Electric Motor Selection and Sizing


Electric Motor Selection
► Two

Type Selection - DC Motor
► DC

basic decisions to make: ► What type of motor is needed?
DC motor? AC motor?
► Once

motors are typically used when

low-cost, _________________ is advantageous lowprecise speed regulation not required

type of motor is selected, what size motor is required?

starting torque required ___________________ than running torque

overloads OK, since motor has time to cool

frequent start/stop cycles, reversing, or closedclosedloop positioning required

Type Selection - AC Motor
► AC

Brainstorming Scenario
► Your

motors are typically used when

low-cost, _________________ is advantageous lowrequired to deliver speeds that are significantly less than 1200 RPM periods of high running torque frequently handled by flywheels

group has been hired to select motors for various applications and products ► Possibilities include:
DC motor (w/brushes) Brushless DC motor Split phase AC motor Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) AC motor Shaded pole AC motor Universal motor

starting torque ______________ running torque

available access to AC power

In-Class Exercise In► Match

Motor Sizing #1
► The

one of the 6 different types of motors to these applications & justify your selection: electric knife for carving turkey constant speed conveyor belt with frequent start/stops power window drive in auto fan in indoor HVAC unit industrial robot used in painting applications

major constraint on all motor operation is thermal in nature.
Electrical Power = Power Dissipated + Mechanical Power (Input) (as heat) (useful output)

► The

heat a DC motor must dissipate can be calculated:

the motor can operate at this point _______________________ temperature rating will not be exceeded DC motors rated with _____________________ ► DC motors are “typically” used at Speed.2 Motor Sizing #2 • Each specific electric motor will have its own characteristic torque-speed “curve” PMDC Motor Motor Sizing #3 ► Each type of load will have its own torquetorquespeed requirements AC Motor Pumps and Fans (τ ∝ speed2) Torque. τ motors are “rated” at a single speed and torque ► In most cases. τ Viscous Friction Torque. 850 RPM are common ► AC ► AC motor can operate here continuously motors are “typically” used at temperature rating will not be exceeded about ____________ of rated torque/power much lower efficiency if motor is ____________ (“over-rated”) (“over- Total mass m=40 kg 5o . ω about ___________ of rated speed about ___________ of rated torque DC Motor Selection Example ►A AC Motor Ratings ► AC 12 volt battery-powered DC motor is used on a batterychild’s toy “Jeep” ► What power (in watts and hp) is required for this application? Hint – ignore acceleration ► Which motor should be selected from the spec sheet provided for the application? V=3 ft/sec motors are also “rated” at a single speed and horsepower 3450. ω Speed. 1725. τ DC Motor Constant Pump Torque. 1140.Electric Motor Selection and Sizing 33. τ Universal Motor Speed. ω Constant Speed. ω Motor Sizing #4 ► Operating DC Motor Ratings ► DC point occurs at intersection of motor and load speed/torque “curves” AC Motor Torque.