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New Mexico
2nd Congressional District
El Paso Sector

Deming Station
47.2 Border Miles

The Deming Station has historically been one of the busiest Stations in El Paso Sector.
This is largely due to the terrain features on either side of the Columbus, New Mexico
(NM) Port of Entry (POE). The town of Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico is also major
transportation hub with several Mexican bus lines. (b) (7)(E)

(b) (7)(E)

Santa Teresa Station

51.8 Border Miles

Colonia Rancho Anapra, Chihuahua, Mexico is a rural residential suburb of Ciudad

Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico with approximately 60,000 inhabitants. Approximately
19,000 residents inhabit the City of Sunland Park, NM.
(b) (7)(E)

(b) (7)(E)

(b) (7)(E)
(b) (7)(E)

16th Congressional District
El Paso Sector

El Paso Station
11.4 Border Miles

The El Paso Station area of operations includes 11.4 miles of river border, within the El
Paso corridor, from Monument One to Midway Crossover. The area is predominately
urban and includes residential, commercial and industrial areas. The City of Juarez,
Chihuahua, Mexico, with a population of over 1.7 million, is located directly south of the
El Paso Station AOR.
(b) (7)(E)

(b) (7)(E)

Ysleta Station
14.7 Border Miles

Ysleta Station ranked as the third busiest station within the El Paso Sector, El Paso
Station being second.

(b) (7)(E)

Fabens Station
21.6 Border Miles

San Ysidro, San Augustin, El Million, Reforma, Caseta, Guadalupe, San Ignacio and
Loma Blanca are small towns south of the Fabens Station AOR along the international
boundary located east of Ciudad. Juarez, Mexico. (b) (7)(E)

(b) (7)(E)

Fort Hancock Station

23rd Congressional District
40.4 Border Miles

The Fort Hancock Station AOR presently covers 40.4 miles of international border with
Mexico. The entire area consists of farm and ranch land as well as mountainous and
desert landscape. (b) (7)(E)

(b) (7)(E)