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: ae PU ro novice fisherman will hit th water armed only with the Knowledge of an overhand knot. ‘A real angler woulds’t dare venture out with such a limited arse Different situations call for differont knots. ‘The nots needed for ying fishing line to ahiook are different from the knits needed to join t sections of line t Start with the improved clinch knot shown ‘on this page. then tum the page for more knots, Improved Clinch Knot? (for tying line to hook) () Thread the line Uhrough the eye of t hook, then make 5 to 7 wraps arourd the line | with the loose end, or hold one end steady and spin the lure arcund 5 to7 times (2) Thread the loose end of the line through ‘the loop closest tothe ev: ten (3) back around Inside the bigger loop | you lust created. (4) Pull bot” ends unt tight. (5) Trim the loose end of the line If necessary, and you'll nave yourself one fine kno in Pe — ae — a vhose troops choose ni‘ suggested program theme, Fishing, will I oW totic a variety of fishing knots tn _mere skilled at other aspects of ing fish identification, ishing rules and regula tions, aud the use of hures and bait. “Aaron Derr Find complete details in “Troen Pr Peron ers) Ea novice fisherman will hit the water armed only with the knowledge of an overhand knot. ‘wouldn't dare venture out with tha limited arsenal. Different situations all for different knots, ots nceded for tying fishing ine toa hook different from the knots nesclad ta join two sions of line Start with the 4 clinch knot shown x onttis star the page for more fishing = tenets GS Se Improved Clinch Knot> itor tying line to — hook) z () Thread the tine through the eye of the aa hook, then make 5 to7 wraps around the line iP] with the loose end, or hold one end steacy and spin the lure around 5 to7 times. (@) Thread the loose end ofthe fine throucn the loop closest tothe eye of the hook or urs, then @) back around inside the Bigaer loop youlust created (4) Pull beth ends until tight. , (5) Tim the loose end of the line itnecescery,” and you'h o. GN noneh's me, Fishing, will learn ishing knots and b skilled at other aspects of fishing, ing fish idoatification, Ashing rules and regula 1 use of lres and bait. ~Aaren Derr Poort error} Cre aorta esis Peete tc ee cree een es ier eetc eal Cer meee Le ace ac) ree aerate cr aC eee eee neta nt eae eee mest Renee em eerie Peceiaa ne nies eae eee aaa TS Pred Pea aes een ets CO Ug (0) pecans Perse ers a chu) eae Gestalt the loop through the Coad Peer fos Sey ote ea echt os {for tying oer Por aierg eee eee era) ere ey ae ke Pec i a on eres