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Remembering God’s Faithfulness This Christmas

Luke 1:46-56

Christmas is a season to remember God’s faithfulness to you. The birth of Jesus, the
promised Messiah, is the pinnacle of God’s faithfulness to his people. But how often do
we take time to truly ponder God’s faithfulness in this overly busy season? If you’re like
me, not very often. Too much shopping, too many gatherings, too much preparation, too
much family, too busy for God! Ring a bell? Well, let’s make this Christmas different.
Let us take time here and now to remember the true gift of Christmas and God’s
faithfulness. Take a moment to read Luke 1 verses 46 through 56 and as Mary did,
remember with her words how God has been faithful to you.

• How has God “looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant” with you? (vs.

• How has “The Mighty One…done great things for” you? (vs. 49)

• How has God given “his mercy…for those who fear him” to you? (vs. 50)

• How has God “shown strength with his arm” for you? (vs. 51)

• How has God “lifted up the lowly” you? (vs. 52)

• How has God “filled the hungry with good things” with you? (vs. 53)

• How has God “helped his servant,” you? (vs. 54)

Close your time with your Lord in prayer thanking him for his faithfulness through his
son Jesus Christ. Amen.