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Turkey Armenia Manual

Turkey Armenia Manual

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Published by: Samvel Martirosyan on Nov 14, 2010
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Ara Papyan is the head of Modus Vivendi. Papyan is better known than the centre he heads.
Having studied at the Iranian Chair of the Department of Oriental Studies at Yerevan State
University, he completed his postgraduate studies at YSU’s History Department and at the
Moscow Diplomatic Academy. During the Afghan war he was a military translator with the
Soviet Army (in 1981-1982 and 1984-1986). In 1991, after Armenia became independent,
Papyan joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He enjoyed a successful diplomatic career, being
posted to Romania and Iran and appointed as the ministry’s spokesman in 1999. From 2000 until
2006 he was the Armenian Ambassador to Canada. It was during his ambassadorship that the
Canadian Parliament recognised the Armenian genocide.

Papyan is among the most outspoken advocates of the notion
that Armenia has a legitimate legal claim to territories in eastern
Turkey. This claim, he argues, is not a factor of genocide
recognition but of the policies pursued by US President
Woodrow Wilson and the legal implications of the Sevres
Treaty. Papyan has dedicated his life to the study of Armenian
territorial claims, having quit the Foreign Service in order to
pursue his research. He has published several articles on the
subject, appearing on TV shows and various panels to comment

on Armenian-Turkish relations.

Papyan’s analysis on Armenian territorial claims is available at the Modus Vivendi website
(below). His critical analysis on the Armenian-Turkish protocols can be found at:

Modus Vivendi – Ara Papyan

Tel: +374 10 25-73-02
E-mail: ara.Papyan@gmail.com
Web: www.wilsonforarmenia.org/index.htm


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