an

or ers rrom t ie womb, and its confent with ather parts. For when terms or blood are flo t there are great Syrnptomsand whil 1 p.' _ ....• e t ley pum·

ne, or &et evil qualities the Symptom ..

. d al fi· s arc gne

l' ous, an . rno uncxpreffible, .

Oot' woman m<JY have divers Symptoms fron the

Book. IV. (jfPrttllical Pb)fic~ Part. I I.Set13, Chap. 4- Of Sujfocation of tl» Womb.

.... IN this they [cern to be fir angled. And there are } I fo llldany Sy~ptom5 at once, that it is impofll, ) e to efinc it by o~e. Sometimes there is eoly fhort brearlrfometimes the animal adions ar hurt, the whole Body is cold from a maljgnan~ vapor fenr up from the womb.

the Calt(es. The immediate Canfe, is a vapour malignan

and venomousfent up bX thearteries, Veins anJ

. Nerve~ that h~rt the a.thons ?f the pam it goes to. This vapor 15 like air or WInd, thin and little but very (lrong , to get prefenrly through tl~ whole Body. ~t chiefly afcends to the Gullet.and caufeth choaking, as eating of Mufhrooms.Helle, b?re, and other poyfons, There is often !hort difficult b~eatlling, with Heart-ach, Vomitinz and Loa~ll1ng •. If the vapor go firfl: to the hear~ the motion of It ceafeth.and there is [wounding In? file fa~ls down. If it go to the Bram, th~· animal athons are hurt.

. . When feed and termes corrupt in the Worn!> \.vIth other bad' humors, they breed this evil \. apor ;. becaufe they are the bef] fubflance, and' the beginning of generation)they are worfl when c?rrupted, efpecially feed do hurt the whole Body.

Gal. cit. I. 1 Sometimes it isin Women with child, when t.le~ have not their after-Burging : but evil humor" are I.cf:, and corrupt m the Womb.

The chief CilUh~ of this humor, is the rrum}:('~ of the womb and fiones,the bo.Iy of which is t .. ~l}?_~v,and ~?o[e, the ft0ne~, being in Bladders 'Ul rnve hGi,!O\V!1Cfs full ofwarer, which in hy~



Chap. 4, Of Suffocation of the Womb. , » 119 fieri cal women is yellow and thicker than ordi- Vef~r.l(! nary. This trumpet and the ftones are ofren ta- corp.hllma"~ ken from the womb it felf,when they are fwollen F abr.lib. S· with corrupt feed, and humors, ann wind, and c. IS·

reach to [he Navel: of which in the Chapter of

Afcent of the womb, :

This difeafe is breeding fooner or longer, as

the matter is more or lefs,fometimes corrupt humors lie fiill,and if they hefiirrcd,they fend a ve~ nom or vapor eo the who1ebody.NOw in women fubjett to thisdifearc,fweet fccnts to the No[e,or taken in, or anger, will move there humors an~

vapors. . . . ..' '

They are according to the variety oftheSymp~ rlJe Differ·

tonlS and efficient caufe, or venomous humors; ence,

for corrupt blood, e[pecially feed, puts OR an-

other Nature. '

That Suffocaricn is ,at hand, ir appears by lazi- lbr: Sjgns.

ners, weaknefs of the Lcgs,palene[s, fad counce- .

rsnce.and the motion of fomething like a Ball in,

the Belly, with noire like Frogs, Snakes or'

Crows, fo that [orne think it is deviIlifh. There

is aleo Belchio'g, Yawning,Yexing, fhort wind, Heart-beating, Loathing, Dulnefs, Laughter a,~

the ccming of the fit, from the vapor getting

into the Membrane of the Brcafl, that tickle

[hem: forne cry, fome both laugb and cry.

Thefe Symptoms increafe when the fit com!?5, and the Jaws are clcfed, that Ihe feerns to be. choaked,and [cnfe and motion is gone or depraved. Some have Convulficns- lome heal' what is' done about them.but cannot [peak: the plllfe is ~rs,the whole body is cold,and thef-yes Ihut.as' lfthey were dead. . , When the fit declines, humors flow from the' Priviti@$, the Guts rnmble, the Eyes open, the'


'I !

11Je Progs ~offi,!::

Book IV. of l'l'd!,!ical Pbyfic,<: Part. n s 3- Cheeks grow red, and the body warm, the . mal aEtions return, and the Patient (ighs .

comes to her (elf.' ,

It is known to be from corrupt feed, ifthe terms are in order, and Ihort breath, and low voice,Suffocation and Convuli'ons, and all Sym. ptoms are then more vehement. and at the end of the fit there flows a humour like feed out of the .Priv~ties. It is from the te~ms, if they be nopt, or flow not orderly; and If there he a dif· cafe in the womb, it is neither from feed nor the terms.

I. Jfthere come Swmtndibg or a great: Con-

vulfion,or quenching of natural heat, it is dead·


. 2. Suffocation from c?rrupt feed; is more

dangerous than that \..,I11Ch is from the ter.m rnixc with melancholick humors.

3 •. The longer it lafls , and the worfe the Symproms,the more is the danger. It ceafeth in youngWomen when they ~gin to beat children.

4. The ofener the fit comes, the more you may fear the quenching of the natural heat by wt:aknmg of the Heart often, and if the foam at the mouth, {he: dies.

clrap. 4~ . of Suffocation of the Womb.

of Amber, Rue, the warts on Horfes legs dried, and the powder upon coals burnt makes a Fume, which if taken in the nofe,fudde~ly raifeth rhem,

Apply fweet Scents to the Pnvmes, as Civet, Musk, Gallia and Alipta mofchara, or powder of


. Or~Take Storax calamita,Ben,{oin,each It dram;

vallia mofcbata half a [cruple, ma~ Trochu with Gum traganth, and let the F'Mme be taken into

the womb bv a Funnel.

A Liniment. Take Storax, Benzoin, each a

arl1m; Gallia mofchata baffa Icruple, Civet follr grains~ liquid Storax halrafouple, with CottlJ1!

put it into the Wom~.

Clyfiers do difcl.l[s wind, draw ~own rhe mar-

(cr. Takt the CarminatIve Decolfton a pznt, Ele- 8uar) of Hierafix drams, B~l!edi8a laxaiiua an ounce.Oyl of Rue and Baybemes, each it dram. Ufe womb-clyfiers and Peffaries to women that have known man. Take Ele8uary of niera and Diapb£nicolI, each two drams; Thrpentine half an ounce,Honey ({Mercury an ounce,Caftor half a dram,

with Wool>m~ a Ferrary.

Oyl of Tin applied to the Nave1,doth remove

the tic.

Or Rue, Cafior, and fneefing powders. As

Take whitt Hillebsre half It fcrupll,long Pepper and Ginger, each half a drem : or pHt Oy1 of Amber tnt»

the No.fe and Earl.

Apply to the womb this: Take 0)1 of ~ue,

Bayes e.1ch twO ounceS ; ClI1nmm~f£ed, Caffor dijfol'lied i~ Yinegay,each tw« drams; witb W:1X ma~ d Liniment. Or ufe a Plainer ofGalbanum)C~fior,

. and Aifa~fretida.

. A Comp?und difiilled Water. Take ze~oary

P .1Ijilfp-[W{s,c..ollage.root ; e(lch tw~ QUllces;Mtrrh,

. caffor

fbe Cure oft-be Fit.

In the fit you mufl difcufs the malignant va· pors that rife from the womb, and turn it from the principal parts, and you mull: evacuate the matter that breeds it, and pre vent its return. ~all upon her loud, pluck th~ hairs of her pl'iv~. ties and Ears, make firong Ligatures and FriCl:!; o~s, cup the Legs, and Thighs, and Groyns: hold fimks to the N ofe.as Patridge-feathers,bprnt hairs Leather, Horn,Cafior, Alfa-freti1a; Galbanutn,Oyl



Book IV. ofPraChcal Pb)fic~ Part.n.Sect Ca(tor, eace half an ounce ; Piony-roots [our

, '.lti~1eto of tbe oak gathered in the wain of the three otlflces,and water rj'.Jrfatherwort four ounces balf,Spil'it of wine a pim fwd half, fleep tbem ' dnies , di)7:il and gi've a [poanflll rr:ith TileMI(gwort-water; or O_y! of nmber fome drops. Take C4for,AjJil-frtfida,eacb ,t[crup/e ; Pepper a /mlple,with [jrup ofMugwort,m.1~Pills,give thr.:!;

The Cure out of the Fit.

Firfi,prevent the Seed from corrupting in the wornb ; and if it be corrupcevacnare it prefently with Womh-Clyfier and Peflaries ; then difperre the reliques.and flrengrhen the womb, But firfi give a general Purge that is gentle ofren.and ufe things that prevent the breeding of Seed.

Strengthen with l)jaifrcr:; .and CY,it11lCl1t to the Region of the womb, A'6, Take liquid St» rax two dutlJu,Avelu,L'1gnur cafl'us feeds, Angelicfl) eacb brllf It dram ; Alipt a lHoji:!Jata a [crllple,Oyi ~ Nard,Lillie:.-,and wbite Wax,ma~ an Oyntment.Or) Take feeds of fig nus caft us a dram,all Sanders,each balf It dram; white Rofo-powder a dram, Tacam» bnccn a Jeruple, Amber two [cruples, AiLipta ,Hof cata h.11[ an' ounce, witb Turpentine, Labdanum and Wixx, ma.~e. a Plaijrer. If fhe-be a Virgin; let her be married.

If it be from Terms flopr, fee in the Chapter of that.

This difeafe is neither from feed, nor blood, nor humors, if they be not corrupted after peculiar manner. If it be from the womb diflempercd, give the lnfufion of an ounce of Briony root in white Wine once in a week for a vear,

at bed time; or this Hyflcrical\Vater. -


(hap. 4' of Suffocllfion of the WOmb.

Take Lovage-roots, Piony, Angelica, Zedo~; eaeh an ounc~; Mifleto of tbe .Oa'k_gatbered In ~~walle of the Moon two ounces, Mtnt1; Balm, calal. mint; Bettony, each If. halldful;. C_arrot, ~arfiI~p~ frei, tll}toroeach h~lf all ol,mee ; dIRIl t~em 111 ",!,bl:e~ wine and water of Ml)therw()rtaft~r etgh~ dater zn~ fofion. Or, Take Briony, Yalerzan, Spzgnel, .An" gelica-r01ts, etlcb half an .ollnce;, Balm, cafa,?wts'J. fennY.roJal, BettOiry, e'tfC/J half a handfol, h~,t them in Wine, add Syrup of Mugworl an ounce,

give it at thrice. ... •

.' 'Vitriol of Iron one gram, WIth .tWO grams of Sugar given in W:ipe [ome~eeks., 15 e1{cellenr. .

Or, Take Cumrhm~feiJd; wzld Parfnep-feeds, each

a«ram; give a dram in powder_ Or; ts»: (, Brione two drams, CNmmmfeed, Parftl~p-fred, each ", dri$li; Amber half a dram, Cloves two

Cinnamoil a[cruple, md~ ~ powder~ .

Take Cajlar a [cruple, AjJa:fcmda half Mirrh valballum, Sagapenum, each a ; ~ith Ho~eJ Df Mercury m-al(e pills: ta~ a [crupie or a [cruple I)ften! Or) Take Treacle

or Mithradttte. ' ... f

Apply Plaifiers Or Liniments td th~r€glOn 0 . the Womb" thus: Take old Treacle balf a~ ounce, Agntls Ca,{fU.f feeds a dram, OJl of. Angeit:a and cwmnin-feed!, each two drems ; wuh Plaifter of Barberri_es. Or ma~ Oyntmelits dfthefame.

~efl:ion I. What preternatural difrafr iitbis

Suffocation of the Womb proper" ?

. Some fay it isa eold dlfiemper ~n<iuaIitych~n.;. ged; they fay right, bu~ c?ldnefs ~s D?t the chief Symptom. Others fay lfj 15 .refplratlOR hurt by SYllcope, or Convulfion- But It canaccbe defin~d

1 tif

114 Book IV. OfPraElical PhJf;c~ Part II. S\e~t. 3.

by one Symptom. For fometimes the animal

actions are hurt-and there is a Megrim,Delirium '

Convulfion, and fenCe and motion are gone.' ~tflion ,. It is gooa to give Wine in (t fit of

Nor is it firange, that Co [mall a vapor fhould ,tbe Mother.

bring fuch Symptomes,for it hath an occult ve-:

I 6 J nom in it which is flrongfor it goes many ways) Hippocrates and Avicen quarrel about this. I. ~e nst,

Ga. • ae and to many parts. The firil allows Wine, becanfe they ~re ,yeak, muiierum,

lao 4f. c. s. and nothing fooner refrefheth. But Avrcen 1S for

~dl:ion 2. What is the true cauJe of the fol water, and forbids flefh, for they mcreafe Seed

of the Mather? and Blood.

But in the time of the fic,Wine is proper,a~ld

1 Cay it is the mal!gnant vapors that flie up A1!icen doth not fpeak of the fit but of the diet from the womb ; for It doth Alot work by a rna. out of the fit, when it comes fr?m plenty of feed nifefi quality, but by a venom which Galen faith. and bloed ; nor will a little Wme In the nme of

is like that of a Torpedo, er Phalanx, or Scot- the fit get ptefently to the Womb. pion, which are litale in bulk.but do great mif·

chief,beillg enemies to the vital Ipirits and heart, by which there is coldnefs all over, and Ihon breath from the a8:ions of the heart hurt. For when the heart is hnrr-or the vitalSpirits,either futfocated or corrupted, there are no good ani- IT is it grea~ and foui Symptom of .the womb~,.

mal Spirits bred, and they not flowing to the both in VIrgms and widows , and fuch a~

nerves and mufcles, hinder' the motion of the have known man. There are mad for ~ufi,. and

breafl, Alfo this malignant vapor is an enemy to invite men, and lie dOlll!l to them, and It differs

the animal Spirits,' and makes dearing and Con. from falacity II becaufe m that there 15 no De-

>fulfions when it gets to the brain. lirium.

The Caufe of thefe vapors, are corrupt feed It is an Immoderate defire of Venery, that:

and rermsfor while they are in their proper vef- inakes women almoft mad, or a Delirium from Iels, they change not their nature. And the feed all immoderate defire of Venery: it is without it is not always pure, but mixed with evil hUlUorsIFcvc:r, and with heat, and ends With madaefs, and the feed veifels are fometimes fwollen and : There are degrees in itfor modeft_women!"lve difi~mpere~. ,Morc?ver the cerrupeion is fr~m ~t, but will ROt for fhame declare ie, and ~le of the womb 10 a peculiar mannenforas FerneblU Confumptions. Othe~s wi~l not conceal1t, but faith, 'the place from whence comes life, is aU'Q fpeak their thoughts bawdily, and foll?W men, the brced.erof the &OOft ~poifon.and. folicire them Ihamelefly , as HlppGcrAtes

writes in his !took of virg~ns Diftafes. . , The C,mfol;

The immooiat~ Caufe IS plenty of hot and .

, L 2 fharp

4. De lo, ~ff. c. S.

Of the Frellzie of the ;pomh.


Chap. s·

i Chap. ;. Of the Frenzie of the Womb.

5- Of Fren~}e OJ the Womb.

u6 nook IV. Of PraClical PhyJick: Then have a Eath ofLcttice, willow, warer-

fharp Seed againfi Nature, but next unto ,,,,,, ... 'UJ"'" Vine-leaves, F~lrf\ane, Venus-navel, red

. which ~s. natural; it is a little biting, f Violets, waeer-lillie- Let her fit twice

and forcing Nature to let it out by lechery. day in it, and not fwear-

brain is only hurt by content, and the . To take away the fharp'~ers of the Seed, ufe

af.rionsjby au external error, or too vehement violets Water-hUles, and things that

jed The part tirfi affeCted, is the womb in feed by ~ fecrec quality, as Agn~s cafius

Nympha:, which grows hot, and [wells, but the Leaves and f·lowers- of Camphlre here-

Nympha: are not properly the [eat of Venery

but the Clitoris, which was called by the fam~ Take leaves· ojWater-liUie1, Agnus caflur,

name anciently. . ench three handfuls; Latice; Pllrflane,

The heat and [harpnefs of Seed, is from the , each a hlIndfUl ; Lettlce,. POl'PJ'~fe~d,

heat of the Womb that breeds it, from hot hu. the [aMr great cold fred!, each half an oun~e S DzlImars in the womb and hot blood. . (led twod.rams, Water~li~lie~ a baridful,VlOlets I~alf ,. The ~utwJrd Caufes, are hot meats fpiced, ihandful, beat them wah ptyce o[Lemons, ~i.fftl .[hong W1l1C, and the like, that heat the privities, them after twenty four ho~rs,' add to every 'pznt a idlenefs, pleature, and dancing, and reading of arlfm of Camphire, live an.oUlICC. Or, Take A~llUS bawdy Hifiories. (aftus lea'fJes,RUe,Willow,each two 'Jtt1ldfids;Mm~s,

l1JC Signs. They find their luf] to boyl at firfl, and for tIps of Dill, each It handfUL and half; Water~lzllzel

fhame will not declare it: they are fad and fl· half a handfUl, Agnus criftus feeds, J!I.e .. mp,co.rtande~, . lent and their eyes turn to and fro with luf], and Lettice-feed, e(lch half an ounce, ~eat !h~m, and dzif any fpeak of Venery, they blufh, and the pulfe ftilthem with water, add a pmt if JilJce of Lea

changeth, when the brain confenreth, reafon is mons, reaifie it to half.· . . ..

perverted, and modefly is overcome, then they . An EmulflOn.Take LetttcC, and whitt PoPYprate, are Iufiful, and angry; fomerimes they cry fred, and the four great coM fif~s,taC~ b~lf 117i or laugh without a caufe: they follow men, and II/IIce; water of Lettice, Water-bittes, Wzllow, .eacb follicite them for copulation. Some will lie four ounces; Syrup fJfYiolets t,WO ounces, Magijtery

_ with anyone they meet. .., o{Coral a dram. .

Th_e Progm- It is a fordid difeafe, curable at nrfi: butif An Electuary. Take Crmferve of Water· hiles,

Iltck.__. neglected, it turns [0 madnefs. VioletJ of Agnus caftu,f tops, eab an ~unce; ofR-ofel

TlJe Cure. Let Virgins that have it, before reafon is fub- btdf a~ ounce, red qoral, S'!1tf.ragds,'each a ~ra11! ;

verted, be in company with chaf] Maidens, or he Colewort.t and.Letttce Clmdted; each an ounce, with married, And be let blood to abate heat of blood fjrup of Violets and Water-lillies, maJe,; nnEielluayy. and fharpnefs of Seed very often, there is no Or make Baths of the fame. .A~, t~e top$. better remedy; , if Agnuf caftus)Letti~e,R.ue, Water~lt!lzes, DIU·tOpf,

Then temper and evacuate the humors,if they boit them anoint wzrh Oy1 of Lillies, Vnguent of

be adsf], and If there be madnefs, ufe flronger- ' L 3 Kafe'


Book IV. OfPra!Jical Phyfic,<: Part, II.Sect. " . . .

Karel' witb camtbire a'ier. th t 0 I . 'J. Chap. 6. Of the Melallcbaly o!V;rgu.u, &c.

. 1" . . r 'J' a • r aya Plaine .

of ~,ercury and Marfh-lenrils to the breafl aR~ differs from others by the efficacy only efrhe

LOIns ", Lay a Plate of Lead to the B;Jck,and . 't cau~es: for it hath divers pains betides

a Petfary of J uyce of Plantane , Purflf~e fadn(tf5,efpeclal~y, ~m the left fide, n~ar theHeart

Gourds. .) dle Pap: [h1515 by occafionatdlfiance. Th C .r.

Thefe that work by an occult qualie ,are fit- The Ca~ie is a ~dancholick Vapor from a e auJt.

teft fo~ Nuns that mufl: not marry: \ut the' tnela~chohck blood In th~ ~e{rels near the~eartl

~hat will marry muflforbear t~em,becaufe th/ ulfetts the animal fpmts, ~urtsthe Fancy,

caufe Barrennefs, ." Y md fo the reafon.For melancholtck blood abound .

Let diet, be thin.and of little nourifhmenr dingin the ve{fels of the womb, comes back to

~gg5, Beef 15 good, and frefh Fifh. Alfo Lettto the great Arteries about ~he Heart,by the ArtePurflane, Succory, Sl~ep little, think" not of ~:~ ries of th~ . womb, and infeds both VItal and

nery, labour, and. avoid Idlenefs, animal fptr1!s, and caufeth trouble- of Hear:: and

, J)elirium,whlle this Blosd is. quiet in the A~te:

Qy.efl:ion" Wheth~r u campbire cold or 1m or ries, there is no vapor that nfeth:but when 1~ IS

doth ?t quench Vr:nerJ ? .) heated or flirred up by any caufe, the Arteries about the back and fpIeen beat more than ordi-

It ~s hot, becauf~ it burns f'lilmes,is thin, pier- nary, and the vapors arife and trouble the Hearr. rh~' .

ceth," fharp and bitter.But j, had. <014 dr.1Is, They.re rad,and fun of thoughts and trouble e "fill,

a' eunng of ~urns apd. Inflammations, and hot •• he Heart, and <!lIllot exprefs their gnu; all

~b~-achebes. but t.hls 1~ from the likenefs of'the . things are redious to them: they ,!,eep and .11 ance, caufe It draws hot vapors to it, and . la.ugh without a oaufe : they fieep linle , and ~[chu!!eth, as Linfeed-Oyl that cures burns. Not with trouble and fear: they have OJ pam on the . at It a double fubfi<lnce: cold and hot tl left fide, and fometimes the lefe Breafi: their

• JVay be feparated ' x lat Jaws are dry. AU which are the e.ffe~ of a me-

Jj.xerczt.sc I'd . . • . . . . h d r. n:: d 11

~04 reli. S. V .. a l~ei"b e~lfe? ic byExperience, to quench lancholick vapor, and when t at IS ltCUne, a

!, ;. ~ne~y. ut 1 It be taken often it doth He eeafe, If it be old,it turns to Madnefs~and then

tried It but once. ' "', ~ . .' they are hrft filent, then pratlers, and think

they fee Ghofis. . . The ,Prog.

At firft it is eafier cured: but If it laO: long, lIofttc1;.:

and the,reofi not imagination, and will not re·

joyce with her Gollips, it is dangerous. They

often defpair and defire death, or hang rhem-

(elves or drown themfelves. If the manners are Th C

changed, it turns to madne[s. . e ure.

Obferve what progrefsthe dife~fe hath ~ade.

At firfi if bloed be llot,open a vein 9ften 1U the

. . 1- 4 Arm,

I '


Cha~.? Of the Melqncho!J of

Yzrgzns and Widows. .

, .

IT- is ~DeIiriu!ll with (a~nefs, trouble and wee"'r~ ~Ih fQm~t~m~s laughing, without a Feavlf,r.

~' . k


Book IV. OfPr(lflkal Pi .r: 1.

Arm if 1 ~)J IC,,\! Part II. Seet. 3 7· Of dn Epilepfie from tbe Womb. .

. . ,1 t Ie terms be not 11 If ' ... .

IP the Ankles fome daye b 0r.~ 1 they ana Artenes, It begets other Meafe,: but

Let her be mer, and e ore t ley ufe to it get> to the Nerves, or to the fountain of

l~nehQly,thu': Ta~~ Borl;epa,r and purge diem, it caufeth the Epilepfie.ln fome the wllole

wee ounces; Jjrup of tbe ~ ~n 8abn-,.ater~"A body hath a Convulfion; in others fome part gloJr, each a. ounce and hail" o[Borage and ", only, as the Eye" Head, Tongue, Hand or Leg, Dofes repeat them·fometi· MIX them fortlVO Old the outwardSenfes are dtver!ly taken. Some Iancholy. A" Take Sen j? lhen purge Me, fc< not, fame hoar not, fame fee and eannv' rlra,!, and half, Borage:fi na tx rams, Agaricl. rpeak: fome dote, and think they fee ftrange p.if_gzl; Citron-peel two dowr:rs 1nrfid Violets, ellc/} ~ l\lingfo, {orne cry out, and know not why. AU nr{h wine for fa; how" fims, In ufo them in R/x, lofe the fenfe of Feeling.

Viol", an ou'ce, Or' Tal:,n them, add SY"I . If the vapor be not very nlalignant, they re-

M."" Borage an Oil.,; B.,I: sl.or'd'era roots I.. turn to thel< work after the fit, as If they had

ounces, Agarick__balj an ~un 1/;t. ~,tn ifitl, ~enl1a foll7 ·not been 111.

Ij<edoa,y tw» drams, cordi,;:: Cltro.le#, 6 dr'tlJ', ,It i, known by what hath ,lICen raid: for here

half It poznr of tl~e juyce offijlowfl~rs It bm{dflll,add is not qnly a Convulfton, as mother EPliepfies: of Borage and Buglaft, fiee weet- ",,,d AP/'les~nJ but divers Symptom" as in Suffocation of the firam them, ndd fugar an/. them two daies thl, womb. They feldom foam at the mouth, beeaufe mon, rna" a Jjr.p : give t bal] a'i OUIKe of Cinn,'. the Brain i, not fo fhakeu as to ciufefoaming :

Alfo give Cordial" Confedi three ounces. nor is the vapor fo fixed in the roots of the

[pecies Exhilerants and IOn of Hyacinth n<cv",but they often do hear. .

to fueh as can bear it. C Confedion Alkermes It, is _ g<ievous, and hath grievOU' Symptoms,:

only the matter comes froi tU'C It as Melancholy, . but It, 15 not fo bad as, a tr~e EpIieph., And ,f flill regard that it dry n n Ih\wOnlb,thmfQ~ . JOu gIve prope< Medlem<>, It never rcrurne-

but ufe a moiflning bie~t t ie ody too much:

.. . • The Cure of the fit.

Cllap . Ufe things as in Suffocation of the womb or

. 7 or au E i t IC d fi d· ~

tb~ vF~"'l/ pltep;te from t~\~er tits; as Rue an Ca or are!JOo ag.nm<

Alfo out of the fix, you mufi cure it as the Mo~

thc~ uGng things ~ha~ ~efpea: the womb and. t-he Head. As, Take tlolly-roots, Scor,{ollertt, Mifleto

of the Oa~, each half an ounce; IJolipody of the ea'z. an ou.nce, Rue,pell1ly.royal, calflmintbs,eacb a handful; Se[eli, piallY, i1g1Tur. {aft"S [seds, each three ~rams; CartNamus·feedr brui[ed balfiln oUllce,flew~ ets of R.Q[emary, Sage, Strtchas, Borage,. each, twO . pugils;

THis Falling-ficknefs is 1V .

. caufes.becaufe ther . one than from other

for that maligna-nt va o~ -:r greater $ympto.ms: the Nerves, but the Vein ot~ not only fall 111[0

!he fame malignant v! an Arteries,

,::~tlqn, cauierh this; for PI or that cauferh fuffo-

. ._. . . ~v len I.e afcends by the

. veins

/lI dfrom the Womb.· u,

8 Pain in the eeo f h Head the ca1,.lfojO

• . h Membranes o' t e .

er afcends to t <: the womb. It is

~pl.r :.oGil them to fl pint and half,ftrai" and Ma~\eini and Arteries fr~d humors; fome-

puce of Bettony, Yarrow, Mercury, Mugwort,Senna, th or huinor from bi?ud from the womb.,

jive lJunceJ,Agarick_, EpitlJimum,each half an Olm,e: blQud that is thm,gods ets to the Head,

RhilOtlrb, CIO'lJe.r, eacb tW9 dram! ; Ani[e, Fennd. . to the great Ve{feh,an. g and caufeth a

j;d, ellch three drams: boil jirsin with Sugar,aTld 0 the Membranes _tt~re, or beating pain,

:balfim ounc« of Cinnamon; ma~ Syrup, give tJf14 t ulc«!atcd,or PhCt~:~rteIies being full

OWlC!?S. '.. earned throug The Signs.

And thefe PlUS rwrce in a week,a fcr!-lple ora .. . 1 be torn, and the

dram an hour afore Supper. Take PZ9i1y-r09ts, think thelr. H~d ~~1 d in the Head, or

Senna, each half an ounce; .Mugwort,Bettony, Rue, and lt 1S be l~re difordaed from

Tdrrow) each half tin ham/fitl, boil them,clarijie the th~ terms flow, or. be from a vapour,

Decoction, anti;ut't! of Mermry an MInce, AloeJ ~Il fent with th~ w~mb·lf.lt ceafeth prefently.lf

.linCI? and an .balj,Let .tt ft.tt le, POll r off the clear ,lifdi con re i~ no heavl1\ef~,. an l!inefs.. .

Rhub.arb fprlnlded wzthCl1l7t~mrm,.w~ter _two drams, the. a humor', there is hea d caufe watching. . The _Pf6g4 ,AgaYlc~. half an ounce, Mqfhch, Epzleprzcic..-lowier, ttthefe pains are greatha~lead.ach : but here 1t n/)511C~

eacb half a dram ~ with fyrup of Mugwort mal;g We have (poken of tr ~ confider what hu· The cure.,

piUs. . rom tne womb;ther-e or~d let them be pur-

To firengthen the Head and the Womb, and l~ f I) clfendin the wom'Q,ahe womb amenned,

to mend its Diflemper, Take Fecula ojPiollY a m~ and the diftelUp~r oft er of the womb.

dram, of Brion], Amber, Nifleta of the Oak_, each ge \~e {hewed in. the ?l~e~~e Loins~becauf~ ba~

balfa (i-ram,if B~:{.rlar-ft(me,Mlln.r .r0~1l,~ach aIm.. as Thel'~ is alfo a pam l~n~ofthe womb andAr

pIe: maf(~ apowder,glvf! balfa dram with Sr.or:{_o- h'mour) go from the rt and (0 are fent by th~

nera or Tile-ftower-·water,or with fugar ma~Roui!. . :ries to the gr.ea~ Vt:. e Slembran~$) and firerc .

An EleCl:uary. T~ke Conferve of Balm, n». ~apillar~veins l{lto:-t\l~ ~efe humour I) muft h~ve

flowers, Rofemary, Lilly-convair, $clJrzonertl-l"oots . h m and caufe,pru.n. t

cllndied, escb en ounce ; Diamofchll dulce a dram, f e per purges. .

powder of AgnuJ caflus feeds and Piony-roQts, caeb pro t ()f the Head .u the pafn

two drams; ).vith fjrup afStr1!cha.r. Quemon• In what r:~ from the Womb? .

. that comes by conJen. . .

. . behind:; but chtcf-: . is in theerown before ~ 0 ningof the back lI\ehini:l, by re afon of the ~o~b is nen'ous,and

~ith the ~h~~~r1:~~~nes of thh~ ~~~,:Jdt~:

confents WI -c\,.e Marrow of t e. t'!erveS

M¢ffibranc~ IA tn , .

.Chap, 8. Of Pain of the Bead from the Womb.

M Any pains come from the Womb : but the chicfef] and grearefl are in the Head; all over, or on one fide, or in the eyes.


Book IV. OfPra!lical PhyjicR_. P-art II S ct ~1.0erYofes fidfer with Nerves.either by com' e .';. chap. I~. of the Difeafes of the Sp/een,&c~

n matter or p . db mUllIca· .

of the Nerves is in :m'h~n . ecaufe the origin~ there beac, the: Hear.t being ov~r hot. Some-

women are more tl~ inder part of the Head, rimes the monon of this Artery J,S all the body caufe of the WombPamed there than men) be- over, and for a hot humor; the hot humors go

• to the heart,and caufe a Fever: but becaufethere

is little pntrif,a8:ion, it vanifhcth pre[ently. If the heat of the humors go to the brain by the ar[cries, there is madnefs. Some feek the: caufe in the veins, and fay that the arteries futfer from

the blood tOO in them.

You may feel it with your hand laid upon the TheSignl.

Hypocondrion, and there are figns of a difiempc::red womb, and melancholy from the womb, if heat eonrinue'in thearcC('ies)and go to the whole:

body, it confwneth it.

It is feemingly a [mall difeafe, but it is not The.PYo,'"

without danger, becaufe it comes from a bad lIqftiC~ caufe, that weakens the bowe Is.

It is cured as melancholy from the wOInb,and The CUl'e.

fiopping of the: terms, and 015 Hypocondriack .

melancholy from the womb which follows.

Chap 9 Of the Difea.fes of the He~rt~ tUld beating of the Ar.; teries In th~ Back and S· J

from the Womb. .. taes

Chap. 10. OftbeDifeafesofthe splee1f,and tbe Hypochondriack Difeale from the VVo·mh.

SOmetimes the Spleen and the Hypocondti .. ack futfer from the womb, [0 that you may

aoubt what difeafe it is.

It is from the wemb by the a~teries,th~ womb The Cauj'es.

hath two: one from the preparlDg artenes, ano-

ther from the Hypogafirick artery. That from.

the Hypo.gafirick goes alroofi to all part'S of the Abdomen,and moft branches of the [pleen: there-

fore, when bad. b}Qod is bred it) the WOJnb, and


THe Heart beats, and I .

~e Ihewed in the t ie Arteries a1fo, as

by evil vapors Cent by t1~r~n-fi~knefs) and it is from the womb, that arife f~~ertes to the Heart evil humors gathered i I m the terms and

. known by other Si ~n t ie womb: . and this is' flernpered Womb. g s and Symptoms o. fa di-

The Cure.

To difcufs the mali·

f!eart, give Cordials, as ~~a~~ Vapors from tIle

non of the Heart. as a . ap. 3· -Of Palpirater, and Epithems: Bags ~~~ Vta:? Cinnamon-wa-

The,Arteries alfo beat wi mtmcnts, .

WIdows on the left irh . rhe Heart, as in where there is a g ~pochonanon and Back bears in the backre~t rtery.and the Artery tha~

they which beat in ~h~~c of the gr~at Artery; Ictfer fpIenitick and' m~fentYP?khondrlon are the fore the beating is mo. . er~E branches; there.

Hhypochondrioll: but b~!I~pt ~ back than in the

. t e fame caufe, l u ianons come from

,1'I;e Cau[es. T~e Inflammation of rh "

of this beating, when evil ~ Arteries IS the caufe

the womb into the great b . umhors are fent [rem ranc es of the Arrery,


l1)e Siglll.

It. Of the tJij1emper Qfthe womh, &c. 121

Book tv, of Prallical PhJfic~ Part II. Sea ge~s alit of the arteries upward to the iln~k artery, it gets eanly from thence to ca:back ~rtery and to the Spleen, and the adjacent In the abdomen; and the foener Nature ufeth to fend bad humors to pam. Thefe humors are gathered by l1n~' ..... U;"'" 'ofTer~s, which though they feem to be

the vems, yet they get to the arteries by womb hath many and great veins more

Anaflomcfs, Therefore rhofe Women that than other parts. If then there be too much

hot. blood and their terms flowed not n .. rl .... )" in them, iteafily goes back te the hollow

~helr youth, are tplenirick, and ehoaks the heat of the Liver.audIo the

sn rll~lr age. is difiempered according to the humor. It

It IS known by a pain in the left fide and hr~ftIlIecCl~ crude & flegmatick blood, which fcent

~o the throat, .there is than breath, often the body, caufeth a Cachexy; and what

mg, the ~ell y is bound; they are fad and . come by the Liver, arc by content from

'Yhen thin bloud grows hot.there is . womb, as in fioppage of the Terms and

non over all the body, and chiefly the face ficknefs. .

fliddenly vanifheth, and there Me other Hipp4crates (peaks ~f a woraans Beard in!bae- 6. E.piJ.

Hypochondriacks. There cannot indure the Wife of pythzus,for ham have their be- fee. 8. arb.

fcenrs to their nofe, and growth from the reliques of the nou- .1.')-

. If it be not fpeedily cared, it turns to worfe ' of the noble partS, that is from the •

difeafes, as the Schirrhus of the fpIeen.·· part of the blood. And if terms

The b_lood is ~omm0nly too hor, therefore and vicious humors that ufe to be eva-

open a vern, efpecially when it is from the terns with them, are fent over the body, they

fropt. You maya1fo open the divers Dife~[es and Symptoms, and among

and then purge gently, and ofeea with Pills ref] the body of a woman is made hairy.and

Tart~r by !f.!iercetlw, of Ammoniacum,of Arillo! hath a Beard, which is rare.

Io~llla or Birthwort by Ferne!; or give Steel and things as 111 the Hypochondriack difeaies, lib. ~. part. ,. ~d In the Chapter of Terms 11opt, and r.ldanclX>ly from the: womb.

Chap. I I. OJ the Diflemper of the Liver from tbe W-omb, and of a Beard growing by conjeut from the Womb.

Chap. 11.,. Of the Difeafes of the Stomacb that come fi'orn

tbe Womh.

SOmeti:-cs. from C?n~e~t with the womb, the Chap. appetite is loft, dimmdhed, increafed, or de-

. prayed


· Of the Difeafes efthe Stom.'tch, r&c.

l~.. h·' T ke Aromaticum Ro[a-

thefiomach ~t ~~Ang~lica balf a fcruple, oJl

a dram, Extra oJ - dropr; with Sugar

clave>, Cillllamon, el~cb~: ive pills cf Aloes

ounces, ma~ Ron .I. g .

illd Mafi~h often.

Book IV. Of PYit8ical PhJ/ic~ Part II. s~a 'praYed, or there is Hickets, or vomiting, ing, pain or head-ache

'!'he emf!?s. this is which malignant vapors, the way large, rife from the Arteries of the womb.and ro the ceeliack artery, and through the flrick. And if they are hot.they caufe cold, they hurt concoction, and many times thong fymptoms from their malignity and qualzies.whofc caufes are not known. Hence it that women defire abfurd things, as rhefe get into divers pam to the ftomach,

Tbe Sigl!S. You may know when the fiomach is

by content from the womb, becaufe the ptoms abate and return again, when the comes to the flomach : there are alfo other of the womb diflernpered, and of the Spleen Mefentery by the Veflels, of which the matter is [em from the womb of the Stomach.

The Pro no- The Symptoms areworfe when they COI11f

fl· t. (g fram the womb, than wbe.n they come. from the

lC,\ .. : it '

ornach firf] ; nor are they curable, except the

womb be firfi cured. .

..... C It is to be directed to the womb and flomach,

!.fJe urc.

For if it come only by contenr, and there is no

diteafe bypropriery, when you have cured the. womb, the flomach difeafe vanlfheth of it felf, if you do but flrengthen the flornach.

If the (lomach be firfi affeti:ed, look only to rhar, Therefore firf] evacuate the humors that flick in the flornach, as we fhewed in its Diflemper with ~atter, or the humors willbe infected by the malignant vapors. A vomit rs here pro-

per. .

To help the Womb, fee for the Mother-fits and Suffocation, and for the Chapter ofthe Diflemper of the W0mb with mareer.rhen llrengthett·


f 'epttott' t~a:

l of B.iirem1efi aJJi want 0 con " '

• . f he Sii.'ed·ve{fels.. S·

, conforlllatIon 0 t, 1<, 1 ' Husbands that Toe tgns•

, d'l(Cover tlus to t W1l"

WQmen I' ," f 1

, ' ehe :phyfid<\o [oj." coun ef• ;. f 1 feed tpd The .Prog-

, women have ,tlot (\.lIt U " noJltck_.

1lC.~",nlr ... are barren. r ,h Thc GHr(.

"b Or Barrennef$ OJ Men~w ere.

For ~hat,fee Ld~' JtmeDts for the Loyps and

LtounentS an, . t~t that {hemilY ta\t~ more

of women , ' . th head of his Y ri

the man anoint e f P'" ~

.' " H' ns gall or the gallo a , le,.,..

Civit, orC - ,) ,

,1'';''0'·11 n T'1 LI SECTION. h Ot of it (elfhindtf~

~ l'- r ~ much Lct'i erYd ~ Lufi that follow~

'''._,"0''.' ,but wall ring

Of L S' t ... tth" b doth. \ [; me with thofeofwomb+ tl.tC "yl11p oms w Ie The~aures ~:-e t l~!. ~ fil'lr\Jtlefs,' and coma- 1\1enty OL lee", d

~re l' n Concepti on Ft~tr'l.Y,· ~ r- 'r f feed from l.oc meat~ an

(k.' . • nlotion, (h;lrpnCl~ ~ ke Luft and. fharp humors

Mcci\cines(\1at P'OVO e , , '

in the WOml) and feet T· ,bared by Medicines Th~s JUlt . ~'l;~cp'~~{t~5 Q~ feed, and allay its

tMe e~~~11g"1IH r ,.' J



.Chap .. 2.: Of Bal'~en;tefs, ana

want of conception.

, be luttful,and ccpnlate~

MAl' or woman may be no conception, or

, , ' and yet .there mOlY as Twins, or more, !he may concewe to? roany, anot\-lcr, which is or have one conce.ptlon afrfl~e conceives a Mote

',aUed Superfreta.tlOn, or ....

'or Mon{ter~ ; f &.'UitM feed fpe~t by ~ man,

Conf€pt1~ .S 0 s feed to perfe8:10Q for

and mlx~d With ah~odn::'fnthc retent1~e and a1t~r~ .:r.e ma1upg of a. cwo M ' log

I" l


Chap. I. OJ the deflre of ITener)' hurt,

THere are two Syrnptornes in Women n· bout copulation. The firfi lerchery loft) when fhe doth not willingly entertain a , man.or cannot: long endure him; or if the endures, fhe finds little or no pleafure, no , more than if fhe were outwardly handled. The

other is too great lufl, as in. Frenzy of th(! womb, when they cannot be Iatisfied by many tilen.

the Caufeis The defe8: ?t 2ppedt~ in luf] is from d~f~Ct?f

feed-or when It is cold, or there Wants SPB'lts In she feed-veflsls : The caufes of Want of feed are Ub.~. Part 9. Se!I.2~C.Jb oomttimes it. is from


132 Book IV. Of Pl'aElical PhJfic~ "U'''''~'.~Ir.haP •. 2~ 0fBrtrrenne{!, and"wanJ ofCon;~ptiQn. "

. ring faculty of the womb; hence it is cate a confl:itudon. 1" men at eighteen, i.n w~·

· that both feeds be fruitful, that is, hoc, full at fourteen, and men feldorn get children

Ipirits, and well tempered, and a fit fubject fixey, and women feldom bear the III ~f~

$oiil,and-that both ~cnd at a time, and fixty.. •. d f d' f . Fsli» .

.. ~;il~~' and retaine together, to produc-e . As for evil conforma~ol' n re bhc. ee .' o~~~ Flat. lib.l. wanted feed ... vehe s, or ~ ey wbre h fira: obfeY. tit. f:

;;~Iro the fucking of the womb is ne(~eli,lrY'lll1dlt"~;1' .' Some w0':llen arch arirenl': yt de ~b . vit alis mi-

that it Ihould lay it up and embrace it, and have children y t ie .1~con '" e- de reo.

there be no fpace between the feed, and the there muf] be a certain prepor.Clon between tus J'

Worn!:>. Sometimes the womb greedily fnatcheth feeds: and ,if they be wannng, they-are

and embraceth the feed.bur doth not keep ir,bDI :pro~.t:.tan IS hard to be.explamed,

lets it come forth two: or three days> afttr,or almoft jmpo!lible: for .we mufi :I1ot.~~y

kepes it to no purpofs.and brings it: not to attion firft qualities, for there are. oceult qualities

as In a falfe conception or mole. MoreovC'r,ti:fie feed,by which th.ey .agree.or difagree,

muf] be blood in readinefi ro gerehe Child, or The third caufe 15,. wh~n .the ~omb !Uc~s ace befprinkle it when it IS firfi formed, and to ngu· in the feed, nor recel¥e,5lt ~n ,11 right mJ~ner, as

rifh It after. when the attraCtive facultyis hurt, or l.mdered

. Therefore if terms be wanting as in girls, or divers diflempers of th¢ w~mab, or when a

be ftopr, or gone as in old Folk, exped no con- woman hates her husband. .. _

ceprion, If they flow not by reafon of labour and Attraction is hindered by tumors orulcers In .

too much exercife, the conception is not kinde- (he womb', or by its being difpl ... ced, as .HzPPiJ. S·Apf·4Se red, if there be but blood enough to form: t~f «aes : iheywho being .[ooiat.,. alld. co. nce.lve 1I0t,

Child. Hence it is that Women that are brought the mouth of their Womb is jJ~Pt up wltb the Cawi,

in 9~dJ conceive . again before they have their ani the) conceive not tillithey are lean. But the

terms. more probable reatonof a,ot conceiving, is the

]f. all there be right: there is conceprion.othe- neer of the feed rurmngmtc far. ..' ~., .

wife fhe is balTen,. which is l~ impotency ofrhe The.fourth .caufe is) ~he retenfion of the feed womh,th<!t keeps ir from flickmg In of the feed, hurtby.. moift diQ:emper, rhen the yt'omhls or from retaining, or from llourifhing it, an<i weak' and the fibres are loofe, fo that It cennor bringing. it into aCt. cont: a ali: felf to retain; and the feed by r~afol1

the Call[es. The firfl: is impotency in ~opulatioo,from d:e of irsflimiuets, cannot flick there. Alfo If the

c10fmg of the ~yomb, of which before, or other \Vorn\:) be too thick, not fteflty and fofc, and be evil conformation of the Privities, or an ulcer, nOt fprinkled with blood~a5it is in ferne by birth or-rumor in the neck 'of the womb. The fecond which makes them barren, and In fome after

is the breeding of unfruitful feed;Jrom diflemper ihey ceafe to conceive. . .'

· of the y ellels and flones, or, reo cender ~4 ':!eli- If the or ilice of tHe womb gape after h~rd tra-

M 3 yet


c ••


i3'~ ~aok IV. O!Pl't<tflical Phyj!c~ Part. n.s., vel and a:b,crt1on, by which rhe fibres are loofned and ,~eakened,and the retention of the feed hur] And ifa woman after Copulation cough neet'

, ~~y .our, dance, or be angry, or frigh:"d t~~

fame may be. ' , "., , .. , Ut

: 'the ~_frh caufe of ~atre~ne[s, is the hurt of the .a1tcl U1g faculty,\vhlCh bnngs in the forih arid a~'mto feed: for if there be not a due propernon between the womb and the feed, thlre is Barrennefs, as, Seeds are choaked in M:lrl'hy. ground,. or die, or are ~)Urnt in dry and [andy

S. AJJh. SZ ground. [0 mans feed 15 fuffoeated in a m6m vfOmb~nd dryed up in a hot. Hippoct'atei [peaks

Of th.~rue .proportlon of the womb-as it is find c l~r1m tim 01' that feed,rhus: Womt>11 riM f)'we thlCft a~d cold n;amhs c01:cci'fJe not, aml trey W;)ojt womb H toa ,mo~fi: for they quench the ft!.:d.· Not do they C01lC~l'tle IfJltt bmi« df'? and humin? w,?mbJ ' for the feed IS coympt8ci in them for WI!l1t ;f no!!rifll: ment; T!Jey wlJo /lYe ofa meat: temper between th;'{f are J tmtfil. )'J

. The Ian cauf!!, of~rrenn~rs, is want of Men· flm~I.blood, wh~ch IS necefiary for the £irfl: for, manon o[rhe child. Therefore N urfes that have *!illeR milk conceive, bec1ufe the blood is car. pe~ to. the breatls.

, Therefore all thefe :c:!ll.[es are reduced either to impOtency m C0p,uJation, or dillempet of the Stones and Se:rl~v~nels, or evil confottriiition,ol' a cold aud J110lfi dl~emper of the womb, whith c~bt'!ot attract, detain, ~nd alter the feed;' fom¢c t>~rile5 a hot and dry dtftemper that catlnot'rtou· tlr~,the fee~, or fr?m the enlJrging ofthe'Orf: 'fiee a~tt thtld~hearlng, or from Humors or be: .l~g difplaced, or the firJluic(s of the ve1teIs, ot htOI: of 1"~rm5l Of too .ffi1rtV.

OlaI"; I. 'Or Em-renne[s, ~Mcl wdrit ~fCOiiifpti{)H, 1~~

Hence w~ may ga~herothat barrennefs is oftner from a fault in the women than th~ men: for ill men .rhere is nothing required but fruitful feed lpentinto} fruitful \V.omb. But women befides themeenog of chelr own' feed,'. muf] receive, retain. and nOJarifh the marts: and aford ·matter for the' forrtlltig of the childJn which divers acddents happcn".1nd any of ~hefe willcaufe Bar!"'

(entrefs; ,

Mark al[o i~ thdekands of eaufes, that fome

do nor .prGpe!ly .caufe hartJ$nefs: but only hinder cp~cept1on fora time, ,~5. t~e clof1ng of the womb, fma:\nefs of (hePr~lltleS; thefe do

not umpffca\1fe barrennr(s., .

Some brmgotherexterna{,caufes,as .eatmg the Jl)a. An;)!~

h~artQf a Deer,or if fhewear Jec' about her, or' cus cap. de jfHatts.tOllgueb~ hanged 'abou~ ~r~d:: If 4lae flail.

walk over the terms of anoth~r;or tread upprt

lhert:i ullaWareD,or ai\:'\mt with them, or pijt,thc

luyc~ :'?fMiots'ihtO :ler worn~. . . . ,

Some :n'e 'born fo, from a 'funtt 10 the w:omb ,; The Diffo-

~,ther~, aren,ot'{111lply barrel1,lnititfrefpeec of .the rences. hl;i.~,a~4, \Yh~n~hey have ~noth~rliu!.l?an~" are

tnilt'ful. 'S6ffie' are barren till' the' confhtut1on of

the ~V9¢~b~ cha~geJ.. Some 'Qrit:tgforthat,fir~

,~ndtnen by fo~e f3l\lt grow b!m·en~. " '

lIowJhall we~no'Y tha~ a ~,,()man lsbarren'?' 1 be Sifj1.s.

FirRili,t! utnefa.1l1t be Irt;the man 01' woman,

t.i~. 3' .of ~;erilil, ill, Men.' "FdtWOm~nfeeif

they ~rtapr to yenery , or not, .or ~~cCClve the

latd fit1Y"", Search 'if~'l1athf;Oodfe~d anfw¢r~

able to the ¢.an, or whether !be hath ufed quen-

ochers df feed. '110\\ may knew that the fpenderh

little -or 'no feed, if the har.h Ji ttle ,or no pleaf,\lr~

in the aEl:. Unfruitful feed, is known by a dif-

cafe i.~ the !t1Dmh, a cold flnd moift diftemper~

M {). t;~

H~ Bqok IV. OJ Pratlical Pl;yJic,<: Part.II$ea~1 2. Of Barrenne[s, ·and want of Conception.. 137

the figns whereof are mentioned; 3 foul is not curable; Hippocratesfaith, That Bar- 2. Prog,no[.

thews the fame: for good feed cannot be rnaa~.,l'tlnpIS from Ulcers is hard to ,be cured. A \yo- 3·

of bad blood. that conceives not f~om dtfagreement with

It Is hard to fin? whether the two feeds have husbands conftitution, by anm!ler husband,

the right propornoQ, QI' the womb agree with . time may be cured.or fome d~fiemper that

the mans feed. Yet temperate with temperate fierility may he mended With llhyfick.

are v~ry !ruitfuI,be~dufe they are both of a good Take away the caufes,amend the diflemper of Tbe Cure.

confhrutl?n. But mtemperate couples are bar, womb whether with matter or WIthout mat-

fen: but if one temper be good, it may·men~ is to 'bt: mended, which caufcth either 0.0

the other, and Ihe-may .conceive. -. . that which is unfruitful, or not ccnveni-.

Ifit: come from a Medicine that deflrovs tho fee Part I. Sell. 2. Chap. I. . ....

feed, fhe rvill tell, If Inchantrnent be th~call(e; lake Medicines of an occult quality are befl ". choughjhey love: yet they cannot copulate, As· Take RlJck!t-(eed, siler montane; ead: half a Or whereas they toyed each other.now they f~11 IY~; Ivofy-j1Jtlvings, Cinnamon, NHtme~, each ft. our without a caufe. Jr.1m; Must (in!ucb as may ) three g~azns,wbltt!. . Ask the womanhow her womb doth att(ilCt Sanders tbree irams,m.1.ki It powder: gIve a dral'!\

retain, and cherifh the feed. If it have a tumo; with Wine; , ..

or have matteror not? Whether there ·be Ii: natu~ 'r 'fake 'Species Diamo[cI.'Il, Dlambra, eaeb a ralheredirary imperfedion! Enquire concerning iram'; tbe M.1trix of a !,are~a Bores:lhmes,an~ rht:. her Family, if m,~?Y were barren, whether fhe Tard nJ4 Stag,eacb half It dram; Nutmeg, cznll~~, hath had hard u;av,el or abortion? -whether the lIton, cloves, R,lJck!t-[eed, wild parfnep-fe.ed, eacb. It; feed comes ~waY_p'r.ereijtly atter.or ar a difian~c~~ aram; Muslz~· Amber, each four gr,(l[ns,; wzth· after (orne day~,; If (o,then the womans feedis ~ugilr as much .as aU, give two drams til ~tne,

. unfruitful, orthereis a difiempel," inthe womb A confeCtion: Take[weet Abnonds,piflac?a.e.s,

charkeeps it from cherifhing the f~ed. ~. _ . Pine· Nuts, Hazel-Nuts, each an ounce; Cttron-,

If the Ter,!!s be w~nting., they are yiragoes) teel!, 'G,inger, c loves, Cinllam?n, tach half a dra"?.;, and have hair ~n their Ch~·ns, qr they are far, Roc~t-fe~d tWQ dram.s: gwe a fpoonful at bedand feed turns mto fat; or they are very Jean, Ii e

becauferhey want blood.·. mo'r make this March-pane. Takefweet AJmon~i

s! Apho 59. .Hipl'oCrtlte.fprQV~s Barrennefs thus: . Fut ~ pRY ounces, Pii1e,Pijtachaes, Hazel-nuts each tw07;

Fume (taith he) under tbecoars of a WIman, and ~unces- Diambra, Diamo[chu,eltch 4.dram ; Ivory

. let he: ht? d().[e cloqfped ab,?ut)alld if~e fc-ent come to half a' drarn, Cinnamon half an ounce; ,

.l'?e No[e,.(be 7~ not barren ; and be bld; ,'JU put Gfir· An EleB:uary. Take Con[er'1.JI! of Ro[mtaryfi:x;

bcJz c!eaf/fed tnt» the womb, ,lnd if JIg [m.ell of it at ounces, D?gs-jfones candied two ounces, Orobu~,

tbe mouth fo~ is fruitful., Scbin~s· rein;; Bores-flones, Sows-wom~s,Deers.prt-

1~e Fl'og7lo· A natural tad ditpofition that cauferh Barren~· ~Jties Ivorv TfJrne'P·ftul, Felfllel, Nettle-foed, ]{ocl:.:

Nl~ ~ ) "p . . el,

~.~ . ocB

~1r.tp. ,. of Barrellnefs for t!;~ time, &c. , Hortey_bathS,pdfaties,Fumcs,and other nfiriogent Topicks that frrengthen.

If the mouth of the wombgilpe,tnake a De;

'coCl:iot1 in wiite of Mil'tles, Mafiich~ Wood:. " vines, olives~ wormwood; cyprefs-roots, COn.1~ ftey, Snakeweed~ Cinql.1efoyl~ R.e~ ~ofes, Po~e~

granate-f\o ... ve~s., f6~ent ~he PnV1t1e~, ?t ,-wltH

p6wdet of Mafiteh" F ranktn£enfe, All \IUl" W cody

Aloes maite ~ FMit. ,'; "

Other ,I)1f~llfe!are to be cured, as before

!hewed. '" "'~~':~. "

Let it be to [ncreafe feed,of much g'Obd juyce, The Diet.

In ,the -time:of Copul\1tiou) a\T~id pafilons, ange::> .: .. , _~ .. ...

fadnefs feat. Let love be Invited, and If It

h1irtl,~here, ,~ill ~ny Spirits, tlie 'tc/ thewotn~

aM \lrivltW~\;' ':~ .:

Book IV. OfPra8ica1 Phyfic~ part.n.S.4,

~et,Clary)wild lYIu/lard,Mch tW{) dralt1~ _; Pine-nut .. , [w(et Almond;, ead: hatf ati ounce; DtatnlJ[chu dill: cis a dram, oJlof Nutmeg hyexpreiJlCn twa dram!, witb SJrup o[nettony ma~ an EleElllftry, Or ufe l1'iphera without Opiutn.

, Or ufe naths, Infef1ions,Fomentation5,Fun)~,

and Baths after Terms for five days.

Take BriollY, Ma_(f(rwort-root!, ,Mel'cury, M"g. wort, Pelln)'-ro)'al, i}f.11j~r"m, Bayes, Sagl!, Moth~r. worr, Juniper-herde; and UiP!, m~aBarh.

Or: ufe Sulphur~baths of Allum, Niter, Bitu·

m~J1; Thefe do much good. ,

A Fume. Take Labdallum, Storax, Calamiu,

BtrI'{_oill, each two drams; Wood Aloe; a ftYlljJk, i!fusl.;,_ fix grain;, witb injiJjioll ofTraganth madl

in [{_1re~waUr, 'mal?! Trocbes.

" Make Peflaries ofg~een Mercury ;ap.d Motll~r. ' Wort. Or,Take Ma/ttch, Storax llqutd,l?ac);,'ftillf an ounce; Balm, Nep, Merclll'J) each a dram; ctJ'Uu,Nutmegs,each half It dra1/f; Ci1.!et htt!f.1 fcru· ' pte, with WdX tna1.:5 It P~]::uy. After Baths and Fumes, anoint the Peeten and Nl~d 'with this :

Take Oyl ofKeir balf an ~urtce,OJl diftiHcd oflrfar. , jfJrlttn d Jcr.uple: oIclo1Jes half airuple,l)fNutm.e~1

/Jy exprefJion It _drdin;Storax llqutd tWd drams,Ctvet , .. na Musi;_"ea.ch fix grains 1 wirh. Wax m4~ (t'Liniitt~ht. After bathing-let her have lUag upon her Bdly, of Balm, Calamints, Mints" Motherwo,rt, and Wine. ~ter. Jill! wear Plai(ters upon her Loim _nd Perinzarn, till the week betore her Term,S. As,Take the Plaijli!.i' for the lfforh'el'/'iti DUnCe, Sf))rex liquid, car:tni14,each tWI) drdffr/ ; Galfirt mof ;.hlf,td ball a ,dl"fltn, ,ayl ~f CloveslJalf It flru/,/e, ,~f Nutmegs byexp;>e!firm it bam", w,'rb Oy! oj Kett, ' ;nate a Flaifter. 'If the womb be.too luofe:1nd f!ippery, ufe Clyfiers of juyce 'Of Mercury, whh

, Hon~y

. ~ . " .....

, Chap. 1'- Of Barrenne/s~ for tbe , time ',Ind Conteivinf;{e/t(fJm. '

. '.,

SOme Conceive thefeventh, eighth, or ninth ~ year after \veddwg: fome prefen~ly, but not after th~firfi: any more, or not in many

years after., " .

_ .If Virgins marry ~for~ fourteen,they conceive The Callfu.

tiot; er if the confhtut1on of the womb be b~c!,

or the Seed.. Some conceive not from the dif-

agreement of: Seeds, till di~ir conflitution be

changed." <.

. They who want Terms,or have,them11ford~r- The Signs,

IVI or are {iekly" feidom or never concewe w!th

~hild, or nave·had hard Travel, or a dead child;

~btne are \yeakned, [0 that after the firfl child,

't11ey have nQ i\iength to conceive. .

All rhefe will be related: whether {he be mar-

, ricd

Book IV. OfPranical PhJflc~ ·Part.II.Sect.4,

tied too foon, or had hard travel, or abortive or had a dead .child or a Mole. If rhefe were n~t rhe feed and womb have not a jufi proportio~ with the mans.but it may be alter.ecl by age.

1tbe PrognoD. Jf,[~e womb be . much hurt after hard traveJ,or Ph~ ~ny .thm~ turn l~ l~,O,r broken, theyfeldom conceive again. And Ifawom~n marry at a npeage, and have np remarkable Dl(ea[I!,and conceive not prefently, (he is not (0 be accounted barrenbecaufe fo~e pri\[~te indifpo[J~io!1hjnc,lcrs Conception, wh~ch after may bealrered, and fhe may

provefnlltfuJ." '.' ; .. . .

A ",{oman .rhaz marries tQO. 'Young, .sftf( ,fht

1fJe Cure. hath once conceived.and ,l1e11 ceIl1~·th,.n1Ufi "f.

Venery fparingly, til,! lbe,grp,«:~Me·r,chatfhe may recover the flrengrhfhe lof] iQ;ber .tidl trd. vel. And if a woman marry at ripe years, and ~onceivf.s' ~.~. by reafon of .rhe ,_drin~(5 of her Womb,~: 1et'i,lfier ufe BathsvFomencacions and ~mC?l1i~~'\~~j,~ies. If Ihe conceive not from weaknefs nr~Jigthen the womb.and let her not

ufe Vesery.ofren, ..

, If Virgins be fick from feed retained or terms, let them mar~y.But if rlrere bea fault in the Liver or 'Spleen, or the whole body~ that may be encreafedby Venery, it is better that they be cured before they be marryed, And if they cannot be cured) Iet them not be married,

_If the womb be diflernpered by Birth or.

Difeafe.cure 1t as In difeafes of the womb. If it be from a M01e or Flux of blood, cure it as it

hathaild fhallbe t11Cwecl.'· '

If it be from-a dead child, firfl cleanie it with juy~e of ~kr(ury '. and then puc.Treacle or Mi~ rhridaee ditlolved lOW th€ wcmo.or with a Pef· 1ary : or givcthem outwardly.



Chap. 4. Of Conceptiol1,anJ FormIng of the Chilc/.,

COnception is an action of the wOl?b, af~er

fruitful feed both male and female ]5 receivd mixed.and nourifhed, and its firc:ngth is fiir .. rcd up to do its office .)Fed and Ccema diffefleecl is that which comes from both male and female, hut Crema·i5 that which is mixed of both,andis called Conception,which produceih a Child.

This Conception is prefently,when two feeds seers it) the womb.in lefs than feven hours after they are [pem,jf the heat ef the womb preferve them, Nature is not idle a moment,btlt prefenr-

ty falls to conformation. Therefore HipP(Jcrates .

uith, that the beginning of Conception is to be Ltb: ,~ reckoned frc.m the day that the feed is retained, gentt. and iffhe conceives not from the weaknefs of the

feeds or womb, the feed will fall out, in feven .

. days; for IJifPocyatf~ faith, That, C()lIceptio~ and L_rb. ae ft1~ Abortioll are Judged tn the fame time.as It difeafe, urn. pa_rt~. ~ealth and death are judged. And Ariftotle faith, ~ ~e bdl. Iffeedremains witbiIJ tilt the !e1Jcnth day, tber« is ani. c. 3·

certain Conceptioo.

.As for Formation, the Soul lying in the feed, makes its ewn houfe,for all acknowledge a formingfaculty,and you mufl then fuppofe there is a fubfiance from whence this faculty flows. And

. though Arijtotie faith, rhat feed _is· a living creature in powerjnoe that there it IS n,ot the e~~ce of the Soul in the feed1 and that 15 not a living trtature in refpea of the firfl act;. but becaufe it h not come to the fecond aEt, for want of fit In-ij,tSJ which bein~ perfeCted, it hath the fe. ro~

Book. IV. of Pra[/ical Phy~ci~: Patt.n.s.ea.<\! Cb2p·4· Of Caflcepuoll and fanning of tbe Cllitd. cond ad: and all its operations, which for defe1 nundred and fourteen Children at once, being of Organs, it cil.nnot pr?~uce.. : thefe are 10 feldom.that they feem in ere-

There are divers optmons of the nme of Fop

matlon,thev are beG: that fay the membranes are I fpeak nothing of the Caufes offuch mon- Th C .r: {irf1 made,~vhich wrap the child with the Navel. Ilrous Pr.od1.tai'~ns,but of Twins, or of three, or e a"Ju, veffds, by which it is jovned to the Morhen four .. It IS certam they are goe at one time: and

womb, and receives nou.rifhment for the child. d!!fel's from Su:perf~tati()n, which is at ma-

Then aU other parts are made fooner or later, 3i times. And you mufl: not impute it to the di ..

the child requires ford .1gnltY or neceffi t~. Cells of the womh : for women ha~ no fuch

We intend here to [peak of womens difeales, Cells, but. only a Line that divides the Jefr-Pde Therefore there are three things required for the from the :lght : .but It comes from die divifion of

Formadon of a Child. I. Fruitful feed from both feed inro divers parts, and the ltafi forming

parents, in which the Soul remains that hath a in the fideis compleat, and makes a Child

forming quality to make its own habitation. 2. every part of It •. And becaufe the cavity of the The' mothers blood is required to inlarge the won:b cannot admit fo man~ ~artS of feed,being Child ro p~rfe.:ti@n. 3. There is req,:ired a good bIgger than a Bean; and If It do admit them

confiitutiop of the womb to nourilh the (eed, can the feed be divided at one copulati(j~

and fiir elre concealed force. If rhefe three he [0 many parrs ? I fuppofe that fuch women

ri~ht, ~here is a child t~at is fo~nd and perfect, naturally a larger womb,fo that much feed

that Will be born: but If any or rhefe be want- . And as Twins are begot at the fame

jng, there are Twins or more, and other faults, IIm~, [0 they have but one Placenra.or part tha.t of which in order. . . rec~lves the Navel-veflels of both, but they have feveral Coats.

,It is har? to know whe_ther a woman have con- Tl. .

Twinns, only their belly is Dot even but Je Sf.{.n!e

Qivid~d with [earns and wrinkles; and the w~ight [scommonly greater, and the motion is not one

NAture hath ordained that a woman fhould alike.

conceive but one child, in there and other I~ a .woman h~V'e tWO Children, and he weak, .

countries e[pecially, and that every year) ~e IS In d~nger m her era vel. Twins of one Sex T~ .Prog~

in many places file hath more, <;me had nve at !Ie more. lively than of both Sexes. And one is noi'l'~ every Birth,twenty at four ~yi~gs 111. . A. Marga· ~ expf:rter,CC weakec .tn&. fhorter lived than tbe

ret the cosnrefs of . HoJflem, m t\1e time of the W\tr. .

·Emperour Henry the Seventh,had three hundred

11 srv four at one labour. And another counters

i!l:;~'~ time of Frederick, the Eleyemh, had five


Chap. 5. Of tbe Generation Twins, and many Chile/reno

144 Boo1{. IV. of Pra:lical phy(ic~ .

OJ the"ill formation of th,e child.

Chap. 7. Of the ill Formation of

the Child. ,.

11 is fe1dom thata Woman hath at divers Copulations, but it is tonlctimes;IIN the Formation of the Child,there are divers

and is called superfxt{ttian,that is, a new. Svmptoms·. T· In the weaknefs ,of i:ne child

S.Aphol'.l S.don after the forme~, Though Hippocr.ate~ ,pans are m~re or fewer to whichyou may

Tb.tt the nyJ1irb of the Wombafter CancepllolllS fo HermophrodHes~ 3· The parts are greater

that y~u cannat put in a Needles point, yet a lefs, as Dwarfs or Gyants. 4, There is fame

wirh child may take fuch pleafure after, out O'f place or Ihape, as Hinories thew a·

may a Iinleopen the womb to receive leec.rldal11tly

again, and draw it in, which may form You m~fi find the Caufes in the feeds, terms, The catifd.

child. .' error in Formation:the Caufe ofrhefe

'l'heCaufo!. , Therefbre the caufe is the plcalure the the aaion hurrof the forming faculty. This

man hath, which opens the womb again to not a\ways,froffi it Ielf, bur from the unfitnefs

traB: feed. And. it is neceflary that the feed the mmer,and fault ill the place which keeps

ceivcd be in its proper membrane, and pec from the inrention:for attions of iJ8:ive things

receptacle. not but in~ difpofed pacie,Flt.S<"!me:imes there

. Thefe come fomctime& fooner, fometimes extraordmary caufe,as lITIlgmatlon, when,

The Diffe- rer s fomeLimes. the fame day or the Mother is frlghted~ or imagineth firange

rences, fometimes long after •. Sometimes they or longeth vdiementlv for forne meat

third Supe)f:ewi07i, 10 that rkey have tWO if Ihe have not, the child hath a mark of

children,and one mifchanc€. . colour or Ihape of wliat {he defired,of which

The Sig1l!. It is .known only by the motion of'the are many examples. . .

when it is conceived long after the firfl. But 1 doubt wherhcf an errors In Formation;

, The PrQgnlJ-· It is dangerous for the Mother~for fear of together upon the imagination; for the

flic~ tion,and fo~ lofs of much blood by tWO births and humours ate troubled by the PJffions

no great" diflance pf nmc. . . the miNd, and fo tlow f0rceabte immediately

The Cur!!. Ids hefl: to leave the whole work to Naturej the womb or other Plrt9 and this difiurbs!~

and Women ought to rake heed of Su),erfreta. faculty in its work. Alfo the fb~mtng ...

;ion; therefor~ after .~hr.y have q>,ncclved, 1~ being overcome with plenty of htimors, Auth()r~s

them meddle no more. wanting fpirirs that are gone another way; fenteTUu;~

by chance make an ill ffiape; therefore the

s of the mind are the firfi caufes of error Formation,and imagination helps by fUrring

N up

Book IV.

Of Prallical PhJflc~

ora child turned into a'St£1nt.

. ~41

, Chap. 8. Of a Cbill turne'd into a Stone.

up the appetite. There are the common of Formation.

ethers are dererrninate errors.not fimply

the imagination by the paffions which have dettrminarion to fuch a thing; but no other n Albo{zu; Dofier at Sn!on? and Simeon.fro;,

em be befides the imagination: but how fhcva'rcher of Lingo, 'Phyfinan of Se1um,wm,of

reas she former facuJcy for the ' in French and Latin, .

iuch effeeh,lt is hard to be underfiood,but I fhall give my opinion with ~the:~. r

mull be (orne imagination: and the ' Two things are to be obferve~ 1~ ems w?nder.

culry, thatit may impart the fpecies fent ful Hifiory.; rirfi why the chtld,m the tl!fle of

{he e:~rernll fenfes to the forming faculty. tr!vaH being.dead in the.\vomb, did not funk as

Ann thi: is rhccaufe of the content of the is ufual,or kill the mother fuddainly, or was not

per and lower faculties: for the foul is the' carl: out by degrees bdng;rOtten ?, Secondly, By

in the whole body,and every where fitted Ivhat force the child was turnedmro Stone l

the fame faculties: but it doth not excrcife For .the firf], The: mother: lived twenty .eight

in an parts, buc by the proper determinate years after {he hadthis d~ild; rherefove ,~t]5, not

gans or Infiruments. credible that rhe womb Vi:asfo col~,that It mighc

And though the child hath its foul, yet . purrefa8:idO,. as fome. thInk ... It fee~s

it is in l he womb.it depend~ upon the foul moh::-:probab1e to he, that ~he~e quefhons expla-

mother,as the fruits partake of the life of the Dltion.depend upon one prInCIple; for the c<II:fe

while they are upon it, therefore it is nrl~hll'IPII thae made the Hones hardne1s, kept the-chIld that wharfoevet moves the faculties of foul from putrefadioo,bul: what that is,it is obf~u,re.

the Mother, may move the fame in the Child . Manv fty to the effidellcyofthefirft quallt1e~)

Hence it is rhat while the forrnieg Qperaterh others to drinefs, others to coldnefs, ot~e~~ to

the feed and womb of the mother ,if any both. r acknowledge heat! cold and dr!ueis to

be (ent to the imagination of the mother be hdping caufesfor breedlO,g of Stones In m~n~

the firongly conceives.it may make an body; but ~h~ chief c~ufe 15 a flone br~edIDg

upon t he Child, yet every imagination juyce, or fpinr, of which I have Ipoken at

make this imprcflion, but that which makes I

u~, . k'

great admiration or terror in the mother .Theprinciple,s of Generatl~e were wea ,In

the forming faculty is at work, as when fhe this child, and Impure, and this ~one brcedmg

holds one, with fix fingers, fhe brings forth iuyce was miXed :vith thc;:blood In t~e humors;

like-or when (he produceth hair.where it hence it IS, that It was no~ born alIve, as io, a

not be.or the likenefs of'.a beafl in any mole bred in the womb)whlCh women h.ave _nlt

when fhe fecrh any thing cut or divided with they are oW and diew1th it, and yet It flInk.

~Ieaver .the brings forth adivided parr,or a N ~ nQI!>


BOCJkrlV. of ['raEfjedl PhyficJ(; rart,n._~~ .. ,"-,_ 110 m~re then, flones bred In mcf] prrrs, there 1~ bucrhis Hiflery of fuch a: Birth,

.~~ of a Mole. 14,9

"l'~;nl.\'; Ids neithl!f from heaqlo~ ccildptiriCl~

from the error:'Of rheforl1lingfa(ulry.

np\I,:<r..,."h.1rd w'bekkDownbbe!.orte the f~ldrr.~l Tlie sign!, then they l'..re'; n()Wt1, y rue 1 .as can 1-

.in~uil:h~t.-vcen[themotiot:l'of wirrd and.a child.

rr is flefh and. Mafs without bones or bowdf, tum-froiJdide toTtde,it fa'Hstike

g~rten of an imperfed conception inflead of tq.thar.fidefue ties.on,· and ishea,V'y~.~·· i~

a ~IJJld. The L.at}ns call it a Mole from the hYOiOt-tOn, ids \tr~mbling and b~atU'lg,

wel~ht, be~al1fe l.t rs troublefom to Women, as and.d,ibtion like a Splihge. If

a MII11on.c in ~.tln called L.1p;s Molar~s. ,. the time (hat the child fhould move, the~e

, ,'the Dijfo- Sometimes 1t-l5' unfhapen fldh wirheur bones ' ~otit)n~ ~ .. d ~~kie:I1y'f~ell$,and rhere IS

rencer, o~!y .rull. ofve~ns, with a skin over ir,and norhmg iignofa Dropfie.,lt,lS ~. ~gl1_ of a Mol~.. '.,

, ~lthm? but, I~ke the Parenchyma ofrhe bowes, Thirdly, In: wome1f\VKIl, child, there lsMllk-

p!t ': Salts Sometimes 1~ is m~~tmmousand fibrous,wirhOlu . the f{)urthmoflth,buc In a Mole {he brcafls

di«, :'1 tIlt: Ihrpe. Sometimes uis long.round.or like a quare there is no true milk, 4·,They are more

nst.tn anti- ry of glafs, or like 3< brute Beafi. Some hare an4faim, and JU1!1fe more pain in their

n.arum. brought fortl~:threeMoles like mens yards. ·,amt.;groim. . , ... .. . '

Some arc like congealed blood. or rhe P~en. Ifit' be 'W ir~ a, quick C1~i1d; : It IS ~~rd. ~ ~e '

.!a of rhe womb, into which rhe nsvel-veflels ae but It .rs known' by· us weIghr IF! tl e

inferred ; ferne grow ood arenourifhed.aud feme which a,e perceiv.cs when (he gft'5 up to

have ao obfcurefenfe. , Sometimes thtyarefent moves from fide 1:oftde; fome are rhen

€Jut, a!une,fomttlrn(s WHIr or before the child,lj)f anti' .. vdI tol~u(led •. :'. '

whichthere are many Hlfi0~ie~.. Some bring thewomh andwl101e body :.if it be The Progno-

forth Monflers for Moles, . . -is Iefs di%ngerouS: when It 15 ro~r, J[ flick:.

'fbg ;auft,r. It is fromrhe e.rror of rhe formingfaculry,bm caf] on the third or fourthmomh. SometImes

the Caufe of chat 15 obfcure, I ruppole it is from ul'ceriti!s or tears the wciOlb,and cauferh gr,cat '

both feeds, when the forming faculty is weak, ;ng. $6rn.e haPlfe·been c(lfi our or drawn~t

and.the feed litrle and not good, and overcome t -danger: fome'grow old WIth ,chemto, Fabr. amt,

by much blood, and can make only veins and find no ioconvenknce bii't the wClghr. . 2 obrer..~ ') s·

pl~m~ranes and not a whole ch-Id. Sometimes To pre'lcot,uke hculnfVct1ery·in rhc term" 'rIg Cul"l~.

1r IS In Widows only from their own feed and 'ttle (e'rm~,ol'WheD the body IS fculor

blood. ;:10r the womh. . . •.

,A Mole is fooner bred when the blood is im.Whenid~,l:ake ie away prefendywlth rhmgs J.Dt morb;

pure, and untie to nourifh, and is made when fend forth a dead Child. HippocMtes fhewetil mlllier.

alley copulate in the tlowlDg of the terms that are rheCure .in few words, fi·rft fa "nent the whole b6~

. . LwcIeall! '&c.· .

N 3 There

Cha p. 9. Of a Mole.


10. OJ lrfonners, &c.

Book IV. OIPr(/[fic.11..Pbyjic~ PJ.rt.I~.Sea~ half an ounce with the Decoaion af{mf;tid,(t~d

Thi;:refot~jf (he be:plc~borick;le~ l>lopd la Vineg!lY? matt{/, catap!a[rn for tiJe Keglon

in the foot at divers nmes., .,,';:d', womb. Take away pam wlth Anodynes

Thea p~rge often ,wiB~ jlrong Phyfffi.kt.1 T~kellmel1C10ltled in pain of the womb ~ keep up ihe

. Al thlflf~ l.ttjy-rooH,; lI1ch·~a.Jr an'li~~~(" Atl gth with meat of good juyce.

ilffr~t~rJ, PelLi.tiJry;-Brm!~lA.rfil1e;! eQLh·./J ,m'JII41UI:1I

Cbfl.trtpmii, MeJilop.jJow,tr-.J.;; ·M.aI)~halJ : lIe . ~efiion. whuhtr a Mole be without the com-

F.:enu.greek_and Linfred;eacld~ dra.m'S:;bayl pan] of i Man, and without bis rud ?

B)'~MP. 'f4. a phwitnllddIwe:f B~t.ter,::OY.{

Almo~ds~. Liliies; MGb 4lif)ulICC it 11Jtlkf.j /JJ. To fpeak freely of rhis which many doubt ; 1

rl'pe.1t it often~' . \; !,"',. .': _ .. .: ::-.' that many are made of a weak mans feed,

To Con- ,Mak~ Bllcns,LiUin,-dht.<$ : . with the womansfeed,and much blood :.

'fluer all In- move ro,c Tc;'fm~ ):wi~h Di:J:tany, But Hifiories confirm that widows have had

tl rmities, ~y~&c., rake EnOriy',ae.i'~tn"(Jr(:,Md) balf 411. them with.')ut mass feed, but not of the !hape

Study my ~Hru!J}two 4r(tm..J,,~Rue,Sa1)in, the ochers. And being voidc.d they melred

Sennertus, fp-r,ny·.royat,Moth£rJl'lf);rt,f~G,b haIfa u-: in the air, into water.

PI.-aems, 'End charnpmit-jlowerJ)',Mchc/)JI( a h~1l{/ful; I Virgins cannot have them but from

. Bartbo!. (lad Fre~lJgmk:ruds)e::ch hJ.lj an, OWlt~.;:boJl wancODnefs, or in fleep they may (pend tpeir

and Biol a- to' ~. 'pmr, add;H#i;(I. 4rJ:QlInc£ 41Hi:ba1H feed' but becaufe it is weak,and the blood ne-

11IU of the !fA/l{cznda£ a dr'm~, Oyl~,Rllf, and, cdfa:y for formation, neither is drawn ?y the

ian editi- pUlice and half;· rm,akJ, ; 3... flJ'.jt!r.,ojibe womb nor flows to it of irs.own accord,as H dorl~

':JIlS. ll'lll:te /l,r;; at aplJ{m j(ll" tJ:.e:beJ ,yo '.... in thofe that have had children and the veffds. at

Of ChIS Peflary .. Take ~I"i c'ies of Mz.rrh" the womb in v'irgiBs are firaitcr. than in, WI ... d-

ba,nNmppopilllltX dijJo/1,'~d sn wine~ea(h tw.o. dows and·ethers that have had dllldren. rhere-

sbd d )' '''ft i 1

. aw )'e? =:» .r-om, whit1 Helltbofth~l{ fore (hoogh the feed of VirglOs ow nto c le,

draJll,w.chJuyte r;f l<.f{f, .~:l' ':. ..' womb.yet they cannot have a Mole for. want ct

Fab.cen!.2. If thefe will fI~)[; ~p, let the Midwjfetak¢ blood,which isnecdliuy for (he forrmng of ~he o~f. 52. .out with he~ hand, if it !Je half rorten.. '.' famr, This is to be underfiood of Moles wh~~h

;'~ Or leave H to Na.wr;e which dorh it in are not vital for vital Molcs,rh;it have fame life,

To flop the fiu~ of Blood after a lM1oIe" is cannot be g~t in virgins or widows,without the

ken out, ufe firillgs againfi overflow' reed of Man.

Term,s. ~s, T~k~ Plantane, Sh2~ph.eaJ

En.rnbll, ?ak leave.', rtd Rojts, fac/J,;"4; Chap. 10 Or: lUonffen.

-hoyl them lIIj!etledwater,then tal(e 8~rJ;y.- ')

»unces, Pomegrallate •. !fowers, Cypret:j~illut s, l: M n I Ug11"

. ,~. Htfiodes tells o~ many "10nllers sro . .

cranate-peels, r('.a Rajn, cl,mfro-rof)t$:in "orth by Women. We fpa~e of Worms,

filch an oun~e; Frogs bumt~BJlc-s.tng1iis ~, 'fI.l Sc Ct-

~"" 4


152 Book. 4. of Pra!l ice! PhyJicl?_: Pan.1I.Sefi'4.

Sea'.2' Chap. 8. They are like Toads or Mice Of Fifh, G,'r~oni/(s fairs, it is ufila1 in Lumbmdy,:

Par. 7.caP. LJcofibenes faith.and others al_fo, That ~erpenth 12,I.ij. Dogs, and other Monfl:ers with parts like brute

beafls have been brought forth.

In appen. <?4plr Baubin Ipeaks of one Anne Troporin 1"ranc.Rof. WhICh. I S7~. brought forth two Serpents with ¢e par.c..ef. her child, In Harvefl.hor weacher.the had drunk

water 11)2 Brook ina Wood near B~{tl)whercfhe (!101.1ght fhe drunk the fpawn of a Serpenrjfor a little after that, her belly fwelled, and thr-ec monthsafrer {he was big with Child.and the Ser. pent grew as the Child did. Her belly was fo big rha~fhe carried it in a 'fw2thing band. She was delivered at laf] of a Jean ma'e Child,and (be. c~urc. they fufpett Worms or Snakes [10m the gnawing and flrange motion he fele thai: Yliar,) rhey put a baron of milk under her, and when .hq: expeded an aftf!r.bir~h,out carne a Serpent which the raw, and perceived another coming ferrh.they were all au ell lona.and as thick as a ~Illld~ arm. Thus Ballbill,:md he [peaks of others, If you pleafe to perufe them.

A Monfter is chat which is either wholly, or in part l~kt a beafi, or that which is ill fhaped exrraerdinery.

'The €ttldcs. . Hiflories wirnefs that a Monfier may be fr~m humane feed, and the feed of a beall •. Ir is fd~ dome, f?r the forming fa'culty doth not err of it fdf,!mr rs .rc:doc~d by {he imagination, or fruflraresl of ItS ends.from a fault of the Spirits, the hear or marrero Therefore imagination is the caufe of Mannen. For Hifleries mention that women with child,by beholding men in vi;llrd~, have brought forth .N!o' .• flers with horns, ao~ Dc.tks,aod cloven feet •. Tke fame is, when Spi~

", ri,es)

n, Of fal{tCtmctption tJlJd [wetting. 1S1

or heat feed or blood, are weak or little,

tho~gh Do8:ors cannot cuye M~nfie~s,

arc to admonifhwomen WIth child noe

upon Monfiers, aud to firer gthcn their

and hear and to keep the feed and blood not td allow copUlation in tiine of theirIeflany monfiruousBirth Ihould be from and impure blood.

Chap. 11. Of falfe conception, ant! Swelling.

AlCe conception or G ravidation is, when the terms are flop.!:, and the Belly [wells, ~rd are figns like ihofe of a true Conceptl~nJ they rhink themfclves with Child, and ~s' faith, They believe not to the contrary

ten months are p,'.ft.

The Caufes.are wind in the womb, or watery Cdl~rlt p. IJ

. ,or thick flegm. . [C.2,IO,

Ihefe arc bred from fickly feed retamed)up~n

Nature works in vain; or from a fault HI

terms that corrupts the ,reed: and breeds bad The like appears Iii yl:g)~S when they to have their terms,but It 15 dlfcovered by

The terms flow not as in a true conception, rhe Sign!.

in this there is pain of the head, lOJ:i1!:1,bel~y, groyns, of which Hipprycraw faIth th~s :

have a [{(1ft conceptwn WIthout terms appfarzng, 2.ProrrlJet. 4 [wollen btllJ,have the heftd~ac!),and there is

mUl(in their bl ea~s,but wbat u Ill:! wam,4'1ld little. Moreover the belly fwells fooner than . a true Conception; their colour changeth , . . {ace and feet fwell; they loath meat,faint,

. , . and

ihi ProgtJo/lic,<-:

The CH)'e.

I 1 "

. - .. , .. ,'

" ,', "',", ;.

Book IV.O[Pf/tllical Phyjicf<.,.Parr, ' ~[ld 21<l,ve it dep~~ved appetite. Thefuref] 15 En ... time of Child-hearing being part.',

. They ar.e· commonly b .

in t' . Pri i' . arren, .or have

nelf rur t~es., . '

W lrit cll!:~ by evacuation of th~' m'.lt'[~r in om \~b;u propersredicines.as inrhe

of the D,!fiempef of the wombwith V""IJlClllII, ' • ' .l". •.

of IDfiatJOD of the Womb and Dropfie. ' FOURTH ·BOOK;

..'" 'f H:Ii'

. ,I , •

. : '.. ,,' ".' '~ " ' ,.:',: . ',P-fi ': '

,,' ", : "~ lL.,CyN.D, ·P.A,lt~~,

u ., ".'. :'


F [F',TH 'S E'ciTION.

Of the Government of Women with Child, and preternatttral Difteinpers in ,Women with Child.."

" "

• .._ 'r


'. ,

Chap. J, •. ,9f~/Je jig~~ ,(Jf/~H~ception. ..'

'1'1' ~ekeep the feed,; idS,d';~.~'~e ,'hath cpn-, ,. , . , .. , - " ceived; ,and a man may ,ktWfv"i11at the feta

is kept,ifhe firM irr coputadon~hilthis'Yard is

.flIcked anddrawnhy the womb-, ';lndrheI.)dVi~ ties are ,not'moifi. And if [he pcrd:1vdf, .little or 110 feed to come forth again, and grol.V chill and quiver, and percdve a t\"ichhig lei hcr'worilh,

from the great 'delight': and tbt'r"omh of the WO(Jlb do[cth,and'the Teni1dlo'p, '



Aphor. 52.

, Chap, a. ,Of the Gouersment ,and Diet of Women witl; Child.

THe Diet is, eir,!Jer for fuch as, are found.or ~s have clifeafes.,

. As for' the Air, HiPpocrat~s faith: if there be a wet war11lw.illw"withjlwlmly winds,{tdry/priIlC 'With Nar(her.n,'Wmds,they who conceive in the }pring abort Up~N any' finatl occlllion. 'Ot" if they bring forth,theJr children are weak and fickly or die. Let her ~void all evil fcenra. asof Rue, Pennyroyal,Mlnts,Cafior, and Brimflone, Somecannot bear Iweee fcents,Iet .thern not look upon terrible things.nor hear great noire of Guns.

~~t meat ~ eafie of <.:oncoaio~; Ier her e~t Q_uinces,

Hipp"O crate! faith, If a'twman with child be let c; Apb. )06 ; (he will iJii[CJ!)'ry )Iind If the child be older, tlJe

, This is to be underfiood of great bleed ..

hich was pints in his rime.but now we go

THey hare divers dlronick and acute ounces. '

. as Fevers, Plurifie, Qpinzies. or Therefore if bleeding be: required in a Fever,

matlOn of tho B?wels,of which lfifiP""w, ( the like, and the woman with child be in 4. Apbor. a woman with cb~ld have an atute difia{t, it 'h, you may boldly Ict blood upon there 3 I. deadly.) There is a double danger. I. in ,."I,,,.IUllultions. I.Thatyou take not nourHhment from

of the Fever which Gillen faith will be .child,kt it be litrle.anc you will take more,

Valer. l, I. ala 2. In refped of the want of pourifhment 1,t the fecor'ld rirne.lef you weaken. 2· Open

.bfrr. ;o!. the child. For if a woman with child be fed, the foot, nor the Bafilice but the Median ••

com-« lib. Fever increafeth. If the have an ,Before y<)u bleed,firengthe~ the child by_ap-:

~. apb. 30~ EpilepfJe, Convulfion, Cramp, the rorhe navel. And Ifthr::y abort in ;t . .

it our. Bur acute difeafes are nor always ,you mull impute itt ather to the violence A'IIt. ~rdj·

in women with CHild. .rtbe Fever,th,n to the bleedinz, and you ufed c.s .c~r·'7·

They have tomeeimcs in rerrnirting Ibt necdT"y help for prefervitlg the mother .But rod. a ,,~.

Coughs, from whidl they hardly are freed k is faferin the firft.rhan in rhe laf] monrbs.be- ~ de morb.

fore they are delivered. nuf' the child needs a further diet. mul,

You may alfo open a vein in a woman with

Q.uemon I. whethtr mufi enild that hath 110 d ifeafe, to prevent abortion,

Hfe afParing Diet? when there is much blood, in the fourth or fifrh

If you give her a Diet'" long dift,nce, InOmh,efped,lly if they have no Fever,and art

child wID be flarved, If you giveher • full. ftronr" as 'fiji" faith, A fir ong ,bil d, .nd a I·fly

Ildll1an, and a braltl,y woman wit!; c1Jild, may L.2.C.l00


Chap. j. Of tbe Cure of Wt with Child in General.



t. izpb. r,

,. ...

4. O[ Symptcm; that hr[al Womell with child.

Book IV. Of Ptc/flieill ~b)fid<: Part.II.S.~., is when they defire ftrange and abfurJ,

S;r,rup: Tak~ tbei',,:_e o[unripe Grapes/bollt as Coals, Allies, &c. As {he rhatlong~d

beg)ll1illlg of September tbree galolls, add husbaoosftefh; and rhough fheloved ham

trons or Lemons brui!ed ba!ftL pound: hoyt them well,ihe killed him,eatpar.c, an~powde~ed

thl!Y are !ofi,anijfraiTl them, .. tnd with half a yV."KU"' ref]. Of this difeafe we [peak III the thIrd

dj:Silgar tn,d(e (I. Syrup. "

of young Vine~leave5 with Syrup of

Ch.p.z; Of tbe Symptoms that.lIllit:::';,:> good againfi t1:is, "or the, water that

bef'al Wome» with C bill in t jn M-ty from the vines. Tim keeps the

L' from (uffering by the ~other,s Appetite.

jt'rjl Months. this 'Spirit. Take cmon-flUs, Orange~,

_"",Hm{\" as much cH you plea[e,and ],;falmfey : dr-

'THey are loathing meat, Pica or evil "",-LIlL.,_ them [orne days, then beat the roots and peels,

pewking,vomiring,bdly.ach,flux of Malm[ey,.ttlld diftillthem" '

Iy, tooth-and head-ach, giddine(s. third is loathing and vemlttng, from an

Thefe all come from the fioppage of the terms, or humor in the fiomach from. blood

efpeciallv in a Cacochyrny or evil juyce : for' • If vomiting gi'V~ her cafe" flop it nor,

goes to the flomach, and (0 to the head. F' kaye it to narure.it will ceafe after a month

).Ap/;o.45 • They loath meat.which Hippocrates (aith,is a . If it be with trou'Jle. give a :gentle, v~·

of Conception. And this is when the Child rake or flrengrhen the [lomach, or give a little

the purefl bleed, and leaves the impure, which

gets into the mouth of the flomach, and infea~ The fourth is pain of the belly,from wind~~d

ir'land hence comes the loathing of (orne forts about the womb that go to ~he gutS,d~[. Ilippocr.

meats. ' as in Chap. 3' Of~hechollc~ AVOld 5. AphQ"

Sometimes this ceafeth of it [elf; but if there Fomentations, glve Cmnamon·water, or 34" '

be danger of a Comumption in the mother, left wine.

the child fhould be in danger for want of food, The fifth is a loofnefs.which muf] be (uddeniy

give a gentle vomit or fiomach-Pill5,with things lefi:ir caufe an .abortion.FirO: give a~entle

that' Ilrenrhen the flomach. As, Take Confer1!e and fuengthener, as R~u\:)arb With fy ..

oIred Ra(eJ' balf an Gunce,of Bettony an ounce of Bofes folutive, then ~umces at the firf]

'l,d J1.:!incer three drams.Aromaticum Ro!(/tum at meals; and Ricc,Stat'ch,Aimonds,Con-

It dram, Pearl pl'lpI<red ba!f a fcruple, ~vith Syl'liP of Rofes,Quinces;Appiy to the navel aPul-

I!fgree,., Ginger and Qyinres, mll{'! an Eie8ullry. of Q_uinces,Maftick,Nutmegs,Mace,Cloves. .

-Anoint the flomach with oyl ofMafikh,Mint!, The iixth is the Tooth-ach,frorn a fharp humor Qtt-inces, wormwood. Mirtle;,&c. Give afhin- ., retention of the terms that ,goes to the root gents '"ali?1 powerfulthings with mear.and lelic fome tQQth,and hurts th~ membranes. It ceaberoafled rather then boyled, t: , 0 ~< ieeh


I. There is flux of bloo.l ar the womb, nofe, plenty, or from the weak-

of the child tharzakes it not in, or from evil

in the blood, that {Hr up nature to fend

Alfo the ve1feIs of the womb may be

'"THey are ~ou~h, heart-bearing, fainring"w'ILI'II"'~"" er tam by medon, fall, ceugh,?r tr0!l"

ing, pains 10 the loyns and hIPS, and of mind. This 1~ dangerous, ofwhic~ !Ilp- ).Apho.62.

in !T faieh, The child cannot be well ~ ,If It be

51' Ih h Ii r: ft

. I. The cough is from a arp vapor t at blood only, there is leis danger, 10 ~t OWS

to the jaws and rough artery from the t~rms, the vein, of the neck of the womb.for It takes

from a, thin part of that blood gocren mto Plethery, Of takes not nourifhment from

ve.ins of rhe breall.or falling from the head to child. '

brcafl. This endangers abortion.and ftrengrh If it be from the weaknefs of ehe , child that

fr0m watching; therefore purge the, it not, abortioa often follows, or hard era-

f:lll from the head to the breaf], w~rh fhe goes .beyond her time. I(lt flow

.Agarick~and fir{;ng~h,en the ,head as 10 a inward veins of the womb, there IS more

and give fweet Leninvesas In a ~ou,gh. , by the open iefs of the .w0II?-h. If it come

2. Palpitation' of heart, and (aInung, is evil bfoJU, the danger 1$ alike from Caco-

vapors that go to it by the arteriesjor frorn , which is like to fall upon both. If there

O~ be

Book IV. Of Frtt8ical pl1Jlic~ Symptoms in 11(0 ncn mith child, &,c. ' feth commonly of it [elf, yet if.it be gr':iea~:t:,,:ufc:ttabOU~(let,I.1?alIa cannot get aut at the womb, '

Plaifler of MafHch and- Tacarnahacca to arid opprefleth the heart. U[e Cor-

ples, and h~ltl in the mouth the as in Syncope, inwardly and outwardly.

Fem-roo~3)Cmquefoyl,Snakeweed, Sage, [fit be from too much blood, as in Pleehory,

rybarks, &c. a vein.

The fevenrh is Head-ach : when the Watching is from dry {harp vapo_rs rhae

from terms fiopt, afcend and twitch the the animal Spirits. Then ufe Fnthons,

branes of the br.nn,ic muft be repelled and wafh the feer at bed-time.and give Syrup of

with Lenicives,ofwbich in Lib. J. Part. 3· ' dryed Bofes, Emulfions of [wee.t Al-

l. Car. ~, Of Head-ach., • and white ?OPily-feeds. .

The eighth of the MegrIm, fl'om the There is -1'am In the loyns .and hIPS from

difiurbing the Spirits that go to she hea~: by , of the child,Qr from the terms flopr,

veins and arteries, or bv the gullet, If It of the child. that flrercheeh theliga-

Rot, difcufs vapcrs, and ~ength~n the brain the womb and parts adjacent; if chere

wardly and outwardLy, as 1fl vemgo., ,bleed. If it be fl'.QJ1 weight of the it up with (wa; bing Bands about the

Chap. 5. Of the S)'mploms Womenwirb child in the tIle- montbs.

'1. THe Urin is flopr from fuppreffion of

. neck of the bladder. Let her then clown, and let the bladder be fomented Eag ofPdlitory~Par[\y-roots,Mallo\ ~,LllJ!(:t:U"'lI'N

rhe like,m- nfe the Catheter.

i. The belly is bound from a hot and dry THis is either from weak fe<:d,or ~ittle nourifh-

ver,wl1en the child draws all [he moifture to ment or bad, caufcth many dlfeafes 10 the

or prefleth the guts. Let her then ufe MOllltnerS]l child •

.. s Butter, Mallows, Borage in Breaths; or . To hinder abortion and death of the child,

Clyilers in a fmall quantity. . 'know rightly the wcakne(;,a, Ifippocra'e< faith, j. Apli. Sl·

~. The veinsar>ptar in the hips and legs Tiley that will abort, bave firfi bre~ftr that [ail a-

~ri}U5 only, then keen them from walking, )V.1Y, which is from want of nouflfhmtnt. 10 the

let their feet be laid upon a 11001. commo n veins of the womb and breafis.Hlppocra· A h

~. p. )20

4. The legs fwell from ferous blood, but tes hath a fecond fign,which is this; If a wom?ln

goes a way with the After -birth,a!1<l isthe. 0 4 with


Chap. 7. o{weak_!lefs oftbe Child.

BooldV. ofPraCticatPhYfick_: Parr. II. S.S •• Jl.;1L'a .... child; but if Ihe cannot walk, foment

be Plethory, open a vein warily, and nfe Lye made of Vine-branches and wine, or

gent!>. As, Take 1!ea;-[s prepared a [cruple, with a Decoction or Organ, Penny-royal, Cha-

coral two {cruples, Mace, Nutmeg;, each a dram momile, Calamints, . Or,

Citltlamon half ~ dram,mak! a powder, or with Take Bean and Lupine-f!ower, each twO ounces;

g(lr, Rouls: or give this powder. in Broth. an ounce, Pidgeolls-dung half an ounce, with

'led Cor,it a dram~Pearl haffadram,pretioJl! water and ju)'ce of colewort.r) 11Iil~ it Puttu,

eaeb balf a [cruple:, reel Sanders haIfa. dram, snd wafh the fiet with fait water inwbich

a dram, [ealed Earth, Tormentil-rooU, each ' Orgall and Dill were boyled. .

I,,"ples; with Sugar of Rofes and Mau.' cbriJli S. The skin of the celly is cleft with ftretch-

lvitb Pearl.fix dram$l1ut~ rl powder. after the fourth month; therefore ufe loef-

You may firenthen t he child at the navel. 'Liniments,tO keep off deformity,as marrow

there be a Cacochymy alter the hmnors,and ( and Sheeps-kg3, oy1 of[weet Almona~,

JOu ~ay ) evacuate. . You may ufe Amulets llAIII;:ml-ll~·catC.

the hands, and about the neck, In flux of 6. water gathered in time of being with

morrh6ids, beware of the pain. Let her Child, between the membrane5 that hold the

hot wine with a Roafh:d Nutmeg. Child, comes forth roo [oon, becaufe the membranes are broken by leaping, or a ccnruuon-

This makes difficult birth, for that water was to moiften the parts. Therefo~'e l~t her keep ageoQ . diet,and flrengthen the child lilwardly and oua-

wardly. .

Chap. 6: Of the L~ymptoms tb« are.in the l1l M(}}it!Js.

Chap. 7. Of weak;,efs (;f t/)e Child.

168 Eook IV. OJ Pra[!ical Phy/ic1& Pan.U.Sefr.~

wilb child hath much miJIz flawing from her b.rellfi ;Jippocr. ~er dild is wea~ ,. If t~<; terms ft?W often, the 5 ?4pb. ~ 6. nounfhmene is taken from the child, 4· f'.. mo-

. ther often and long being (ick, fhews that hq child is weak.becaufe her blood is not good, and the bad humors with the blood go to nourifh the child, which makes him fick, ,. When the mother hath a flux of the belly, the child is Wtak. 6. When it begins to move.and is fcarce felt, it is weak.

Ifit be from rhefe caufesrake them away, and' flrengrhen the child; firf] feed the mother hig~ with meats of good inyce, and Iwcet Almonds fleept in Honey, Raifiris, Quinces; outwar4ly thus; Take MafmfeJ three pi1JfS, ~iJfol7Je it in OJl of Nut1l1.egs oy expregiop, half an ounce, add powder of Cloves, R.lle, eacl: half a~ oJ/nce; Rofo, Sdge, }Jfarjoram, PelJl1J·roJ'ft!~water, each a pint; Aqua. vit..e three ouuces : Dip $pung~s in it, and ~pply . • hem under the left breafi,to the ~rm~p1tS)haml, Jlldfes,fol~s of the feet i and when they dry, Wet

rhem agr ii, .

Chap. 8. Of Cloy;;,!, in the fVomb.

CHildren have fomerimes cryed in the womb,

as F.1bricilu faith in his EpifHe to his llr~' . ther; James Fincet; and Weinridi.c~ of Monficfs, writes rhus: In this (it) of Brefla a child Will· heard to· cry in the Womb three dlifs before the Tuuel ; when he "IU a rnan,he was mlftr.tble witM rovert) find Ji[eafesliU he died. Andre«: Liba,1Jiur writes the fame, and others.

Some fay, It portends evil to the Mother, or Chiji) or Co~ntrey~ .

~c ;

8. Of Cr)ing ·7n the Womb. 15~

It is a voice by the expulfion of the air The cflufo:· the rough artery, and fome air may he in

. cavities from vapours or fpirits,as in egg$

chickens pip in them. And if the child

a rough Artery, Lu~gs and Breafls which

the organs of breathing found, and the child Ilrong)there is no hinderancebur it may utter But tbmcthing, whatfoever it is, m\\(\ it to oW this noife.


, ~~ * ~ «p .,. tMJi' ~ ~~ ~f3









Of Sy~pt~ms that hap-'

pens In chI1 d- bearing. .

Chap.!. Of Child-Zearing in general.

W7 Hen the C~ild can no longer be contained In fo fmall a place, be- .

. mg ~rown, a~d requiring more .

1 nourifhrnent, It kicks, and breaks '

rne Membranes and Ligaments that held it . ~ndl the :vhcmb by an expelling faculty, fends i~

ort 1 WIt great firaining; and this is called :

Travel. '.

It is either natural or not natural, legitimate or

1. OfChild-beariJ1gin'general. 171

i1l~gitimate. The natural is when the Child with the head forward and heels upwards, with his hands and arms to his thigh.,and fo the other parts eafily follow,rhen the Amnios is brokenjand the water that was laid up in thctimeof being with child flows forth, and moifiens the paffagcs, rhcn the child with more force breaks thQ Acctabula,from which the Secundine is repa~ rated,and the other mcmbrames are broken, and the blood flows into the cavity of the womb-and the child gets out by us expulf1ve faculty with fuch force, that it feems to fall rather than be expellled, and the banes of the Privitie~ muft

needs be divided.

That which follo\'l5 the birth is above humane

eapaciry,namely, TI~e rr:mfpiratior; of the Navel,dfeIs, and Lungs, anti Heart in the Infant, and why nature ordered it, of which Galell elegantly in the 15th Book, Of/he ufe of Parts, and 6th


Thlrre is alfo a legitimate Birch,when it is ac-

eording to che Law of Namre;and an illegitimate,

when it is before or after the time.

Hippocrates faith, That a Birth in the fevemh Lib. de fop·

month is vital and legitimate. And it is fooner 6m.parem~ from the firength of the faculty and matter fit for

formation, yet it is commonly weak, except the

fevemh month be compleat.

of the eighth month Hippocrates faith thus:

None lives that is horn in the eight month, becau[e it cannot bear the two afjlitfions to follow; but the rearon of the Arithmeticians is bctter,that fay, an

even month is unperfect- .

The nine or {en months are the heft, as Hip~ Lib. ae 1itl.~

p9crates faith; A child is born ill ten rnolltb's at tH~ rt pl{er~. the furtbeft) and fo fays the wifefi So/9moll. Son:e Lzb. Sapziayellc.

oj Abortion.

in the womb,or parts adja(.:enc that con" Feavers,Infiammations, Fainting, Convul. Vomiting,Neezing, Coughs that move . and humors, and fhake the child, and

up the Nature to expel it. .

Aleo ftraicnefs of the womb eaufeth Abomon, which mean; it cannot contain a great child. fhortnefs of the Navel·Ye1fels, which Fabrifirfl: obferved.

The outward caufes are cold air after hot and which gets into the womb, and provokes

IT ~s the excluft?~ of a child not perfett nor Ii. hurts the child. The Afiroiogersadd the Cent.~ z.

vmg,b~fore Iegirimate time. TIllS time is defi- >'IHI4IJ~II"ILJ~ arpet! of the Scars: .alfo too much or Db/. SO~

ned by HI/JPem'teJ: Wbofoever Conceiuab, doth it meat, Great watchings, purgmg, ~nd

wlthm [even days,hut tbey are properly Abortions that . of blood by the womb and He~orrhol~.

come hefo"e tbe [event/) d.zy; and thougb flme are in violent motion, as leaping, carrying of bur-

tbe fiji/} and /ixtb month that have lived,)'et thilt ,firokes on the belly or back,Alfo pafIions;ls

muff net d~l'ogate from the com.mm Law ({Nature. , fear, forrow.

So,:"e d;tfcrences ?fAbortion are frontthe time· AlIO bleeding, purging, fafHng, fmell of Brim-

~n~ bigr e s ofrhe child-For rhae which is callout or allies, hoofs burnt, or fiink of fDUffof

IS little and r?und, without diflindien of memo candle.

bers at firfi,hke a Grape. Sometimes as long as If the breafis be lees, or much milk flow from The Signl.

a fiager.and mell~ber~ may Ledif1inguifhed. And fhe fed much and often pain about the

fometl~es the ,Cblld IS almofl: perfed, or loyns, that go to the ?ubes and <?s Sa-

Ti1eC.m[e!. T.lle immediate Cau(e,. is the eXP!Jli~ve facul- with a defire of Ehrufimg forth in dIe

ey fltrred up, and that IS done by three means If the child change i[s place,and if it fall

from Galen, from the weight, bignl!fs and pain. when it was in the middle of the belly,

There are more caufes, which we.fhall place in is fear of miCcarrying. .....

tw.oRanks.The firfi IS of the manner 'bf rhe caufes It is dangerous always, becaufe It 15 With VlO- The ?YegG

that Fr?~oke ~he expuhive faculty. T,he other is ience,there are alfb great Symptomes: they are noftic~ rhar which j;nderh OUt rhefe ways by all the kfs danger that have already brought forth a

caufes, 'child; therefore the firft is mof] dangerous, and

:rile expuhive faculty is ti~fi provoked by the the mouths of the VC:{fds are torn,andchey com-

,. child being W~~k,~lther from evil feed, or being monly become barren. Aborti~n is more dange-

dead. The child IS weak for want offood, and rous in the ftxth,fc\'cmh and (lghth month, be-

fi·o.n the mothers difeafes, either in her whole mIre d~ Infane ~m~ greater, ,a\\fcch grea~er

, - bodj, pUD;

:~72 Book IV. OfPYAlIital Phy/ic,<: Part.III.3e.i6.

fo ehae a child max beborn in the rreh month, and Peter ApponenjlS was fo born ; and fome 11 they have been born in the fourteenth and ~ reenrh month: but rare things are not re be counted the Law of Nature.

Generally Phyficians agree with Hipp()crate!

though fome diflem, '

Chap. 2 • Of Abortio1fo

Lih. de (;ornib.

3. De nalur·fae. 'fap. J 2.


Boo'dV. OfprllmcalP~yfrc~~ 3. O!tbeSigllJ ofnllturalBirtb,&c. 17S

pliuj and breaks the Ligaments wOl'fe. in Vinegar liquid St()rax,each two ounces; 0)/

.Ilutme,e:s by e~preffion a dran, with Wax ma~ an

. To prefer t;e from Abortion. Of the fame with Pitch, Rofin, Colo-

,Co ... rder the confiitution before fhcis with may make Plaifiers. Let her hold

cl·iUd;' and prevent every c,mfe. Jf ~l: be likete in her hand.or tie it to her navel.or

come from Plerbory before.CQnceptIon, opena an Eagle-fiQne under her Arm-pits, or CQ-

vein, andafrer Concept10n 111 the fourth or fifth ~Smaragd5,Diamonds. .If rhefe will ~ot

month in the Arm. Child up, yQU muft give over Afum-

- If it be from Cacochymy, purge the w~olc boo and ufe Lenitives.

dv,and purge the won~b with Peifanes, ~d

ffrcngthen it: of which In the cold and m(:)lft Q.uefiion. Whether tbeJlraitne(s. of the Womb,is

dif!:empcr of the womb. . the callfe of Abortion?

Iffhe have conceived, open a vern before the Hippocrates, I. de mnb. faith, I1Jat the Womb Lib. 1e fi{~

time be ufed to abort; if there be a Cac?ChymYl caufo· Abortion, if they be windy, tbick." great, per •. lib, de

par~e gcntlyat times. If there be a cold diflemper : And he fhews in another place, That jtm!.

of body by tlegm that hurts t~le womb, give the may be from the flraimefsofrhe womb. .

tkcoB:ion of Cbina or Sarfawith fl:rcngthenm of in another place he faith, If a woman in the 3.' De nat.

t:1C child. .' ,or fifth month mifcarry,often, and arthe fact c. 12.

Avoid the exterr,a! caufes of abortion, and If is becau[e the womb "Will not firehh.Ancl

they have done hurt,hdp it prefemly. Let not confirms the fame, and it ftands to reafon,

the bellv be bound; if the child be wcak_,remove natural birth is when the womb cannot con-

the caufes of wealmefs, and ft.rengthen It~. life the child for its growth. Therefore if'it be

things that flrengthen the womb and child, as too littk,it is the caufe of Abor-

Coral, Rermes-berrles. And though Nature hath made the womb

Or, Take Magijfery of Coral a dram, Pearl p,:e, , hold the child, yet if irbe not made large

pared halftt dram, 1~9ry fhaved it dram, A1(1~/C? it cannot contain it ; fo the fl:omach is

half a dram-grams. oj Kermes It dram, Manus Cbrt- times fo flrair, that it cannot hold an indif-

gii with Pearl two drams . .mak:: a powder. If ~he quantity of meat, as others can.

Abortion be at hand.and the pains encreafe.glve . this powder with a rear Egg. Or ;Take C_/)l1jC1"ve aIred Rofi:~',two drams,rad Cora/,and fi1(tJhc/;,eaciJ a (empLe, give it prefellt ly,

. Ufe the counteffes oynnnenr outwardly to the LO'Jtl5 Heins, Peaen and Perineum- Or, T;.ke 6)I~f R..ofcs, Mmles, il1rljtich, fl..!..l~llCeS, ~~cb t:Q;O OIli!l:C.f, OjJ of MilltJlm ounce, Bdellium d~l)ol·

.. r;.:el

Chap. 3. Cf the Signs of Natural Birth, and the manner and go-uernment of fitch CIS /;ring,forih.

T her time of her being to be delivered, let her take heed. of afiri~ents and ehickners,

- but

Of Natm'allJ.1Yd Tr~f;el.

i71 .


:Sook. IV. of Pra!iicat Phy(zc~ Patt.1II.Sect.6i but le~ her eat meat of calie concoction, and good juyce.and fit every fourth day in a hot Bath of Mallo\V~, Frenugreek, Linfeed. Mugwon and Ch!lmorrtil-ft? ~v~r5 ; and a~ter let her back,loyns, belly and pnvtnes be anointed with the M\lci· Iage of Alth:£a-feed,and oyl of Lillies~and let the child be fl:rengthned,

But '~len fhe hath pains from the navel to the groyns, and in. the back, then the ligaments and

veffe!s are broken, bv which the child grows to 6tH is from the mother, and the expul .. The C aufel·

the womb. And becaufe the womb violently faculty. 2. From the Child. 3· From the •

flrains to dicharge it, the membranous fibres From the mother, as when the womb is

ar~ excended,and commonly c!rer,e are very great and the ,mother is nor active .t? expelfrom

pam?,~nd throws, or the child will not be born: or difeates, or want of fpirirs, of which

and It IS an evil fign when throws ceafe, becaufe: s, '

the expulfivc faculty is weakned. And let not] is from the ~irth when they are twins or ~. Aphor.

ehe Midwife provoke throws rill the time. , ' ~nd ~th flrive to go forth at a time; or if SSe

When the Membranes are broken, the water child flick to a Mole, or be [0 weak that it

flows om,thar comes from the urine and fweat ol break the membrane; or if it be roo big

the child, firfi little, then more, then waterifh over, or In the head onely, or if the Navel-

blood, and the orifice of the womb begins to are rwifled about his neck.

open to let out the child. And before the time, It is from the pa{fages, when the membranes Filbric~

you mufl not provoke rhrows.Then let the Mid. rhick.the orifice too flrait.and the neck of [he cent. 3d

wife put her finger into the orifice of'the womb, is not oEenfufficiently, as in fuch as labour obf. ~ 7~

and (he fhall perceive fomething round and hard of the firf] child.or are very fat. The paHJges are

as an Egg. Let her not lie on her back ftat,bllt prelfed and firaitned by tumors in the adjacent

with her back up, that fhe may breathe more or when the bones are tOO finn and will

freely. not open, then the mother and €hild are both in

. Afcer the child is born,you mufi prefs the blood danger; or when the paOages are not Ilippery, In the N~vel-ve(lel5, tewards the navel of the In- , or,when they are broken tOO foon byreafon of the fant, a.nd tal:c heed that yoU lofe nor much thm membranes, or the water flows forth Cooner

blood 10 cutnng of the Navel~fuing, for it hath then 1t ou~ht., .

deflroyed weak chtl~ren,a.nd you m~O: labour t? You may know hard, travel by faint throws,rhe Sign!.

felch '1U\: tl-e Secund~vlth the child : and lflt mat come at a great diflance. And you mufi

he ;'1 the womb, riOint your hands with warm confider all things conceruingthe Mothcr.Wornb

0)1, and put mem.inro the womb; and fetch it ~nd Child,

cue. Chap;

Chap. 5. Of ~ltuJ'i11 hare! r.«: "ve t.

Hough ChUd-bearing fince Eves fin is ordain.. ed to th~ painful as a punifhment thereyet fomerimes rt IS more painful then ordi-



Book IV •. 0fPa[licaZ phyfic~ Part III.Seet. 6.

Tbe Frog= In hard Travel, tl:e mother and child are in

noftic~ danger, and the. PerltGnXUm fometimes breaks twO' drams, Saf{ro'tl a dram, with oyloforrit

with the skin from the Privities ro.the Arfe-hole a l'effary. An Oyntment for the PeCl:en

If a woman be four days in Trzvel, the child . Navel. Take Ojl of Keir t»'o' ounces, juyce of fcarce efcapes. . an ounce, of Leek! and MerC1lry, each half an'

1 he Cum . All things that move the Terms' are good to I I ; boyl (bern to the con[umption of the _jujee, add

make ca(lc deliverv, As Myrrh, white Amber in dij)olved in Vinegar bal] an ounce, Myrrli

wlme \~mc Of. Lilly-water", tWO fcruples ora Storax liquid a dram, round nirtbwrkt,

dram: tome give a drop of Ovl of Amber in Cinnamon, each balf a dram; Saffron a

Vervain-warer, or a-[crupIe of mineral Borax,or I wztb Wax mak! an Ojntmellr. '

half a dram, but begin with gentle things, as-a Alfo neefings provoke the Birth, arid Amulets, s· AplJor_

[poonful o.f cinnamcn-warcr- Or, Take Caj]ia a Snakes-skin about her midclle, the Eagle- ~~'. .

£1£,,, a, Dittan» each a drmn ; Cinnamon balf. bound to her thigh. . L"",.1.<m1l.

dram, sllffroll a jeruplc. ;, mslee rt Powder, give a weaknefs be the caufe refrefh her with de 01:. nar.

dram. Or, Take Born» millard a dram, CttfJiaLig- and fops to the nofe, c'onfed:. Alkermes, mir. lib. 4.

nea a.fi~aple, SaB"n {i< g,-ai.e, gi~c it ill S,,~ . Diamalg. c. ".

01, rak;c c.IJlia LI!,n~a. a dram, Dltttll~y, Aml«, there be Twins,let the Midwife order them

each bid! a aram i Cll1l1,1mOIl, BOf{/X, each a dram her hands, and help the foremoft.

and bJ.ij:; Saffron a [cruple, gi1iC half a dram. If the I:a{fages be not !1ipperx,ufe anem()1li.ent

. Or gl~e fome drops of oyl of Hazle in conve- and Oyl offweet A.lmond~,Hens or

nt.cm Liquor, or t\~O or three drops of Oyl of &c'. If the belly be bound; give a

Cinnamon In Vervam-water; tome prepare the or Suppofitory.

Secundme thus: Take the Nm:.:dffring and drjit Medicine will not do it,break the Mcm- ./Etius te-

tn an Oven. Take t(!~e two drams 01" the Powder with the fi.l1ger. s di.pt in oyl, or cut.them. tra·4· C.27,;·

Cil1ltttlmll a dram, s4ft-oll balf aJcr~ple, witb ili),c: When the ChIld 15 i1tH-born, let the MIdwife U

of Satin make Troc/)cs,gh;c twO drams, or wa~l tife Spic~s,.and blow in it~ mouth, or drop'

Secundine ill Wille, and Dtlk!it in a pot, then wafl;' . 1l11t,Or anoint It with Honey.

it i~ l!.ndhe'lwltf!r. and Wine. T;lke balf a dram if u, lang Pt'tPcr, Galangal, eab half a' dram; 1! 1 nntanc and EII~i:L e-feed, Cite" a dram and balf, . La'Uci1der.feed, fOUY fcrupln, mak,§ a Powder.

Or,!ake LrLhd.1111lln two dr,@s,Storax,t:alamite, !1CIlZOZll, oub balf a dram;' Must? And Ambergrc.I(L" u;,r, fix grnins ; makla powder, or 7j'ocbes for it jilin '? ; Or ufe peHaric5 to. provoke the Birth. T~k'; Cdbarmm difJoh'~'d ill Vinegar an Ollncc,


Chap. 6. Of a vitifJU5 Jifor. derly Birth, or dijji'Cldty pre .. rernatural-

the hand come not forth firf], and the hands and feet are upwards, there is an ill birth.

Hippocrates reckons tWO caufes ; t~ largenefs The Cau[et.

p ~ .: Qf

Book IV. ofPra[lical phJfic~ Part III. Sect. 5. of the womb, and diforderly motion of the merher from pain, alfo the rhicknefs of the memo brane,which when it cannot break with the head it attempts to do with the feet and hands. l

The Midwife may perceive in what figure the

child comes forth.

All diforderly coming forth is dangerous to

mother and child; but there is leaft danger 1Hen at the time of Child-hirth) there is

when both fen come forth, this is called by . pain and breaking forth of water, which

the Latins Pflrtus Agrippinus. prefently without delivery, the child re-

Let the Midwife reduce it into the cavity ., ... n"'" i.11 the womb, then the mother or child

the womb when it comes not forth right, . or~both. ' .a

place it right. When the rravelis vehement from divers cau- Toe Call;es.

When the feet cannot be thrufi upwards, they may alfo caufe no birth, for either the

the Midwife fupple the pam with Oyl, and take . fhe may lofe her fir€ngth and the child

hold of the arm, and help it and give neefings, come forth, or bGt11: may die.

let her al ways labour to PUt the child in a And if the Child be weak, and move li ule.or tight poflure by moving it with her hand, or tao mother may be weak and the child great,the

¥ing the mother from the bed.and compofe is hard, and doth die; or if the child

m fuch a poflurc as may bring the child into not forth in a right pofture.

right poflure, and that Coon. Or if the p.a{fagc£are ill proporrionedlas when F abri. cent!

bones of the puhes do not give way.or when J.obf. 64,

is Schirrhus,or other tumor that flraimeth & 67· V4111<l¥. .... ~' there is no delivery.

E :Ii I IT. o. hen th 'I 0 0 _. the child dies by a difeafe for want of

plJ'~' o~ HIS 15 W .en ~ te C iild ~s longer co~mngforth or a fall firoak or leap, or paflion

2.29. ';4. then ordtnanly : of this MajJa writes, he h ) ,

V . M . d f t mot er.

a encnan atron conceive 0 a husband Search if the child be living or dead: for if The Signs~

~eventy y~ars of ag~, an~ brought ~orth a child . be dead it will hun the mother by rotting;

in ~he ~frcenth month blind, and without hands . if the mother die and child be alive, take

w.lnch lived .five months. Car~anus wrtt~S, That QUt before the mother he buried.

1115 father faid, he ~va~ borp in the ehirreemh A child is known to be dead-if the mother and

mon:h., An~ j~:~rcur!aI~.I· writes thus: TIJa! it . perceive no merion, bur it is raifed by

1~1!el fi~'J ?J n I.lttcn:t/J .. t ,(1 woman had a 111:e chtfd ftrengtheners given, and when the mother

J )~r JfaiS 112 he; bclf), &~, but thefe are rare and; from fide to fide, it moves like a fione,or

!l1lraculous. . p 3 when



I.ib.denat. prl.

The Signs.

The Pr~gnoftic~

7he cure:

01!fil.85· ad chrijf. 'l:molck!n.

, Of a .dead child in the, Womb.

The caufe is the weaknels of the feed, and of heat in the womb, which makes the ex-

faculty weak.

Chap. 8. 0fa·Childde4d in the Womb.

Chap. 7.

Of a flow' Birth.

Tbe Prog~ no}ick,:

Eook IV. Of Pra[Jical PbyJic~ Part.III.Se&.6 9. Ojtfje c&[ra:ean-BirtlJ.

when the face and lips of the mother are pale' each two dY·(l.ms; with OJl oj i(eir 11l(l~e

and her cxtream pam lived; and the brellfisth:t Oyntment.

were ~luI?p,are fallen s her breath flinks, water ' this Pe{fary. Take Eirthwort, Orris, black,_

~nd flinkiug matter flows from the womb; there .r"",.".,.~,coloqlli/ltida,Mirrb)each a dram powdered;

IS a Feaver, horrour and fainting, or Convulfi. AmmoniaculJI dijJolved ill Wine, Ox-gtlll, each

on ; or if the Secundine come forth before the drams, Or make a Fume with Alles-hoof

Child. or Galbanum or CafiQr, and let it be taken

If a d~a~ child be net prefently taken out,mea Funnel.

mother is In great danger: ther€ are great Sym~ will not do) ufe Chyrurgery. It is done

tomes, and flrange difeafes, of which fee Francis tbehand only.or with infiruments,ofwhich

RoufJet and others. ," and /.E.rius;

. ~hen. the child comes not forth in eirae, and Stephell; fbews how to ufe the hand Lib. 6. c.

1S alive, It muf] be taken out by the Midwifeor infirumems. .wnen you know the child 23· terrab.

Chxrurgion, by cutting the belly and womb, (faith he) place thewoman in the beft form. 4'

WhICh III the Chapter following. If it be dead, and tye her fo very faf], &c. fee the reft. cap.:2. ,.

y?U muf] drive orrake it out before it fiinks, John Bauhill takes the fame courfeout of Scbeil~s

either by Medicines or Chyrurgerv. ' ' Obfervations. And becaufe the firength faileth,

The Medicines are fitch as ftir ~ip the expul· her ,and abate pain, cherilh the torn pam)

five faculty, but rhey mufl be firol1ger then be- and prevent Symptomes. . .

fore, becaufe the monon of the child ccaferh; as To take away pain, and firengthcn the parts, ut, ')'. cttp.

Take Sln,in, r.ound nirftm'ort, '(roches of jJ;fyfrb, with the Deco[fion of MugwJrt, NtJllows, 2.{/e difeHJ

ca_rfol',eacb a dram; CirlnamDlI balj an ounce, Rofoliutvy,Wormwood, Mirtles, St. Johns-wo~t, each part corp'·

fran a fcruple; give a dram with Savin-~'Pater.' b.1lf an ounce; Sperma Ceti .t'P.-'o drams,Deers-fi1et an r£ !Jumlll:.

Or, Take Borax, Savin, Dittany, eaeb an ounce; ounce,witb Wax ma~e all OJlltmelft. Or, Take Wax Jrfrrrh, Afarum.roots, CillnamoH,Saffron,e.'lcb bal! four oUllces;lJperma Ceti all ounce,melt them,dip Flax c/rft}11; mfl~e a powder, give a dram. tberein,and lay it all over the: belly. In forne Coun-

Purge firf1:, and put her in an emollient Bath, tries women will not permit thefe, but leave all

and anoint about the womb with oyt of Lillies, to God. '

fweet Almonds, Chamomile, Hens and Goofe-


Foment to get out the child with a DecoCtion

of Mercury, Orris, wild Cowcumber, Srrechas, Eroom-flowerfl. Then anoint the Privities and Loyns with Oyntment of Sowbread. or,' Take ~~loqllilltida, Agaric~ Bi~thwort,. each it drfll!l: 1J1ak! a powder, add AmmDlllabUm dijJolved in Wine

" . Ox.',

Chap. 9. Of the Cte!arean-Birth.

THe belly and womb are cut fometimes to

• rake out the child, and this is called the c£[amzn-Birth, and they that live are called Cef.~r.. It is done in three cafes.. I. When the child is dead, and the woman alive. 2, When

p 4 rhe

Of Pra[fieal P/;yjie~ Part.III.8ea,d, 9' Oftbe C.ej;tre,m-Birth.

the woman is dead, and the child.alive. 3. When When a live child is cut out of the belly ofa

both mother and child are alive. . mother, it is done onely left the mother or

This is feldom,becaufe either Medicines do ir or both fhould die.

or it is taken out by other Chyrurgery, or th~ this may be done, and both preferved

Encbirid, work is left to Nature. Marihas Cornax hatha which is plainly demortfirated by Frane~s

eonful. me- Hiflory of one that carried ~ dead child .in her inhis Book of this fubjer1:, fo that there IS

die. p. ): 8 g. belly four years: It was raken out by clItting tbe of it. For firft he fhews the neceflity

womb and belly, and the mother lived, and con. Operation, and next the poffibilityof it,

ceivedwith child after: fhe fainted not: at the that the rnufcles of the belly, the Pcri-

time, and the wound grew together without fiit'l!onl:£l1lm arid womb may be cut without hazard ching; and her terms after came in good order,

and Ihe had a lufiy Boy till the fecond of June. Thi~dly, He confirms by Hiflory what he pro-

The Surgeons that had cut her afore, were [enr by reafon, and fhews that ma~y wounds Qf

for; and the old orifice was open.and the mother mufcles in the lower belly, Perltanxam and

and the women prefent would not yield to the have been cured.

fecond cutting. Therefore her Ilrength failed, F~mrthly,He pr~potinds ~any mo!edangcrous

and the Chyrurgeon rook out a compleat child, then the Cafarean SeCtIOn, which were not

hut it was dead. in chemfelves- And then he [hews the

There are more Hiflories of live children Cllt of the operation, and how it is to be

1'/11. lib. 7' out of their mothers bellies being dead. And Therefore haverecourfe to his works) if

biJI. nat, c. Roderick}, cajfro faith, That an Infant cannot live wilt learn it.

$0.. in the mothers womb being dead, except it be

Rg1. ~ C (I,~ taken out at the very time of her departure, or

jtro, ltb',4' while there are vital Spirits, becaufe when the

de morbis motion and life of the mother ceafes, the life of

mill. c. !. the child alto ceafeth : yet is his Argument of no Agel!: lib. force, becaufe the child hath its proper Soul,and 5' eptt, 2. if it be well, it may live a while in the womb 1 I. without benefit from the mother.as it doth when

it is delivered. But take heed it be not fuffocated in the womb.and keep the mothers mouth open, and let rheMidwife never move her hand from

J./v. ,. de die Privities, till the Chyrurgion have taken it .ii/eCl. p.m. out: and you may know that the child is alive, lOr. bum. when the mother is deadby its leaping. Charl~s

c. I. StepfJens fhews the way Qf taking out a dead child. i

. when


THefe flick in the bottom of the womb, or like a ball to another part, the mouth of

the W01~lb being open or c1of(d. .

. It is not fafe to cut the after~birth from the The CaufoSi

, . Navel

Oftbe Secundille Qf Afttr~birth.

If Travel be hard, anoint the belly and fides oylof fweet A.lmonds, Lillies? and warm

her meat be of a good ~uyce and eafie conllen~broath, and Chickens, and Capons, Mutton, Veal: let her drink thin wine if be ~o Feaver,or Cinnamon boy led in wa-

THE the firf] dajes drink warm: Let there be no

about her, and let her not rife tOO foon :

S EVE NTH SEC T ION. paffions, left the humors be flirted, and

into fame part. .

Of h G If (he cannot or will not fucklc her child, turn

_ t e overnment nlilk from the brc;1fi by repellers under the

W . Ann-pits, as unguent of RoffS, Cerot of San-

OIDt: n inC h ild -bed : of the. dilfol ved In V megar- and to the brcafls apDtfea1es that come after ply a Cataplafm of Bean and orobu~-ftowerwith

vel. <L_ Tra" , oxymel, or fumeot me breath with the decodi-

. on of Mints, Dill, smallage; or lay the leaves

bruifed upon rhern-

Before the goes forth, let her b~the with a

DecoErion of Lilly~roots , f,litampane, Mugwort, Agrimony, Borage, Rofcinary, Charnomil-flowers, Strechas, I<;rnugrcck, Linfeed, ct-


Chap. I Of" I G

• 'j t ne ouernment

of vVomen in Cbild-/;ed.

Chap. 2. Of the SeclU1tline or After-birth,or a Mole ibat is left after Cbild-tearing.

IJ Refently afce fh" I"

k I ,r e IS de ivercd labour to

~a he [lie After-birth follow,' of which l~e t . e C iaprer follow ing ; then €ornpo[e

h r In" Bed.and gIve her gosd Food Lee

t e AIr be temperate .

cold. Let her beware e~ate, rad~er hot then

to the womb it rill of Cold.rhat it get Dot inmations, . ~ 1 WI caufe torment and inrlam-


, ,

The Signs.

Book IV. ~fPra9ical Ph)jicf<: Part III. Sett. . 3. Of the Pltrgati~n after Childbearing, «Jc.

Navel till both be come forth.therefore draw Birtbwort, Savin, Brion), Ox gall and HO'ne},

out with breaking of the Navel-firing, this is mak._e a pe§ary. _ _ .

rained.becaufe it grows to the fides of the fironger are of the Decothon of wild

or is fwollen by hard travel, or becaufe the Coloquintida, Sraphifacre, Helle ..

vd-firilJg is broken by the Infants flraini Honey and gall of an Ox.

from cold air got in, or from a fright, or Fumes are made of Caa1a lignea, Nard, Mug-

her not having rhrows fit to exclude it, or Savin, Penney-royal, Dirtany. Or, Take

caufe fhe is impatient, and will not continue b callor) Gulbanum, eaeb half It dram; "papa-

a due pofhrre, . Cinnamon, each It dram; with HOlley ma~

The Midwife will declare it.and the purgatlOll·l";"es for to be burnt. _ _.

is not.the belly fwells.there is a F Then foment the belly With the Decodion of

vinels.and pain in the belly; there is a ftink Plants. Or, Take Lupin-meal an ounce,paw-

loathing from flinking vapors,difficult o[Wormwoad half an aHlIee,Myrrb,Rue,eacb three

Suffocation and Convulfion. ; witb Ox-gall and 1!0ney ma~ a Cataplafm -,

Many die from the retaining of it if'ir Ifit COIDe not forth, gtve aWomb-cIyf1er of

come forth : when matter flows from the DecoCtion of Sage, Mugwort, Mercury, Cala-

there is hope that they will rot and come Penny-royal. ..

in fixty daies, If all fail, in jed: things to fuppurate into the

Firfl ler the Midwife draw it gently with and let it be turned to matter, and come.

hand) and ufe fneefing , then burn Part . degrees, and in;ett firengthenersinto the

thers to the nofc, and Goars-hoofs.as in fccation of the Womb.

'Then ufe things [hat expel a dead child, Ditrany, Oyl of wood Heracleon after Preparatives, Or, Take i11afjoram, Chervil, Penny-royal, each a handful: Savin half a handful, Anifo and FenriCl-fred, escb half a dram; Lovage and pa;flCJT.~Jts"each three drams; boyl them in water for tbr« dTfJIIgbts. Or, Take Dittttny, Troches of ./ItO'rr", Borax, each half a dram; Saffron, Caftor, each II fiYllpie; ma~? a Powder, Or Take reund Birthwort two Jcruples, MJ'rrh a fcruple, mal<! a Powder, live it in Wine.

Make Peflaries of Mugwort, Mercury, Sage, em5 in Powder with 0)'1 of Keir. Or, Take

. ,. i'Oltlld


The Cure.

Of the Male left after Child-bearing.

You may know it by the figns of a Mole men ... the hath no eafe after travel,there is pain the navel, back and groyns, and much clotted comes away, and yet fhe hath no cafe: the' is mentioned before in the Mole.

Chap. 1. Of the Purgtltio;J after Chile/-bearing diminiJhed or detained.

is not alike in all women, for in fome women the Mood is fr.dh; in others it is lvatedfh.

190 Book ,IV. "ofPracticdIPhyjict Part. warerifh, cholerick, or malancholick : And bleed more then others, ac.cor~ing to the ninon and Country. It IS either not at all 00 too much, or toO little. ) r

The cap-fes •. Whe!1 they are ftopc or leflened.the veflels are ~oo firal~, or the blood flows another way, otic IS tOo. t~lck,o~ the veflelsof rhewomb are prelf(d from ns pofition: the blood IS drawn awayh pamons: fears, or goes haflily to die' breafls Y

the Siuzr. . .The )ull: quantity is not to be defined: ~hen It IS flopr, the belly (wells, the pain is in the bottom of. the belly and gr?y~s; there is chilnels and a Feavel'afte~ It, fa1~tltlg, weak, fwif], unequal pl)lfe,; there IS foot In rheurin, Sometimes the belly inflamed, or the voids blew or black clods of blood.

The.Pr(Jg~ 0 ~t js bad. of it felftohaveany thing Jefiaflcr noft1cl&. Child-bearing. a~d worfe if it flaics long, and Gal.x.epzd. gr0\Vs melancholick ; therefore it is a caufe of

com.,.t.2I. many difeafes, .

The Cure. Firfl, endeavour to evacuate the blood from

~he womb by FriB:i0ns, Ligatures and Cupping; If they WIll not do, open a vein in the foot.

Then open the pal.fages with external and inte~rnal means: anoint the Belly. with loofhing 0)15, o~ foment rhus: Take Liliy-rocts Birthwort,BrlOn)', Allge/;ca,eacb 1J~!f all OUllee; Mercltt], 1~fj{gwort, Penny-royal, Sal rII, Calamints, each a hitndftd; Tanfoy, Cb,tmomil, and i!ider-jfowers,~aclJ half a bim'{J~I; F,enllgreel( and Linfeed, each tWI1 drams ; brui]: ~bem grojly, and put them ill a bag, an~ ?t)!i them m Water and Wille: lay it to the PrlV!t1eS and b.ottom of the belly.

Grve emoll,lel1t. Clyfiers? And if [orne dayes are paf], purge WIth Agarick, Rhubarb, Senna. Or, cake LllL)'~rootr, Alths«, ell"'!; IM!f all ounce:


or too ipat a flux of B[oocf, &L·. J'9'~

two drams, PeWtory, Mercury, Altbe«;

a hamlful; calamintr, Chamomil, Elder..jlowA

o eac~ two pugils; F£11Hgycel( alld Linfeed, taeb drams; beyl them to ten.ouncesjtrained\add oyl Lillies, eacb an ounce, Jlierajimple half an

Oyntment ofSowbr-ead three drams, mak! t1


give petTaries that provoke the Terms.

Give things to melt and attenuate the blood.

Take opemng Roots three drams. Bettotly, Mai-

o ,Endive, Se bsnamb, each two pI/gil;; AFennel-feed, each it [cruple; red peafo iii. ;poonhoyt them to a pint and (1. balf, add Citmarmn.

two drams, fjrup of the fiv'e Roots tbree oun-

i give four ounces.

Chap. 4. Of too great a flux. of blood after Child~bearing.

is tOO much which makes weak. The Ctlufe!·

It i~ blood abounding which hath be~n ga-

nine months in the womb.

It is thick, or fpeuds the Spirits, and weakens. 1Jhe Signs.

is loathing of meat, pain in the Hypochon ..

belly~ach, weak ami often pulfe, dark fight, in the ears, fainting and COllvulfion.

is dangerous when long, nnd with faintinf! Tbe l'rogno-

Convuliion- Therefore obferve the p~lft':,ftic~

[he die fuddenly. Hippoc. '5.

See what firength fhe hathjlnd fiop it not fitd- apbor. S50 If it be not very great,order a diet of ro aft- Tile Cur~ ..

bafied with red Wine, or Pomegran are, -'

Almonds, Rice, Quinces, conterv 'C of freeled,Water, and make RevulflOns : ufe thitlgs~ anrJ. fiten~then the Ioofe pail; .ges.

o P anQint

Book IV~ of Prallieal Phypc~ Part III. Sea

Anoint the belly with Oyl of Rofes,Mir

cup under the breafls and fides without 1car'l"':lcu'at~d

cation. Apply a Caraplafin of Red Bofes, tnnamon a ftruple, Didcy~

and Rofe-water to the Liver. al.'~ea,oaY1l.ea,cIJ bat[ (l dramina~ ti.

Then ufe fironger,and give a higher diet or cinnamen-

in fmall quantity, and give Syrups to fiop lllOclllrdter As, Take old Conferlle of Rafts two ounces, memil an ounce, of Quinces without [pecies ounce, Bole, red Corai'.;each bal], a dram; witb o[Currans and Coy,d, mak! an aldluary.

Anoint the belly with the Oyntment of

Counrefs.and other Aflringenruor ufe A trlt1ll!ertr~~.~I~t!tj:Zed(Ji1n

Fomenrations : or let her take into the Fume of Mafiich, Frankincenfe, red Boles,

Then open a vein in the arm, and let

by degrees. See Sea. 2. Chap. 6. Of ing of the Terms,

Part~ I. ~11. 2. €:tp. 1 'i'

. .a. iJfV~tin" Loofnep,&C, t~,$

eva,cuaUon of the .Afcer-blOO'l,which J.~

Symptoms ~afe. ' . , ." •

E~ ,IV.. Of PYi1Jlita!: fMi~ .: P~,t.

, T~le womb C,o~s fl;>,rd1 froro. ttaChon of the child 6r afwr:mr~h).:W g<Jment5 are ftre~~hed.The Cu.reis,w' It:m:WJJ~U,oU!1

YQumlrl'inothilldenbe amp. 8. Of tbe {wellillg of the

l~ther therefore rdl, and lie on ~' b B II d Pi ,1

herfeet drawn up,,.i,h fweets to her om, if 'Y; an eet ilJ ter

Ihnks to rhe WQOlQ, [(1 the womb will C bi/d-hearillg.

ed.and tpc: fl.w~~ (:ontiwled ;. after ~h~ is

'MY u!1:' .I\Ilrillgen... .. Is Coolinonlyw.m told gllttCil intO thO

._If thtr<'bt J~ tr_ wrob, ..,.! the belly fmnetimes (wells, as·if

~U1<1e.rno~ the Jtft~I';fl,qx of blood . were another chi1a.

,. If n turn roan \1k~r~ Ietthe. . It is cUred by hyftericai or B1Other-Fomentati~

and then cure ir. " Of .w~th the skin of anew flain fheep and hard

:ilIl.ffocation afeet ClillJ-beariog, Is. ;If,. Trate! they keep a bad 4Y<<'O' drink

fhnkmg after-bleed, which fends humors go inco wind;and if they faU

p?r? whicb kiUmamy. It is .;:urecl Legs they fwell,thcn take heed of much

t'~e'leggs, ~iga.t\U'~'s and Cuppi~. . . : and ~fter the flux is paft, make EVaGlla-

non, applYlngllinks to the nofc, .. C,ai)or, with thing; that expel wind. As,T:meC,/e·

tridge.j"'t~",s,b.mt,R.e, And applying and Cham,mil, each as you plen{" b<yJ them

ro rhePnVJtles.· the parts. Or,Take Wormwood,

You mutt Jure thefalljng 9u.tof the ' . Betton), calamints, Organ,Chamomi/~

rnent frcrn ihainini in :Oelivery)~S" s,4ni(eed,?R.ue,Caraway,M mud; itl wili {erve

fuewed~ " ' ..'" . Ii Fomentation for the Feet.

Chap. 7'. Of Watching, '. . .a. nJ· Epiletrfze .of#,pm.eft.

cbiIJ.IJeJl. 0, 'J.~, I"~

Ch;tp. 9, Of the Vom#ing, Loo} neft, Belly-bound,and not hplJ· iH2; of. Vrine in Women tn child~bed.

Ttrefe are '(rom ,tb,e motion Inr'the blood -v-. ,,~umQrswben,the,after-b1ood.dows not ly, ~~ ther~ "~a~3ller, of \V~~ ,~ ~he Book.. And froni vapOrs. fen.t from-the t~~~ j~ ,atl~jlf:~? ... ~ l~ cllr.ed,by ~19rY42er~~ahwm>urs r!Pvt,l1wat~ ani!

~Y cail up a crude andlndigefied meat Come;' Nip. r, de ,'. nraes, from w€dknefs of the fi?mach by nat:. mulier& ~n[ent from the womb,or from.the humors tha~' ¢Orne to the fiomach, -frem the parts near the

Yi~b: :when ~he af~r-fhll( ~~tl1 n9J fiQw, th~y

.' <t ~ fome~

19~ Book. IV. 'o!p;'d[}ic~lPhy(ic1t

ffimctimes vomit blood.or when it is dll()rdc~red.ll~u~r Of the Wrinyer of the. Bt;lly, &C~

For the blood not getting out, goes to the Tormentil.Quinces.Coral.aml the like. If

Veins and Liver.and in its hollow parr.by be whollyflopt.rhe belly rnufl not be bound.

and fharp it opens theVeins.and it gets into 1irfi: give Rhubarb.and Aflringenrs outward-

-Stomach. Sometimes a vein is broken from provokers of the Terms.

Travel, Alfo the belly is bound in women in Child-bed,

H?p. I. de It is bad of what caufe foever it comes: give a Suppofitory of Soap. or Honey, an~

morbi mul, the flrength will fail,and there will be no. four or five days, give emollient Clyflers,

to' make milk of, if the food' be vomited. Mannaor Caffia. .

other humors, they may caufe a Feaver by If they cannot hold their Urin after hard Tr<i~

motion. If blood be vomitedfroma Vein ufe a Bath of Bettcny, Sage,Bayes, Rofe~

Liver broken or epened, a Dropr eis to be P~nny-:oyal, .Organ,Srrechas,and prefcnrly

therefore Itop.it.whaetoever it be in this cafe. WIth this : Take fat FutPy-dOgs bO)'led

it be of the meat, give [hat which will be ffOrms, Lillies, and Foxes, till the jlcJb

.digefied,that opprefs not the flomach which om the hones, tben tak! tbe F att; and add

be l1rengthened" . Storax, Calamite,Benzoin,Opop.max,

. If bad humors are vomited up, flop it not each II! dram; Oy! of Nutmegs hy cxpreffion

(oon.bur cleante with gentle Medicines.and dram, with Goofe-greaft and Wax m.l~an

the way hy flool, '

In vomiting blood make Revulfion to lower .parts by 'rubbing; cupping them.or jng in the ann or ankle, and provoke' the Afw· flux.

The flux of the belly is dangerous if it be great.for it weakeneth, and threatnerh ~o b~IDg a Dyfentery, or Tenafinus, or Neefing, Nor is it fafe to flop it prefenrly, left you flop the Afterflux wah it.If it be from food-nor well concodel Frer the fourth month, Women prevent

lei: La keep a better dyer.and let the flomach be wrinkles by carrying a clout upon the bel-

firer;thu:ed outwardly. If this will not do, give in Oyl of fweer Almonds, J efamine, Oyl

il1tr:r;~:ll rcmediesjo that they help the flomach, to Ioofen the Skin, that it may flrecch

and h :'C not the womb.as the Decoction of Bar- clefts •

. ley,' Syrup and Honey of Rofes. Give Clyfiers If the belly be already wrinkled.Take Sheep!;' rmahi.4.

al(o to temper the fharp humors.and cleanfe;'<' .[uet,Oyl of Sweet Almonds.each all oimce ; Serm.4'

. Or give Syrup of Rofes, Pulp ofTamarinQs, Ceti two drams, with Wax ma~ all Oynt- II2.

or ;.c,fluwrb. And Aflringenrs of Rofes,: Plan· After the flux is pafi,add Oy! of Majiicb, or

sallt, l.ar ma'<! .tEtiU5 his Ctttaplafm.


Chap. 10. Of tbe Wrinkles of the' Belly after Cbild-bearing" and mending 0/ the largel1efs oftl» Priuities,


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