Private spending on education in India
Schooling Annual market (in Rs crore)

K-12 (tuition fee only) Tutoring (classes V-X) Textbooks Stationery Preschool Educational CD-ROMs Multimedia in schools
Professional courses

84,123.40 22,902.28 8,341.72 5,675.28 4,215.80 500.76 128.40

Private colleges Engineering Medical MBA Test prep (total) Engineering test prep UPSC (Indian Civil Service) test prep MBA test prep Medical test prep GRE/GMAT/SAT test prep
Skill development

30,191.12 25,038.00 2,024.44 3,128.68 7,121.92 4,280.00 513.60 445.12 1,797.60 85.60

Vocational training* Child skill enhancement** IT training E-learning Teacher training IT/BPO finishing school Estimated market size in pvt sector
Opportunities with the government

5,842.20 3,325.56 963.00 115.56 64.20 115.56 1,73,618.20

ICT@Schools and public-private partnerships
*Airlines, retail, financial services, English **Mental arithmetic, etc.

Source: CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets

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