EXT: THE DULOX HOTEL Ð LATE NIGHT ROBERT ANDERSON, 28, jumps out of a cab and dashes into the hotel.

INT: THE DULOX HOTEL - LATE NIGHT Robert rushes in and looks at his WATCH. It is 11:32PM. Robert looks ahead and sees the elevator doors closing. He briskly walks towards the elevator. Robert notices the shape inside of the elevator as it closes. ROBERT Please hold elevator! A white glove reaches out and pushes the elevator doors open. Robert slightly smiles. Once he enters the elevator, Robert is stunned.

INT. THE ELEVATOR - LATE NIGHT Standing inside the elevator is BOBO THE CLOWN, 41, an average size man. He is wearing a green jumpsuit, a rainbow colored top hat, red gloves, and big red shoes. He has a glowing white face and a large exaggerated ruby red grin painted over his mouth. BOBO Well, luck is on your side, son! You made it! Robert just nods and presses the 17th FLOOR BUTTON. He keeps his eyes at the ceiling. BOBO (CONT'D) Are you going to the New Year's Eve Costume Ball? ROBERT (faintly) Yes. BOBO Oh, I'm performing here and--Suddenly, the elevator comes to a complete stop. V.O.

Do not be alarmed, the elevator is off track. I repeatÉ Do not be alarmed, the elevator is off track. BOBO This happen all the time... I've work here for many years and this elevator never seems to stay fixed. Robert nods and wipes the sweat forming on his head with the back of his hand.

INT. THE ELEVATOR - LATE NIGHT - MINUTES LATER Robert is completely uncomfortable. He is sweating badly, continuing to wipe his forehead. BOBO Are you alright, son? You're really sweating. BoBo starts looking his bag. BOBO (CONT'D) I-I have a mini fan in my bag. ROBERT (firmly) I'm fine. I'm fine. BOBO That doesn't sound like your fine. You sound like my daughter when she hears lighting. Robert looks over at BoBo's caring smile. ROBERT I'm not a huge fan of clowns or tight spaces. BOBO I've been a clown for thirty years and not once, not once have I met a person who hates clowns. You know what? I'll take my shoes and hat off, maybe that will ease you a bit. BoBo slowly removes his hat and shoes, and places them on the floor. BOBO (CONT'D) (Smiling) See, I'm just an old man under all this get up, nothing to be afraid of. Is this better, son?

ROBERT It's fine, thank you. BOBO Not a problem, that's what I do. I try to make people feel at ease. I'm BoBo the clown. BoBo extends his hand to Robert, he nervously shakes it. ROBERT I'm Robert and I don't hate clowns. I just had a very experience... I don't like to talk about it. BOBO Robert, maybe it's time to talk about it. I don't mind. Robert sighs as he let BoBo's honey dipped words soak in. He wipes his hands on his side of his pants and unbuttons his suit jacket. ROBERT I haven't talked about this in over a year. Maybe you're right. BOBO (Sitting down) We're not going anywhere anytime soon. Robert joins BoBo on the floor of the elevator. He watches BoBo's smile stretch across his painted face. ROBERT When I was seven, my father took me and my mother to the circus for the first time. (sighing) I remember how excited I was that night; seeing the acts, the animals, and the clowns... The clowns were the best part. BoBo leans in closer. He seems very interested in Robert's story. ROBERT (CONT'D) It was a good night overall, until we headed for home... BOBO What happened? ROBERT We were coming around a corner and a car came out of nowhere and just ran right into us. My parents didn't survive, but the driver did.

He... He was a clown from the circus. He was driving drunk. BOBO Oh my Lord! ROBERT When the cops came to take him away, he kept screaming that it was the circus' fault because they fired him. And when he saw me... He looked right me and said it was my fault. It was my fucking fault! BOBO What happened to that horrible clown? ROBERT He died in prison a few years ago. Actually, he was killed there; strangled by his cellmate. I kept the news article about his death. To be honest, I was glad to know he died that way. And sometimes, I wish I was there to see it. BOBO Oh Robert... I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine your pain. You were so young. You had no idea how to deal with those tainted emotions ROBERT (voice cracks) A few years of therapy helped and life got better. But sometimes... I still see his half painted, dirty face looking at me, blaming me. Bobo stares deeply into Robert's eyes. He places his hand on Robert's knee. BOBO I'm so sorry, Robert. He was not a good clown. Robert's face turn deathly pale. ROBERT Wh-What did yoÑ Suddenly, BoBo slams a yellow cloth in Robert's face. Robert struggles; trying to pull the cloth away from him, but BoBo is too strong. After a few seconds, Robert is unconscious, BoBo smiles. BOBO

A good clown wouldn't make a child cry or suffer the way that you did. A good clown would have taken you out as well, so you could be with your family in Heaven; and now, you will. Isn't that nice, Robert? BoBo spreads out an unconscious Robert gently on the elevator floor. BOBO (CONT'D) See, I'm a good clown, Robert. A good clown makes you happy. BoBo stands up and presses PHONE BUTTON. He looks at his watch. It's 11:56PM. V.O. Yes, BoBo? BOBO You can restart the elevator now. One more will be joining us. BoBo squats down towards Robert and grins wildly. BOBO (CONT'D) And you know what, Robert? We're just in time for the new year. Just in time.


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