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Plant Performance Calculations

Plant Performance Calculations

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Published by: Kalki Communication Technologies Ltd on Nov 15, 2010
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Shrinking fuel resources, CO2 pressures and volatile fuel prices have forced everyone in the power sector to minimize the cost of power generation without compromising on the productivity. Maximizing the efficiency with which the fuel is converted into electricity has become the priority in the power industry. Therefore, today the power sector strategy has shifted from “Generation Maximization” to “Performance optimization & Generation maximization”. Equipment performance of power plants or any process industry degrades with time and with the influence of its working environment. However, it can be addressed by properly identifying and closely monitoring the system using the process mathematical models or using input output methods. Plant Performance Monitoring is an offering under Kalkitech’s Eltrix Generation Optimization - it is a state of art real time performance monitoring solution extensively used by various power generation utilities having Thermal, Gas, Combined cycle, Co-generation and Hydro generation.

● Efficiency calculation of primary & auxiliary equipments in a ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

● Build plant equipment & connectivity models from Eltrix ● Option to import the model from external system like DCS ● Creation of measurement & history database on a button click ● Performance Calculation templates, standard templates ● Quick generation of performance calculations by applying

power plant Identify equipment de-gradation and controllable losses Define Key Performance Indicator linked to plant efficiency and monitor online Heat balance analysis Validation of process data and accounting of instrumentation errors Overall Power Plant Performance & expected performance Impact & What if Analysis on Plant Performance Semantic models of plant equipments and connectivity Seamless Integration with plant control & monitoring systems like DCS/DAS systems

model builder by simple drag-drop operations over an OPC-UA interface

available based on ASME-PTC

● ● ● ● ●

● • • • ● ● ● • • •

Heat Recovery Steam Generators
Economizers Super-Heaters Evaporators

Steam Turbine Boiler

Heat balance analysis Heat balance analysis Heat Balance Analysis

Gas Turbine

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Engines ● Hydro Turbine Condenser Feedwater Heater ● Deaerators Air Heater The challenge is both to improve the performance of the Pump Cooling Tower existing generating plant stock and to build enough – but not too much – new generation and transmission capacity to meet growth in demand… World Energy Council

calculation templates on Plant equipment & connectivity model Validation & reconciliation techniques to ensure the quality & consistency of measurements Substitution based on curve fitting in case of faulty field instruments Calculation done on a moving window to ensure the steady state and accurate values Calculation outputs can be exchanged with external systems like ERP, Asset Management or Plant MIS Capability to handle multiple generating units & plants Eltrix Web Portal provides a web based interface to visualize Plant Performance data on real time over a rich set of plant mimics Rich set of reports, charts and analytics on plant performance data

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• Heat-Balance Analysis • Impact Analysis on overall Plant Performance • What-if Analysis on individual equipment performance

PTC 4.4 PTC 12.2 PTC 6.1 PTC 22 PTC 12.1 PTC 4.1 PTC 4.3 PTC 46 PTC 12.3 PTC 18 HSRG ASME Condenser ASME Steam Turbine ASME Gas Turbine ASME Closed feed water heaters ASME Steam Generator ASME Air Heater ASME Overall plant performance ASME De-aerator ASME Hydraulic Turbine & Pump

The table shows a reference list of some of the applied ASME PTC Codes. Standard calculation templates available comply to ASME PTC codes and there is a provision for user to create their own templates with custom calculation. PPC Model Builder

Eltrix Engineering Editor is a rich client interface which allows you to configure your plant data, build equipment and connectivity models, generate measurement and history database, input plant design values and fit correlation curves, configure OPC UA/ OPC DA interface for real-time & history data that needs to be exchanged with external systems. Eltrix Runtime Server performs the real time data update,
objects oriented storage & retrieval of data, performance/ efficiency computations, with analysis functions. It has an OPC UA/DA communication driver which writes back the output data to external system over a TCP/IP or Web Service transportation layer.

Performance calculation, monitoring and analysis deliver certain additional values when integrated with other solutions within the power plant eco system ● Performance Optimization to improve efficiency by reducing heat losses ● Equipment Stress monitoring, diagnosis and lifetime monitoring ● Reliability Centric Plant Maintenance and minimizing Plant down times


Eltrix Decision Portal is the end user interface for plant operators or managers to visualize & analyze the plant performance data, its impacts over rich set of plant mimic, charts and reports. You can create information dashboards to monitor key performance indicators and the support of Web 2.0 technology makes it possible to deliver time critical information over a standard web client.

Optimization Diagnosis

Plant Performance Life Cycle

Kalki Communication Technologies LTD
#147, 5th Main Road, HSR Layout 7th Sector, Bangalore - 560102, India. Contact: +918040527900 | www.kalkitech.com

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