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Who Knew

Who Knew

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A sweet poem in question form of how a baby became king!
A sweet poem in question form of how a baby became king!

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Published by: LaVerne Floyd Mitchell on Nov 15, 2010
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Who Knew?

Who knew an innocent baby was born to do the miraculous Many years he played just like the rest of us. As a young man he grew with strangeness With a heart love and a desire to bless Who knew the things he would be able to do To take old wine and make it brand new. Who knew he would cause the dumb to talk And the lame to skip and walk Who knew he would make the blind to see And that he would die on a tree Who knew the place of his death would be call Calvary Who knew this same baby would be the King of Kings With all power in his hands and ruler of everything For real Who knew!

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