Information and Communication Technology G.C.E.

O/L Model Paper Part II
Answer all the questions 2 Hrs

1. Write short answers or descriptions a. Internet and WWW b. Peripheral Devices c. IP address d. Web Client e. Micro Computer f. Write 2 advantages of Unicode over ASCII g. Name 2 wired communication channels h. Write 2 basic logic gate operations i. Name 2 Non-windows operating systems j. Name 2 live wares 2. ABC television broadcasting company is recently established company and its management is now searching for a solution for time shift their programs. Time shifting will let users (in the audience) to see the television program in convenient time rather than watching it at the broadcasting time. It involves recording of the program. But excising analog televisions technology will not allow them to implement interactive TV broadcasting due to lack of facilities. Thus they decided to use internet for re-broadcast the programs according to user requests. a. What kind of internet facility they can use to implement re-broadcasting system to make recordings available to user as they request? b. What are the major resources that they need? c. Briefly describe system analysis and feasibility study phase related to this matter? d. Name 2 tables (and sample fields to be included in those tables) in their systems database, if they implement this. 3. Consider following screenshot and description when answering the questions below. Following table is taken from migration database to check whether they are qualified enough to apply for job vacancies in Korea. Criteria are given below.

4.y y y y y If applicants age below 18 then Not Applicable. Pseudo codes are used in ____i___ stage and flowcharts are used in ____ii____ (name i and ii ) d. b. 10. Reason columns cell value should be Pass Name A. 5th generation computers b. 21 . Draw a flowchart to display following pattern and write relevant source code 1. d. BCD c.B. Pseudo codes and flowcharts are important tools used in SDLC. Mail Merge d.D and E Write function to be placed on E2 Write function to be placed on F2 Write function to be placed on E9 and E10 a.C. c. What is SDLC b. 91 . Reason columns cell value should be Overage If score>4 then Not Applicable. 6. 15. SDLC is used to engineer software by using several steps. Reason columns cell value should be Underage If age>40 then Not Applicable. Reason columns cell value should be ScoreFail If Not Applicable Then Applicable columns cell value should be No If Applicable Then Applicable columns cell value should be Yes . Write short notes a. Internet Protocols (TCP/IP) 5. a. 3. What are the main phases in SDLC ? c.

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