Items marked Due on the schedule are due in at the beginning of class that day WW= On Writing Well Week

1 F Sept 3 Discuss: Introductions, syllabus Week 2 M Sept 6 Labor day no classes W Sept 8 Read: WW ch 1,2,6, 8, 9, 10 Discuss: Principles and Methods F Sept 9 Read: WW Ch. 20, 21, 22 Discuss: Essay 1, Attitudes Week 3 M Sept 13 Read: WW ch 12, FW pp 121-129, 130-144. Discuss: interviewing W Sept 15 Read: FW 148-156 Discuss: Blogs, Book Club, Reading F Sept 17 Due: Blog Week 4 M Sept 20 Read: FW 204-206, 207-220 Discuss: reading, profile writing W Sept 22 Discuss: Profile writing, drafts F Sept 24 Due: Book Club blog. Book Club. Week 5 M Sept 27 Due: Workshop essay #1 W Sept 29 Due: Essay 1 Read: Talk of the Town example (blackboard) Discuss: Essay 2, Reading F Oct 1 Book Club Due: Book club blog post Week 6 M Oct 4 Read: WW 116, WW 147, WW 193 Discuss: Readings W Oct 6 Read: Bring to class a sample of a Talk of the Town piece from The New Yorker or another newspaper or magazine Discuss: readings F Oct 8 Due: Blog Post Meet at Maxwell library by the circulation desk. FW= Feature Writing

Week 7 M Oct 11 Columbus Day no classes T Oct 12 Monday schedule of classes. Class cancelled for conferences W Oct 13 Class cancelled for conferences F Oct 15 Due: Book Club Blog Post. Discuss: mid-term portfolios. Book Club. Week 8 M Oct 18 Read: FW 260-278. Discuss: mid-term portfolios W Oct 20 Mid-term Portfolio Work Day F Oct 22 Due: Mid-term Portfolio for workshop Week 9 M Oct 25 Due: Mid-term Portfolios (links must be posted by 5pm) W Oct 27 F Oct 29 Due: Book Club Blog Post. Book Club. Discuss: Essay #3 Week 10 M Nov 1 W Nov 3 Read: FW 1-11, 15-35, 36-43, 51-62 Discuss: features in newspapers and examples F Nov 5 Due: Blog Read: FW63-75, 90-102, 157-163, 179-183 Discuss: features in magazines and examples Week 11 M Nov 8 Read: FW 103, 107-109, 119-121 Discuss: research and example, public options W Nov 10 Book Club and book club blog post. F Nov 12 Due: Workshop essay #3

Week 12 M Nov 15 Due: Essay #3 workshop W Nov 17 Due: Essay #3 Feature Writing Work Day. F Nov 19 Due: Blog Post Read: Feature example (blackboard) and FW 282-294 Discuss: Reading. Week 13

M Nov 22 Book Club Presentation Work Day. W Nov 24 Workshop essay #4 F Nov 26 Thanksgiving Break Week 14 M Nov 29 Due: Essay #4. Book Club Presentation Work Day W Dec 1 Book Club Presentations F Dec 3 Book Club Presentations Week 15 M Dec 6 Discuss: Final portfolios. Final Portfolios work day W Dec 8 Final Portfolio Workshop F Dec 10 Due: Final Portfolios must be posted by 5:00pm

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