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Holiday Market 2010 USP

Holiday Market 2010 USP

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2010 Holiday Vending Market in Union Square Park
2010 Holiday Vending Market in Union Square Park

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Published by: artistpres on Nov 15, 2010
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Blocking access to the city’s busiest subway station at the busiest time of the year.

Blocking access to the subway.

A maze of narrow, congested, tunnel-like pedestrian passageways. Imagine the chaos in case of a fire or other emergency with thousands of people fleeing at once.

Narrow, congested pedestrian passageways

Park aesthetics…Which is more in the spirit of park aesthetics, the month long sprawling corporate-run Holiday Vending Market or the activities of street artists?

Here is an aerial photo of Union Square Park showing the Greenmarket and the artists. The artists are the tiny little dots in the lower right hand corner of the photo. The Greenmarket takes up ¾ of the park and has as many as 100 vehicles parked there at a time. Which one is denying park goers full use of their public park? (aerial photo by Ross Pilot) The City has only one reason for restricting street artists in parks. That is to make way for hundreds more corporate concessions run by the BIDs and park conservancies. Their claims about public safety, congestion and park aesthetics are total lies. Robert Lederman artistpres@gmail.com

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