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Turkey Armenia Manual

Turkey Armenia Manual

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Published by Samvel Martirosyan
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Published by: Samvel Martirosyan on Nov 14, 2010
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The “Say Stop to Racism and Nationalism” (DurDe) initiative was founded by activists in
February 2007 after the assassination of Hrant Dink in order to combat racism and nationalism.
From the beginning the Armenian minority and Turkey-Armenia relations have been on the
agenda. One of the first events planned was a visit to Armenia in 2008. Due to a lack of funding,
however, it did not take place.

DurDe has subsequently organized several campaigns and events. Among them was the
December 2008 apology signature campaign widely covered by the Turkish and international
media. The initial signatories included about 300 intellectuals.
DurDe organized two forums in Istanbul for the “Why We Apologize?” campaign in December
2008 and January 2009. The third forum was organized in Ankara in March 2009.
DurDe was among the organizers of two busses to attend the soccer match between Armenia and
Turkey in Bursa on 14 October 2009. The most recent event was a memorial ceremony held on
24 April 2010 in Taksim Square. The call for this memorial was made by a group of intellectuals
and artists, and about 1,500 people answered the call and gathered for the ceremony. The
ceremony raised great interest among the national and international press.


Karakedi Kültür Merkezi
Istiklâl Cad, Bekâr Sokak, 16/2, Beyoglu, Istanbul.
Tel: +90 212 - 249 17 76
E-mail: durde@durde.org
Web: http://www.durde.org/
For questions concerning Turkey-Armenia activities: Cengiz Algan cengiz.algan@gmail.com


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